15 Hilariously Inappropriate Memes You’ll Feel Guilty For Laughing At

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15 Hilariously Inappropriate Memes You’ll Feel Guilty For Laughing At

We all have a vague idea of what “memes” are, but according to Wikipedia, an internet meme is specifically defined as an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet. Some of the most popular forms of memes are those where a funny caption is put above a photo. You know what I’m talking about because the internet is literally full of them these days. But the best thing about these memes is that some are super funny, some are very sad, and some are just way too inappropriate, even for adults. But hey, as it happens, the inappropriate ones are almost always everybody’s favorites. That is why I decided to find 15 of the best ones.

So here they are – 15 hilariously inappropriate memes that will definitely make you laugh out loud. Enjoy! (And then feel terrible for laughing at them.)

15. When You See It…

Meme 6

Via: imgur.com

Children are so sweet and innocent, but sometimes things for kids are not so sweet and innocent. One Imgur user witnessed just that, so of course, he took a photo of it and posted in on the internet. And guess what? That photo went viral. Just take a look at this playground. That slide literally looks like an uncircumcised penis. Awkward! Is this where kids are supposed to play, and what they are supposed to see? Well, to be honest, they don’t have minds as dirty as we adults do, so that’s not a problem for them. Oh, and one of the comments on Imgur was so hilarious (and inappropriate) that I had to share it with you. Someone replied, “appropriate since it spits out children.” Oh internet, please never ever change.

14. Even Ghostface Feels The Effects Of The Recession

Meme 3

Via: tumblr.com

You recognize the costume in the photo, don’t you? You don’t? OMG, shame on you! That’s the Ghostface costume, duh! Oh, please don’t tell me you have no idea who Ghostface is? Well, he’s one of the most iconic killers, and the main antagonist of the Scream franchise. Here, you can see him working hard in his office, because the times are tough — stabbing people doesn’t pay the bills anymore (did it ever?). I’m pretty sure if we looked hard enough we could also find Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers doing some basic jobs, like working at McDonald’s, or washing cars for minimum wage. Oh well, let’s just hope that the new President of the U.S. will work on stabilization of the economy so these icons could go back doing the things they’re the best at — stabbing.

13. Again With The Kids


Via: relatably.com

Do you remember how I talked about children being the sweetest and the most innocent things ever? And how sometimes things around them are not as sweet? Well, here we are again! This adorable baby had no idea what was going on, but everybody else did. As you can see, this baby is wearing a strangely phallic costume. Seriously, what is it supposed to be? Oh wait, I get it! The baby is wearing an elephant costume… but come on, that’s not what an elephant’s trunk looks like! Now what was supposed to be the cutest Halloween costume ever, turned into this mess. Like, what is that thing under the “trunk”?! At least the baby still managed to look adorable, and was completely unaware of what was going on on the top of their head.

12. What The Hell Is Going On Here?


Via: buzzfeed.com

Yup, you’re seeing that right — another classical piece of art that got turned into a meme. As you can see, it looks very realistic. Just look at those tiny little angel babies! Aren’t they just adorable? And when it comes to the rest of the paining, I really don’t know what to say about it, so I’ll just copy what the Tumblr user who had posted the photo wrote: “Can we all take a minute and appreciate that hundred of years ago a person poured hours of hard work into painting cherubs making human fart bubbles.”

Now, I’m going to ask a question that probably everybody who has seen this photo asked themselves — is this really possible? If you decide to try it out, please let me know how it went!

11. Stop Pretending You’ve Never Experienced This

Meme 9

Via: imgur.com

Classic art memes are very popular on the internet right now. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, because these memes are so damn hilarious, inappropriate, and what’s most important, relatable. Trust me, when you scroll through them, you’ll be saying, “That’s so me!” way too much. I mean, even you could make one of these memes — all you need is some classic art and funny explanations above it.

Take a look at this hilarious classic reaction meme — does it look familiar? Does it remind of you testing out your new toy (it’s okay, you don’t have to pretend to be a saint here, I don’t judge)? Anyways, if you find these memes as hilarious as I do, then make sure you follow this Twitter account — it will make your day.

10. Superman Saves The Day Once Again


Via: 9gag.com

You all know who R. Kelly is, right? But in case you live under a rock, here’s a short intro — R. Kelly is an American R&B singers, best known for his songs “I Believe I Can Fly”, “Gotham City”, and “The World’s Greatest”. Now, what does that have to do with this meme? Well, if you didn’t follow the news back in 2002, then you’ve missed a lot. But don’t worry, I have your back! Back in February, 2002, a video showing R. Kelly surfaced in which he was having sex with a minor girl. A part of their intercourse consisted of him urinating on her (that is often called ‘the golden shower’). So that brings us to this hilarious and inappropriate meme. If only Superman was there to help that poor girl…

9. This Is How You Get The Girl

Meme 7

Via: facebook.com

In order to understand this meme, you have to know the basics of chemistry. Or you need to be a real crime movie fan. Chloroform, or trichloromethane, is a colorless, sweet-smelling organic liquid compound with formula CHCl3. You must be thinking, “Why is that even important?” Well, you should know that chloroform has been known to have strong effects on humans. That is why criminals often use it to knock out, daze or murder their victims. So if you ever see a suspicious van following you around, or somebody offering you something for free — run away from them because it’s probably some creep looking for the girl or guy of his dreams. And trust me, you wouldn’t want to be that girl or guy.

8. When The Devil Is There To Help You Out

Meme 10

Via: twitter.com

Here you can see another medieval masterpiece. The theme of this painting is unclear though — we can see a person who looks like Jesus, and a beast that I assume is the Devil himself. But what are these two doing together? Aren’t they like arch enemies? And what is that thing that Jesus is holding in his right hand? Oh wait, I got it — it looks like a huge joint. But since Jesus didn’t have a light, he asked Lucifer to help him out. Wow, I had no idea Jesus was fond of Mary Jane. He should consider moving to Holland, if you ask me — there’s plenty of weed there for him and his followers. Not only will he be able to walk on water there, but he’ll also be able to fly (thanks to the effects of Mary Jane). 4/20 get lit!

7. Size Really Does Matter

Meme 5

Via: tumblr.com

Here we are again with the hilarious classic artwork. In this painting you can see two people, one male and one female, having a conversation. As you may have noticed, both of them are naked. It makes you wonder, what they are even doing, or about to do? Also, it is easy to notice that, unlike the guy, the lady in the painting doesn’t look too happy about what’s about to happen (or what already happened). Why is that, you may ask? Well, we will never know, but one Tumblr user added a caption, “I thought you said 8 inches,” and seriously that might be the perfect explanation for this situation. And they say size does not matter… This lady obviously disagrees with that statement.

6. Money, Money, Money, Must Be Funny In The Rich Man’s World

Meme 4

Via: twitter.com

Okay, this meme here is something I usually would not approve of, but this time I found it funny. Well to be honest, all of these memes make me feel terrible for laughing at them, but that’s the point — they are supposed to be inappropriate. Anyways, back to the meme… Whoever made this, assumed that the guy from the photo is rich, and that that’s the only reason why the girl is with him. In other words, the person who made this thinks the girl is a gold digger. Seriously? Could it maybe be that the couple really loves each other, and that money has nothing to do with is? Well, probably not, but we’ll never know (I’m joking, I’m joking).

5. When A Hollywood Producer Tells You To Take Off Your Clothes


Via: reddit.com

This piece of medieval art is something everybody who wants to become famous needs to see. They need to be aware of the fact that people often take advantage of those who are trying to make it as a model, actor, singer, or something similar. They lie and manipulate them, and often ask inappropriate things in return. So remember one thing, if you’re a young person looking it to make it as a singer or an actor — when somebody tells you they’re a producer, do not trust them, and whatever you do, do not go into their apartment (well, it’s more likely it’d be their basement) where they will try to take advantage of you. There, I helped! You’re welcome.

4. The Easiest Way To Earn Money…

Meme 1

Via: twitter.com

Have you ever been in a situation where you were so broke that you had to have sleep for dinner? Or have you ever wished to be rich, or at least to earn a bit more money? Well, lucky for you, there’s a very simple and easy (okay, not easy, but complicated) way for you to get more money. All you need is a gun, some black clothes, and of course, a balaclava. So, here’s what to do next. Pick a bank, go inside with all the things I listed above and ask for some money. Trust me, they’ll be happy to give it to you. Okay, I hope you understand I was joking. Do not rob a bank. I repeat, do not rob a bank. And while we’re at it, never click those ads!

3. The Perfect Guy Does Not Exi-

Meme 2

Via: twitter.com

You know how all women (except for those who are happily married or in a relationship) say that the perfect guy does not exist? Well, wrong! This meme is a proof that he really does exist. This guy here is always there for his wife and for his kids; he’s the one who takes the kids to school; he also surprises his wife with date nights and fancy presents; and he even also almost always chooses to stay with his wife instead of going out with his friends. But what’s most important — he loves his woman every single day of the month.  Yes, even during those days. And he’s got the blood around his mouth to prove it! Ha-ha this is way too inappropriate. But that’s why it’s so funny.

2. We’re All Going To Hell For Laughing At This


Via: twitter.com

This is one of those memes you’ll always feel guilty for laughing at. But hey, the topic of this article is “15 Hilariously Inappropriate Memes You’ll Feel Guilty For Laughing At,” so don’t judge. As you can see from the photo above, a group of girls is having a sleep over. One of those girls is Asian, but the maker of this meme assumed that she’s Chinese (stereotypical much?)… and to make things worse, they used one of the only Chinese names most non-Chinese North Americans know: Chun Li… you know, like the video game character. You also probably know that in some parts of China, people eat dog meat, right? Well, that’s the point of this meme. In this fictional sleep over, the girls are playing ‘truth or dare’. It’s “Chun Li’s” turn to choose, and she chooses truth. One of the girls asks her where Amy’s dog is, and suddenly Chun Li changes her mind and chooses dare. Oh, that’s just bad. The person who made this meme, and all of us who are laughing at it, are going straight to hell.

1. Orange Is The New Black


Via: twitter.com

For the United States (and the rest of the world), 2016 was very suspenseful and eventful. So many things have happened in 2016, but one of the most talked about was the U.S. presidential race. Seriously, is it just me, or does it seem like that thing lasted forever? Anyways, every day, when you checked the news, you’d see something about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Barack Obama. Most of the time it was about those damn e-mails Hillary deleted, or about Trump insulting people. Well one Twitter user was sick of all those things, so decided to get comical about it — he made a meme that went viral the moment it was posted on the internet. As you can see, there are two photos on the meme — one of Trump, and next to it, a photo of Obama. But it wouldn’t be as funny as it is without this hilarious caption, “This isn’t what we meant when we said Orange is the New Black.”

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