15 Hilarious Ways To Start Your 2018 Right (According To Twitter)

It’s hard to believe 2018 is coming to us in less than a week. Between all the political drama, crazy sports moments, natural disasters and tragedies, inspiring social movements, and multitude of tarnished reputations consequential to the many harassment cases that recently came to light, 2017 was a fairly hectic year. But to be fair, every year seems to have its particularly scandalous moments; some years just have more moments to shine than others. While a majority of people are looking to begin 2018 with the usual parties, sleeping, and optimistic resolutions, some Twitter users took it upon themselves to generate new ideas to ring in another crazy year to come – the exact stroke of midnight, to be precise. Here are 15 ways to start your new year off right (or not-so-right, depending on who you are), according to Twitter.

15 A Time to be Strange

To say the Netflix show Stranger Things was huge this past year would be an understatement. It was nominated and won many awards, inspired so many Halloween costumes, and caused lots of fandoms. “Stranger Things” became a pop culture smash hit ingrained in our culture (especially for our youth). With all the hype, it’s no wonder a suggestion to start the New Year includes playing the theme song of the hit show; not just to start with the theme of one of the greater shows to come out in recent years, but also to feel like you’re in your very own Upside Down. Maybe 2018 will be frightening, maybe it will be a thrilling adventure where you overcome your own personal Demogorgons, or maybe it will be fairly ordinary and stable. Whichever way it turns out, hopefully your own pretend Upside Down year will leave you feeling as happy and fulfilled as Eleven and Mike at the end of season 2.

14 A Time to Come Out of Your Cage

How many people have really started a new year coming out of their cage, doing just fine, gotta gotta get down because they wanted it all? Not too many, I’d imagine. But now is your chance to begin the very start of the 2018 with a recitation of one of the most well-known, sing-along songs of the 21st century! Even though it’s a song about a cheating significant other and the emotions that come with (based on a true story about Killer’s lead singer Brandon Flowers catching a girlfriend cheating at the time – who would cheat on Brandon Flowers???), no one can deny the infectious nature of the song itself. From its signature guitar riff to its catchy chorus and distinctive verses – this song is iconic. Originally released in 2003 (yes, time flies), it became a full-fledged, chart-topping hit in 2004 and has since joined the ranks of classics like “Bohemian Rhapsody” in terms of its immortality and sing-along nature. And if you miss out on coming out of your cage exactly at midnight, don’t worry, there’s always next year (or whenever your next karaoke session is).

13 A Time for a Phil Collins Drum Break

When the “Start off your new year right” trend came out on Twitter, many people were posting classic songs to kick off 2018 in so many right ways, including Toto’s “Africa,” Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life,” and Twenty One Pilots’ “Trees.” There were so many suggestions, even Phil Collins’ official Twitter got in on the fun! Collins’ official page suggested starting at 1:56:40 to get to the drum break. However, a dedicated listener on a quest for accuracy discovered the time actually changes depending on whether it’s for Google Play Music or Apple Music. Not the hero we deserve, indeed. Whatever the case, if Collins is your jam, bust out your imaginary drum sticks and get ready to truly start your year with a bang courtesy of a Phil Collins drum break. Also, Collins wasn’t the only celebrity whose official Twitter made a fun suggestion – Tina Turner’s even got involved too! Turner’s instead said, “If you play ‘The Best’ by Tina Turner on Dec. 31st at 11:58:57, Tina will say ‘You’re simply the best!’ at exactly midnight. Start off your new year right.” Great job to whoever’s running their official Twitter accounts. “Start your new year right” not only makes for great advice and meme material, it’s also a marketing a slogan in the making.

12 A Time for Beyoncé

Continuing a trend of optimism, this Tweeter suggests starting off with a good old Beyoncé moment, a moment from her 2003 “Crazy in Love” song, more specifically. Yes, 2017 brought many challenges and trials for people, but that’s not to say 2018 won’t be full of challenges and trials as well. Starting off with a “You ready?” from Queen B gives many of us a sense of empowerment and motivation to face what’s to come, in addition to admiring her confidence and greatness. “Crazy in Love” was one of her first big hits as a solo artist coming off Destiny’s Child. In the iconic video with future husband, Jay-Z, she confidently struts and hits every impressive dance move – it is nothing short of inspirational. If anyone has the power to pump people up for the possibilities of great things to come and trials to conquer, it’s Beyoncé.

11 A Time to Leave Things Behind

Via: TWitter

New Years to people often signify new beginnings, a time to start fresh and leave the old things holding us back behind – whether that be bad habits, people who don’t contribute positive things to our lives, or even songs and mainstream music trends! From trap to “mumble rap” to the SoundCloud rapper movement, there were a quite a few observable trends and traits in the hip-hop community during 2017. Out of the SoundCloud wave and the “mumble rap” genre came artist Lil Pump who released the song “Gucci Gang” earlier this year. Despite its popularity, the hit wasn’t favored by everyone, including this Tweeter who suggests we leave this song in 2017. Whether you like it or not, songs like “Gucci Gang” will continue to appear and live, but the concept of leaving unnecessary things behind us still stands.

10 A Time to "Hit It!"

We’re in 2017, soon to be 2018, and we’ve all come to a point where we can all hopefully establish the classic nature of the Shrek movie series. It’s no surprise to see a moment from the beloved sequel as a suggestion to starting the new year with a “Hit It!” Sure, the Fairy Godmother wasn’t exactly the primary protagonist, but that doesn’t take away her charisma and her commanding presence. The song she sings, “I Need A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler, also expresses a hint of optimism and the desire for justice and help during times of need – a feeling many people can relate to in current times and what’s to come. But for many Shrek fans, it might also just be a wonderful moment to start the year off from a great film. The tweet only mentioned the exact start of the song to have that precise moment ready in time for midnight, but unfortunately the start time in the actual movie might actually have to be researched a little more.

9 A Time to be Responsible

This is a weird suggestion that simultaneously encourages responsibility and irresponsibility. The responsible portion, of course, referring to the suggestion that you should not be texting that one person (whether an ex, a bad influence, a person who takes advantage of you, etc), and bringing in all the drama of that past relationship into the new year. Let the past be the past, no use in resuscitating something bad for you and reliving a cycle. Totally get it. The reckless portion seems to be the solution: drinking a liter of beer within a minute to forget ever desiring to commit said action of texting bad person. If I drank a liter of beer within a minute I’d probably pee within five, puke within ten, and be miserable for the next day depending on what else happens in the night and however bad the hangover is. However, some people are heavy-weights and can handle it, and for some this is actually the easiest way to prevent reaching out to someone who shouldn’t be in their life. Whatever your solution, the wisdom still stands to stay away from people who are trouble.

8 A Time to Relive Victory

This suggestion is targeted to a pretty niche audience – Chicago White Sox fans, to be specific. This takes us back to 2005 when the Chicago White Sox won the World Series after a close-to 90-year drought (Chicago baseball teams seem to be about victory droughts), so needless to say, fans were ecstatic at the moment and many times since as they continue to relive the glory and joy of the time. While I’m not a White Sox fan, I can appreciate the sentiment of starting a year at a moment of victory and celebration, especially for a team or individual you’ve been rooting for after a long journey. So instead of replaying this specific victory, you can use this sentiment and start your year off replaying a different clip of victory – whether that be a baseball one, a reality television show final, or even a personal victory you have recorded somewhere. Reliving a moment of triumph is always a great way to start a year and look forward to great things to come.

7 A Time to be Prepared

I’d like to think most of the suggestions on this list are pretty positive; some suggestions, like this one, are a little more centered around a different outlook. While some think a great way to start a new year is to celebrate and look at things from an optimistic perspective, others think it’s just as great to look at things realistically – including some of what’s to come in the future. Whether this tweet is referring to events that occured in the nation, the world, their communities, or their own personal life, there’s no shame in looking at things from a realistic perspective; living in denial of the negative situations in our lives can be detrimental at times after all. Being prepared of what’s to come, whether good or bad, is helpful in making sure we can react appropriately and responsibly. However, there’s always a balance between cynicism and optimism. Regardless, Titanic is a pretty great film, and even if you don’t want to start 2018 with the ship sinking (spoiler alert btw), you can always start when the love story begins.

6 A Time to Party?

With the popularity of sharing creative and novel ideas to making the turn of the year a great/distinctive one, even Netflix got in on the fun sharing a few original ideas they had; one of which: the moment in Bridesmaids where Kristen Wiig’s character says “I’m Ready to Party.” So if you’re ready for a year of partying, this a way to declare it (even though it might be a different way of declaring it by watching a movie instead of actually attending a party). Or, maybe you’re just a fan of Bridesmaids and that part is a favorite scene, which it is to many. Or maybe, like Kristen Wiig’s character at the time, you’re ready to challenge the norm and have fun no matter the bland situation – an admirable goal indeed. Whatever the case, if you’re in the mood to watch Bridesmaids on New Year’s, here’s a suggested time to start to get that quote going right at midnight.

5 A Time for Existential Reflection

This one is a little cynical, and for some, a little to realistic. While many people are surrounded by loved ones having a great time partying, relaxing, or engaging in other forms of entertainment, some people are alone at home for a variety of different reasons, whether that be sickness, loneliness, being far away from friends and family, or just preferring to be alone. I’ve been there (norovirus for the non-win), but thankfully I had a so-bad-it's-good, cheesy '70s flick called Roller Boogie to distract me from existential woes. Fortunately for this Tweeter, a New Year’s confrontation with impending isolation and existentialism were actually not on her radar given her “just kidding” status and mention of her relationship. Quite a few people, however, like to genuinely reflect on their own in a state of realism and solitude, listening to the moment and being aware of the future. To each their own.

4 A Time for Greensleeves

First of all, shout out to the dedicated individual who created a parody Twitter account for the infamous King Henry VIII. Obviously, this is an account coming from a 16th century-ish outlook with a satirical purpose, so we can all take this suggestion for a little too old-fashioned New Year’s entrance with a grain of salt (but if the 16th century European party life chose you, then you do you). At first glance, I couldn’t tell how accurate it was to have the mention of traditional song “Greensleeves” in a tweet from a King Henry VIII parody account. However, after looking up some websites like songfacts.com, I learned that while there’s no definite answer of who composed it, many speculate it was the notorious nobleman himself who composed it about one of his ladies, Katherine of Aragon or Ann Boleyn. The lyrics seem to be about a man who’s feeling a little unloved by his beautiful mistress, and many consider its first recorded mention/release to be 1580, about 33 years after King Henry’s death. Who knows, maybe he did write it out of some unfulfilled romance he was having? Anyways, if you want to party like a polarizing 16th century Tudor monarch for New Year’s, this one’s for you.

3 A Time for Dedication

This tweet is dedicated specifically to Lord of the Rings fans, or at the very least those who want a challenge on New Year's Eve to reach that moment by midnight. The original poster didn’t mention whether or not this starting time and duration includes bathroom and meal breaks, but he did mention this includes the extended versions. So if you have about 11-12 hours at least on New Years to devote to a Lord of the Rings extended version marathon, to reach the climactic moment mentioned by this presumable knowledgeable and committed fan, here’s a potential game plan for you. This fits along with the theme of reliving victorious and exciting moments that also serve as optimistic visions for the future, so this scene and this marathon can definitely serve as inspiration for the new year. You can also just skip to the scene if you don’t have the time, you’ll just have to find the starting place.

2 A Time to Get Your Game On, Go Play

If you thought you could escape the 1999 song “All Star” and leave it in the early 2000s, you were unfortunately wrong. It’s about to be 2018, and “All Star” continues to thrive, feeding off nostalgia and living through parties, karaoke sessions, memes and other forms of entertainment (see Shrek for instance, also mentioned in this list). It’s hard to believe it’s almost going to be 20 years since the song was first released, but as anyone who hasn’t been sheltered from mainstream culture knows, the song with its infectiously-catchy lyrics kept coming and it didn’t stop coming, fed to the rules and it hit the ground running. Quite a few of your friends might be sick of it by now (or might have been sick of it years ago), but if you want to start 2018 with a fun, upbeat, fairly-encouraging song with a high nostalgia level and well-known lyrics most of the population can recite (whether they want to or not), this is a great way. At the very least, you can motivate yourself. As someone once said, “you’ll never know if you don’t go, you’ll never shine if you don’t glow.”

1 A Time to Treat Yo Self

Parks and Recreation fans probably remember this episode; heck, even people unfamiliar with Parks and Rec have heard of this episode or heard/used the phrase “treat yo self.” And rightfully so! Ever since the episode titled “Pawnee Rangers” premiered in 2011, the phrase has been quoted and used many times to encourage self-kindness, consideration towards oneself, and yes, temporary consumerist tendencies. “Treat Yo Self” even has its own day on October 13, where fans and others everywhere treat themselves with things and experiences they wouldn’t normally indulge in for the sake of rewarding oneself for hard-work, or just celebrating their life in general! While not the sole plot, the episode features characters Donna and Tom educating Ben on Treat Yo Self day to cheer him up. So hopefully for many out there, 2018 can be filled with treating themselves, whether on Oct. 13 or many other small ways to make oneself happy. And if anything, why not start 2018 with a motto advocating self-celebration and the pursuit of happiness?

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