15 Hilarious Tweets That Prove Kids Can Be Brutal

Having children is a life-changing event. Not only do things suddenly revolve around the child, but the rewards of becoming a parent rack up. There’s another side to the story, though. Children aren’t always rewarding. Everything parents do for them doesn’t always come out with hugs, kisses and beautiful smiles. In fact, sometimes kids can be downright brutal! They cry, they throw fits and they say things like we could never imagine!

These tweets prove that parenting isn’t all sugar and spice. In fact, it can be rather awful when it comes to the things kids say to mom and dad. The brutal truth at times and other times, just downright mean. Do parents deserve it? No! But they get it anyway. Tis' the life of a parent!

15 The truth of motherhood

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Kids want what they want and that’s all there is to it. They see it, they ask for it, they take it. It’s the cycle of life! When this child asks for candy, he just wants to have candy. He doesn’t realize it was special Mother’s Day candy and he doesn’t really care. Then, he sees an opportunity to make things better… or worse, as the case may be. He rationalizes that the reason she had Mother’s Day candy at all is because of him!

This is a true statement, we suppose, but it’s rather brutal for the mother. Can’t she even have her own candy? Her first mistake was not hiding the candy in the first place. Never leave candy out for a kid to spy!

14 The brutal truth

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Don’t you just love the honesty of a child? Well, maybe not all of the time. Children have a way of pointing things out that you would rather ignore. Their innocent truth can bring out some of our biggest insecurities. This mom wants to forget about the fact that she’s aging and has wrinkles now. Her child wants to talk about the issue. Before bed, no less, when she’s probably had a long day and is tired anyway.

And when mom reacts to the question and doesn’t really know what to say, she gets called angry! Never go to bed angry, mom. And never blame a child for pointing out shortcomings. They exist! There’s not much you can do about them, so laugh it off!

13 Would you rather...

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Have you ever played “would you rather”? You know, would you rather eat a scorpion or walk across hot coals? Neither answer is ideal, but as part of the game you have to pick one. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to do it. However, this mom has to deal with both sides of such a question. Which is worse? The child who locks himself in the bedroom or the one who can pick the lock to get him out?

She may have two handfuls here. In one, a dramatic son who takes everything too seriously. And in the other, one who can break through doors and pick any lock. She might need to do a little work on both situations. Perhaps she has reason for her concern. The answer is both. She should be worried about both!

12 Boys are gross

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There’s a time in every young girl’s life when boys are gross. They have cooties and they need to stay a certain distance away at all times. Of course, all of that changes someday and some girls start to have an interest in boys as they grow older. But this little lady already feels like she knows everything she needs to know about boys. Does she have feelings for them, as her dad says? Yes, of course! Mad feelings.

Boys are infuriating, we can agree with that. But we have to wonder why the little girl is mad in the first place. The boy making her mad probably likes her. That’s how they do it at that age, right? Hopefully she’ll get over her anger (and the boy will get over his teasing) as she grows.

11 Food drama

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It’s hard to feed a picky kid. There are kids that will only eat mac and cheese and that’s that! There are children who are picky and don’t want their food to touch. There are lots of intricacies and you have to be careful when trying to feed a child. You never know what might get thrown at you, refused or spit out.

In this case, the child was eating the food. All was well in this kitchen. Until the little girl decided to ask a question and dad answered. Dad’s answer was true, but the way she took it was a bit off from what dad intended. Parents have to be careful about what they say! Kids think in a literal manner so beware! She’ll never eat meatballs again.

10 When they repeat your answers

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You know a child listens to you when they say some of the things you say to them back at you. However, they never use it in the same way that you use it. You tell your child the same thing over and over again and when they don’t listen, you say, “You never learn, do you?” Then when it comes time to get them out of bed, they fight you. When you ask why, they tell you that you never learn. You’ve heard that before! You’ve said it before!

Just more proof that parents really can’t say anything at all. Because it can and will be used against them in the future. In a way so wrong that it won’t make sense. But that doesn’t seem to matter.

9 Low blows... ouch!

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Children can look just like their parents and act just like their parents and at a young age, they love that. Their parents are their whole world and they want nothing more than to be just like Mommy and Daddy. But eventually, Mommy and Daddy morph into Mom and Dad and kids want to do everything they can to differentiate themselves from the family traits.

When a parent says the child is just like them, it’s more offensive than anything. They take it as putting them down. And when they react that way, it’s offensive to you as well! They don’t want to be like you? What’s wrong with being like you? Goodness! The cycle continues around and around. And you just have to laugh… or cry.

8 The gross truth

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Kids are gross. They do gross things and that’s really the hard and fast truth. Kids are also brutally honest. They will tell you things about yourself and about life that you never wanted to hear. When the two of those things are combined, you get quite the intriguing comments, right?

So what would you do in this situation? Your son wants to share a secret with you. You might be thrilled with the idea and you lean in and listen carefully. You then have to hear about a bodily function that could very well be on your face. The sweet moment is suddenly cut off as you cringe and go off to the bathroom to wash your face. Hopefully, the dad also then has his son wash his hands!

7 Acting speaks louder than words

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Kids are honest to the core, but after a certain age, they start to realize that lying can get them out of things. Acting can also help them figure the world out in a whole new way. They can pretend to be good in front of their parents, and then do what they want at other times of the day.

At least this child is honest about his deception. He wants to know how to act in order to pretend like he’s listening. He wants to perfect his craft! It’s a noble cause! Or is it? Kids who are upfront about their acting aspirations are going somewhere! Like to the time out chair again and again for not listening. Unless they get really good at acting like they are…

6 Age relations

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You remember what it was like to be a child, right? Being 3 means that 10 sounds really old! You can’t imagine being a teenager. And 20 sounds like lightyears away. So when a child hears that you are 45, they really can’t fathom that age.

The truth of the matter is that life goes by fast and before they know it, that 3-year-old is going to be 45 himself. But for now, he can only imagine such a hurdle. And he says as much! To him, 45 seems like the very end because it’s so up there compared to 3. Eventually, most children learn a little tact. But this one hasn’t learned it yet! Hopefully, he will be the time he reached 45 himself, or else!

5 When pets are more important

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Parents do a lot for their kids. They feed them, clothe them, love them. Parents do it all, really. Kids don’t often know how lucky they are, and they even more often, take their parents for granted. So when a kid wants something, like say a kitten, they may not take their parents' feelings (or allergies) into account.

When this dad says he’s sorry, they can’t get a kitten because he is allergic, the kid has the perfect solution! The dad can just sleep outside. Then the whole family will be happy! The boy will get a kitten and the dad won’t be sneezing up a storm. Problem solved! Poor dad, though. After all he has done for that child, now he can’t even sleep in his own house?

4 Happy for divorce

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Most children get upset when their parents argue. They may not know a lot about life, divorce or anything in between, but they know they don’t like conflict between the two people they love most in the world. So when their parents fight, they hide, yell for them to stop or run off and cry.

Not this child! He’s excited about the prospect of his parents fighting turning into a divorce. And why is that? Because he would get more presents! Two Christmas celebrations! It would be awesome, right? Two bedrooms! Two sets of everything! The comment probably stopped his parents in their tracks, though. They probably even started laughing at the idea. And stayed together, too, because who wants to give this kid the satisfaction?

3 Putting two and two together

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Isn’t it the best when kids put two and two together and make correlations between two things that aren’t really supposed to be related? But when you take a step back and think about it, the correlation exists! What the kid says makes sense, in a way! But it isn’t the real truth for one reason or another.

This girl wants to know why bad guys take over. The dad explains simply that they want power. They want to make all of the rules and be in charge of everyone. The little girl automatically thinks about mom. That’s what she does, right? At least in their house! She’s in charge and her rules are the law. So if bad guys really want it all, they just have to become moms!

2 Blame it all on dad

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Why is it that nothing is ever the child’s fault? If they break something, it wasn’t built well enough. If they spill something, the bowl wasn’t big enough. If they’re late, it’s your fault. How do you wake your child up? This dad has to yell at his kids to get them moving. So when they’re late, do they blame themselves for moving too slowly? No way! They blame Dad!

He didn’t start his yelling soon enough, right? They would have moved faster had he started yelling earlier! It’s that simple! Poor dad. His throat already hurts from yelling and now he feels guilty for not doing it sooner. Or not. He’s probably shaking his head at that logic. But still. They won that round!

1 Never give them what they want

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What does a child really need? Food, shelter and love. That’s it! That’s all a parent really has to give them! But they expect so much more. They expect toys and treats and prizes just for being good for one day. When you have nothing to give them, you figure your love is enough. It certainly should be, at least! But is it? No way!

Kids cry when you tell them all you have to give them is your love. Gosh, that’s a way to make a parent feel bad. You give them the biggest, most precious gift you could possibly give them and do they want it? No! It even makes them cry. Next time, get them a toy from the dollar store. That oughta work.

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