15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes That Make Everyone Laugh Out Loud

Everyone had an awkward phase, at some point or another, during the school years. For some, it happened in elementary school and for others, it happened in middle school. There are even those who waited until high school to go through the awkwardness that is a part of growing up. And then, there are those unfortunate enough to have pictures taken of their awkwardness. Now, these people don’t look bad in their pictures. In fact, they look pretty nice! But, they chose quotes to remind people for generations to come that they were anything but normal. The quotes are awkward! But for that, we are thankful because they gave us a good laugh and now our ribs hurt from the laughter.

15 Never a bad hair day

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Most high school girls are bereaved by bad hair days. They can happen any time, with no notice! Whether it's a high wind, a sleepless night or just downright bad luck, adverse hair conditions happen. This young lady has no sympathy for those having bad hair days. In fact, she’s downright bitter about it. Not only does no one every compliment her hair, on good days or bad, but they don’t even notice when she does something new to it! You can tell she has a sense of humor and that probably brought a lot of friends to her side over her school years. Perhaps if she wore a note on her chest about her haircut, people would notice for once and she would be happier.

14 You're a...say what?

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There are some quotes that make you frown, shake your head and wonder what in the world was going on in the person's head. Perhaps if you knew this guy in school, it would make perfect sense. Maybe he was the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz play in school, but he really wanted to be a dragon. It’s really not clear. But, this quote stands out and has a way of even shouting at us. It’s probably the capital letters. And the fact that he’s both an animal that likes to eat people and one that spews fire that makes us feel his wrath. What did he go on to major in once he got to college? Greek mythology or zoology? We’d love to know!

13 The brutal truth

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Twins are supposed to be two of a kind, right? They look alike, dress alike, talk alike…they’re alike in every way! But, what if they don’t get along? They have different minds, you know, and that often means their tastes vary. Sometimes, all twins have that stands out is the time of their birth. They have the same birthday, but not the same birth minute. That few minutes of time is what makes one the elder twin. And if they get on each other’s nerves, like these two apparently do, those few minutes were the only peaceful minutes they had in this life. Let’s hope these two went to separate colleges to get some more time apart. Apparently, they need it in order to enjoy life!

12 Ask and ye shall receive

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When asked to put in a quote for the yearbook, some students thought about the options for hours, looking for just the right quote to define their high school existence. Other students didn’t fill out the form at all and forced the yearbook committee members to hunt them down in order to get a quote later. This is one such student. And when someone finally found him and got him to speak, this is what he said. The committee member wasn’t happy. In fact, they were downright perturbed. And so, they wrote down exactly what he said on the form, just the way he said it. Serves him right! And now, this is how his classmates remember him for all eternity. Think he regrets it? Probably not.

11 Dare them to print this

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Ah, the daredevils. They garnered plenty of attention back in the day, right? This daredevil wanted to see if he could push the envelope on his yearbook form. They were forcing him to fill it out against his will. He was doing it because he had to, but that didn’t mean they were going to win. So, he dared them to print something dumb. It would ruin the whole yearbook! Sorry, guy, it didn’t ruin anything. In fact, it made us laugh! It’s probably something every one of your classmates laugh at still today when they see your picture among the others. You did it! You dared them to do something dumb and they took you up on that dare. Way to go!

10 Bragging about cancer

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This young lady got to say something in the yearbook that almost no girl can ever say. She went through all of high school without a bad hair day! It’s a triumph! But, when you deduce that she probably had a horrible illness that caused her to lose her hair, it doesn’t quite mean the same thing. Thankfully, she has a bright spirit that leads her to this great sense of humor. Based on the smile on her face, we’re hoping she beat the awful disease and has a full head of hair today. We wish her many bad hair days in the future! At least she has this quote to look back on when those days happen. She can remember when she didn’t ever have bad hair day!

9 The reputation you've always wanted

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People think a certain way about you in high school. Perhaps, you were in a certain group or people assumed you were a certain way because of your interests, your appearance or any number of other things. When it comes time to fill out the yearbook quotes, you can change all that. You can come out as who you really are. You can show your classmates that you’re different than they thought. They will all be in awe of what they missed. They’ll regret not hanging out with you more! Unless you put down a quote like this… In this case, they’re glad they didn’t know you very well and they will never answer one of your emails again, whether they know it’s from you or not.

8 Show off the 'learnedness'

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It’s great when you are thankful to your school for teaching you hard-learned lessons! Teachers work hard everyday trying to get students to understand any number of things. Grammar is one of those lessons that doesn’t always sink in, no matter how hard you try. This boy is proof that not every graduate can go on to good grammar habits. Does he also struggle with 'there,' 'they’re' and 'their' or just 'right' and 'write?' It’s hard to say. We just hope he went on to find a good editor or that he was more mathematically inclined. In the meantime, this yearbook quote is hilarious and surely gives both classmates and strangers a good laugh!

7 Life (and high school) are hard

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They say that riding a bike is something you never forget. It’s easy! Even if you haven’t ridden in years, you can hop on a bike and take off just like you did when you were a child. Apparently, this young man didn’t think riding a bike was that easy at all. In fact, it was the worst experience of his life. This brutal truth makes us giggle. We’re sorry for whatever he went through and we hope his college years were much better. But, in the meantime, we’re so grateful that he left this epic quote in his yearbook. Perhaps, it will make his classmates look back on him later and apologize if they were mean to him during those years. Or maybe, it’ll just make them chuckle.

6 Deep thoughts

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When you are about to leave your high school career behind you, you want to leave the school with some final thoughts…deep thoughts. These thoughts are something classmates will ponder for years. They'll think, "Wow, that Daniel...he was really deep. Look at what he said in the yearbook. But, what does it mean?" No one will ever know. Perhaps Daniel doesn’t even know. And that’s the joke! With any luck, it is a strange quote that his group of friends relate to, in some way or another. Otherwise, it’s just an oddball thing to say that makes us laugh when it’s typed out underneath a picture of a nice young man in a tux. Say what? These deep high school thoughts are too much for us to handle!

5 Admit your shortcomings

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Everyone has something they don’t like about their appearance...especially when they hit those formative years when some parts grow larger and faster than others. Sometimes, kids grow into those parts. Other times, they just stand out for the rest of their lives. This boy has a sense of humor about his ears. He says as much in his quote. This quote dares those around him to talk about him and his ears. Go ahead, do it, talk about him. He’ll hear you! He doesn’t miss a thing! We’re thankful that he can laugh at himself, rather than shy away from his features. And we think outstanding hearing is a great quality to have as you age! Who knows what he grew to use that for later in life?

4 The strangest truth ever

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This young man is right—single motherhood is hard! Any single mother will tell you as much, as will anyone who watched a single mother raise children. But, why did he go on to continue this quote in such an odd way? How can it be hard when you have no children? And you’re not a mother, but a high school boy? This one leaves us scratching our heads and laughing at the awkwardness that emanates from the quote. Sarcastic much, Zachary? We wonder if he has a single mom himself and what she thinks of this quote. Or, does he consider himself a single mom because he has a pet ferret at home or something?

3 Familial relations...or not!

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Don’t you just hate it when there’s someone in your class has the same name? Every time someone says their name, you think it’s meant for you. Every time someone says your name, they answer. Well, what if there were four of you? Granted, their first names are different, so the confusion may have been limited. But, every time they were in a class together, people assumed they were related because of their last names. It’s a popular name! It’s like Smith or Williams, okay? They must have gotten really tired of explaining that to those in their class for that to be their yearbook quote. We’re glad they really aren’t related. It makes for a hilarious quote and a great reminder that everyone can enjoy!

2 Admits to non-muggle status

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Correct us if we’re wrong, but wasn’t everyone in the Harry Potter books banned from showing regular people that they had magical abilities? And here, this guy just outright says it in his yearbook!? Unthinkable! Black magic probably isn’t good, so we suppose he had reason to get kicked out. Unless, he is trying to make a statement about race, in which case perhaps this is a profound quote. Either way, at least the kid did some reading! Or, maybe saw some movies…This is one quote that his kids someday will look back on and wonder about. Surely, the Harry Potter books will be strange to coming generations. Then again, they do have a lot of cool magic and action in them, so maybe not…

1 Stereotypes come alive

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If anyone else had said this about this particular boy, it would have been stereotyping. But, since he said it about himself, it’s okay! And it’s pretty funny! He is obviously a very happy individual. His grin spreads from ear to ear, with a full mouth of teeth showing. He’s very happy to be graduating! That also means that he can’t see very much, based on his own description. We have to agree; it does look like his eyes are completely closed. And maybe they are! Who really knows? All we know is that this guy will go far in life, thanks to his awesome sense of humor.

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