15 Hilariously Genius Lazy Life Hacks for People Who Just Can’t Be Bothered

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15 Hilariously Genius Lazy Life Hacks for People Who Just Can’t Be Bothered

Via: Pinterest.com

Humans do the darnest and most hilarious things to maintain their comfort. People are ingenious when they want to do something, but don’t want to put in the effort it takes to actually do it. Luckily for us, there’s always a camera handy to capture the person’s epic laziness and fails. Or what we like to call epic wins. Because seriously, if you can find an easier way to do something, watch something, eat or sleep that doesn’t include having to move from that oh-so-comfortable position, then you’re a pure genius in our eyes. And these 15 people, well, they are so f-ing genius that we’re pretty sure they put aerodynamic scientists to shame with their brilliance. Get ready for your mind to be blown by the smartest group of lazy people you’ll ever meet—and to add to your arsenal of lazy life hacks when you’re just too damn lazy to be bothered.

15. How is he breathing?

Via: pinterest.com

We’re just going to be real honest here. We’re a tad (okay, a lot) concerned about this lazy person’s sleep hack. Sure, it looks like it’s pure and utter genius on the surface (not to mention hella funny), but the more we look at it, the more we can’t help but wonder: how is this person breathing? Or the more important question is: Can he breathe? If he can, it CAN’T be comfortable breathing through that heavy Burberry fabric. We totally get this level of tired; we’ve all been there before. But tying a scarf completely around our face to keep our head up?! That’s on a whole other level. But when you compare his comfort level to the people behind him, he sure looks like the smarter one, no?

14. Who can sleep like this?

Via: weekendcollective.com

Okay, so this one’s slightly better than the one above, however, we are a bit worried about how his neck is going to feel when he wakes up after sleeping like this. Oh well, we guess it really doesn’t matter because he looks like he’s really comfortable and catching some major shut eye sleeping on his murse (man purse). We get it. You gotta get your Z’s in where you can fit them in right? And it’s safe to say that when we humans get tired enough, we will sleep anywhere and any which way. In fact, when we get sleepy enough, our inner genius pops out and finds a way to turn any place we’re in into the perfect nap time spot. This dude is living proof.

13. The hack we all need NOW

Via: boredpanda.com

Guys, this is the most brilliant thing on the internet right now. And we are a little jealous that we didn’t think of this ourselves. Because this isn’t just a lazy person’s struggle; this struggle is ALL OF US anytime we want to lay down and watch TV. You know how it goes. You’re ready to relax and chill on your back but you don’t want to give up binge-watching cute animal videos on YouTube. What do you do? Do you sacrifice your comfort for your phone screen? Well, this ingenious kid just came up with the ultimate solution: you can have both! All you need is a glass side table to plop your phone face down on and BAM! Comfort and binge watching capabilities.

12. He did what to his iPad?

Via: lifehacklane.com

Like the kid above, when it comes to choosing comfort and lounging versus giving up our electronics, most people would rather live a life on the slightly less fluffy side. Because who needs comfort when we’re so engulfed reading the latest tea between Black Chyna and Rob Kardashian? Not us. But every once in a blue moon, someone who is either too brilliant for their own good or just too plain lazy to care comes up with an ingenious life hack where we can experience both comfort and the latest gossip. This guy is case in point of what lengths we will go to to have it all. Even to the extreme of duck taping our iPad to the ceiling so we don’t skip a pop cultural beat.

11. The ultimate food combo life hack

Via: emgn.com

Whaaat? Where has this hack been our lives? Because anyone who loves milk and cookies knows that the worst thing in the world is when the milk gets to the bottom of the glass and your hand is too big to fit and you can no longer reach in to dunk the cookie. But this! This hack changes the milk and cookies game forever. Our only question is, what happens when you’re done eating and you have to put the rest of the cookies away? Or is this hack only good when you plan on binging on cookies along with the latest Netflix craze? Because wouldn’t the milk leave the cookie container soggy? On second thought, maybe this hack isn’t as great as we first thought it was. 

10.  Because food is important

Via: buzzfeed.com

Okay, we get lazy. And we totally get that sometimes it easier to do nothing or as close to nothing as you can to reap all the rewards—food, TV, sleep. But this? FaceTiming your oven to keep tabs on when it’s ready might be either the most brilliant thing we’ve ever seen on the internet since life hack number 13, or the laziest. We really can’t tell, but we’re going to venture to say it’s in the brilliant realm, only because we are dying to try it the next time we’re baking something in the oven. And because it had over 35,000 retweets, we’re guessing a lot of people are trying out this lazy hack for themselves. We’re not going to lie; we are, too.

9. You can do what with your coffee pot?

Via: memecenter.com

Again, where was this when we needed it in college? Because even if we were too poor to afford pots and pans, we all made sure we had enough money to buy us a coffee pot. Because in college—well actually even after college—coffee is the nectar of life. But what if we told you your coffee pot could make so much more than the perfect cup of java? What if you could turn your coffee pot into the pots and pans you never had? Because, as this genius lazy person has brilliantly pointed out, you can! From spaghetti to ramen to ziti, your coffee pot can double as the perfect soup and pasta maker. All you need is the sauce! Who knew? Luckily, we do now.

8. Um, lazy much?

Via: pinterest.com

Alright, we are just going to go ahead and admit it: This hack left us with a major case of the WTFs. Because it’s not enough that the junk food we all love and eat is packing on the calories, giving us diseases we’ve never had as a society before and making us lazier than we have ever been. No, someone actually found a way to do even less work to eat said bad, but oh so good, thing. We mean, come on! He’s not even having to lift his hands to feed his face! Sure, that leaves his hands free to do other things, but isn’t this just taking lazy to a whole other level? Like a level that we shouldn’t be on? We think so. But do you man. Do you.

7. No crunches needed

Via: emgn.com

Well, that’s definitely one way to feel better about yourself and your body when you’ve had one too many cheeseburgers, fries or milkshakes. This is the lazy man’s guide to six-pack abs. You know, for those days when you’re just too tired (and too full) to do crunches. All you have to do is just find a fence and imprint those chiseled abs. While we’re definitely not fooled by this hack (we can spot a six-pack when we see them—hello there Ryan Reynolds!), we do give them mad props for trying something and for coming up with this hack. It takes a special person to see their future six-pack in a fence. A very special person. We’re not sure if we should laugh or cry.

6. Genius or just gross?

Via: emgn.com

We’re not sure if we should be disgusted or impressed. First off, that doesn’t really look like it’s nail polish on those big toes; it looks like it’s a big fat black Sharpie marker. That can’t be healthy. But we guess it’s safe to say that this person could have stumbled upon a double lazy genius hack. Because not only is this a hack for people whose big toes make holes on the top of their tennis shoes and want a quick fix, but also for those of us who run out of black nail polish and just want to do a quick touch up on their pedicure. Alright, we cave. It’s pretty genius in a pinch—even if it’s not very pretty to look at or think about.

5.  Not enough time for life

Via: iscreamsundae.com

So, according to the note this person wrote on the envelope, they aren’t really lazy per se; they just didn’t have enough time to go out and purchase a stamp. We understand. We all lead really busy lives—unless of course, you’ve made it your job to be as lazy as possible even when working (see item number 3). But regardless if this hack works or not (we’re thinking it won’t), we do give this person mad creativity points because we’d never have thought of this ourselves. Ever. And you know what? Maybe their postage hack will work because whoever this person is, they were oh so kind enough to leave a small little something extra (ahem, a whopping five cents) for the mail carrier’s troubles.

4. The ultimate tipping hack

Via: pinterest.com

We are totally stealing this one for ourselves. Because there are a lot of times when after a really good filling meal, we are just too damn tired to do the math to add the tip. We want to tip because our waiter has been amazing and we want to show our gratitude, but we just don’t feel or want to put in the effort to add it up for them. Enter this brilliant eating out lazy hack. Not only did this waiter get a pretty good size tip (we would put the total here for you, but we’re too lazy to do the math as well), but they also got a pretty good chuckle out of it too. Our props go out to the genius who thought of this. Thank you!

3. When you don’t want to work

Via: lifehacklane.com

Who doesn’t want this to be their work life? Or at the very least isn’t thinking about sleeping on the job right now? Because this is ALL of us who don’t want to do our job, but we still wanna (and gotta) get paid! The struggle is real when you just want to stay in bed but the rent, electricity and phone bills are all due. So you drag yourself to work, pissed off the entire way because you have to make money. Well, this life hacker proves that you don’t necessarily need to be awake to still get paid. And while he might have the most brilliant sleep hack on our list, we definitely don’t feel safer going to whatever mall he’s working in.


Via: thechive.com

Okay, we are living! Because this isn’t just a lazy hack; it’s a pure genius where-have-you-been-all-our-lives hack! This is the kind of hack you don’t even have to be hella lazy for to add to your life and fully appreciate. Because we all have to carry groceries in our house and most of us HATE making two or three trips from our cars to our house. This is definitely one lazy life hack that we can ALL relate too. Especially those of us who would rather kill ourselves carrying all 20 bags of groceries up three flights of stairs than make more than one trip to the car. Stairs are no match for the ingenuity of a lazy person! We applaud you, life hacker.

1. Humans are not the only lazy ones

Via: wonderfulengineering.com

It looks like us humans aren’t the only ones prone to major cases of the lazies. Man’s best friend is, too. Because what kind of dog, other than the über-lazy kind, would be a few short feet away from lunch and just say eff it? It’s literally right in front of Fido’s face and he just can’t. be. bothered. But we get it. We feel that way, too. That if we just stay laying down long enough, so close yet so far away from the kitchen where our food lives, that someone will feel sorry for us and kick the sausage (or whatever leftovers we have in the fridge or on the counter) our way. It’s the world’s greatest lazy hack and even the animal kingdom knows it!

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