15 Hilarious "Who Wore It Better" Pictures That Left Us Crying

Ah, memes—they really do make our lives that much better. The best ones will leave us crying on the floor from laughing so hard. Most memes are hilarious, but sometimes they're just...really stupid. And we mean stupid to the point where we have no clue how or why people think it's funny, yet somehow it's trending. These images, however... they're nothing like that. These who wore it better memes are honestly pure gold. We're not sure who has the time to find the images similar to the original pictures, but bless whoever is doing it. We owe them big time for these.

15 Hard candies

Via: thepoke.com

How is it that Beyoncé looks this good...dressed as a strawberry candy wrapper? What type of voodoo is this? We know for a fact that if we even attempted to wear this dress, we'd look like a legitimate strawberry. Only, we wouldn't look this good. We'd look like the strawberries that sit out in the sun too long and become soggy and unwanted. Honestly, how the heck does Beyoncé look this good in literally every outfit she wears? We really want answers. Does she follow some kind of routine every day that just makes her shine?

Whatever the case may be, we could never pull this outfit off. We could, however, pull the wrapper off of this candy and then eat the candy inside. We're almost positive that our grandparents still have these candies hidden around in their kitchen drawers (along with the infamous butterscotch candies).

14 When you can't deal so you blend into the floor

Via: boredpanda.com

If it wasn't for grandma's legs and arms, we wouldn't have known that there was a person laying on the floor. Her hair and glasses kind of blend in, too! We wonder if this was premeditated. We wonder if the grandmother knew that there was a certain carpet wherever she was going that matched her dress. Maybe she really didn't want to go. Maybe she wore this dress in order to camouflage herself from the outside world. Maybe she just wanted to... blend in! Hahaha, if you can't blend in with people, you may as well blend in with the furniture (or, in this case, the carpet).

We think this picture is hilarious. Not many people would be so happy (or proud) that their outfit matched the carpeting. This grandma definitely wore this outfit better, that's for sure. She can at least take the dress off, whereas the carpet is stuck looking like this.

13 The hair with the sodium

Via: relatably.com

Ah, the '90s. Did J.T. honestly think that this hairstyle was a good look for him? His hair seriously does look like ramen noodles. The worst part? We all wanted to date him, anyway. We get that when you're in a relationship, you shouldn't make it all about the looks, but come on, how on earth did we think this was cute? How were we all so willing to look past his sodium-enriched hair and still hang posters of him on our bedroom walls? We're not really sure what we were thinking, but we're glad that he changed his mind with this hairstyle. Let's forget that this ever happened, yeah?

One of the worst things about this picture of J.T. is that he actually manages to look good with this hairstyle. His facial expression is inviting and we're barging through the front door. Not to mention those diamond earrings, oh boy. J.T. is the boy that your mother warned you about.

12 ...No way

Via: nowaygirl.com

There is honestly no way that this wasn't planned. We believe in coincidences...but, this? There's no way this was just a random "right place, right time" kind of thing. The mint pants and striped top match the phone case too perfectly. Honestly, the pants and the shirt don't match each other, though. The phone case is horrendous itself, but to actually own an outfit similar to this and wear it out on the same day? Ugh. She needs a wardrobe makeover. We bet that these two knew each other, went to the mall and got an outfit to match their phone case. They took the picture to make it look like they didn't know this was going to happen... right?

We want to say that the girl wore this better, but quite frankly, she didn't. This outfit is not a good fit. The phone case is the winner this time. We honestly can't believe that we're comparing phone cases to outfits. What's wrong with the world?

11 The latest fashion craze

Via: boredpanda.com

Oh...my gosh. We honestly never thought we'd see the day where we'd compare someone to a bag of onions (especially a Kardashian!). But, the day is here and here we are. It's not that this dress isn't cute. It is! Or, it probably was. That is, until someone put a bag of onions next to Kim's picture and now all we can see are onions when we look at her outfit. Honestly, this "who wore it better" post ruined this dress for Kim. We hope that she doesn't wear this again. While her hourglass figure looks nice in it, we know that she has plenty of other dresses that will give her the same look (without her looking like an onion).

We do have to say that Kim wore this better, though. Onions make us cry and as much as we want to say that we cried looking at Kim's poor fashion choice, we didn't. She looked, well, flawless wearing a bag of onions.

10 Highlighter problems

Via: boredpanda.com

We bet that the teacher had literally no idea she looked like a highlighter. What's worse is the fact that no one told her. They put a highlighter up, took a picture and posted it on the internet. We honestly wonder what the teacher thought when she saw that she became a "who wore it better" meme. She'll probably never make this mistake again. Pink and black usually look really good together, so we're surprised that this look isn't cutting it. Then again, it really doesn't help that all we can think of is a highlighter when we look her way. And that haircut? What in the world was she thinking?

We're going to have to say that the highlighter wore this better. After all, it's the highlighter who can't change. That pink highlighter is stuck with the look that it currently has, whereas the teacher can go home to change and never put that outfit on again.

9 All that glitters is gold

Via: funnymeme.com

Leave it to Family Guy to impersonate Rihanna in this way. First and foremost, we're not sure why celebrities dress like this. We get it—you've got a lot of confidence and you want to show off your hourglass figure. We're super happy for you! There are other ways that you can do this, though. You can wear a bodycon dress, for example! Or, you can wear something that actually flatters your looks and complexion. This...this isn't working for you, Rihanna. Your facial expression and pose are hot AF, but your outfit? We wish that it never existed.

We're going to have to say that Peter Griffin wore this better. He honestly looks like he's never felt this hot. Even with his fat bulging out, he's got a confident look on his face and a twinkle in his eyes. We know that Rihanna has the power to look hot AF in whatever she wears (er... almost everything she wears), whereas Peter doesn't.

8 I mustache you a question!

Via: pinterest.com

What in the world is going on with that woman's hair? Did she style it like that? If so, why? Did she go through the "Squidward can pull this hairstyle off with no problem, why can't I" phase? Ugh...ladies, stop! We want you to feel comfortable in the skin you're in and we want you to experiment with your looks. However, we're going to be real with you when we say that your hair looks awful. We're not going to sugarcoat anything; you can trust us to tell you when you look less than your best! The only reason Squidward looked decent with this "hairstyle" is because it's a cartoon. You can literally make anything look decent in a cartoon.

Not only that, but Squidward was depressed AF and the hair that flew onto his head cheered him up almost instantly. This was good for him, but not so good for you. Please, go to a hairstylist and get a re-do!

7 I must not tell lies

Via: memegenerator.com

Well, that's it. We're done with the internet for today. Who in their right mind sees Hillary in this outfit and thinks "Holy crud, she looks like Professor Umbridge!"? Whoever it was... you're not wrong. She does kinda look like Umbridge, but she's nowhere near as corrupt. We know that some people think that Hillary is the most corrupt woman on the planet, but when you actually look at the facts and her history, she's not as bad as she's made out to be. Without bringing politics into this matter any further, we're here to say that we believe Umbridge wore this outfit better.

After all, Umbridge was a foul character. She puts herself on a pedestal and acts as if she's the best thing to step foot in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She disguises her true self with pink outfits, a high-pitched voice and a lot of cats (too many, for that matter and we love cats!). Plus, we can't picture Umbridge in a blue jumper, whereas Hillary looks good in practically any color. Umbridge wins this round.

6 Too much white

Via: memeguy.com

If we had to pick one person that wore this insanely white outfit better, we'd probably go with the Pope. It's nothing against Cara; she's obviously rocking it. The thing is, though, she's rocking it while being filmed (and she's practiced this look and walk multiple times). The Pope, though? He's got that swag, naturally! Look at how the one shoulder piece flows in the wind. Look at how naturally composed he is. Plus, the Pope invented this look. It's only right that we give him the "wore it better" title. Maybe next time, Cara, maybe next time.

Even though the Pope is rocking this look better than a fashion model, you've got to admit that Cara could rock literally anything and look amazing. We're not sure if it's because of her facial expressions or her confidence. It's probably a mixture between the two, though!

5 "I am an ogre"

Via: pinterest.com

Kanye is always looking for ways to...erm, improve...his look. From selling ripped clothing for more than $100 per piece (by the way, why the heck would you want to buy ripped clothing? Just leave it on the floor and let your dog have at it) to designing his own custom-made shoes (also overpriced), he's got it made. He has fans all over the world that are more than willing to buy his stuff! Good for him; we really are glad that he's thriving. We honestly wish that we could rip holes into our old shirts and sell them for more than what we make in a day.

If there's one thing that we can't forgive Kanye for, though, it's stealing Shrek's look. Come on, man. Shrek literally had one outfit that he absolutely loved and you stole it from him. The worst part? It doesn't even look good on you. Please, Kanye, take it off. You are not an ogre.

4 "Scared, Potter?"

Via: twitter.com

As soon as we saw this image, all we could think was "Scared, Potter?" However, we read it in both Draco and Kim's voice at the same time and proceeded to die from laughter. Kim Kardashian has the power to look good, no matter what she does to her hair. But, this is one of the worst side-by-side comparisons that could come about. Honestly, no one wants to be compared to Draco Malfoy and if they do, they're a little weird. Draco was a jerk. Sure, he turned himself around after nearly seven years of torturing Harry and his friends, but still. If you compare yourself (or your friends) to Draco, you're probably not a good person. And we're not saying that Kim is all that great of a person, either. She's done some pretty messed up things in her life, too (nothing in magnitude like serving the Dark Lord and doing his bidding, though). Jeez, this one will haunt us at night.

3 Bae or bag?

Via: washingtonpost.com

We honestly laughed at this image for a good 15 minutes straight. We would never have put these two images side by side and compared them like this. How do people think of these things? How can you see Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement photograph and think "Oh, my gosh, this looks like George W. Bush with a plastic bag over his head?" We really don't understand the thought process, but we also really don't care. This is hilarious and we love it.

While we're pretty sure neither of these two would be happy to be compared to one another, we hope that they see the humor in this comparison as much as we do. They both have the same facial expressions, too. Good lord, this is being hung on our walls.

2 Hankering for some ice cream

Via: wastedpotatoes.com

This is one of those images where we just sit here and think: "Who has the time to look up what her outfit reminded them of and why?" Honestly, if we saw someone wearing this outfit in public, we'd be like, "Cool, she looks nice today! We love that red skirt and the floral shirt together." The person who made this meme, however, was reminded of an ice pop dipped in sprinkles. How long did you have to stare at this woman to realize she looked like an ice pop? Because we're almost positive that we would have never thought of this. Like, ever.

On one hand, we're glad you did. It is a really funny side-by-side comparison. On the other hand, how lonely are you? Do you spend your nights alone just comparing people to foods? If so, you really need to get out more.

1 Hey, dandelion

Via: wastedpotatoes.com

First of all, who on earth did that poor girl's hair? We understand that everyone has a different sense of style. Everyone has their own definition of beauty and we absolutely love that! This young girl is beautiful. She has a really pretty smile and she looks like a genuine girl! Her hair, however? It looks like a dandelion! It's not pretty, at all. If this hairstyle was on any other girl/woman, it would look awful. The only reason this girl is kinda able to pull it off is because she has the right facial structure needed for hairstyles like this. If we did this to ourselves, we'd look like a potato with sprouts growing from it.

Honestly, if you do this to your child for amusement, please stop. It's not funny. We highly doubt your daughter wants to walk around looking like a dandelion and we're almost positive that she was in pain while you were doing this to her hair. We feel so bad for this girl.

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