15 Hilarious Xena Memes That Prove She's Still Queen

In the pantheon of great 90's fantasy shows, some broke real ground by centering on three dimensional, strong female leads who were probably better at kicking butt than every male hero of the last ten years combined. Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets most of the praise and nostalgia, but there's still plenty of die-hard Xena: Warrior Princess fans out there - a spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena was a fun, sincere series about a feared and deadly warrior who realizes the error of her ways and strives to make amends by protecting the helpless. Even if the show has been off the air since 2001, it's remained a vital part of 90's nostalgia and has even found a second life on the internet. Here are the best Xena: Warrior Princess memes online.

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15 Sass Xena At Your Own Risk

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Xena, as played by Lucy Lawless, can be essentially boiled down into this sentence: She does not have the time or patience for your bullshit. A former war lord and now traveling hero, Xena does not want to hear about how justified you are in being a bad person. She knows from experience, and she does not care for it. She does not want to listen to someone being crappy to her or to anyone else. She does not take sass well. It’s why the picture of her, finger up to silence the basic people in front of her while reminding them that she’s Xena the warrior princess and she does not take sass from anyone. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where someone is trying to knock you down with some backhanded compliments or something, just give them the Xena look and watch them run away screaming.

14 I Am "Gabrielle Waking Up" Every Morning

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Gabrielle was the other main character of the series, a former bard who became best friends with Xena and came with her on her journeys. At the beginning of the series, she was a naïve storyteller, but over the course of the show transformed into a strong, independent warrior in her own right. But where Xena was, from the onset of the series, this impressive and epic person, Gabrielle started as the audience surrogate – someone we can relate to on a personal level and get invested in the story, but still getting to have badass hardcore Xena running around without having to be super down to Earth. This sums up her early days pretty well, just exhausted from the act of waking up. It’s the perfect visual shorthand for what you’re like first thing in the morning, especially if this is a day where you have to get to work early/run errands. We’ve all been Gabrielle in that moment, and don’t try to deny it.

13 I Can Has Skillz?

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Xena showed off countless combat skills over the course of the series, dispatching all kinds of mythical beasts and historical figures with a mixture of broad weapon mastery across countless arts of war and also just punching them like super hard in the face. It's why we love her so much. One of her most iconic weapons was the chakram, essentially a Frisbee of death that she would throw at bad guys before she would clock them in the head. It was a circular throwing weapon that could be used to cut through almost any possible threat or problem. And she was so good at it, pulling off the kind of tricks that Captain America would have all kinds of trouble pulling off. Applying the silly nature of poor internet spelling to her skills with the weapon just makes it even funnier, you can almost hear Xena saying that about her death disc.

12 The Symbolism Stands For Obviousness

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Xena and Gabrielle were immediately close during the series, becoming best friends in record time. But there was also a whole heaping of subtext to their relationship that helped made Xena an icon in certain communities. The bond between the two was always one step away from turning full romantic, and it was refreshing to see that kind of connection play out - even if it couldn't be out and out in their displays of affection. And while it may have never been said out loud in the show? Well, come on. Those two were definitely together. So some people just had fun with the obvious googoo eyes that they'd give each other and pointed out just how fun it is when your characters don't really try all that hard to hide who they are and who they care about. Hey, they even managed to slip a few kisses into the show - they weren't really trying all that hard to keep it a secret.

11 Come At Me, Bro

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Xena has a history of fighting first and asking questions eventually when Gabrielle tries to guilt her into it. So having Xena bluntly state the words we've all heard come out of a drunk fratbro's mouth is all kinds of delightful. Xena herself is kind of addicted to fighting, often duking it out relentlessly and aggressively, never holding back until her enemies are broken and beaten beneath her feet. What I'm saying is she is definitely the person who walk up to some mooks, call them stupid to their faces, and then beat them down with 0% restraint. And we've all had that feeling before, especially when dealing with dumb people online. If anyone has the gall to step to you and you are not in the mood to just let it go, turn around, tell them off, and send them a picture of disbelieving Xena just begging for an excuse to beat them down.

10 Anime Is Weird, You Guys

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Xena fights countless demons and monsters throughout the series, often finding herself punching out big scary bads all over the place. Monsters like the minotaur and the Titans were enemies that would attack our heroine and then she would just beat them down. But she never had to fight horrifying tentacles. And not from like, a Kraken or some other mythical beast. I mean the kind of tentacles that show up in weird and disturbing anime sometimes. Taken from the Xena comic series, this picture shows off Xena fighting the reaching hands of some cursed tree. But that’s not necessarily what it looks like – so now we have to imagine it’s an evil tree from Japan and that it’s trying to cop a feel while they fight. Luckily, this is Xena we’re talking about, so should be fine with just breaking every single branch individually and taking it from there.

9 Xena Was Reborn As Insanity Wolf

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Xena is an angry woman, it’s safe to say. She’s haunted by her memories and past sins, and she’s often infuriated combating the monsters and men who try to rule and destroy her world. And her repeated screams and yells have been used in memes before to signify screaming in rage at your computer. And sure, that’s funny. But it becomes hilarious when someone realized (and then put together) pictures of Xena yelling in anger and the famous macro-meme image of the snarling Insanity Wolf. The face they’re both making is so full of pure, deep wells of rage, and the beauty of it is they can be yelling about anything. Someone disagree with you about politics? Someone say something stupid? Do they think Transformers is a fantastic film franchise? Then just put Xena and her counterpart, Insanity Wolf, screaming at them into their feed. Seriously, Xena has the best anger faces ever.


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In the era of strong women in politics and society resisting obstruction and abuse, it’s important to remember that every girl can grow up to become that kind of proud woman. Take Xena for example, who needed a hero to protect the world that was burning around her. But instead of waiting for someone else to run in and save the day, imposing their own fears and prejudices over the world, Xena instead picked up a sword and started punching jerks in the face. She ain’t got no time to wait on some imaginary man to ride in on a horse and save the day. It’s a beautiful sentiment, the idea that you – whoever you are – can become the kind of hero that you need, no matter the situation. So if someone is doubting themselves and their own ability to contribute to and control their life, it can be important to just remind them of the simple phrase, WWXD? What would Xena do?

7 Derp Face Xena Is Even Better Than Angry Face Xena

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It's so damn silly, and I love it so damn much. Weird frames caught between actions happen in films all the time, turning some of the most beautiful actors and actresses in the world into derp faced weirdos. Just look at the Harry Potter derp face. But someone managed to meld the silly look on Xena's face (those eyes! that mouth! THOSE EYES!) with the popular "ERMAHGERD Girl" meme and make pure comedy gold. That dumb voice added into her loud proclamation and stares directed at Gabrielle (or Gerbrerelle if you prefer) turns this into pure hilarity. Seriously, I could look at this damn thing all day, and her wide/intense eyes would still make me laugh eight hours later. If you're ever bored or want to make some normal sentence funny, just come and add ERMAHGERD. And try saying ERMAHGERD GERBRERELLE out loud and just try to keep from laughing for the next ten minutes.

6 Looking Mean, Being Nice

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Xena is a softie deep in her core, a woman who's sorry and just wants to redeem herself in her own eyes and make up for the mistakes of her past. She's a fierce looking warrior woman, who you could understand how people would be terrified to confront her. But if you can get to the know the good heart beneath all that armor and weaponry, you find the heart of a hero. And then you feel bad about misjudging that woman, and learn a valuable lesson along the way. While one Tumblr user was trying to make the point that they're basically that person, the comment that "my aesthetic is looking mean as hell but being the nicest warmest person you ever met" is also a pretty accurate idea of what Xena is really like. She's a hero through and through, ready to make friends with the put upon members of the world and protect them even if she doesn't look like the nicest person in the world.

5 The Sun's Out And I'm Ready For Combat

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Xena: Warrior Princess is an incredibly fight heavy show, even when compared to other shows of the day and age where major fight scenes were part and parcel for every fantasy and sci-fi show on television. Xena reveled in the bloodshed, giving Xena ample opportunities to use every kind of weapon you could think of in every kind of battle that could happen. Even the originally quiet and meek Gabrielle (GERBRERELLE) ends up being own over by the love of battle as the series progresses. And they both even seem to just enjoy getting into major battles that risk their lives but still give them the chance to beat down on some bad guys. Turning it into a small little poem is the sort of thing that Gabrielle would definitely do - and the pure innocent joy on her face is fantastic. She just looks so happy to go fight some dudes!

4 Fab As Hell And You Know It

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I don't know what part of this picture that I like better. Is it the way that Xena, warrior princess and all around hero of the world, shrugging off an obvious problem with a comically over the top shift in her shoulders? Is it the fact that she's calling herself fabulous in a crazy over the top way that she would definitely say about herself? Is it that face she's making? It's probably that face. Just look at it! Lucy Lawless just does not seem to understand what's in front of her, but she definitely does not care for it. She looks like someone just slipped something rotten under her nose, and she can just not believe they would do that. It's such a gloriously annoyed face. There's so much about this picture that's great, and oh who am I kidding? It's the face. Just look at that face! It's fantastic, and I love it so much.

3 Don't You Mess With Me, TV

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Watching a television show, it's easy to find yourself shipping a specific couple. That means there's a romantic pairing that you think is the best possible relationship for the characters. It's called shipping a couple, and a common practice among fans. And when you watch the show, sometimes it can be rough to see that the relationship you were rooting for ends up getting removed from contention by those heroes kissing someone else. We've all been the excited stick figure woman being excited (maybe too excited) by a romantic pairing, but then felt the indignation of our heroes ending up with someone else. It's that turn to the angry sassy face that really speaks to me. Seeing any and all of the romantic interests that Xena or Gabrielle briefly hook up with during the show was a needle in the eye of any fan or follower who much preferred seeing Xena and Gabrielle hook up.

2 Xena = Wonder Woman

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The recent Wonder Woman film has been all around praised for it's portrayal of Diana, Princess of Themyscira. But many fans have noticed that part of the look and design of new Wonder Woman - with an emphasis on classic Greek armor and using a dark leathery appearance - has more than a little in common with the all around look of Xena, especially during the early days of the series. But to the fans who complain that Wonder Woman stole her look, someone on Tumblr wanted to remind us that Xena's design actually owes a little bit of inspiration to the 1980's reboot of Wonder Woman, where she was recast more in line with the warrior woman aspect of the character. It's the pop culture equivalent of the chicken and the egg debate - who ripped off who first? Either way, I'm just happy we have both Xena and Wonder Woman running around fighting bad guys.

1 The Show In A Nut Shell

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At the core of everything, Xena was a simple show: It was the adventures and redemption of a former war lord, a story about a woman who realized one day that she didn't like who she was and decided to change all that. It had it's tropes and cliches (just think about how many times Gabrielle ruined everything by being dumb early on), and it had the regular wells it went to regarding violence, easy fights, and some light bondage. And it was so GD good. The series was a trailblazer for frankly showing off lesbian subtext (and even occasionally text) in an age where gay people on shows were just a joke. It was a show full of crazy fight scenes, over the top mythology, weird historical references, more bondage than you'd ever expect, and plenty of scenes on potential girl on girl love, and all with a strong heart and sense of purpose. I'm with you, random internet person: I miss this show.

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