15 Hilarious Tweets That Will Make You Want To Follow Dril On Twitter

Twitter is home to so many odd and interesting characters (both literal characters and Twitter characters) including various users that seemingly popped up out of nowhere. Take this user for example, a Twitter account of a guy who really loves Dragon Ball Z's "Goku." The premise is understandable, but the account becomes extra strange when the tweets are about the man behind the account, Christian H's odd life. Christian will tweet about his life in such a way that makes us howl in laughter, but at the same time, we have absolutely no idea what's going on. It's amazing and silly and odd and that's what Twitter is all about.

Sure, some use Twitter as a way to connect with friends, while others use it as a way to keep up with current news. Some even use it to troll people they disagree with. There are plenty of ways to use Twitter, but our favorite way is for zany comedy routines. And no zany comedy Twitter account tops that of @dril.

We don't know where @dril came from or who @dril is, but whoever runs his Twitter account is one of the funniest people we have ever encountered. The account will include some of the strangest tweets you will ever see on topics ranging from sports, to social media, to politics. At any given time @dril can tweet something you relate to, causing you to question if you might just be crazy yourself. Still, a few moments later @dril will tweet something hilarious, and you will appreciate his account once again. Here are his 15 best tweets.

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15 Skeleton War

@Dril often likes to work with strange concepts that seem somewhat believable, but also incredibly zany. This time @dril tweets the notion that if your gravestone does not say "rest in peace" on it, you are automatically drafted into the skeleton war. It's such a strange concept, but it's exactly what @dril is all about! Let's be real here, who among us isn't now thinking "what if I end up in the skeleton war?" Also, that sounds like a great concept for a movie, because of course it does. @Dril's ability to tweet an absurd idea, yet make it sound compelling and worth further thought is unparalleled on Twitter, and it's why he is one of the most favorite follows among tweeters throughout the world.

14 Why We Exist

This time, @dril explains the meaning behind life. @Dril often uses his account to explain important ideas in, well, simpler terms. @Dril's explanation reads: "the pursuit of having the nicest opinions online... is the only thing that separates us from the God damn animals. The sole reason we exist." Filled with the typical misspellings and odd ideas, it's a perfect tweet by a perfect tweeter. Rather than being "to love" or "to be happy," clearly the reason we are all alive is to have the nicest opinions available online. Have you ever read an argument on the Internet? The idea is always to win the argument, and to make ourselves look the best in the process. @Dril's tweet only further proves that notion, as it's why we exist today.

13 The Last Good Boy

@Dril often toots his own horn, which he deserves to do considering his Twitter account is the best of the best. This time, @dril creates a fake conversation between himself and a doctor. Fake conversations are wonderful mediums of comedy on Twitter, so we knew from the start this one would be a gem. @Dril's doctor says "you cant keep doing this to yourself. Being The Last True Good Boy online will destroy you. You must stop posting with honor." @Dril's touting his own abilities to be an honorable person online, while bashing everyone else in the process. He is the last true good boy, an honor that clearly holds plenty of merit. Of course, rather than taking the easy road out, @dril wishes to continue to post with honor. What a gentleman.

12 Dril Therapy

Of course not all conversations @dril tweets are completely believable, as we have some trouble finding this one to be true. @Dril tweets a conversation between him and his therapist this time, and we're guessing this never actually happened. @Dril's therapist says "your problem is, that youre perfect, and everyone is jealous of your good posts, and that makes you rightfully upset." While it's an incredibly kind thing for a therapist to say, we think it's a little too kind. @Dril definitely made this up to boast about himself, as he once again wishes to brag about his good posts, considering he is the "last good boy" online, remember? He didn't have to add that he's perfect, but hey, @dril can do what he wants at this point!

11 Dril Doubles Down

If anyone loves themselves more than anyone else on Twitter, it has to be @dril. The amount of love he has towards himself cannot be quantified, as he continues to regularly boast about how great he is in comparison to everyone else. This time, @dril complains about the state of the rest of Twitter while complimenting himself. "Startling how I'm the only person on this site with an actual human soul. You would think the other guys on here have one, but no." Well, @dril certainly thinks highly of himself - now going as far as to say he's the only member of Twitter with a soul. He acts nonchalantly, wondering aloud about others not having souls, but we don't buy into the act at all!

10 Dril Does NOT Meltdown

Being that he's on Twitter, the mecca of trolls and the mecca of meltdowns, it would be understandable if @dril had a meltdown every once in a while. Given that he is self-aware and concerned about what is thought of him, @dril addressed this line of thinking before. "Pal, the only 'meltdown' im having is my ice cream melting down into my hand while I lay on the beach & laugh while thinking about the trolls." Well, that settles that, right? @Dril does not have meltdowns, but instead, enjoys some ice cream while others try to bring him down. While previously, we weren't sure if we believed @dril, but this time we do. He's one of the best tweeters out there, so we find it hard to believe anyone could get to him. We could all learn a little something from him.

9 Dril's Beautiful Mind

@Dril isn't afraid to compliment his own abilities to inspire, either. When @dril came up with a quote (isn't it odd to say you created your own quote? I suppose that's just @dril for ya), he then went on to predictably compliment it. "Why should there be only one good Friday? Let's try our best to make all the Fridays good. Thank you" - a quote I invented which made me cry." Well, we didn't quite cry like @dril did, but we have to admit this is a pretty wonderful quote. It's an inspiring thought to make every Friday a good Friday, and we appreciate @dril taking the time away from his zaniness to motivate us into making our Fridays the best they can possibly be! Classic @dril, yet inspiring @dril.

8 Dril's Weakness

We have finally found something @dril is not good at! @Dril essentially admits that he needs help budgeting, as his family is in danger. @Dril lays out that he spends $200 on food, $150 on data, $800 on rent, $150 on utilities, and $3,600 on candles. He then asks for "help" because his family is dying from his lack of money to provide to the family. Of course, we all know where the problem lies. @Dril spends far too much money on candles, as the average person doesn't even spend $36 on candles a month, better yet $3,600! But of course @dril is hilarious about it. One tweeter tells @drill to "spend less on candles." His reply? "No." Oh, @drill, we're just trying to help you out.

7 Dril Loves The Ladies

@Dril doesn't tweet very often about dating or trying to be involved with people much, but he did tweet his intention to impress "Arby's girls" by his bulking up his abilities. In a hilarious commentary (of sorts) on how guys who use the gym try to impress girls by talking about how much they use the gym, @dril tweets "My hands smell like steroids from using steroids all day." This is actually one of the more believable tweets from the zany Twitter-man, isn't it, ladies? @Dril's ability to capture the gym rat who wants attention for the work he puts in—although he's doing so through steroid usage—cracks us up and simultaneously feels all too real. It's a well-crafted tweet and one of the ones that kinda makes some sense!

6 Dril Goes Political

@Dril isn't always incredibly confident about the advice he gives, and sometimes that leads to the advice being even funnier. When @dril attempted to go political on his account, he was concerned about how his advice would be perceived. See, @dril is a man of the people! "I think it is good to vote, unless it is inconvenient, or boring to do so. Then it might be very bad. I'm sorry for doing politics on here." Filled with a typically hilarious typo (which we fixed for him), @dril advises us to vote unless "it's inconvenient," then apologizes. It's been one of the most retweeted tweets in current times considering the recent election, and it is an evergreen tweet for sure. It's not even necessarily bad advice either when you think about it.

5 Dril Has Bad News

@Dril has also broken some bad news to his loyal followers throughout the years, but he has done so with the utmost respect and patience to the followers. In another evergreen tweet, @dril explains some news that none of us would like to hear; "It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the celebs are at it again." The best part of this tweet is that it is so incredibly vague that it can fit into so many different situations. Perhaps a celebrity tweeted something offensive? "The celebs are at it again." A celebrity wears an odd outfit to an awards show? "The celebs are at it again." It's a perfect tweet for so many different situations, and we love @dril for coming up with something so versatile.

4 Dril's Had A Rough Year

@Dril has a strong ability to use current events and/or products to his advantage in trying to tweet the funniest content possible. In this example, @dril touches on the rough 2014 that many tweeters had, while also using a product everyone knows at the same time; "Awfully bold of you to fly the Good Year blimp on a year that has been extremely bad thus far." It's a tweet for those that need a tweet to express how they are feeling, so it's still being used in 2017, and was one of 2016's most popular tweets as well. Sure, it isn't all sunshine and roses, but it's a hilarious tweet that also captures an emotion, making us laugh and cry at the same time!

3 Dril And Howard Stern

@Dril returns to his fake conversation style of comedy in this tweet, tweeting a conversation between himself and radio guy, Howard Stern. Considering @dril is a fake tweeter who is likely a comedian not getting the recognition he or she deserves (seriously, reveal yourself @Dril!), there is no way this conversation ever actually took place. In the conversation, @dril tells Howard Stern that he does not care if they cancel sports. Howard Stern responds that "that's wild," as how could anyone not care if sports were canceled? Our favorite part is that it's sports altogether, not a single sport or a single game. @Dril just doesn't care about sports at all, and he wants the world to know it. What better way to spread the word than through Howard Stern?

2 Dril Gets Owned

@Dril has shown in previous tweets that he has tremendous confidence and does not consider himself to have any equals, so we are greatly alarmed when he is brutally owned by a hilarious teenager in another one of his tweets. Dril tells the story: "A teen approached me at the food court and said 'I see you wore your clown costume today' and I spent the next nine hours processing the insult." We don't know what's funniest, the insult of his wearing a clown costume, how seriously hurt @dril was by it, or the fact that it took nine hours for the insult to finally be figured out by @dril. Regardless, it combines a terrific insult and some comedic timing by @dril himself, so it's one of our favorites.

1 Dril's Fallout

@Dril did not take kindly to being owned, or at least that's what we'd like to think. We'd love to believe this tweet is a follow up to @dril being owned by a teenager in the food court. @Dril tweets: "'I'm not owned! I'm not owned!,' I continue to insist as I slowly shrink and transform into a corn cob." Whether it's intended to be a follow up or not, it's another wonderful evergreen tweet by the fantastic tweeter. It's been used by Twitter users aplenty that have owned other Twitter users or have seen other Twitter users get owned. The idea of the person yelling "I'm not owned, I'm not owned," yet so clearly being owned is a perfect encapsulation of the Internet. @Dril strikes again!

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