15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations You Need to See

Getting a phone call from a wrong number is just annoying. But a wrong number text? Those have the makings of a hilarious source of embarrassment and entertainment. There you are, just minding your own business while texting friends and family, when suddenly you get a notification from an unknown number. An unsuspecting person may just send you a greeting, but once in a while, they open with some sort of embarrassing photo or confession that is just TMI for a stranger to handle.

Although they don’t happen very often, wrong number texts can become pretty hilarious when the recipient decides to play along or mess with the other person. Even better are those gossipy texts that are sent to someone you know, but the wrong someone, which might not be humorous for those involved, but totally are to the rest of us. Still, occasionally a wrong number text might bring people together or garner some sympathy from the unintended recipient. Whatever the case may be, these are some of the most hilarious, wrong number conversations you just have to see.

15 It is I...tiny face man!

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Sometimes, you're just looking fly at 1:42 in the morning and you have to share a bathroom selfie with that guy you recently met. So you strike a pose and send away to a number you're sure was his. Little did you know that in the week that passed since you last saw him, he dropped his phone in the toilet and got a new number.

Instead of Julio, your attempt at a flirty pic just went to some random person that wasn't too jazzed at receiving your text in the middle of the night. So, upon waking up six and a half hours later, they send you a bathroom selfie of their own, but with a twist. With the help of a Snapchat filter, you’re now the recipient of a tiny face photo that disguises the stranger you texted even further. Is he cute? Maybe, but it’s hard to tell with his face all jacked up like that. Hey, at least he has a nice-looking body.

14 Butt I'd be lying

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Now, this is a text we'd be happy to receive any day. Most guys are quick to say something vulgar about a woman's body or what they're going to do with it. In fact, judging from that cute little emoji with the flower, the sender probably wasn't a man. So, it begs the question, then, of whether this text was intended for a guy or a girl? Was it a girl crushing on another girl's attractive derrière? Or was she trying to show her interest in a guy by giving him a compliment he could get behind (GET IT?!).

The best part of this text isn't just the booty compliment, but the fact that the receiver plays along. Once the sender realizes they sent the message to a wrong number, their response is golden. They’re actually more worried about being seen as a liar than saving face. Wouldn't it be great if everyone could have such a light-hearted approach to embarrassing situations?

13 Doing laundry

Via: Wrong Number Texts

Don't you just hate it when you accidentally let slip how much of a freak you really are when you were just trying to do the laundry? This person thought they were texting their daughter, which in this case, saved them some embarrassment because it never reached her. She never had the image of one of her parents getting busy with someone "in the other industry" seared into her mind. Nor she did she have to feel like this parent was also propositioning her too, telling her to throw her own clothes down.

What kind of a sick and twisted household is this person running, anyway? And what kind of regular conversations is this parent having where 'whites' autocorrects to something so inappropriate? They must know a lot of questionable people to warrant that kind of drastic change. Either that or their phone has something against white people. Whatever the truth might be, it’s pretty darn funny.

12 Definitely not Jessica

Via: Ebaums World

OK, this was clearly intended as a booty call. Anyone that texts someone at midnight is just looking for a little somethin' somethin'. However, notice that they tried the spelling of Jessica's name two different ways. Perhaps they thought she was offended because they misspelled her name the first time, which was why she wasn't responding. Seems like they probably didn’t know each other that well yet or else this person was the victim of a purposeful wrong number.

Still, undeterred by this possibility, they tried again, but there was definitely no Jessica on the other end of this text. Nope. Instead, they got a creepy closeup photo of some random dude's face along with a text saying, "Do I look like a Jessica?" Well, that's very presumptive of you, random stranger. Are you trying to say that all Jessicas look alike? Although this wrong number recipient had a funny response, it would have been even funnier if he sent that photo and said, "This is Jessica." 

11 Patrick Swayze would be proud

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Ah, young love—sometimes, it just sweeps you off your feet and you just have to share how you feel. It's not every day that you have a perfect date with a perfect someone. It's also not every day that you text your feelings to a wrong number only to have them make a mockery of you. This guy is toying with her emotions, telling her he's never felt that way before! It's kind of sad how skeptical she seems, though, as if she can't quite believe someone could feel that way about her.

Judging by the way this guy treats her, a complete stranger, she has every right to be skeptical, though. Some guys are jerks. Granted he did make it easy, opening with a line from a well-known hit from the 1980s. If you're going to play along with a wrong number, you may as well commit to it and respond with the lyrics from a Dirty Dancing song. What have you got to lose?

10 Twinsies

Via: Imgur

Don't you love it when you get an unsolicited photo of two old dudes who are just casually smoking inside a house while dressed nearly identically? Yeah us, too. It brings joy to our sad little lives that they feel the need to share this uneventful moment with us. You have to wonder what the story was behind this photo. They didn't even send any text at all, just the photo. Wouldn't it be funny if this is what old people think online dating is? You just text a photo of yourself to a random number and start chatting if you like what you see. That's not a bad idea actually. It's a bit like Chatroulette.

Aside from how weird it probably was to receive a photo like that out of the blue, it's pretty great how this guy chose to identify himself. Instead of just saying, "Hey sorry, but you have the wrong number," he dressed up with a buddy and complimented these old fogies on their blue collar style. Way to be cool, guys.

9 Don't question the almighty

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Sometimes wrong number conversations can get pretty deep. Take this slightly absurdist conversation from an evening in 2012. Who sends a text like that anyway? If you're not sure if you have the right person or number, wouldn't you ask for a name? Anyone could answer back that it was indeed them, which is exactly what this person did.

After confirming that they were both indeed "you" and "me," the recipient proceeds to ask for more specific identification. Funny how the tables can turn in a wrong number conversation. Although the sender made a mistake, they don't want to identify themselves and instead take things to an even more existential level.

"You" is now God and "me" is now skeptical. There's no way they could actually be talking to God, is there? Since they're questioning Him, they're probably agnostic, which makes God's response even more perfect, when you really think about it.

8 Gingers are chill AF

Via: Twitter

Have you ever FaceTimed a stranger and had them actually pick up? Now that's courage. At least with texting and traditional phone calls, you can hide behind the technology, but you're completely exposed on video chat.

While most people would have just hung up when they discovered they got the wrong person, this dude decided to give his new ginger-haired friend the benefit of the doubt. What a nice gesture—actual human interaction. These guys are just living in the moment, talking to each other as people and not as strangers. Thirty minutes is quite a long time to have a video call with someone when you're going in completely blind. They must have found some things in common if they kept up the conversation and seemed to enjoy talking to one another. It's stories like these that give us a shred of hope for the fate of humanity. Let's hope they still keep in touch.

7 I know that feel

Via: Runt of the Web

Alright, so it's not the nicest way to let a guy know you're really not that interested, but who said girls had to be nice all the time? Still, it's kind of a passive-aggressive tactic to give a guy a wrong number and not one that should be used on a regular basis. It's OK to tell a guy no, ladies!

This poor guy obviously was the victim of a very recent situation where he went after a girl, but was shafted by her inability to be assertive. Instead of continuing to flirt with her over text messages, he was greeted by nothing but some random dude's empathy. That’s gotta hurt. Hopefully, he didn’t become a raving testosterone-infused psychopath as a result and go after this Sophie girl, but then again, it’s exactly these kinds of scenarios that make women choose avoidance over confrontation. Tone down your game, son!

6 No ice picks allowed in prison

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Have you ever gone out for some more booze during a party while your friends raged on at your house? Maybe you left one person in charge of the ice to make sure it was broken up enough so guests can use it for their drinks. Although ice picks are a relatively normal household item, more often than not, they've been used in violent stabbings throughout the years because they're easy to conceal.

Running with this assumption, the recipient of this wrong number convo attempts to make a joke of it. You can't very well expect a prison inmate to have access to any sharp objects, now can you? Thinking on his feet, however, he comes up with a very sensible alternative: a rusty bedspring shank. It's just as sharp but has the added bonus of giving the victim tetanus (if they survive). After the awkward silence that response inevitably garnered, it’s no wonder the sender of these texts finally figured out they had the wrong person. Or did they?

5 Robot sentience

Via: Wrong Number Texts

Wrong Number Texts is full of gems like the conversation pictured above. Anyone can submit their saved screenshots so the world can share in the joke and laugh at the unsuspecting senders of wrong number texts. One of the best exchanges comes from Robby the Robot who described his interaction as follows: "So this person has an app for what I think is a casual meet and greet and it texted me with a number I did not recognize. I asked for their name and was not answered, so I teased back."

However, Robby didn't just tease the sender of this spammy text, he pretended he was a completely sentient machine that they had inadvertently made contact with. Now that they know his secret, they have to identify themselves and be sworn to secrecy. He doesn't say what the punishment is, but judging by popular culture stories of man v. machine, it wouldn't turn out too well for this particular biological.

4 Pedophile priest

Via: Runt of the Web

Here's a case of an unwanted wrong number text going horribly wrong. This poor nun was just trying to let someone in her church know that Pastor Paul has their book. Instead, she was blasted with a savage response referencing pedophile priests. Granted, there have been a ridiculous number of pedophilia cases in the Catholic church, but still, was that really necessary?

Spoken like a true nun, Sister Marie says she'll pray for this person's unfortunate soul, undoubtedly calling them a blasphemer under her breath. Intent on really sticking it to the Catholic Church and everything it stands for, the recipient of this text just digs in deeper—admitting, with no uncertainty—their disbelief in the existence of God. If that wasn't enough, this person insults Sister Marie even further by mocking her with a pleasantry that assumes a belief in religion. It's not like she was trying to convert him or something. What a piece of crap!

3 No one loves Jimmy or his braces

Via: Mirror

OK, how do you not pay attention to who a text like that is going to before you send it? Unless they have another friend or family member named Jimmy, this person has no excuse when Jimmy's number is clearly already saved in their phone. Did they mean to send it to Timmy, not Jimmy? Or maybe their mommy? Either way, it's pretty shallow to complain about someone having braces in their 30s. Gwen Stefani got hers when she turned 30 and she looked beautiful.

The worst part about this exchange is Jimmy's response to this girl's blatant disregard for his personality. What a freaking sad thing to say! Way to lay on the guilt, Jimmy! He probably has a hard time getting a date, which is why Claire never mentioned the braces in the first place. Seems like these two are better off without each other. Although, Jimmy’s being awfully generous for even suggesting the prospect of them being friends.

2 Thanks, Mr. Miyagi

Via: Wrong Number Texts

Here's another case of a girl giving a guy the wrong number to throw him off. Just like in the other text conversation, there's a guy on the other end offering his condolences. Hey man, he's been there, too. There are some slippery ladies out there who just can't be upfront, but don't take it personally. No. To make honey, young bee need young flower, not old prune.

Mr. Miyagi knows all, bro. Just look at him. He's there for you, ready to pluck one lucky girl out from all the rest. One day, you'll find someone who asks for your number instead and that's when you'll know she's serious about you. Until then, at least you can rest easy with the knowledge that you're not the first guy for this to happen to and you're certainly not going to be the last. At least these guys have a sense of humor about their rejection.

1 Semper Fi, brother

Via: Mirror

Wow, just wow. First off, props to this guy for having the courage to actually contact people he's slept with and admit to having herpes. That's not an easy thing to do, despite what your doctor may say. Secondly, how awkward that he sent this to someone who wasn't, in fact, one of his previous partners. She probably changed numbers since the last time they talked and now her number belongs to a Marine in Florida.

Lucky for this married Marine, he does not have herpes (well, at least not from this guy), but somewhere out there, the initial texter's previous partner might. We wonder if he ever found her and sent her a message just like this? At least the exchange between these two isn't too awkward, but it does take a turn for the humorous when the sender of the message feels the need to show his respect with a well-timed "Semper Fi," for this Marine's service. Uh, thanks, bro?

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