15 Hilarious Voldemort Memes That Will Make You LOL

Who doesn’t love the Harry Potter movies? Where would Harry be without Voldemort? Neither could have existed without the other and Voldemort may have been a pain in the butt most of the time, but he was also one of the most popular characters. There are just as many Voldemort fans as there are Harry Potter fans and although Harry may have won in the end, don’t think for a second that there weren’t people cheering Voldemort on. He's pretty serious and focused in the films, so it’s hard to picture him any other way. Luckily, we have these memes to help us. Thought Voldemort couldn’t possibly be funny? Think again. Here are 15 hilarious Voldemort memes that paint the villain in a very different light!

15 They Do Look Fabulous

Look at those white teeth and the way that hair moves! Those are some good looking wizards! Voldemort may be down with the dark arts, but he is also down with having sparkling white teeth. For some reason his teeth don’t look nearly this white in any other scene of the movie. I guess when you finally feel like you won the battle, you make time to get your teeth whitened. But then again, the fact that he is lacking a nose should probably be more of a concern than the color and condition of his teeth. Gandalf however, is always sporting amazing hair. Maybe that’s why Voldemort is so eager to get rid of him. He’s sick of him flaunting his beautiful locks all around the wizarding world. You look just as great Voldemort, don't sweat it.

14 So Many Options

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With a face like Voldemort’s, it’s hard not to make fun of it. I mean it’s pretty much like a blank canvas. There are so many ways to make it better and interesting. The options are basically endless. You can dress him up with a scarf or a hat, or maybe even give him a beard. This meme is just the beginning for Voldemort’s makeover possibilities. Voldemort was always looking for new ways to disguise himself and sneak into Hogwarts or trick Harry, wonder why he never tried any of these looks? Put a moustache on him and he is a totally different person. Seems a lot easier than hiding on the back of someone’s head. Maybe if he finds a way to come back from the dead again he can use one of these disguises to get revenge.

13 When He's Not Busy Killing People

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Hey Voldemort likes the Disney Channel too right? I mean he has to take a break from killing people and causing destruction once in awhile. He probably needs to make a little extra money these days too. Being a dark wizard likely doesn’t pay very well and he has to find a way to pay for all those robes and suits somehow. So what if he took a little side gig to do some advertising for the Disney Channel. He had the wand just lying around anyway, so might as well make use of it. Everyone take a second to imagine how he said this line. I bet the kids just loved hearing that raspy voice telling them to tune into their favorite channel. The dark lord doesn't just suggest you tune into Disney, he demands it!

12   This Is How It All Started

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You can’t go around telling “Yo Mama” jokes about a dark wizard and expect him to not get angry. You don’t mess with Voldemort and you definitely don’t talk badly about his mama; even if you are the greatest wizard of all time. This is how you get a wizarding war started and make a permanent enemy. Who does Dumbledore think he is? Voldemort may look like he just let that one slide, but you know deep down he is planning his revenge. Instead of just attacking Dumbledore himself, he is going to come up with an elaborate plan that involves young wizards and a lot of polyjuice potion. All because he didn’t have a good “Yo Mama” joke to throw back at Dumbledore.

11 Now Everyone Feels The Same

Before there was an Edward Cullen, there was Cedric Diggory. They were pretty different from each other but still equally annoying. Sure Cedric didn’t have sparkling skin or a taste for blood, but he was an overachiever who seemed to be good at everything and liked by everyone. We all know what happens to those kinds of people in the Harry Potter world. Voldemort wasn’t about to give Cedric a chance to help Harry defeat him. He didn’t even give him time to introduce himself, let alone raise his wand and defend himself. As soon as he made a sound, Voldemort killed him. Now if only he could find a way to kill off the Edward Cullen character too right? I have a feeling he wouldn't have much tolerance for him either.

10 He Is A Sharp Dresser

There are a lot of negative things to say about Voldemort. He was a horrible wizard who took pleasure it making others miserable and he wasn’t much to look at either. Still, you have to respect him. After all he did put up a good fight against some of the most powerful wizards of all time. He also somehow managed to look good doing it. Yea, he wore a lot of dark robes and was missing a nose and hair, but he sure did look sharp in his suit. Perhaps Armani can cash in on the Harry Potter success and go ahead and make a dark lord collection. It sounds like the kind of thing celebrities would go for.

9 This Is How He Warms Up Before An Attack

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It’s hard to imagine Voldemort being cheerful and actually dancing, but he does have some great moves. He's pretty dramatic when casting a spell and he uses his arms, legs and facial expressions better than any pop star on stage. It might be going out on a limb to guess that Voldemort listens to Miley Cyrus in secret, but if you think about it, he is a little strange and he likes to be by himself a lot. He has to be up to something besides planning a way to defeat Dumbledore and Harry Potter. Or maybe this is just how he celebrates after successfully defeating other wizards. Either way, it’s nice to see that he can let go and have some fun. Don't you wish there was a scene in one of the movies where Snape walked in on Voldemort singing and dancing like this? I sure do!

8 I Don't Think It Was Him

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It’s always fun to see what people are searching for on Google. It just so happens that when you start to search for something similar, suggestions pop up. These suggestions are usually pretty weird and some can even make you wonder what the hell is wrong with people. Of course, a lot of people search for ridiculous things just so they will show up when other people search too. As you can see from this meme, even Voldemort thinks this suggestion is ridiculous. Look at that beautiful bald head. He has no regrets about not having hair and even if he did have some hair to care for, he wouldn’t be using muggle shampoo. He is way better than that.

7 Voldemort Throws The Best Parties

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There had to be something going on at those death eaters meeting besides just talking trash about Dumbledore and Harry Potter. There has to be something special that make joining up with these jerks more appealing. Could they be having awesome parties in all those abandoned places where they have meetings? They are a loud and rowdy clue, so maybe all those secret meetings are really for their secret raves? Maybe they all have a few drinks before going out to hunt down Harry. Can you imagine some of the death eaters at a party? Bellatrix dancing on tables in her high heels, Snape leaned up against a wall acting cool, Peter Pettigrew hanging out at the refreshment table stuffing his face. What a great group of friends to party with.

6 No Wonder He Was Pissed

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If Harry wasn’t always getting involved in everyone else’s business, maybe he wouldn’t always be in trouble. I mean he was perfectly fine reading Tom Riddle’s diary. Clearly he has no respect for anyone’s privacy. Before he was Voldemort, Tom Riddle was just a young boy with way too much ambition and a way with words. Why wouldn’t he have a well-written diary about his life? Sure this meme may not be an accurate representation of what really happened in the movie, but it’s pretty close. Maybe Harry was really the one bullying Voldemort? It would have been a lot funnier if it had all played out like this.

5 He's The King Of The World

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This is what Voldemort needed in his life; a strong, handsome man who was willing to show him a new side of things. Harry was always telling him he was wrong and coming up with ways to defeat him, but someone like Jack would never do that. Voldemort deserved to feel free and confident and maybe even be painted naked? Had Voldemort had more supportive people around him, he wouldn’t have been so hateful. Instead of reminding Voldemort how unloved he was and how he would never have friends, maybe Harry should have just let him be the king of the world. Maybe Voldemort wasn’t so evil after all. Maybe he just wanted to be loved.

4 Like It's That Easy

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Voldemort tried everything to kill Harry. Even when Harry was just a baby and Voldemort was at his best, he still couldn’t get the job done. Along comes nerdy Neville thinking he can get the job done faster. Of course, Neville would never want to hurt Harry on purpose. Harry was a good friends of his. In fact, he was trying to help Harry out when he gave him the Gillyweed that he thinks killed him. How angry would Voldemort have been if Neville had really killed Harry after he had spent so many years trying to do it himself? I think he would have a little more to say about it than just “how.” He would have probably killed Neville for ruining his plans and making him look bad. Neville may not have killed Harry, but he did kill Nagini. That had to piss Voldemort off just as much.

3 Nothing Can Destroy A Nokia

Remember your first cell phone? It was a Nokia wasn’t it? It was also huge and indestructible. You could pretty much run over an old Nokia phone with a car and it would work just fine afterwards. Voldemort should have just turned a bunch of Nokia phone into horcruxes. Harry, Ron and Hermione would probably still be trying to figure out how to destroy them. Sure the horcruxes he had were pretty hard to find and get rid of, but who would suspect a muggle phone being used to contain a part of the Dark Lord’s soul? Even if they do manage to find the horcruxes, I doubt a magic spell would do the trick. Voldemort should have been a little more creative and maybe he wouldn’t have been so easily defeated. Guess this just goes to show that us muggles know what we are doing when it comes to cell phones.

2 You Go Girl

It’s fun to imagine Voldemort as a sassy wizard instead of just a mean one. I mean sure he had his fair share of clever lines and quick comebacks, but wouldn’t the Harry Potter movies have been a lot better if he were full of sass, too? He had no problem showing off all his moves when casting spells or threatening other wizards. Sure he wouldn’t have been so scary if he was saying things like “oh no you didn’t,” but dammit, he would have been more fun. Even better if he could get Snape involved too. Can’t you just picture his followers behind him, snapping their fingers and moving their heads with him? How about a little more sass and a little less snake talk Voldemort?

1 Nagini's Role As A Death Eater

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Every bad guy needs a partner in crime. Sure, Voldemort had plenty of followers, but Nagini was always at his side. He trusted Nagini so much that he made her a horcrux and even had her do some of his dirty work. Since Voldemort was a parseltongue, he could easily talk to her. She probably had some pretty good dirt on him too. This meme caught Nagini spreading the word of Voldemort and possibly trying to recruit more death eaters. It looks like she isn’t having much luck though. These people either aren’t home or are hiding on the other side of the door hoping Nagini goes away. We have all be there, right? Nagini was a faithful pet to Voldemort, it’s sad she had to be destroyed.


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