15 Hilarious Vet Signs That Will Make Anyone's Day

Our pets love a day out of the home. But when it’s time to visit the veterinarian, the mere mention of it may cause our pets absolute anxiety. They either hide or run around, not wanting to be caught. Experts say an animal’s fear of vets can be overcome—but it does require a lot of love and patience in the process.

Perhaps desperate to help common pet owners who constantly run into "we almost didn’t make it here today" issues, some veterinary offices came up with a funny yet oh-so-brilliant idea: they injected their clinic signs with some humor. Vets and pet owners alike share the confidence that maybe—just maybe—dogs, cats and all other animals would change their mind if they could read the signs out front.

15 We Shih Tzu Not

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Shih Tzus are among the most lovable dogs in the world. Also known as the Chinese lion dog or the chrysanthemum dog, this breed can be your puppy forever, as it weighs only up to nine kilos when fully grown. You’ll love their beautiful lengthy coat and large dark eyes. They are the loyal, affectionate and outgoing kind that can perform the most awesome tricks when properly trained while they are young. So when it’s time to take your shih tzu to the vet, make sure you choose the right doctor for the job. Find a clinic with highly trained professionals who utilize the most advanced equipment for their services. Find the one that specializes in little shih tzus, as this one in Oxford proudly declares.

14 Why the dinosaurs went extinct

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Ever had that moment when you thought of quitting taking your pet to the vet? A lot of pet parents have had the idea cross their mind—and for all the right reasons! Who wants to feel all tired and cranky after having to run after a dog that would do anything just so the doc visit doesn’t happen? He hides in unreachable spots, runs around like there’s no tomorrow, and makes putting on his leash a real challenge. The vet had strict instructions about making that visit so reality, what pet owner has time to chase the little rascal around? What should a confused and exhausted pet parent do? Maybe telling the dog about this sign from a 24-hour pet clinic should do the trick!

13 The only balls your dog needs

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A lot of pet owners struggle with getting their pet to the vet. This is true even for scheduled visits simply because of an unpleasant experience in the past. And if these pets are getting neutered without receiving the proper care for a painless and comfortable procedure, they could come to hate the vet clinic even more! The solution? Put your trust in an animal doctor that knows exactly what they are doing. Turn to a professional who will tell you, without mincing words, about the significance of neutering your pet. Find an expert who can provide direct and accurate answers to your questions—all while being considerate and showing a healthy sense of humor. Hilarious but true, this vet clinic in Florida says it like it is.

12 A tree and a dog are kind of similar

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We love our pets so much we associate them with the cutest things in the world. “My wonderful little bunny,” “my adorable teddy bear” and “my lovely little baby” are just some of our terms of endearment. They complete the household and certainly make family life more interesting! We cuddle with them all the time and in our eyes, they are the most beautiful pet in the world (regardless of how others claim their pets to be that). And so, it sometimes irks us when people make comments about how our dog bears resemblance to something or someone ugly. We want people to see how wonderful they are! But this Highland Road vet sign comparing a toothless dog to a tree may just make any protective owner let out a chuckle.

11 Nuts make your pets very nuts

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What drives your pet crazy? The mating season, that’s what! If your home has a female and a male dog, be prepared for things going a bit wild when the female is “in heat.” During her cycle, the female dog gives off a specific scent that attracts the male and drives him crazy with a desire to mate. Likewise, the female dog gets just as crazy, too! And the end result: unwanted pregnancy. Unless you choose to care for those puppies or have friends whom you know will keep and love them, consider neutering your male dog. Veterinarians encourage owners of two pets of opposite genders to be responsible owners. This Eau Gallie vet clinic is calling out all pet parents and they put it so aptly in their sign—in a clever and funny way!

10 Free belly rubs

Our pets love it when we are being touchy-feely with them. They appreciate it when we they are able to cuddle with us and give us those kisses! They want to be with us all the time and wherever we go. They even sleep beside us if we allow them to! Dogs and cats are among the pets that want to be touched. To them, it’s an expression of love. It manifests a bond that you share, even without having to understand each other completely. Veterinarians know this very well, which is why this vet clinic reminds pet owners that every visit is a pleasant experience for patients, as they will be given so much love and belly rubs! But by patients, they mean “pets only!”

9 Quite a “boar”

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Funny how pigs are depicted as incredibly cute and charming creatures in cartoon and entertainment shows—because they are so much more than that! They actually have inherent charisma and intelligence that people are missing out on! Perhaps in their own little world that humans will never be able to discover, these animals actually act like us all. We may not be aware of it, but maybe they love each other’s company, talk to each other as much as they can and laugh at each other’s silly jokes (just like people do). But perhaps some of them aren’t the interesting storytellers that they usually are! Well, this vet clinic in Carroll County thinks so. Take your pet pig to this vet because clearly, it knows boars best!

8 Watch me…

A visit to the vet could be an incredibly difficult time for your pet. Generally speaking, animals are not happy spending even a few hours at the clinic. If you really think about it, this behavior does make sense. Even humans can’t help but worry when it’s time to pay their physician a visit because we never know what the general check-up results will reveal. For this reason, we want a professional expert who will tell us exactly what’s happening with our body without compromising the fact that we do not want unpleasant surprises. Some physicians are skilled at doing this. And for our pets, nothing could be more calming than a vet who has an outstanding sense of humor—just like this one from Harvest Hills.

7 Some dogs are magicians

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Labrador Retrievers are gentle and intelligent dogs. They are among the most popular pets in the United States and the UK. They are, in fact, the most popular breed that is known for having an inherently good balance of friendliness and strength. Labradors are friendly companions who can transform into dependable “working dogs” because their ancestors were known as the fisherman’s helper in the North Atlantic. They are agile and strong hunters, but are also affectionate enough to assist the handicapped. Also, Labradors are effective in search and rescue operations, making them highly appreciated by professionals and the working public. Seriously, it’s remarkable how their love, loyalty and skills can do wonders...magic, even! Just ask this full service vet clinic that aptly describes Labradors with a dash of humor!

6 Mad scientist’s dog

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They say a dog’s behavior is sometimes reflective of its owner’s personality. If you’re nice and calm, your dog is likely to be just as gentle. If you radiate a strong and aggressive energy, expect your pet to behave that way as well. When our pet isn’t as pleasant as others are, we often associate their behavior with their breed. What we never really realize is that this might actually have something to do with how we treat them and how we conduct ourselves in their presence. Perhaps, it is just how nature intends it to be; we get the pet that lets us see who we really are. So if you’re highly intelligent, don’t be surprised if your dog behaves as if he’s got high IQ! But this Highland Road vet clinic’s witty sign says if you’re some mad lab rat, your dog must be one, too...

5 Bunnies could get arrested

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Have you ever seen a pet rabbit so active, it never stops bouncing and prancing everywhere? Bunnies can be unstoppable and incredibly snappy at times! It’s not really surprising to see them shaking their heads or flapping or wobbling their ears as they launch into a twisting motion. They jump off the ground like crazy and seem to want to play chase all the time! It’s delightful to see them doing these tricks because they are either overexcited or happy. But, as a pet owner, you need to be fully aware of how they are feeling because they might also be unnecessarily anxious over something. Don’t wait until your “energizer bunny gets arrested for battery,” according to this hilarious vet sign in Alabama!

4 This is why cats don’t play poker in the jungle

Your pet cat can do a world of tricks! Yes, felines are talented like that! There’s a common misconception about cats being too stubborn to be trained to do amazing stunts, but they actually are a delight to train with the right guidance. Just like every good thing, it takes a lot of patience to train your cat to let their bag of tricks out! With proper training and a lot of appreciation for every milestone achieved (no matter how little), you can teach your cat to give a high give, jump over obstacles and hoops, open a drawer on command, give kisses, or fetch! But ever notice why they never play poker, much less in the wild? Now you know the reason for this phenomenon, thanks to this hilarious Highland Road vet sign!

3 Cats prefer cat-alogue

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Shopping is fun! For every woman, a day out shopping is much like experiencing heaven. Even men love shopping for their stuff too (perhaps they're just not as meticulous with every little thing as females are—but this is subject to debate!). Pet owners love to shop for their beloved animals, too. From the bare necessities to the outrageous extras (such as a pet gown of sorts), the sky’s the limit for those who want their pets to look their cutest! And because there’s a whole lot of that stuff online, shopping has become a lot easier! But did you know that cats, much like their owners, also do their own shopping? But no, they are not exactly keen about this new trend called online shopping. This Frontier vet hospital sign explains why, with a clever pun which will make you go “meow!”

2 So easy to spot Dalmatians

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Athletic and highly energetic, Dalmatians have a history that goes way, way back. This pet was originally a coach dog, a firehouse dog, a hunter and a circus star! It is a charming breed that can become as sleek or as goofy as you wish them to be! This canine is very trainable, intelligent and also easy to groom. They are happy dogs that want to be your companion! They love to play and would appreciate doing a workout with you as well! Putting all these beautiful attributes together, it’s no wonder that Dalmatians make the perfect pets! They even made it to the movies, didn’t they? But according to this funny vet sign, the only problem is that there is no spot in the world where they can hide.

1 Live show presents dogs

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It gives us a warm feeling to know our pet dog gives us all the affection and love we never thought we needed. Don’t you just love it when your dog cuddles with you after a meal? Doesn’t it make you emotional when your 200-pound, four-pawed friend sits on your lap as if it were a little fur baby? Doesn’t it make your day when your dog excitedly jumps at you and licks you all over your face when you get back from work (as if you don’t do that every single day)? Their body language tells us they do love us without condition—and we ought to love them back! This vet sign does explain all of that, but not without giving it a whole new, funny and sexy meaning!

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