15 Hilariously Angry Animals That Give Grumpy Cat A Run For Her Money

We all have our bad days when the grumpiness settles in and nothing anyone says or does can change it. It happens to animals, too (at least, according to these pictures). But, what happened to put them in such a sour mood in the first place? It’s hard to say, but these pictures show that they are downright mad. Definitely steer clear of these normally cuddly creatures because they have it in for anyone who comes near. Their look of madness shows everything necessary to decide what they are feeling: they’re mad, plain and simple! Try to cut them a little slack and remember the last bad day on your calendar. Perhaps looking in the mirror that day was similar to looking through these pictures, only less furry…

15 His bark is worse than his bite...hopefully

Via: Nikontom.deviantart.com

This wolf is downright mad, that’s all there is to it. Whether someone just took his dinner or he wants to make that same someone his dinner, we’ll never know. But, whoever did something to him better back off…and fast. It’s one thing to make small animals mad, but rendering a creature with teeth this large into a grumpy mood is quite another thing. With any luck, the photographer on hand for this picture was able to throw the nice pup a bone and get out of there before this situation became even worse. Seeing the teeth is bad enough, but the look in his eyes says that this bad mood is going nowhere fast. And that’s not a good thing for anyone around him!

14 Don't mess with this furball

Via: HuffingtonPost.com

There are some grumpy animals you can still pick up and snuggle. They might even put their bad mood aside and enjoy the moment. But, that is not the case for this furry critter. Get any closer to him and you might lose a finger…or a whole arm. We see the snow around him, so perhaps a random snowball caught him off guard and he didn’t want to have a snowball fight. Next time, ask first, okay? Because no one wants to be caught in the middle of a snowy field getting this look from this guy! Hopefully, slowly backing away can help the photographer put ground between him and this extremely mad animal that doesn’t look very forgiving about the situation on hand.

13 You dare disturb the master?!

Via: HuffingtonPost.com

Cats often have a ‘holier than thou’ attitude, don’t they? They think that humans live to serve them and that they rule the home. So, perhaps the human in charge of this pussy cat dared to come home unexpectedly and awakened Her Highness from her mid-afternoon nap. That would probably be enough to get a look like this from a cat. It could be something more serious, though, like a late feeding or worse yet, maybe the owner brought home another pet! Whatever it was, we hope the cat’s owner can fix it fast. No one enjoys a scowling cat for long…especially if she still has her claws and intends to use them to make her displeasure known even after giving her owner ‘the look.’

12 Bad hair day stare

Via: BoredPanda.com

You have to give this dog some credit. You’d be mad, too, if your hair looked this way. It’s a pretty safe bet that his displeasure is based on his hairdo. Whether his owner dried it with a hairdryer, combed it up with a dog brush or took him to the groomer to get coiffed, he didn’t like it. He’s embarrassed! He doesn’t have access to a hose or sprayer, so he can’t get it to lay down himself. And he’s heading to the dog park where he’s about to see Fifi from down the block. All he can do is look at his owner with disbelief, disappointment and a grumpiness beyond anything he’s felt in weeks. Poor pooch...he just wants normal hair!

11 Dukes up, says Duke

Via: BoredPanda.com

If your dog gives you a dirty look from across the yard because of something you did, so be it. You roll your eyes or maybe even laugh at their grumpy nature. But, when your dog gives you that look and then stands up on his hind legs and balls his paws into fists, you take things a bit more seriously. This dog wants you to put your dukes up and fight out the situation with him. You don’t want to fight a dog? He doesn’t care! He’s coming at you and he’s not going to stop until he makes himself feel better. Your only hope is that he’s joking and just trying to prove a point to you. Otherwise, put those dukes up, at least for self-defense!

10 The evil, always grumpy cat

Via: CrazyAnimalPictures.Blogspot.com

Whether you have ever seen or even have a hairless cat, you have to admit, they’re pretty creepy looking. Combine the wrinkly skin with the slanted, half-lid stares and you have a downright evil look coming from this cat. She’s very calm about her anger…for now. She is just sitting under her blanket, her hands folded, giving you a scathing look from across the room. It’s possible she knows how ridiculous she looks without hair and she doesn't appreciate being photographed. She may very well be grumpy by nature, as some cats are. Or maybe she’s not grumpy at all and this is just how she looks! Either way, it’s safer to stay where you are and steer clear of this evil, grumpy, mad glare…or else!

9 Always look in your backseat

Via: Pinterest.com

Imagine climbing in your car, only to discover that someone is hiding in the backseat. You’re supposed to look in the backseat to make sure there are no criminals riding alone before you get in. It’s just a simple safety precaution that we should all take. But, what if you climb in your car without looking and when you glance into the rearview mirror, you see this?! Not a career criminal, but a hopping mad dog! Okay, so it’s more likely that this dog belongs in the car with the person driving, but it still doesn’t make you feel very comfortable to get this look from him does it? Did the forget to get the dog a cone at the drive thru or what?

Okay, so it’s more likely that this dog belongs in the car with the person driving, but it still doesn’t make you feel very comfortable to get this look from him, does it? Did they forget to get the dog a cone at the drive-thru or what?

8 Even lizards have moods

Via: Pinterest.com

When you see a lizard at the zoo or even when you’re out on a walk, you don’t usually think about what mood he might be in. You just see it, maybe watch it for a minute or two and move on. Well, this lizard makes you stop and take notice because his mood is pretty evident. Note the slit, half-opened eyes. He’s definitely narrowing his eyes on purpose to state a point. And he’s folded not only his front two feet, but also his back two feet. He’s hatching a plan in the midst of his grumpiness and whoever is holding him in their palm is at the center of it. Did they take away his warming light or what? He almost looks happy about what he’s about to do…

7 Wants to stop swimming

Via: BoredPanda.com

Fish swim back and forth in their tanks all day long. It’s just what they do! It’s what makes them happy! At least, that’s what we assume…This fish has decided he wants to stop swimming. Or something else is wrong, perhaps. Whatever it is, he’s not going to take it anymore! It’s put him into a bad mood and he wants everyone looking into his tank to know it! Not every creature is happy sulking off and enduring a bad mood alone. Some want to spread the anger as far (and fast) as possible and this fish is one of them. Just looking at him puts a scowl on your face and makes you wonder what in the world could be going wrong in his little world.

6 The grumpy cat's revenge

Via: CrazyAnimals.Blogspot.com

This cat is mad...downright mad! He’s got to be able to open his eyes further than that, but he chooses not to. It appears as if he might be wearing a sweater, probably because he has no hair and it gets cold at times. But, maybe he doesn’t like the fabric or the color. His owners better get him what he wants…and fast. It would be nearly impossible to get even mundane chores done around the house with this kind of stare coming at you. You’d second guess every move and wonder what was going to get you and when. Because this cat isn’t going to let his mood affect only him. Oh no…this is a grumpiness that spreads like wildfire because he says so!

5 Frowning frogs

Via: Pinterest.com

It’s hard to think of animals like frogs as being happy or unhappy. They usually have the same expression on their faces at all times. You assume if they have water, a log and maybe a few flies nearby, they’re as happy as they get. These frogs prove otherwise. Their frowns make it evident that all is not right in their world. Even though we can see the wet logs beneath them. They aren’t happy about it, for whatever reason. We’re pretty sure if the princess had to kiss a frog like this, the story would have ended up a lot differently. And perhaps that is part of their unhappiness. They know no princess in her right mind is coming for them and they’ll never be a prince again.

4 Maniac mad dog

Via: EdillyFanClub.com

There’s mad and then there’s stark raving mad. This dog looks like a maniac with his mad face. Did someone hide his ball? Did he find it out of reach, where only a human could have put it? Thankfully, he has it now so with any luck, his mood will turn around. Until then, this is not a happy look that anyone would want to endure for very long. It might be a good idea to rush out and buy more similar balls in order to distract him from his feelings. Or, medication might be an answer as well. Because no one wants a dog around with moods like this! Occasional grumpiness is one thing, but downright madness is another thing to deal with!

3 Disappointment from a cat

Via: Buzzfeed.com

We’ve all seen this look before. It’s the look we receive from our parents when we sneak in late. Perhaps it’s a look we’ve given to our own kids. Or the look on our spouse’s face when we do something really stupid. But, from a cat? That doesn’t happen every day! This cat has had enough from her humans and she’s ready to have a long discussion about their downfallings. Unfortunately, she’s just a cat and she can’t just sit down and talk it out with them. Instead, she crosses her paws across her chest, lays her ears back and gives them this glare. They may not know what they did, but they definitely get the point. She is displeased...very displeased. And they need to straighten up…fast.

2 'The look' from an owl

Via: Buzzfeed.com

People have very expressive faces and at times, it’s easy to tell when someone is mad at you. It just takes one look and they can tell you they are mad, grumpy, displeased and a number of things in between. It’s not something you can always get from an animal. If they’re mad, they might bite, scratch or they may just turn around and leave you to get away from whatever you’re doing wrong. But, this owl has taken on human characteristics. It isn’t attacking (yet), but rather giving us ‘the look.’ Someone has done something very wrong, perhaps even offensive. And this owl isn’t going to sit on his branch and take it any longer. What are the consequences? That is yet to be seen. Sometimes ‘the look’ is all it takes.

1 Mad kitty

Via: ExtremeFunnyHumor.com

Have you ever read any of the Bad Kitty books? There might need to be new titles in a new series called ‘Mad Kitty’ and this cat could be the star. Would that make him happy? The combination of his furrowed brow, narrow gaze and green eyes show that he isn’t easily satisfied. In fact, he’s grumpy to the highest degree. Don’t look at the picture too long. It’s easy for the grumpiness to spread and no one wants to feel the anger this cat has pent up inside. He might need some extra catnip or a sunny spot for a nap. Whatever he wants, give it to him quickly. We’re not getting any happier looking at this and we don’t need any more mad vibes in this world!

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