15 Hilarious Tweets Your Morning Needs To Start Your Day Off Right

We have all had those days when we wake up and wonder how the heck it's time to start our day already. We may be in a sour mood for no reason and desperately need a pick-me-up to salvage our day. Ther

We have all had those days when we wake up and wonder how the heck it's time to start our day already. We may be in a sour mood for no reason and desperately need a pick-me-up to salvage our day. There are quite a few ways we could go about this, but the loyal device we decide to pick up is our cell phone. It contains all of these outlets that we can explore to find uplifting quotes or pictures that we can relate to and feel a little bit better about ourselves. There is also the option of checking out the small social media outlet named Twitter. This is a hub where all our favorite people (celebrities included) spit out funnies all day long and we love it. So, sit back and prepare to have your day become epic with these 15 hilarious tweets.

15 Getting the hang of life

Via: runtoftheweb.com

Life is more than waking up and complaining all day, but this tweet about waking up and complaining all day is pretty spot-on for most of us. We all have days when we feel this way and find that adulting is way harder than it was the week before. So when we look back at those days now, we can snicker to ourselves after reading this tweet and say, "True that." Especially on the weekdays, our lives can become pretty mundane with the tasks of going to work, eating, coming home and sleeping. Fear not, though, this is a good indicator that we are not the only ones that think like this. We find it extremely funny and so true, it almost seems as if Kasey Anderson is speaking for all of us.

14 Blame it on the pet: brilliant

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Having a pet is awesome. They love you, they're loyal and most of the time, they bring the toy back to you. Pets have also been proven to reduce anxiety and stress. Another advantage to having a pet is that they cannot talk, so when you don't want to admit to something, they are your scapegoat to blame things on. They won't be mad at you, because you are their link to getting snacks and food and they don't want to fend for themselves. So when something literally makes a bang in the night, it was probably just the pet rock you bought at Walgreen's the other day. Yes, definitely the pet rock. There's no reason to be alarmed...not any suspicious activity of the sort.

13 Olympic amateur

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Even if we don't like watching sports on our free time, we can always band together with the die-hard sports fans and be super psyched over the fact that the Olympic Games are on television. It's a fun time to get together with our friends and root for our country's representatives. We then think to better times when we were younger and in a certain sport for a season or two. All of the rules and regulations are starting to come back to us...or so we think. We are just so flabbergasted at how talented everyone is and then wonder what we've been doing with our lives, while they've been training for stuff like this. So, we are then even more confused when we think that we're watching a success, but we're really watching a fail (according to the announcer). Oh well, there's always the next Olympics.

12 The chronicles of calling someone on the phone

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As technology is getting smarter and faster with every passing day, we wonder why some of the "older" features on phones are still a thing. Every since we were little kids, we've been forced to make calls to certain people in our lives when we absolutely didn't want to. When it's our distant uncle's birthday, our mom told us to call him. So for 10 excruciating minutes, we had to sit through a forced conversation of telling them how boring school was and listening to them talk about their quarter collection. But just when we think we have escaped these awkward and painful conversation as we grew into adults, we realize they never go away. We wish everyone would just get on the texting train already and save us all from conversations like this.

11 Stop trying to make healthy food happen!

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We get it. When someone has recently found their calling through exercising and eating the purest forms of food on this planet, it's a huge life-changer. We have all done it with those fad diets here and there and we just want people to jump on the bandwagon with us so we don't suffer alone. But seriously, enough is enough. We all understand that eating healthy is good for us and that we should probably eat healthier ourselves. As happy as we are for those type of people, we also want them to stop talking, like, immediately. There is no medal you will receive and we won't think of you any differently. We will probably just be semi-jealous of the self-control healthy people have and then move on to bigger and better things, like pizza.

10 Beyoncé knows best

Via: thechive.com

Sometimes we all just need a boost of self-confidence. Being in stressful situations, such as a job interview, is hard. The butterflies never quite go away and we try to find as much confidence as we can muster up. So, during those dire situations in our lives which we would rather avoid, we all need to take a step back and ask ourselves, "WWBD?" Beyoncé is definitely a celebrity that everyone has respect for and she carries herself so well. For goodness sakes, she even has an alter ego that she calls Sasha Fierce! So when we need a dose of Bey's confidence, we just ask ourselves this important question and completely own that stressful situation we have to conquer. Easy enough.

9 Social media famous

Via: buzzfeed.com

Let's all agree that we feel special when we try our damnedest at creating the perfect status or post and we get more praise on it than usual. We feel loved, we feel liked and we want to jump from rooftop to rooftop with joy. OK, we don't think we are THAT cool, but we secretly like to get the credit we deserve with a little recognition on social media. It's especially great when people that don't ever really like or comment on anything of ours step up to the plate just for us.

By the way, want to know the key to success of getting multiple likes or comments? Post a picture of a plate of really good-looking food or a video of your pet being all cute and silly. Works every time with those suckers.

8 28 years of evolution

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How true is this tweet? As we, humans, have taken leaps and bounds of transforming the world into a more well-oiled machine, we also have taken a step back from certain things we can get away with. Being in a relationship when we are right out of middle school isn't a thing anymore and we aren't called ancient when we hit our mid-20s. OK, that depends on who we ask, but for most people, being in their 20s is still a young age bracket. We all know our basic history of how the world worked generations ago and frankly, we would rather be in 2017 (for the most part). Yes, life seemed to be less cluttered back then, but we live in an age now where we can make decisions for ourselves and eat all the damn fruit we want.

7 Eating and loving

Via: sarcasmlol.com

Oh, Zach Galifianakis, you are great. It is true that we don't really understand what "love" is until we've been in love. Sure, we can love our friends and family with a sense of understanding, but this "love" is different. We try to compare it to other things that mean the most to us in life and estimate the likelihood that love feels like that. If we think about the best meal we've had, we notice it is pretty hard for anything else to measure up to something like that. We all get the little excitement jitters when we see our server coming to our table with our meals and almost want to jump out of our seats with the enjoyment we are about to endure. So for all of you out there that love food, love is pretty comparable.

6 Ryan's fatherhood adventures

Via: boredpanda.com

We love to see the glitzy and glamorous side of celebrities' lives. We also love to see them act like us once in a while and thus, make us feel like we, too, could be a celebrity one day. So when we think about celebrities and their children, we think that the celebrities hand them over to their nannies and carry them around only when they are well-behaved and well-rested. Not Ryan Reynolds. Ryan has given us the pleasure of reading his updates on Twitter about how much he loves his daughter. We've learned that he loves her so much, in fact, that he almost thought that if there were a situation with fire, he would totally walk through it. But then again, fire is hot and our bodies aren't made for it, so nope. Then, there's talk of humidity and nobody has time for that when it makes their hair poofy and skin sweaty.

5 Trendy artifacts

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Isn't it weird to think that the things we use or have once used, will be literally a thing of the past in generations to come? Olivia Wilde makes a very valid point that objects such as tanning beds might be perceived as something completely different than what they are actually used for. It's kind of funny to think of a tanning bed as a torture device, but it is also a very good guess because why would people want to voluntarily "fry" their skin off? Just think, the tool we use to give ourselves a nice tan before an event or vacation will eventually become a thing of the past and could possibly end up in a history book of some kind. Kids will think that their ancestors used it to torture other people, rather than to look like they stepped right off a beach.

4 Baby talk

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For those of us that don't have children, we can attest to hearing this kind of talk at least once in our lives. It's quite a head-scratcher that people will voluntarily continue to tell people how old their baby is in weeks, rather than let's say, months. Maybe it is because they got used to hearing about their pregnancy in that way from their doctors. But, they should realize that for the rest of us, it's just too much math to do on the spot. Yes, we are impressed that you keep up with the technicalities of your baby's age, but please do us all a favor and simplify next time or else we will start talking that way, too, when it comes to everyday things such as the time.

3 If I can be honest...

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Job interviews are stressful—there's no way around it. If we want to land a job and make something of ourselves, we have to jump through those so-called hoops in order to be considered. It's hard to relax when all eyes are on us and we wish there was a more relaxed way to go about it. We've all been in a situation in which we want to be completely honest about stuffy questions our possible future employer will ask us so that we can lighten the mood a little bit. While this approach may work in some places, it's a risk to take when we don't know exactly how the interviewer will respond. But for real, free food is a huge incentive at a place of work.

2 Must love dogs

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Dogs are the best. The saying is true that they really are a man's (or woman's) best friend. Dogs can lift our spirits and turn our day right around, even if we spend just a small amount of time with them. Some people even joke around (but they aren't really joking) that they like dogs more than people. A pooch can also be a great conversation starter between two people with the same interest. So, how funny is it picturing someone asking out someone else because of their dog? That person is a hero because frankly, a lot of us probably have had that thought cross our minds before. What animal lover wouldn't pass up the chance to see a lovable pooch again? That's what we thought.

1 No baby shower here

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There comes the time in our lives that we become adults and start receiving an abundance of wedding invites and other fun stuff like that. After all, first comes love, then comes marriage. Then along comes baby shower invites that are not the most fun to attend (but we go anyways, in hopes people will one day show up for ours). The toleration level of handling a bunch of people cooing and cawing over diapers and over-priced baby clothes is low. So, while we want to be a good friend and attend these things, we almost want to use this hilarious line above the next time a baby shower invitation lands in our mailboxes. It's the perfect comeback/joke to the never-ending invitations of celebrating babies.

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