15 Hilarious Viral Run-Ins That Resulted In These Celebrity Friendships

Thanks to the advent of the internet, people from all around the world have been able to get in contact with one another, whereas they previously would have never even known the other existed. Long lost friendships have been rekindled and new companionships have been developed, all thanks to the fact that we can carry little computers in our pockets. Even if their lives are bigger and louder than ours, celebrities go through the same process.

Thanks to inventions like Twitter, even some of the biggest names in the worlds of film, television, and music have all been able to share their admiration for one another (or just poke fun at fellow celebrities) and some real friendships have come out of it. For all the bile that Twitter attracts, it’s nice to see a reminder every once in a while, it can be used for good. It's also just a nice reminder that even the celebrities we otherwise worship just want a couple of good friends, the same as the rest of us. Here are 15 celebrities who became friends with other stars, all thanks to social media.

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15 J.K. Rowling and Jessica Williams

J.K. Rowling became one of the wealthiest women in the world thanks to the Harry Potter books and films, which have transformed over the years into one of the single biggest benchmarks of pop culture. It cannot be understated just how huge this series was when it was still being released periodically, with the new books and movies always leading to huge anticipation and crowds on opening day. She also has an active Twitter account, from which she shares ideas, opinions and various other odds and ends about the Potter universe. Thanks to the platform, she formed a surprising friendship with Jessica Williams.

She's a former correspondent for The Daily Show and her wildly popular podcast, 2 Dope Queens, was just turned into an HBO series. The comedienne recounted the story to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show of how she got the chance to meet Rowling, thanks to Twitter. Rowling started following Williams after she had been on Daily Show for a bit and Williams used the opportunity (as any reasonable Potter fan would) to talk with her and find out which house at Hogwarts she really would have been in. It's nice to see an avid Potter fanatic like Williams get the chance to talk to Rowling and geek out about out it so hard.

14 Guardians Of The 99

VIA: Mashable.com

Earlier this year, the Fox cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine was canceled after five seasons and the collective voice of the internet was one of shock and outrage. Seriously, everyone online hated on Fox for canceling one of the most joyous and silly shows currently on TV. It resulted in some big celebs revealing themselves to be fans of the show via support over Twitter. Somehow, five of them in particular found a way to use that collective star power for the good of us all.

Five celebs who got involved with the whole thing were Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, Star Wars and voice-acting star Mark Hamill, Late Night host Seth Meyers, noted director Guillermo Del Toro and film actor Sean Astin. They all started sending out tweets about the cancellation to their (collectively massive) audience. The five even ended up in a group chat together, where they all revealed themselves to be fans of the other’s work and quickly became friends. That picture above? That’s an actual Photoshopped image that Mark Hamill put together and shared after befriending the other guys. Personally, we’d pay good money to see Guillermo Del Toro talking about perfecting the art of standing so still he becomes invisible.

13 Britney Spears and Skrillex

Both of these musicians have played a defining role in the popular music of their particular era, but beyond that, you wouldn’t think there would be many similarities between the dubstep techno artist Skrillex and 1990s/2000s pop diva, Britney Spears. But that’s where Twitter connects the two. See, Spears has turned into an adorkable mother over the years to her sons, encouraging their nerdy habits openly and amongst her fans online.

And while she was online, she revealed to the world that her sons were actually big fans of the DJ.

So, she invited the artist to Las Vegas during her residency in the city and asked him to come to the show. She even made sure that her sons got the chance to meet their idol, taking a very Mom group picture of the lot of them backstage. And that’s part of what makes Twitter interactions like this so charming. It’s just nice to see people you’d never otherwise hear about knowing one another getting the chance to become unexpected best friends. Now, all we can think about is the Spears/Skrillex mash-up that was going through his head afterward and how much we wish they would make it a reality.

12 Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer

VIA: Vulture.com

Both of these ladies are two of the biggest female stars in Hollywood at the moment and are even working on a movie together that will star them as sisters. But the friendship between Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer had far more mundane origins than you’d expect. After Lawrence revealed that she was a fan of the comedienne, the two began talking online. But it really got going when Lawrence saw Schumer’s Trainwreck and shared how much she loved the film. In response, Schumer invited Lawrence to come along with her and her friends on an upcoming trip.

Which, naturally, Lawrence did. The two were constantly sharing pictures of their time together, and have become only tighter friends as the years have gone on. Lawrence was among the 80 people invited to Schumer’s wedding and revealed in an interview that Schumer made sure to send her flowers after her recent break-up with her boyfriend, along with a note. The two are ridiculously close, and it’s so nice to see them both (who have been targeted online) using the internet for just sweet reasons, like their very close friendship.

11 Ruby Rose And Justin Bieber

Ruby Rose's start has been steadily rising over the years, thanks to her dramatic turn in Orange is the New Black as inmate and Piper's love interest, Stella Carlin. Since then, she’s also been appearing in more action-oriented fare and continuing to work on her music. In Orange is the New Black, a running gag about her character is that she looks remarkably like Justin Bieber. And that isn’t just something that’s confined to the show.

In real life, Rose has had a lot of fun with her striking physical similarities to the Canadian pop star.

Deciding to have some fun with it, Rose started messaging the singer about their common looks and referred to him as her double. Bieber actually responded and the two have been friends ever since. They’ve been spotted hanging out backstage after concerts, partying in her home country of Australia and just generally having a fun time. She hasn’t let him forget just how similar they look, with Rose often posting pictures online of the pair next to one another and dressed almost exactly the same. It’s nice to see her turning what must have been an annoying joke she saw online into a genuine friendship and it’s good seeing Bieber actually having fun.

10 Taylor Swift And Molly Ringwald

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest names in music right now and her crew of friends includes many other highly successful women in entertainment. Their escapades have been well documented on social media over the past few years. The group as a whole has become an obsession of a curious internet, who want to know everything that group does. It’s gotten to the point where some other celebs are just excited to be in the same room as Swift to try and get themselves a place in that crew.

Just look at Molly Ringwald, star of many of the defining teen movies of the 1980s. While introducing the band Simple Minds at an awards show, Ringwald shouted out to Taylor that she wanted to be part of her girl group. Lo and behold, by the end of the show she was taking pictures with Swift and exchanging brunch plans with the musician. That’s the kind of impact things online can have on people. We doubt Molly would've ever geeked out so hard if she hadn't seen Taylor's BFFs posted up all over social media. We're betting Taylor probably enjoyed some of Ringwald's movies from her Brat Pack days, so this friendship was probably a geeking out experience for both of them.

9 Millie Bobby Brown and Maddie Ziegler

VIA: MSN.com

Millie Bobby Brown quickly became one of the most famous child actors working today, thanks to her starring role as Eleven on Stranger Things. But despite the stardom, she’s still just your normal teenager when she’s off camera. Just like any other teen, getting to meet one of her favorite performers made Brown freak out hard. When Brown had the opportunity to meet dancer Maddie Ziegler (best known for her performances in Sia's videos) backstage at So You Think You Can Dance, she couldn't stop herself from fangirling.

It turns out, the Netflix star is a huge fan of the dance show and was super excited to actually get to meet her favorite judge.

Brown gushed to Ziegler, who judges on The Next Generation spinoff, about how excited she had been when Ziegler had started following her on Twitter. Ziegler loves hanging out with Brown as well and the pair have been seen spending a lot of BFF time together. The two even posted pictures to their social media showcasing their trip together to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Being a kid in Hollywood isn't easy, so it's great to have close friends you can trust who know what you're going through.

8 Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth

VIA: Pajiba.com

Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth have both proven to be the ultimate bros of Hollywood. Beyond their physical assets and action blockbuster experience, both of them have also proven to be quite hilarious. On red carpets and while meeting fans, the pair is incredibly charming and full of smiles. That same level of fun can be seen in their social media footprints. They are both quick to interact with fans or have fun with other celebrities. The two of them recently finally got their accounts pointed at each other earlier this year.

Hemsworth had a laugh at the former wrestler's expense, taking a mock selfie inside his home weight room like so many of Johnson’s posts. But a surprisingly game Johnson responded, playing along and wondering why Hemsworth didn’t go the full parody and do the selfie with his shirt off. Johnson was then quick to congratulate the Thor actor on the massive success of Avengers: Infinity War. So, is it too much to hope that these two end up doing a buddy action comedy now? We'd suggest a plot that makes them both dumb but talented spies or cops or something that lets them be charming but silly, along with some explosions? Now that this friendship exists, we need to capitalize on it.

7 Ryan Reynolds And Billy Ray Cyrus

A lot of celebs spend money on having their own social media accounts run by professional writers. It lets them have an online presence without having to actually be online. But then there are some who just love to express themselves over the platforms, and they excel at it. Of particular note is Ryan Reynolds, who’s been spending the last year just absolutely killing it on Twitter. He’s been dropping random tweets at various people over the years, indulging his sense of humor in front of the rest of the world. He has a lot of fun messing with his fellow celebs, none more so than his wife Blake Lively.

But one of them might have resulted in him finding a new friend, in the form of country music star Billy Ray Cyrus.

It turns out the singer shares a birthday with Blake Lively, and Reynolds decided to publicly thank the musician for how much he meant to him...and then added on a message for his wife at the end. The tweet went viral on Twitter, gaining a lot of attention from a lot of people and even garnering a pretty cute response from Cyrus himself. But while that was good, it’s got nothing on the response that Lively threw at her husband.

6 Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling

VIA: Me.Me/

OK, this one might be stretching it a little bit when we say this led to these two becoming best friends, but we felt like it was necessary to talk about. In response to that whole situation with Reynolds and Billy Ray Cyrus, Blake Lively decided to respond in kind by finding another impossibly handsome Canadian with a sense of humor to compliment and get back at her husband. Luckily for her, she had one waiting for her in the form of Ryan Gosling.

When it came time to wish her husband a happy birthday, she pulled a pretty solid twist on an old joke. See, years ago Ryan Reynolds sent out a message wishing his wife a happy birthday and the joke was that he cropped his wife out of the picture of them on the red carpet. So, Blake responded by posting a picture of Ryan Gosling, who some fans seem to mix-up with her husband (probably just based on them having the same first name). Come on, that’s a smooth burn from Blake Lively, and we wanted to give her some real props for using the always game Baby Goose-ling for her revenge tweet. Now we just really, really hope that all four hung celebs out and laughed about it all afterwards.

5 Anna Kendrick and Michael Ian Black

VIA: Diply.com

Anna Kendrick is one of the best celebs when it comes to Twitter. She’s witty, quick and she’s fast to become friends with pretty much anyone she talks to online. Just look at the friendship that’s developed between her and Michael Ian Black. The comedian became friends with the actress through their active online presence. Soon, both of them were commenting constantly on the tweets and random thoughts that the other posted online, even having some fun teasing one another in the public sphere.

The two have been exactly in character with their public personas, Anna being hilariously blunt and Michael being weirdly obtuse.

The two bounce off one another in a charming, effortless way. To be honest, we’d like to be friends with either of them, but we’d be even happier to be buddies with both of them. The reason we did this whole list may have just been as an excuse to look back through the pretty amazing Twitter history of Anna Kendrick, with the sheer hilarity that she’s been dropping on the regular for her friends and followers online. Some of her stuff has to be some of the most hilarious stuff to ever hit Twitter. If you’re not following her then you 100% should be. You can thank us later.

4 Patton Oswalt and everyone

VIA: Uproxx.com

Patton Oswalt is a continuous force on Twitter and a constant user of the platform, which he uses to share jokes, revel in happiness and generally mock and ridicule anyone he thinks is dumb. For doing that (and overall being a pretty chummy and friendly guy), he gets a lot of love from other celebs on Twitter, even ones who’d never met him or spoken to him before. Being such a friend to the masses on social media is why he received so much support after dealing with the sudden passing of his wife in 2016.

Oswalt has been open about the grief that he and his daughter had to go through after the event, but he was surprised by the sheer outpouring of love that came his way. Hundreds sent him messages of support, with many of his famous friends (and even some he’d never met once in his life) coming out to say how sorry they were and how they were keeping him in their thoughts. Kevin James, Mark Duplass, Nikki Glaser, Kristen Schaal, Michael Ian Black, Billy Eichner, Colin Trevorrow, Neil Gaiman, and more all sent him messages of love in these trying times. It was a nice reminder of the good that Twitter can do in times of trouble.

3 Aaron Paul and Conan O’Brien

VIA: Twitter

Aaron Paul (who blew into our televisions and lives as the conflicted Jessie in Breaking Bad) is one of those celebs who you can 100% tell doesn’t have a publicist running his Twitter account. To an extent, it just feels like a natural extension of his being on the internet, just like the Twitter accounts the rest of us all have. He comments on news stories, shares events and complains about people he dislikes or disagrees with.

It’s a refreshing change of pace from some celeb Twitter accounts, which rely more heavily on self-promotion and planned, canned comments that just don’t make them feel like a real person online.

Paul also has a habit of messaging his friends through the system, usually in the most polite way possible. Just look at how he messages talk show host Conan O’Brien following an interview on his show. Paul is so polite! It’s adorable, and completely lacking in the grandstanding we’ve come to expect from a lot of celebrities and their social media presence, and that’s really refreshing. We feel like Paul is one of those guys who will just message friends if they just seemed down in the dumps, and that’s so nice.

2 Aubrey Plaza and Chapman University


Alright, so this one might be a little broader than the previous entries on this list, but we here at TheThings straight up love us some Aubrey Plaza and we wanted to document the time she spent just tweeting it up at the Chapman University graduation earlier this year. She didn’t even go to the school, but still attended the graduation. She tweeted the entire time, specifically leaning hard into the phrase Nay Nay. It sounds like something you’d expect from the girl who played April in Parks & Rec and is grabbing Emmy nominations for her starring role in Legion (the show we will find any reason to talk about).

But she kept tweeting throughout the day, dropping Nay Nays on some of the other people in the area as well. It looks like she went full on college kid, and even started tweeting about a kegger in the quad. We're not going to lie—want to go to that party and do keg stands with Aubrey Plaza more than you can imagine. Now, we’re mad that the graduating class of 2018 from the school also got the graduation present of Julie Powers yelling at them to keep having more fun.

1 Steve Martin and the world

VIA: Buzzfeed.com

Who doesn’t love Steve Martin? The comedy actor has been appearing in films for over 40 years, and each of them has been hilarious in their own right. Well, maybe not Cheaper by the Dozen or Pink Panther, but at least his earlier stuff could be argued to be some of the best comedy films of all time.

We just wanted to extend our appreciation to the fact that he has an active Twitter account, and that we get a lot of little looks into the mind of a comedy genius.

Thanks to his wealth and status among the elite of Hollywood, Martin spends most of his time traveling the world and just generally being awesome. He goes to places like Rome and manages to make a pretty solid dumb joke about it. And that’s not the only time he’s done something like that. The man takes pictures around the world and shares them with a joke and a laugh. Like with the rest of these entries, there’s an honesty to this account that let us see the real person behind the celebrity we see on the big screen. We think that’s a really important thing that social media does for us and, more importantly, for our favorite stars.

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