15 Hilariously Inappropriate Doctor Who Memes

Who knew joining the Doctor on his timey wimey adventures could lead our minds right into the gutter? The internet knew. Nothing is sacred in this list of hilariously inappropriate Doctor Who memes, and that’s just the way we like it. No one can say Whovians don’t have a sense of humor.

These dalek-table memes will make you bust up laughing even as you shake your head at the depraved minds who came up with this stuff. As you can imagine, a list of Doctor Who memes is definitely going to be bigger on the inside.

Whether you’re a hardcore Whovian waiting for the day the TARDIS shows up for you, or someone who’s never watched the show but has friends who continuously talk about this intense fandom, don’t blink and read on.

15 Exterminate Those Dirty Minds

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This is most definitely not appropriate, but if the 10th doctor is on your crush list, it would probably be music to your ears.

Those randy Gallifreyan time lords sure are smooth cats. At least the Doctor is. He never has trouble picking up ladies, who willingly follow him throughout time and space and occasionally want to become more-than-companions. Kissing, falling in love, or just playful flirtation, there aren’t many of the Doctor’s companions who don’t cross the line at one point or another.

Of course we know that saying something as crude as this is NOT the Doctor’s style. He can be immature and silly, but he doesn’t turn into a creeper or resort to pathetic pickup lines. And he doesn’t even need to, tbh.

14 Anyone Who’s Watched Enough Hentai Knows…

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Oh yeah, someone went there. And with the amount of tentacle hentai there is on the internet, no one can be surprised. Showing a woman struggling against being tied up is already going to start people thinking inappropriate things. But on top of that, having her tied up by robotic alien tentacle things? Doctor Who basically served this up to meme lords on a silver platter.

Getting off on watching tentacles slither around a person isn’t everyone’s cup of earl gray. The idea is completely gross to a lot of us, and most women would rather face an army of daleks than have slimy suction cups all over them.

Not that any of us know about hentai *cough cough*. Hold on a second while we adjust our haloes.

13 I See What You Did There

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The Doctor Who series is overflowing with wonky facial expressions. Each of the Doctor’s regenerated forms has their own particular flavor of facial gymnastics. The ninth Doctor, shown here, is Christopher Eccleston, and he isn’t exempt from making funky faces as you can see.

With a face like this, not only is he unlikely to visit “Uranus”, he probably won’t get to see much of your anything.

Would the Doctor tell this groaner of a joke? It’s inappropriate for sure, but also kind of cheesy, and the Doctor can definitely be a cheeseball. While we think it’s most likely not really his style, in the right moment he might find a way to crack a Uranus joke and grin as his companion rolled her eyes.

12 Ceiling Cat Has A Friend!

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Enjoying a little menage a moi? Watch out! Ceiling Doctor Who might just pop out right when you’re in the throes of DIY ecstasy.

Why should ceiling cat have all the fun? The tenth doctor, aka the charming David Tennant, is definitely zany enough to pop out of a square in the ceiling. Everyone had better be on their best behavior, because apparently Ceiling Doctor Who likes to watch. With an enormous smile and wide eyes about to pop out of his head, too.

What do you do if you’re caught? Your options are limited. If you’re his companion, he would never let you live it down, and lying shamelessly, denying it until the end of time doesn’t seem possible with someone who’s 903 years old.

So just look him in the eyes and finish like a boss.

11 Everyone Loves A Surprise, Right?

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Whoa, whoa, whoa this is every kind of wrong imaginable, and it is most definitely taken out of context! Spoilers… Amy is not having backdoor relations with the Doctor. In case you had any doubt.

This is a still from season 5, episode 9, “Cold Blood”, and a real spoiler alert this –we really don’t want you to be spoilered if you haven’t seen it, so consider yourself warned – Amy is being dragged into the tardis by the doctor as horrible things happen all around them. It’s at the end of the episode, which was the conclusion of a two-part story involving the newly awakened Silurians, AKA those reptile people. The woman is crying her heart out for the love of her life, for goodness’ sake these sick meme lords could see something inappropriate in anything, it seems!

10 It’s Not That Kind Of Crack

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Side-eye. Dave Chappelle’s hilarious crack-fiend character is always looking for his next fix, but joking about drugs is highly inappropriate. Especially because the Doctor Who series is a clean cut show that doesn’t glamourize drugs in any way. Even if the sight of Chappelle’s powdered lips makes us think more about doughnuts than drugs.

The notorious crack in the wall that appeared in Amy’s room is actually a crack in time, and has nothing to do with illegal substances. The cracks in the timefield formed when two points in space and time touched, that never should have… so the Silence blew up the tardis to keep the Doctor from getting to Tenzalore… okay it’s completely complicated, which is pretty normal for Doctor Who plot lines.

9 Or That Kind of Crack Either, Perv!

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Referring to someone’s crack is not appropriate! But saying it will make you forget everything is pretty funny when it comes to Doctor Who, because that’s what the crack does, after all.

The infamous crack in time can swallow people up and erase them from time itself. Once they’ve been wiped from existence, their memory is wiped from people’s minds too. Time Lords are immune to that side effect, and can still retain the memory of those unfortunate souls that have been gobbled up by time.

Whoever “cracked” this joke was clearly talking about Amy’s butt crack, and not the crack in the universe. But if you notice, her butt crack isn’t even showing. Doctor Who isn’t scandalous like that, and the characters on the show don’t wear revealing clothes.

8 Doctor Who Needs To Have His Mouth Washed Out

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Using the word "bitch" to describe a woman you’re hoping to impress is never appropriate. The Doctor would not talk about women that way, that’s for sure. We feel terrible for laughing at this one, but we admit it, we did.

That sonic screwdriver comes in handy and is most impressive, but what exactly is the Doctor implying here? The way he’s using “sonic”, it sounds like a euphemism. We don’t usually think of the Doctor using his screwdriver for anything naughty, but it seems like he’s pretty confident about his abilities with the ladies in this meme.

Actually, the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver can function in seemingly any capacity he needs, from unlocking things to healing wounds. Could it come in handy in the bedroom too, perhaps?

7 Rose Tyler, You Saucy Minx

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Speaking of sonic screwdrivers, this one is a true classic. It’s hard to say what’s more inappropriate, the fact that the Doctor has a bulge in his pants, or the fact that Rose is calling him out on it.

Spoilers ahead, but only if you haven’t watched the first few seasons of Doctor Who. Rose Tyler began as the companion of the ninth doctor and later, the tenth. The relationship between Rose and the Doctor shifted after his regeneration into the tenth doctor, and we saw her fall deeply in love with the Doctor. Tragedy strikes, of course –this is Doctor Who after all — and soon enough the Doctor is seeing “Bad Wolf” spray painted all over the place.

Rose is definitely the type who would crack this kind of joke, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see her cheeky grin after saying something even naughtier.

6 Penis Goes Where?

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Whoever thought up this meme in the first place has caused a lot of hilarity across the internet. It’s inappropriate, insinuating that it’s the first time a person heard that a penis goes into a vagina. Accompanied with a shocked face, it has the potential for even more inappropriateness with sub-memes that make it even better.

This version seems to be saying, “Penis goes where? In my butt?!”

The episode is actually “Smith and Jones”, from season three, episode one. The Slabs, AKA rhinoceros people, go around wearing black getups that look like motorcycle gear. This is the first episode where we see medical student Martha join in the Doctor’s adventures. It’s also the episode where the Royal Hope Hospital had been teleported on the moon.

5 Making Out With Your Son-In-Law? Fantastic!

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Well, it isn’t appropriate to make out with your son-in-law, as a general rule of life. Let’s add to the fact that Amy Pond was a seven year old little girl when the Doctor first comes into her life, and that she fiercely tries to seduce him on the night before her wedding to someone else, and there is just nothing right about this situation.

The Doctor, to his credit, doesn’t accept Amy’s advances, and it’s a good thing. It’s awkward enough to think of that one time your wife’s mom French kissed you. It would be even worse remembering that one night when you two had sexy timez.

There are some things that you should never know about your in laws. And what they’re like doing the horizontal mamba is definitely one of them.

4 That Orgasm Was Out Of This World

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What did we say about those facial expressions? Doctor Who in every regeneration goes through about five hundred million super weird faces, and at least half of them look like orgasms.

This particular scene gives us more than funky facial expressions. The Doctor is doing full body drama, and it’s hard to tell whether he’s having the most mind-blowing orgasm of his 903 year old life, a massive heart attack, or being attacked by a menacing entity that was possessing the crew and passengers of a pleasure shuttle heading to an intergalactic spa.

Naturally, the last theory is correct, because this is from the fourth series, episode 10, “Midnight”. The tenth Doctor, David Tennant, tries his best to save the shuttle from the entity, but the hostess is the one who jumps out into the radiation with the possessed passenger.

3 I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

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This meme is so weird. What are they implying? That the size of their sonic screwdrivers correlates to the size of their penises?

Most definitely! It’s certainly not the first time the internet used phallic implications with the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. Whether it’s from a bulge in his pants or the fact that ladies apparently love being sonic’d, this is one that never gets old.

2 The Doctor Learns About Robot Anatomy

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And the sonic screwdriver rears its ugly head, yet again! It’s kind of funny using “head” with something being compared to a penis, but that’s a different joke all together.

With this image, it’s the odd position of the sonic screwdriver in his hand, combined with the Doctor’s facial expression—again with the faces!

The Doctor is holding the thing like he’s giving a robot a double palm hand job. And his face looks like he’s ready to do something extremely kinky. Appropriate? We think not. Hilarious? Absolutely!

1 History With Women He’s Never Met, Now That's A Player

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Here we come to the meme that sums up the Doctor’s companion issues best of all. Anyone who’s watched Doctor Who long enough knows he’s regenerated from a white-haired, butler-looking gent through the numerous hats, ties, scarves, and other accessories that have changed with each of his various incarnations.

Through it all, he’s picked up companions and lost them, left them, or been dumped by them almost as often as he’s changed wardrobe styles. And he’s even met women who he already had history with, without even knowing that he had history with her. How does that work? Well as we know, it’s all a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff.

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