15 Hilarious WoW PvP Moments That Will Make Any Player Say, "SAME"

World of Warcraft, that mysterious realm known for having fantasy creatures, magic, epic battles and adventurous quests, is also a massively-multiplayer game. Because of this, at any given moment players are battling alongside each other. But just because players are out in the world with swords and powerful spells doesn’t have to mean you have to deal with any danger if you’re not in the mood. A player can choose to play PvE (player versus environment) and fight monsters and characters controlled by the game. A player can also roleplay or work on professions.

But if a player accidentally runs into an enemy-controlled area, or if a player chooses to play on a PvP (player versus player) server, it’s a whole different ball game. Danger is everywhere, because one never knows when a rogue is lurking in the shadows ready to make this breath you’re last.

At least, until one releases their spirit and do a corpse run.

Deciding to play PvP (or accidentally stumbling into it) makes for crazy, agonizing, hilarious and often memorable moments. We’ve created an epic-level list that every PvP gamer can relate to.

15 How Does Everyone Else Get So Good?

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For some reason, no matter how good you become, the moment you actively engage in PvP battle, the next guy is better. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve won in a battleground, or how great your arena team is, whenever it’s your turn to step up, you get decimated by the opponent.

Usually by the time you check out your opponent’s stats, a sinking feeling seeps into your gut. This isn’t going to go well. You’d like to think all the showboating and premature celebrations going on is all talk, but deep down you know better. This guy is going to mop the floor with you, and when it’s all over you’ll be beat up so badly you’ll be knocked into an old expansion.

14 Getting Sapped While Questing

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Rogues are the bane of the PvP world and not only do they know it, they love it! Full of cheap tricks, a typical rogue move is to go in for the sap, then stabbity stab stab until all you can do is wait helplessly for death to come. Then they hide in the shadows waiting for their next victim.

This is bad enough in a battleground, when your whole point is to play PvP, but it’s especially frustrating when you truly just trying to quest. Of course, one could argue that you decided to roll a character on a PvP realm, so that’s what you get. But most of the time the people interrupting your questing aren’t looking for a fair fight. They are levels far above you, and they feel good about taking advantage of your fragile state.

13 Healers Must Die

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Healers are a tasty treat in the PvP environment. Usually their gear is what is known as squishy, meaning they wear cloth and don’t have as much intrinsic defense. But what they lose in armor they make up for with powerful shields and heals.

This makes them especially important to kill in a battleground. Left unchecked, they could turn the tide of a battle. With the tank pulling in massive amounts of damage, and the healer delivering consistent heals and shields, there would be no stopping them. Everyone who’s played a decent amount of PvP has seen their chat box light up with instructions to kill the healer!

12 I’m Going To Be Amazing… No, No. I Meant Annihilated

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Entering Arena and watching your name rise in the ranks is the epitome of PvP for many players. Once you finally decide to make the jump from regular PvP to arena, you go in feeling unstoppable.

But somehow, even after preparing for weeks, you leave looking like a complete wreck. Not one win? Zero out of three, really?! You feel like a laughing stock.

Whether it’s arena or world PvP, there’s a sinking feeling that takes over when you realize your opponent is lightyears ahead of you in skill and iLevel gear.

11 Feel That Adrenaline!

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The rush is real. Either because you found an opportune moment, or because someone in the battleground told you to grab it, you ended up with the flag in your hands. All you can think of is, “Runnnn Forest! Run!” And you do, feeling exactly like Captain Jack Sparrow running for his life on an island full of hostile inhabitants who want nothing more than to tear you apart.

At least you will probably have protection as the flag-bearer, and if you manage to make it to the opposite end of the battleground and wait until the flag is counted, you could even be a hero.

10 How Ya Like Me Now, Punk?

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Those satisfying feels. Happy dancing over your enemy’s corpse is the ultimate victory dance. What makes it even sweeter? When that enemy had been trying to kill you only moments before. The very best way is when you were nearly dead, and made a comeback that your enemy never saw coming.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but when it comes to PvP, revenge is a dish best served immediately and with extreme severity. You never know if you’ll get another chance to kill that character, after all.

9 Prepare To Die!

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Vengeance is the name of the game with PvP! It’s hard not to take things personally when you’re dying at their hands, after all. Not to mention, there is often at least some mild taunting (or flagrant disrespect) involved. If you play on a PvP server, or run a lot of battlegrounds, and you start to see the same names over and over again, most likely you will want revenge.

Pretty soon you’ve created a kill list filled with names like Toopwn and Umadbro, because hardcore PvPers don’t tend to stick to lore when it comes to naming. You don’t care what their names are. You only care about the burning desire in your heart that you have to find them again and exact uncompromising justice.

8 Rage Quitting Is Not The Answer

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Oh that smug Willy Wonka. He’s earned the right to be smug because he does know all the answers. When it comes to battlegrounds, and life, rage quitting won’t solve anything.

Hopefully this isn’t you, but if you play battlegrounds you have definitely seen this person. Maybe you’ve even been guildies with this person. That huge pain in the butt person who makes some abrasive comment in chat, then quits and leaves the team one-person short.

If this IS you, listen to Willy Wonka and think about it. A crappy night of battlegrounds might not mean that everyone except you is a huge noob. It might just be that you aren’t working with your team. Or that you’re the one having an off night. No matter what, the only thing that rage-quitting is going to get you is a lot of waiting while you get rid of that Deserter Debuff.

7 Fishing Pole Tragedy: A Cautionary Tale

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If this hasn’t happened to you, whether in Arena, Battleground, or even out in world PvP, you are one of the lucky few. There are a few spectacular ways to succeed at failing, right from the start, and this is one of them. It happens all too easily, but a trusty addon will save your butt if you keep it up to date.

The most sinking feeling of all isn’t when you realize it right away. No… it’s when you’ve been fighting for some time and can’t understand why you’re performing so poorly. You keep attacking, casting spells or trying to heal, and you’re not nearly as effective as you should be. Does your enemy have some kind of special buff? Has your class gotten nerfed and you hadn’t heard about it?

And then, you realize the horrific truth. You’d been playing with your +25 bone fishing pole you got way back in your Draenor garrison fishing hut.

6 The Struggle Is Real

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What is up with this minute right before a battleground begins? Everyone starts shoving themselves against the gate or slamming their mounts against the barrier like they might make it through if they tried hard enough.

It’s that excitement, it’s palpable. The countdown flashes on your screen, with the huge final ten seconds flashing orange across your screen and then it’s go time!

There’s something free and reckless about random battlegrounds. Of course, you want to win and be part of the team, but the accountability is so much less than in other aspects of the game. In Arena or dungeons, each role is very specific. You are most definitely the cause of major problems if you don’t do your job right. In a battleground, the killing is best done coordinated, but there’s a wildness to it that makes it fiercely fun.

5 You Shall Not Pass

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When you’re being overpowered, you’re outnumbered, or you’re just getting ganked by someone several levels higher than you, there’s nothing that gives you as huge a feeling of relief as seeing your high level friend swoop in and take over.

That friend stands between you and the others like Gandalf. No way is even one of them passing by him, he’s got the whole group dying faster than they can pop a cool down. Meanwhile you’re huddled in a grateful corner, rummaging through your bags for a potion or some bit of first aid that can be used while in combat, because you never know when some stray AOE spell might cause you to get some fresh damage.

4 Only a Flesh Wound

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Running around in battlegrounds or in world PvP, watching your health meter drop is a scary thing. You have to keep fighting, or else throw a shield on you or some kind of spell that can buy you some time.

Running away can work but only if you have amazing speed boosts to get you far away. With such low health, mostly you’ll look like a tasty treat to every enemy nearby. Is there a healer somewhere nearby? If you’re a tank, you’re likely in luck. Any healer worth his salt will have you on his radar. If you’re not a tank? Well, you might get a few heals tossed your way if the healer notices.

3 When Losing A Flag Makes People Lose Their Minds

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Battlegrounds can be amazing fun, but they can also bring out the worst in people. Raging at teammates is pretty common, which doesn’t make much sense. Nothing is gained from these weird tirades. Every few battlegrounds, a particularly vocal sore loser will decide to take his or her aggression out on everyone via chat text. Phrases about how the group is a bunch of idiots, losers, dumb asses and worse come spewing out of chat.

At least it’s easy enough to ignore.

2 Doge is Unimpressed

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Those players who decide to take their maxed-out, high level players to newbie questing hubs are trolls. It’s one thing for a couple of level twenty-threes to duke it out in Arathi Highlands. It’s a totally different thing for a level 110 to fly down and annihilate poor unsuspecting players trying to find their next questing hub.

So amazing, you were able to destroy a character that couldn’t possibly harm you in the slightest. Wow, very impressed with your incredible skill… yeah, we’re with Doge on this one. The sarcasm font is set to multi-colored bold.

1 Nothing To See Here, Move Along

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Just when you reach the relative safety of an inn, and you think no one can reach you… you see the Defense Channel light up. Your town is under attack!

It’s possible they’re just bored and passing through, killing lowbie NPCs on their way to wherever they’re really going. Or maybe they’re in the middle of an RP battle and fighting in this random town is part of it.

But then one of them walks into the inn and notices you, sitting in that corner as close to the table as possible. Your less-than-clever attempt at deception fails. But then you notice that it’s just one lone player, and he or she is only one level higher than you are. A split-second later and you’re circling the character, slashing and fighting while popping every cool down you have.

The next thing you know, you see the achievement toast your first honorable kill. You target the player’s corpse, /salute, and ride off, still drunk off the high of your first real kill.

Well done, hero.

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