15 Hilariously Inappropriate Hunger Games Memes That Just May Be Better Than The Actual Movies

Let us go back to early spring of 2012 for a moment. The world was buzzing with excitement over a new YA book franchise featuring a fresh-faced Jennifer Lawrence as the lead bad*ss protagonist (as the once fiery Twilight franchise was beginning to burn out a little by this point).

This movie gave us a little bit of everything an from a fictional movie standpoint, it delivers on all counts. There's a love triangle with cute boys. There's a lead who is thrust into this crazy, dangerous world and you're rooting for her all the way. There's a desperation for fighting for what is right and even a sage alcoholic mentor played by the lovely Woody Harrelson (seriously, who wouldn't want him on their side?). So, like we said, this movie franchise has got it all. And that includes plenty of material that could help to take it into the land of inappropriate and funny!

Here are 15 inappropriate Hunger Games memes for your pleasure!

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15 Seriously, you knead me

Via: Teen.com

Let's just get started with the bread jokes straight away because there are so many and they seriously make us giggle every single time. If you are in need of a reminder, Jennifer Lawrence's character, Katniss Everdeen, is put into a death match with teens from 12 other districts in Panem, along with a boy from her district named Peeta Mellark (played by the hunky Josh Hutcherson). In the film, Peeta works at his parents' bakery, with bread being his specialty—hence all the bread and kneading jokes in regards to Katniss.

Seriously though, if you caught the chemistry between these two (even when they're half faking it for the games), you may agree that a little kneading between two "friends" never hurt anybody!

14 What a different story it could have been

Via: Pinterest

So, the whole thing that starts the ball rolling on Katniss having to step into the annual deadly competition that is the Hunger Games is her stepping up to save her younger sister, Prim. There is a "reaping" ceremony every year in each district, where a random boy and girl are chosen to compete in the games. The first 15 minutes of the film is pretty much completely dedicated to Katniss trying to ease her little sister's fears of getting chosen, so when her little sister is picked as one of the tributes and Katniss jumps in fearlessly to take her place, there is always a tiny part of you that wonders what would have happened if Katniss just stood back in silence and watched things unfold as they were supposed to. But that's a whole different movie, isn't it?

13 Such bad luck...

Via: mosthappy.com

So, we already talked about how different a movie (and series) it would have been if Katniss never stepped up to take Prim's place in the games, but can we just talk about the pure irony of Katniss giving her little sister the Mockingjay pin at the beginning of the first film? She told her sister that it will surely protect her from harm's way and bring her luck and then it does the total opposite! It's almost funny how the Mockingjay symbol was pretty much a bad omen for Prim, but it ends up being the thing that saves Katniss. She becomes a symbol of strength and peace as a Mockingjay. In the end, these two sisters couldn't have had a more polar opposite experience with the fashion accessory that put the whole series into motion.

12 Peeta = an abundance of bread jokes

Via: jabberjays.net

So, you can't throw a dart without looking through Hunger Games memes and not hitting an overabundance of bread jokes when it comes to the character of Peeta. They're like the "dad joke" of this realm (even though they're super cheesy and kind of annoying, they're still kind of cute and always make you at least smile a little bit when you see them). We think it's because the character of Peeta is so darn likable, you really can't think of anything else to make fun of (especially when it comes to the always charming Josh Hutcherson, who played him), so you go straight to the bread jokes. And you know what? We'll continue to do so until the end of time because we can!

11 Peeta's artistic skills were out of this world

Via: Smosh

Our darling Peeta. His artistic talent was something that helped to keep him alive in the games and was also a quality he showed off to the judges in order to gain some popularity with the crowds at home. But if you find this particular meme totally out of context, it's actually really funny. You might think to yourself: "So, you could make yourself into potentially anything in the world, Peeta, and you choose a plain old rock?!" Really, he could have picked a tree stump or even a really beautiful bush, but he went for maybe the most boring thing that exists...and maybe that's actually the pure genius of it all! The whole point was to go unnoticed and really, who stops to look at a rock? This meme just blew our minds in several directions in mere seconds!

10 Hunger Games meets Mean Girls jokes

Via: Gurl.com

There's just something so satisfying when two of your favorite films in pop culture come together in a meme. Do you remember that great scene in Mean Girls where Lindsay Lohan and her gang (not the Rachel McAdams squad, her actual friends) run into their teacher at the mall? Funny and awkward conversation ensues between two distinct generations who are trying to relate but really don't have that much in common. If you think about it, the same thing happens in The Hunger Games with Katniss and Peeta whenever they try to talk to someone like Effie (i.e. someone they have next to nothing in common with). Also, just a blanket thank you to whoever created this. Major props!

9 Katniss has dead aim for animals and the boys

Via: mosthappy.com

If you remember one thing about Katniss and her special skills inside the dangerous world of the Hunger Games arena, you will probably always remember that she is a pure beast with a bow and arrow. Outside of the games though, during a (slightly) more innocent time, she spent her time going into the woods with Gale (her other hunky love interest, played by Liam Hemsworth) and hunting small game. Sometimes, she would get something good and meaty with her aim and sometimes, it was just a small animal, like a squirrel. Each time, though, we'd like to think that Gale (and every other boy she came into contact with) was fairly impressed...and maybe a little scared too, in a good way.

8 Well, this is awkward timing, but...

Via: Pinterest

So, you volunteered to take your sister's place in a teenage death match for the world to watch. You've been teamed up with some dude who has a crush on you (and you're quite unsure of how you feel about the whole thing because you have bigger fish to fry). You've been forced to dress up in ridiculous outfits and spend ages doing pointless interviews trying to sell yourself to the crowd in order to have a fighting chance of saving your own life and making it back to your mom and sister. And all the while, right before you're about to head off into the land of poisonous insects and career tributes (who have made it their mission to kill the young), you suddenly remember you forgot to pee! Awkward...

7 Peeta: "Hey. Remember me? I'm here too, guys!"

Via: Pinterest.com

Instead of being your typical action movie that exists to only feed the stereotypical male fantasy (i.e. some good-looking guy with muscles and a "heart of gold" fights his way to the top and gets the girl and saves the world), The Hunger Games decided to equal the playing field a bit and put a young woman at the center of their story and make her the unexpected hero. And where did that put the men in her life? Though they were all vital and important to the plot and Katniss' personal journey, they were often seen as put to the side a little. And when you think of a character like Peeta that really tugged at your heartstrings (when he loved her then hated her and then loved her again), you'll realize that if this were real life, it might have gotten to be a bit too much over time.

6 You can love the Hunger Games, but you don't want to go there

Via: Pinterest.com

This meme could not ring more true because in terms of young adult readers and audiences wanting to take up residence in their favorite films and books, not once did someone say: "Forget about doing magic at Hogwarts or the mysterious allure of Narnia, let's go to Panem and literally fight to the death with fellow kids our own age!"

In this particular scene shown in the meme, Katniss' young ally, Rue, is struck by a flying dagger and killed. Katniss pays tribute to her by surrounding her with flowers (and addresses the crowds at home with the Mockingjay hand symbol) and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Who would want to go through that? And you also never wanted to be put in that world "just for the fun of it!"

5 This joke has to be said

Via: Teen.com

This one is the "that's what she said" of The Hunger Games world—no matter if you're going some place dirty with the conversation or not, it's going to be said at some point and people will laugh or at least politely smile at the joke. It works perfectly with Katniss and her story because you have the love triangle thing and what she does as a symbol for an uprising in the impoverished districts in Panem. It doesn't matter how many times you hear this joke too, you have to like it at least a little. You're practically programmed to. It's like not enjoying your windshield wipers or putting down your toaster oven (that can both toast things and bake a piece of chicken); it's too convenient to hate!

4 Understandably, Katniss is secretly obsessed with Haymitch

Via: Pinterest

Have you ever wondered about alternative story lines for The Hunger Games? Maybe Katniss was going to end up with Gale for a while there. Maybe President Snow wasn't supposed to be a total psycho and was going to turn things around for his country in the end (okay, maybe that one's not as likely). Or maybe Katniss was supposed to have a true blue love affair with her alcoholic mentor, Haymitch. If anything, this one seems the most true out of our far-fetched alternative plot lines because these two have a real chemistry under all that misunderstanding and hostility. There's a mutual respect there and just once we'd like to pop in our DVD and see a kiss between these two!

3 Woody Harrelson's grin says so much

Via: rebloggy.com

Speaking of the lovely Haymitch, have you ever noticed how truly expressive Woody Harrelson's face is? He really was the perfect choice for the alcoholic and heartbroken mentor for Katniss and Peeta because his pain was always right there on the surface.

And then there was this other side to Haymitch too. For as much as he was brooding or yelling at Katniss to try and understand how to survive the games, a lot of the time, you could find him with this classic sleepy grin on his face that legitimately reads as it states above: "a little sleepy and mildly turned on." We couldn't help but LOL over this one because it was just too fitting for this character!

2 Poor, poor gingers

Via: The Hunger Games Wiki

Seriously, why is it that the poor gingers always lose out? It doesn't matter that they consistently have to stay out of the sun unless completely lathered head to toe in sunscreen, or they've had to put up with pick-up lines about the "carpet matching the drapes" their entire young adult lives, even in our most favorite films and books, they still get the crap end of the stick, too!

In the film, you just kind of know her as the red-haired servant girl with no tongue that had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the Capitol severely punishing her for that. Also, Katniss interacted with her and instead of jumping right in and trying to save her (which became her thing), she just kind of let her be. Was it because she was a ginger? We'll never be sure.

1 What is your deal, Johanna?

Via: Fanpop

We really love Jena Malone as an actress. She was totally sassy in Stepmom back in the day and don't even get us started on Donnie Darko, but when it comes to her role as Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games, she couldn't have been more mysterious. She appears in Catching Fire and Mockingjay as a super angry previous victor who is forced to return to the games for the Quarter Quell (AKA President Snow's chance to screw everyone who's already competed over again), yet her only role is to deliver a few heated lines and then get tortured in the Capitol. Every line out of her mouth makes you want to hear more. Every grimace she throws (and there are a lot), makes you want to hear what's happening inside her head, yet we never get the chance. It's tragic, really.

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