15 Hilariously Inappropriate 'Sherlock' Tumblr Posts That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Being a Sherlock fan can be difficult most of the time, which you can expect since we only get three episodes every other year or so and we are left guessing as to what will happen next. With such limited amounts of content, and a knack for over-analyzing every single detail of the show, fans are going crazy. For the Sherlock shipper, that agony is even worse as the writers have teased romance for 4 straight seasons to no avail. But, there is a silver lining to all of this suffering. With all of this time sitting here and waiting, the fandom, which is slowly becoming more and more insane each day, are channeling that insanity into some hilarious Tumblr posts. They'll make you laugh, choke on air, and scream into the void that you need some canon Johnlock now.

15 The roast of Sherlock, by Sally

Wow what a great comeback that Sally never made! We all know that she was thinking it, but Sherlock was still too quick for her to make a comeback. It must be tiring for Sally to be around some prick who constantly observes every aspect of her appearance when she's trying to get the upper hand. Over the years, we've seen Sherlock come out of his shell and get his own tender loving, but back in season one? This would have definitely been a shot right into his untouched gonads. Another great comeback that Sally could've but never used: this is exactly why you don't get laid, Sherlock. Except he knows that isn't true and there are a lot of people that would want to get with someone with cheekbones as nice as his.

14 When boredom kills

Who would've thought that Jim from The Office and Moriarty have more in common than just their first name? Except in this case Moriarty is just full-on dead, not office dead. There was a gun involved. No fan theory was powerful enough to save him from the dead, not with a shot to the head like that. It's a shame that Moriarty felt bored enough to die because we viewers have been on the edge of our seats ever since he appeared onscreen. But such is the life of an evil genius. And it's the duty of the morally questionable fans to continue making jokes about every death in this show because we've been suffering for too long.

13 Roommate struggles

That feel when you were just looking to find a roommate so that you could split the rent because you didn't have a lot of money but instead you end up living with a high-functioning sociopath who becomes your best friend and drags you along on murder cases and he becomes the most important person in your life. And from day one everyone thought you two were an item but no matter how many times you protest and say, "I'm not gay," everyone assumes you are with your roommate and then one day you realize that it may be true. Or that your writers are going to tease everyone for a long time. Just a typical day in the life of John Watson.

12 A different kind of roommate struggle

Sherlock Holmes is many things: a genius, a consulting detective, one of Britain's most brilliant and important minds. One thing that Sherlock Holmes is not: a good roommate. From shooting a gun through the room, to leaving decapitated heads in the fridge, it's no question that Sherlock might be one of the most difficult roommates to live with. It's a miracle that he survived this long before John. Not knowing anything about the solar system is one type of ignorance but not knowing when to buy milk is just a type of annoying. Too bad for John! Sherlock simply does not care because there are better things to do than to worry about groceries, and if he's going to die from drinking spoiled milk then so be it.

11 John's personal call

How many times per episode does John have to announce that he isn't gay? Nobody's counting officially but it is quite a lot. If Sherlock's catchphrase is, "The game is on," then John's catchphrase is, "I'm not gay!" He says it so often that there may as well be a button on his back that forces him to say it every time someone presses it. But no matter how many times he interrupts someone to mention that he is, in fact, straight, he might as well be talking to a brick wall because all the other characters in this universe and the fans think otherwise. John and Sherlock may just be friends in the writer's minds but nobody is having it. It's a lost game, John. After 4 seasons of this nobody is convinced.

10 This fandom has great taxi service

The Sherlock fandom on Tumblr is notorious for hijacking seemingly innocent, non-fandom posts and turning them into hilarious Sherlock-related content. For a show that only has 13 episodes it's surprising how the fandom can turn almost anything into a Sherlock joke, but they can and they will continue doing it. The fandom is persistent, even if the show only has 13 episodes in total. It's also easy to troll posts when half of the main characters are actual madmen who are so unpredictable and crazy that you can't ever be certain if a Sherlock post is a joke or if it's canon. Praise our taxi drivers that help us spread the word about Sherlock to all corners of the internet.

9 They want the D(ate)

If you watch Sherlock with the sound off, along with George Michaels's "Careless Whispers" playing in the background, you'd probably get the same effect as watching the show as-is. The sexual tension is thick enough to cut with a knife. Just look at the two of them giving each other bedroom eyes! They need each other to solve these crazy mysteries but they also need each other's D(etective and doctor skills)'s. Just really good friends? Possibly, but Sherlock fans have other ideas on their minds. It's only a matter of time until they both figure out what they want. They just need a little push to admit that they both want the D -- each other's D's that is.

8 When that Tumblr dash timing was perfect

Via: tumblr

Sherlock's signature jacket and coat combo may be an ovary killer, but just imagine Sherlock dressed like a waiter. We like men as classy as we like them to be British and this image of Sherlock wearing a suit with a bow-tie is just over-the-edge goodness. If the detective business doesn't work out for him, he'll have a pretty good chance at making some good money as a waiter. Just think about all those tips he'd get looking like that! If John had seen Sherlock like that at any other time besides when he discovered that he's been faking his death for two years, it's pretty certain that he'd appreciate the look a little more than he did. Secret: it was John that sent that text and nobody was surprised.

7 Another perfect dash coincidence

Irene and Sherlock seemed like a hot item, but that dream was sooo season 2. The relationship didn't look like it would work out at the beginning, with the fact that Sherlock has the emotional capacity of a peanut and that Irene was about to fake her death and go into hiding for the rest of her life. Sometimes, though, not even that can separate a perfect couple. But Sherlock and Irene couldn't be a perfect couple because they aren't even really people, speaking in a sense. They're both so extraordinary that they don't seem like real people most of the time. So thanks, Doctor, for explaining just why their relationship wasn't going to really work out from the start.

6 A beautiful reunion of friends

Via: tumblr

Sherlock thought that John would be weeping and crying into his arms – that was not exactly what happened. Maybe it was the element of surprise that made it hard for John to show how happy he was, or maybe it was because Sherlock kept him in the dark on the most elaborate and humorless practical joke of all time. Maybe it was just the bad attempt at facial hair with a permanent marker, an insult to the thick 'stache John was wearing at the time. How would you feel if your best friend/roommate/life partner went into hiding, faked his death for two years, and let everyone else in on the secret except for you? You'd probably want to make that fake death a real one. Too bad Sherlock couldn't tell John the whole story without being kicked out of yet another restaurant.

5 Lick those goods

Not even Spongebob can't resist the temptation of some good ol' Benedict in just a towel. Sure, we all wanted his robe to fall completely, but this is a show that aired on the BBC so there's got to be at least a little bit of decency, especially since he is in Buckingham Palace after all. But the Queen probably wouldn't mind a little peek at Benny. One of our first tastes of Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch sans his signature coat and scarf mix, but still equally sexy, just a different kind of sexy. Let us remember the day, January 1, 2012, as the day that Sherlock fans around the world died from this image. We all want to be Spongebob right now.

4 Cucumber? Cumberbatch? Same thing

Benedict Cumberbatch's name is so strange and unique but also strangely so versatile that you could put literally any word that starts with a B and a C and everyone would still understand that it's Benedict you're talking about. His original name just sounds like a bunch of noises that are relatively British, so any combination of fairly long and British-sounding words will work. Here's a few: Benjamin Cabbagepatch, Bendadirk Cramplescrunch, Buttercup Cummerbund, and Bandersnatch Crumpets. The possibilities are endless, and "Cucumber" is definitely a good one to use in the Benedict Cumberbatch mixup game. Just look at that very attractive, seductive face in the picture. He's definitely not trying to be creepy, not with that glamorous smile. Fans (otherwise known as "Cumberbitches") are probably hoping to catch their own personal Benny Cucumber in the supermarket next time they go.

3 Sharing might not be the most caring

Via: tumblr

What may have started as a clever marketing scheme has turned into a hilarious joke thanks to the Sherlock fandom once again. While Coke used to contain actual cocaine in the recipe (used as medicine, who would've thought!) that is obviously no more. Imagine Mycroft trying to play up Sherlock in one of his more trying times by offering him some Coke, and Sherlock getting very confused as to why Mycroft gave him some cola when he was expecting some of the hard stuff. It's a dick move to pull, but not one that's beneath Mycroft since he loves taunting his brother to no end. But addiction is bad and it's good that Sherlock is trying to stay clean(er) than he used to be.

2 The Freudian slip

Jumping into the conversation a bit too early often makes things a little awkward. Luckily for these two, they're on the same page and it just takes a little embarrassing situation for them to realize that they want the same thing. We can only hope that some dialogue like this may be canon in the future, but to the shipper's dismay we may never know and can only dream right now. Makes you wonder what other kinds of awkward conversations happened between them when Sherlock cut John short? With his personality, there's no doubt that this wasn't the only time something like this would happen. How many slip-ups do they have to have to learn that their love is real?

1 What 'Sherlock' really is all about

Sherlock may be a story about grand adventures and almost impossible mysteries, with two close companions helping each other solve cases and go about their daily lives in the process. This show might be emotionally taxing, and feels smarter-than-you most (if not all) of the time. It might be a story that pulls at your heartstrings and gives you SO MANY feels. But to someone who has never seen this show, on the surface (and through context clues on Tumblr) "Short and Tall: The Erotic Adventures of Detective Work" may just be what they think the show is about. To the seasoned fan, it is common knowledge that Sherlock isn't all that tall and just looks a lot taller because John is short, and you love this homoerotic detective duo with all your heart. And you need to let everyone else know so they can fall victim of loving Sherlock just as much as you do.

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