15 Hilarious “You’re a Wizard, Harry” Memes That Will Make You ROFL

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15 Hilarious “You’re a Wizard, Harry” Memes That Will Make You ROFL

Even those who aren’t huge Harry Potter fans (yes, they exist somehow), the scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone where Hagrid comes to tell Harry he’s a wizard is one that pretty much everyone will recognize. And if you read the books, it’s a turning point where Harry learns about his true self. He finally gets an explanation for the weird, ongoing events that occur while he’s inside the Dursley’s home.

But those four small words have gained popularity on the Internet and thanks to modern day jokesters, are ongoing memes. Whether you’re a huge Potterhead who knows your house, your Patronus, and your Quidditch position – or you just got dragged to one of the movies and don’t know Ravenclaw from Poe’s poem, these are hilarious to everyone. Enjoy this list of the 15 funniest “You’re a Wizard, Harry” memes to prove Potterheads really are the funniest fandom on the Internet.

15. Every Potterhead



Next time someone asks you why you like Harry Potter, just tell them you didn’t choose the Harry Potter life, it chose you. And then maybe stop talking to them because anyone who questions your love of something so magical is not someone you need in your life—trust me. Really though, it pretty much feels like one day in elementary school I went into the library and the book just jumped out at me and chose me, not the other way around.

The real story was, I saw that someone in my class who was one book ahead of me on the ‘record for books of the year,’  and he had his name on the waiting list for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I refused to be outdone, so I put my name right after his.

14. This Punny Variation



I really appreciate that someone took a marker to their light switch just to make this joke. I can’t imagine the giddy feeling they must have had one day when they walked past it and thought, “Wait a second…” and rushed off to grab a marker and started doodling. I appreciate few things in life more than I like a good pun and when you combine a really hilarious one like this with one of my favorite fandoms, then it’s definitely a win.

This particular scene gets a lot of meme attention for a few reasons. When Harry mishears the word “wizard,” or it’s making fun of the way Daniel Radcliffe when he said, “I’m a what?” because, with his accent, he sounded a lot more like “watt” than “what.”

13. He’s Not Wrong



Well, it’s true. This will never not make me laugh even though I know this is pretty much one of the most popular “You’re a Wizard, Harry” memes out there due to the switch in words. I mean, let’s be honest here, Hagrid is and extremely hairy wizard. As long as I’ve been seeing these memes around the Internet spread by fellow Potterheads, I’ve been seeing this variation on it. While it may be very commonly done, to me that kind of just says that it’s a classic and can never be outdone. It only gets better with time.

Although Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts and a lot of people think that means he’s not technically a “hairy wizard,” he still is in my mind and he’s one of the best characters in the series.

12. Wait, What?



Come on, Harry. Not a lizard, a wizard! I really love how high def this lizard is next to the slightly blurry screenshots of Harry and Hagrid almost as much as I love the confused look on Hagrid’s face after Harry becomes a lizard.

The first sort of “meme” I remember was from when the first Harry Potter movie came out and some forum had a fan drawing a little stick figure of Harry and Hagrid in this scene and had Harry misunderstand what Hagrid said and think he said lizard. As much as this joke has spread around and become another sort of staple variation of this meme, it will always make me laugh because it’s just too easy to imagine Harry mishearing Hagrid in that hut.

11. This Hilarious Snap



Seeing how clever some fandoms get with their Snapchat snaps and drawing scenes or characters into their every day life makes me so jealous that my friends are so boring. Like, your dog is really cute, but couldn’t you have drawn him to look like Dobby instead? Now that I would screenshot and save for life. Not those plain old snaps of your dog, no matter how adorable he may look, just laying on the couch while you’re behind the phone talking to him.

This person saw a chance at a memorable snap when they noticed the person in front of him looked a tad too familiar. Cough, cough – Hagrid! They decided to morph an everyday scene into one of the most iconic scenes from Harry Potter and to be truthful, it’s one of the best snaps on the Internet by far.

10. This Delicious Misunderstanding



If you have to hear the word “wizard” wrong in any way, I think this is the best possible way to hear it. If I don’t get to be a wizard and go off to Hogwarts to learn all kinds of awesome spells and try out for the Quidditch team, then I may as well be a delicious ice cream treat because that’s almost as good, isn’t it? I mean, being magic and ice cream would by far be the best option, but I’ll take what I can get. Something about these memes where the person just takes the scene but turns Harry into something that rhymes with “wizard” makes me laugh. I know they’re the ones people always do because they’re so easy, but I think the fact that there are so many variations – like blizzard or lizard – is what makes it so funny.

9. The Circle Of Magic

This is absolutely adorable. And I’m shocked that I had never seen this done before since this is basically just Harry Potter‘s version of that scene from The Lion King where Rafiki picks up baby Simba and carries him over to that ledge and shows him off to the entire animal kingdom. Except, you know, not lions and he’s just talking to him in a hut and confronting his family. Minor differences, no big deal.

This is honestly how I feel like it was when people first realized who Harry was and that he was the Harry Potter. Look at Hagrid was just holding him up over the wizarding world for all of them to see that he was there and alive and not just a legend.

8. This Remix


Rheto Writers

You’re welcome for that song being stuck in your head now. Personally, I think this version is even better than Carly Rae’s original which was already super catchy, whether you like it or not. And the only thing that makes everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure better is putting a magical twist on it and making it the version Hagrid would sing to Harry (had the song been around back then). Honestly, I feel like if the song had been around then and Muggle music had made its way to Hogwarts, Hagrid totally would have made a joke like this. The only bad thing is that I’m gonna be singing this version of this song all day now and I’m gonna get some crazy looks from people.

7. This Crossover Joke



If you’re not a fan of MTV’s show Teen Wolf, this one might not make much sense to you. In the second season of the show, there was a creature called the Kanima which was essentially a giant shape shifting lizard. A lot of the season centered around who exactly was behind the Kanima. This meme was born thanks to some creativity from a fan of both Teen Wolf and Harry Potter  who saw the scene in which Stiles, or the top frame’s “Hagrid,” accuses Jackson (or in this meme, “Harry”), of being the Kanima.

Seeing people from different fandoms bring them together to make jokes like this is hilarious, especially when it’s an unexpected combination or one that still fits the character’s personalities even within the joke.

6. Hagrid Is So Done



Seriously, If this was my life and Hagrid said this to me – I would totally  be the Harry in this situation. Harry not understanding him and saying, “I’m a what?” would drive me crazy. Listen, I understand that you were raised by the meanest Muggles ever and this may come as a shock to you, but you must have heard what he said. Be surprised by the news all you want, but at least don’t make him keep repeating himself over and over where you keep asking what.

Seeing the way this person drew Harry with his facial expressions all over the place while Hagrid keeps repeating himself, but keeps his face mostly the same until the end cracks me up. So does the little speech bubble of, “I’m a whaaaaat,” at the very end of Harry not being done repeating himself even when Hagrid is.

5. Autocorrect Gets Everyone



I hate when autocorrect thinks it knows me better than I know me and just totally changes what I was saying. Don’t worry, Hagrid, I’m with you. I bet wizard world autocorrect would be even worse than Muggle autocorrect. Just imagine you’re trying to talk to someone and your thumb is off one letter and you accidentally avada kedavra them through text messages. If wizards got cell phones, would spells still work when you’re texting? These are the important questions that I need J.K. Rowling to answer, like, immediately. Just take a second to imagine how awesome the cameras on those phones would be. Hagrid’s autocorrect clearly knew Harry even better than he did in order to make this quick and clever change. But next time… he should probably just call him.

4. Psst, Pass it On



After The Social Network came out, everyone began editing this scene where Mark (Jesse Eisenberg) gets a note during class. Thanks to the Internet, fans because rearranging what the note actually said. Since the movie’s hype died down in the years since its release, these jokes have become a lot less common than they were when it first came out. But that doesn’t make the funny ones any less funny. Especially ones that combine it with one of my favorite things in life: Harry Potter. The look on Mark’s face when he looks at the note and then looks down to see Hagrid casually in his class looking back at him is just too funny. Imagine being in class and getting that note as a way to find out that you’re actually a wizard.

3. I’d Go With Him



Honestly, anyone who says they wouldn’t just go with Hagrid is a liar. No matter how silly it sounds when spelled out like this in meme form, seeing him give your spoiled cousin a pig tail after he says you’re a wizard would be totally enough evidence that maybe he’s right. I’d be so on board. Yeah sign me up, where do I get my wand and my spell book!? If I was Harry, he wouldn’t even need to prove magic was real by giving Dudley a tail in order for me to agree to go with him. Just to get out of that hut after being with the Dursleys for 11 years of my life would be quite enough for me to decide to get out of there immediately.

2. Good Thing Hogwarts Didn’t Start In The Winter


Questionably Clean

Of all the times I’ve seen variations on this meme where Hagrid says something else that rhymes with wizard, like lizard, I’ve never seen one where he said blizzard and meant snow storm like this one. After how freezing this winter has been and how miserable it’s been with the snow, you’d think that one about Harry being a giant blizzard out in the second frame of this comic wouldn’t be so funny. But that’s wrong because it was hilarious. The speech bubble coming out of a mass white space is just cracking me up and imagining the snow and wind blowing all over the place while Hagrid talks – it is too funny. Hagrid could just make a snowman out of all the snow on the ground and send it to Hogwarts and make Harry the first blizzard wizard ever.

1. No, Not an Install Wizard


Know Your Meme

Wrong kind of wizard, Harry. I love the amount of detail someone put into putting this ‘install wizard box’ together with changing the name at the top to ‘Harry’ and putting his picture (horrible pixelation and all) into the sidebar of it. Instead of switching the word “wizard” out for a different one, they just took it a little bit more literally and into a more Muggle-like understanding of the word, and made it an install wizard on a computer.

Although the original series of the Harry Potter books and movies are done being released, spin offs are still coming out and the fandom is alive and well. Luckily, the memes are still coming and thriving. As long as Potterheads are around and this scene stays hilarious, someone will be out there to come up with an original new version of it.

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