15 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Describe What Twitter Is All About

Let's coin a term. Tweetception: when a tweeter tweets about Twitter; the act of tweeting; or anything revolving Twitter itself. Okay, now that we know what tweetception is, some of the most hilarious tweets have miraculously involved tweetception. Most often it's a Twitter user complaining about the site. Or it's a celebrity talking about their tweeting habits, and other times it's someone talking about their amount of favorites or retweets. Regardless, Twitter is so popular that its even become a topic on its own website. Did you catch that? Most viral posts become stars in their own right because of the amount of shares on Twitter. And scrolling through some random Twitter user's timeline can have some of the best tweets yet. For the sake of this article, though, let's look at the best tweets of tweetception; 15 tweets that perfectly capture the essence of Twitter by being all about Twitter. (Fun game! Count how many times I say the word "Twitter.")

15 Welcome To Twitter

Ah, this tweet perfectly captures what a large majority of Twitter is all about. We're not really sure how it became this way, but Twitter features masses of users that are obsessed with wrestling. Oh, you haven't noticed yet? Just wait until you login next and take a browse around. On any given night you can find plenty of tweets surrounded by wrestling, political views, and oddly enough, both at the same time. One would expect Twitter accounts to vary more than they actually do, but apparently, wrestling and politics are just extremely popular to tweet about. I think it's because we all feel so safe behind our keyboards, so we can virtually say how the strings things or how we're really feeling and it's all totally acceptable because that's what Twitter is used for.

14 High-Five!

Ever tweet something thinking that this will be the post that goes viral, and this is the time everyone will think you're hilarious? Yup! Everyone's done it, and while sometimes the posts do go viral, more often than not they do not reach a mass audience - just your fourth-something friends. Finding a solid tweet is like finding a needle in a haystack, so one's own followers must promote their tweets for them to go viral. And if you don't have many followers, well, you're SOL. This tweet above gets it. Imagine sending a tweet expecting it to be the one - only to see it completely flop. It's kind of like going up for a high-five, as the tweet says, only to see no one slapping your hand. What do you do then? It's so awkward. So of course you pretend you're doing something else, or on Twitter you tweet a few times about something else so people don't think you're strange. Crisis solved, but the feeling is too real.

13 Friends? What Friends?

A common misconception about Twitter is that everyone that follows everyone else gets along. Followers do not always get along with each other, as Twitter is home to a tremendous number of arguments, trolls, and strangers. In fact, Twitter is more about trolls than friendly conversations. @InternetHippo, one of the funniest Twitter accounts on the site, writes a fake conversation between themselves and their Dad explaining what Twitter is. It has over ten thousand re-tweets because it explains Twitter in one tweet. We have plenty of followers, but we also get our fair share of hate with people we know or complete strangers. Twitter is home to trolls, and trolls never sleep. But hey, we love Twitter anyway!

But now that we re-read this tweet, it's kind of sad how true it is. Why do we follow people we dislike or allow our haters to follow our lives? Hmm...

12 Determining Human Value

Explaining @dril is difficult to someone who does not use Twitter, but let's try. Imagine your craziest relative. (Are you picturing them?) Okay then imagine them 100 times more crazy. Then imagine them getting a Twitter account, forgetting how to spell, and trying to be crazier than they already are. Then multiply the craziness by two. Then you might get someone half as crazy as @dril.

One of the best account on Twitter often tweets about the site itself. Though, we don't know who's behind the zany account, they tweeted a gem about how many favorites are worth the equivalent of a human life. The concept is hilarious, evaluating humans based on favorites. Some people take Twitter so seriously—I'm not sure they realize @dril was just being @dril here. He arrived at the number 70, so in order to be valuable, go get yourself 70 favorites! @Dril is the boss, after all.

11 Nobody Likes What I Like

A great part about Twitter is that you can choose who you follow. Although, recently, Twitter has been pushing accounts into people's timelines. But for the most part the only tweets you see are the ones you want to see. With that in mind, it can be extremely frustrating for any Twitter user when everyone they're following is discussing the same topics that they can't relate to or don't enjoy. Say a musician seeing all of their musician friends tweeting about the sports game. Or a sports fan seeing everyone tweeting about The Bachelor. Or wrestling! Most of Twitter watches wrestling for some reason, yet those that don't have no idea what's going on! What's RAW? Does that stand for something? It's comical that the people you choose can all discuss something you have zero interest in. That's Twitter!

10 Soccer Saturdays

Speaking of topics that are extremely popular in the Twitter community, how about soccer? The crazy thing about soccer (or football, as some like to call it) is that it's almost always being played. There can be a game in Europe or a game in America going on at any time in the day; so tweets about soccer are almost always in the timeline or trending hashtags somewhere. However, because Saturday is commonly a day off, the tweets about soccer come out in full force. Whereas, during the week, everyone is silly and bored with work so they tweet the most random and absurd things like "poop butt farts" as @Ethan_Booker explains. But on the weekends, these weirdos turn into English speaking soccer super-fans.

9 Crushing The Twitter Game

I'm sure anyone that uses Twitter has grown fond of specific people they follow, hoping they will one day follow them back. Or perhaps someone comes out of nowhere and follows you unexpectedly - only for you to realize that they seem like a really cool person. When that happens we feel this urge to step up our tweeting game up, but our tweeting game may not be as strong as we think it is. Hence, what Beth perfectly describes. "Ok I gotta bring my A game now" is the first thought that pops into our heads when someone we dubbed as 'cool' begins following us. So we try to be good, smart tweeters. Of course we can't help ourselves, though, as every thought that pops into our heads must be tweeted, right? So "horses r just big dogs?" is a perfect example of something that we would tweet only five minutes later, effectively ruining the goodwill we attempted to gain.

8 Be Careful With Favorites

We already established that human lives are equivalent to 70 favorites, thanks to Twitter user @dril, but what if favorites are not just to give someone credit for a funny tweet or to save something for later? What if favorites meant much, much more? Of all people, Vampire Weekend lead singer Ezra Koenig raises that very question. Koenig admits that it feels good when someone favorites your tweet (it does, who could argue with that logic?) but he has other thoughts about why people favorite your tweets. "They are probably just bookmarking evidence for a legal case they're building against you," Koenig assumes. Uhoh! Vampire Weekend is a fantastic band and Koenig is one hell of a tweeter, but we hope this version of tweetception is wrong.

7 Game Of Tweets

Twitter user @iscoff creates the perfect comparison between Twitter and a modern TV show, Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows around because of its widespread appeal to different audiences. It's known for having a tremendous number of characters, as characters die nearly every episode. The plot is never cheery and terrible things are constantly happening throughout the episodes. So the fact that @iscoff dug deep to find the comparison between the two makes the perfect Twitter joke. Much like the show, the two truths are there, and coming up with that line of thinking was a hilarious example of tweetception. This was before Twitter reached its peak popularity as well, making it all the more impressive and hilarious!

6 Twitter Help Doesn't Help

Recently, Twitter has gone through plenty of changes - and they're not all for the better. There are issues galore on the website, but rather than fixing any of the issues, Twitter Help usually just reshuffles things on the site. Whether it be changing the term "favorites" to "likes" or changing the general outlook of the website - Twitter regularly ignores user responses to make minor changes and give themselves credit for the "fixes." This tweet mocks that, as it shows the users asking for a better product because they love the product, but all Twitter hears is to make completely irrelevant changes! Though it was tweeted earlier last year, nothing has changed and Twitter users still have the same problems. Figure it out Twitter and while you're at it, add an "edit" button to your Tweets!

5 Tweet Whatever You Want

With the last tweet in mind, consider this: you can likely tweet whatever you want without facing any kind of punishment. We hope that you don't tweet anything bad, but Twitter is so far behind on their treatment of trolls and shenanigans that people generally tweet whatever, whenever, without having to think about it at all. @Love_that-Goku is a hilarious parody account of a kid that loves Goku from Dragon Ball Z, but in this case he's just another tweeter that gets what Twitter is all about. It's a strange phenomenon that this parody account is simultaneously mocking and teaching us, but once again there's nothing normal when it comes to this social media site.

But seriously, Twitter needs to figure out how to control their trolls because some of the things said can be extremely offensive.

4 Excitement Bound To Dampen

It's a wonderful feeling when you see you've received a notification. Whether it's a phone call or someone liking or retweeting a tweet - it's always a good feeling.  No matter what, it means someone is at least trying to communicate with you, which is a great feeling. But this is Twitter of course, so you have to expect the unexpected. This twitter user hilariously captures the truth by tweeting about a wonderful night ending in a twitter notification that goes less than ideal. If you have Twitter, you know you can be added to all kinds of lists and tagged in all kinds of content, so it's bound to happen every once in a while. Hopefully he was later taken off of that list! And if not - sorry @AnthraxJones, maybe you really are just an asshole.

3 Why Do We Tweet?

After all of these tweets about Twitter, a question is raised. And of course, the question is raised by none other than @InternetHippo. Seriously, why do we tweet? When we get on Twitter we don't think about it much (hence the "goats r big dogs" type tweets). It's hilarious to think about why we even have a Twitter account. Are our thoughts really that  Twitter worthy? Does the world need to know that I'm craving a Diet Coke or that my dog walks himself because he's independent? It's funny to think people would actually care about thoughts like that. But time, and time again, we get random favorites or retweets on the silliest of tweets and it makes us fall in love with the site all over again.

2 Will We Ever Stop?

Think about it, do you ever plan on shutting down your Twitter account? This question may seem innocent at first, but it's actually quite deep in twitterception. Most of us have logged in and don't plan on logging out any time soon. Twitter is not about to be shut down, and if anything, it will only become increasingly popular. In recent years we have seen Twitter add live streaming events, and more and more celebrities join the site to tweet about content that cannot be found elsewhere. Liz may be right, we may be on Twitter all the way until we die. It's a scary, deep, and funny thought all at once. But that's why we love Twitter! Thanks @LizWelle for the insightful message here, it has us thinking.

1 Shaq Isn't Worried

This was back in 2009, but Shaq still tweets to this day. If Shaq can make it from 2009 to 2017 on Twitter, we can all make it. The former NBA superstar turned funnyman tweeted in 2009, "a guy just asked me if I Twitter, hell yeaaaaaa baby," and we're all better off for having seen the tweet. Heck, we can all put this in our Twitter bio's."Hell yeaaaaaaaa I Twitter" can be the new explanation for why we still use the site. Maybe we can be on the site forever, just because Shaq taught us there's no reason to be ashamed about being on the site as often as we are. If you ask Shaq, it seems like Twitter is something to be proud of using. And honestly, it he makes it sound way cooler than it actually is.



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