15 Hilarious Times SPN Fans Hijacked Completely Irrelevant Tumblr Posts

Tumblr is great for finding people as invested in your favorite TV show as you are. Of the are many fandoms on Tumblr, Whovians (Doctor Who fans), Potterheads (duh... Harry Potter fans) and Sherlockians (BBC Sherlock fans) are some of the biggest - and often most vocal - of them all. They're all creative, funny and passionate, but the Supernatural fandom can probably claim that they win Tumblr and you'd find it difficult to argue against them. Why? Because whatever is posted, whatever is said, the Supernatural fans will find a response. They're famous for having a GIF for everything and they've gone to great lengths to uphold their fame.

It helps that they have over 200 episodes of TV to use (ahem... sorry Sherlock fans), but their ability to show up on any post - no matter how unrelated - is a talent that goes beyond the amount of film they have to choose from. When we say a GIF for everything, we really do mean everything. Here are 15 posts to show you what we mean.

15 Making the Facebook poke relevant again

When we all joined Facebook (before Kimye was a thing and prior to Britney's Girl Interrupted phase), the poke was one of the weirdest things you could do to someone. No one knew what it was for - even Facebook didn't have a good explanation - and so it just seemed like a creepy(ish) way to remind someone you existed. But did you know you could still poke someone in 2017? Navigate to your friend's profile and click on the ellipsis (...) you'll find the option there. Go ahead... we'll wait while you start a good old-fashioned POKE WAR!

Before TheThings.com brought you this vital piece of information, Tumblr and the Supernatural fandom had already resurrected the poke. This is from Season 2 Episode 11 where Sam and Dean are investigating two murders at an inn in Connecticut. We're pretty sure Dean seriously considered the poke option. He'd be that guy on Facebook, wouldn't he?

14 (In)Famous for their interruptions

How does the Supernatural fandom even find these posts? It's like they wait for any mention and pounce on the post as if they're lying in wait for an attack. Actually, sometimes they don't need a mention at all. And sometimes they jump on a post that's completely unrelated to anything about the show.

What we're trying to say is that you need to guard your posts. And jokes on you if you invite them to participate in a conversation - accidentally or not. Because they will show up with a perfect GIF that will leave irritated, impressed or both. Other than TV fandoms, there are other sides to Tumblr. The science side is the group of Tumblr users that show up on posts to explain things that are beyond everyone else's grasp. They're more polite about where they show up. But that's why they haven't won Tumblr. And why Supernatural fans have.

13 You get an apocalypse! You get an apocalypse! EVERYBODY gets an apocalypse!

No one is ever sorry to have made a post about Supernatural. Because the fans are always on point and you can't help but admire them for it. There was one main apocalypse in the show. This event is what the first five seasons build up to and includes all the un-fun things like Dean going to hell and becoming a torturer, Sam's possession by Lucifer (and that weird white suit) and Sam being locked in a cage in hell with Michael and Lucifer toe deal with their bizarre heavenly sibling rivalry.

There are many other near world-ending moments in the next seasons. The latest of these happened when the brothers freed the Darkness and she nearly destroyed the earth to spite God. Sometimes it's not all the clear whether the boys and their angelic/demonic colleagues save the world or doom it. A lot of the near apocalypses seem to be their fault, after all.

12 Actually, that's Lucifer

The Supernatural fandom has tons of material to choose from when they're creating their GIFs. Firstly, there are 12 Seasons worth of episodes to choose from. Secondly, a lot of the content they can choose from includes insults, retorts, and comebacks between the characters. That's one of the bonuses about a show that's been running this long - the writers know the characters as well as the actors do and can tailor the scripts to fit their personalities and relationships. Lastly, the cast members often attend conventions together so if the fandom can't find an in-show GIF to use, they look to things the cast have said and done when they're not on set.

We do have some questions about their methods, though. When they see something on Tumblr, do they automatically know of a scene that they can use for a GIF? If that's the case, how many times have they watched the show to know it so well? Or is it that they've seen so many GIFs that they have a collection handy for any situation? That's equally impressive because it means they've spent hours on Tumblr finding GIFs.

11 Castiel - heaven's gift to GIFs

Whenever there's a chance to make a post awkward or inappropriate, the SPN fandom can find a Castiel GIF to go with it. Because he's just so clueless. Considering that he's a celestial being without a physical (human) body, you can forgive him most things. And his quotes are often some of the funniest moments on the show. Here are some of our favorite Cas struggling with life on Earth quotes:

"I'll interrogate the cat."

On the phone: "The voice says I'm almost out of minutes."

Cas: "Why are you squeezing me with your body?"Bobby: "It's a hug, Cas. I'm hugging you."

"I found a liquor store and I drank it."

And let's not forget about how difficult it must be to explain things to this poor clueless angel...

Dean: Are you serious? You're just gonna walk in there and tell the truth?Cas: Why not?Dean: Because we're humans. And when humans want something really really bad...lie.Cas: Why?Dean: Because that's how you become president.

10 A GIF for the most random insult to ever insult

Oh, Tumblr. You do so much good for the world. You bring us serious musings on Harry Potter. Friendship in fandom form. Hilarious drunk ramblings. Creative artwork. It's the kind of rabbit hole you willingly fall into... mostly to avoid the real world. But in case you do ever have to leave the safety of your Tumblr, you'll encounter REAL LIFE people. (ew) And some of them are the worst. Never fear, though - Tumblr has an answer for those moments: An insult generator that spits out the weirdest, most random and helpfully creative insults you'll ever encounter.

Little brother sticks gum in your hair? What a pea-brained whale humper!Cut off in traffic? That glorified slobbery crab!

Calling someone an 'arrogant desk lamp' is the height of randomness. And yet... Supernatural has a GIF for it. Because of course they do. It's funny that this GIF is about Crowley since he's the king of hilarious insults on the show.

9 Where there's a moose, there's a Padalecki

The Supernatural fandom is so well known for their GIFs that you don't even need to see them to know what they'll look like. Especially when it has anything to do with a moose. It's Crowley's nickname for Sam Winchester on the show. Supposedly it has to do with Rocky and Bulwinkle (Crowley calls Dean "Squirrel") but we think it's actually because Jared Padalecki is just so... huge. At 6 ft 4"meters metres), he's a moose in whatever room he's in - he towers over everyone. Or maybe it's because he once spent some time loving on an actual moose. Crowley has some excellent nicknames for Sam and also calls him: Cas's pet, a denim-whipped nightmare, Winchester Jumbo Sized, a mop-headed lumberjack and Jolly Green. Other characters have called him Gigantor, Sasquatch and Big Bird.

Other names the boys have been called: Mud monkeys, Howdy and Doody, the Hardy Boys, Groot and Rocket (aw, Charlie. We miss you.)

8 Pie + Game of Thrones = Dean Winchester

Much like any mention of a moose or an apocalypse, you can expect the Supernatural fandom to show up on any post related to pie because it's possibly the only thing Dean loves more than Baby. The most amusing thing about his love for pie is that he hardly ever gets to eat it. Sometimes it's because demons kidnap his brother. Sometimes it's because someone's head ends up in his pie (the whole head... as in... dead). Once it was as a result of chicken feet. Dean's expression whenever he's denied pie is a picture of pure heartbreak. Why does he love it so much? There's a moment in Season 5 where Dean relives a memory where, after seeing his mother arguing with John, he tries to comfort her and responds by saying, "You are my little angel. How 'bout some pie?"

Sidenote: Joffrey was not an angel. And definitely did not deserve pie.

7 Supernatural goes meta-natural

Supernatural has never shied away from breaking the fourth wall. It's part of why viewers love the show so much - those little touches make it seem like the cast, writers and creators share inside jokes with their fans. It makes them feel like they're a part of the fun and a part of the show. They take this even further by making in-show references to real life events. The Supernatural series of books that the brothers uncover in Season 4 is a device that allows the writers to make references to the IRL fandom, going so far as to mention Wincest slash fiction.

Some of the most meta aspects of the show (other than the Supernatural books) include the time they tour a Hollywood set in the episode "Hollywood Babylon." When a Gilmore Girls set is mentioned, Sam quits the tour. Jared Padalecki was a cast member on the show. And of course, there's Season 6's hilarious, uber-meta French Mistake. Never change, show. Never change.

6 The only thing shocking is how fast they show up

All roads lead to Supernatural. You can try to misdirect them or point them in different directions, but the fandom will always find their way back to the show with a GIF. You'd think the only thing that the show Supernanny would have in common with Supernatural is the first few letters of the title. You're wrong. Because of course there is a scenario where Sam and Dean need to take care of a baby. You know, because they come from the most normal of families and have exactly the right lifestyle for a child. We're sure the Supernanny, Jo Frost, would not approve of their day jobs. Or the car trunk full of guns. And choosing the King of Hell to be a Godfather would get them sent to social services immediately. Then again, any baby born into the Winchester family will have an actual guardian angel to watch over him/her, wit his angel blade at the ready.

5 Nice try, Sherlockians

The Sherlock fandom is the hardest done by of the fandoms. Except for the Firefly die-hards, of course. (#stilltoosoon) They have so few seasons and episodes to choose from and, because it takes a million years between each season, they have the most spare time to fill while the show is on hell-atus. They're always so impressed with themselves when they find a funny GIF. But the Supernatural fandom's game is strong. They will hunt those adorable Sherlock moments of Tumblr success and hijack the whole thing. When you think about it, Sam and Dean are the Sherlock and Watson of the Supernatural world - they just carry more guns. And are friends with a demon, an angel and a grim reaper. The real Sherlock would have them committed for suggesting these things even exist.

4 Revered historical figures are fair game

Yes, it happened. Sam fought Ghandi. (Dean killed Hitler but that's a whole different story.) This GIF is from Season 5's 'Fallen Idols' episode where people are being killed by famous dead people and significant objects (like James Dean's car). Sam and Dean initially suspect famous ghosts are causing the murders in a town called Canton, but their theory is busted when two victims report seeing Paris Hilton - who is still very much alive. She's actually a pagan god that's using the appearances of people the victims admire to lure them to their deaths. Gandhi is one of Sam's idols, which is why it appears to him in that body. Paris Hilton and Gandhi in the same episode. Only Supernatural could pull that off. That Jared and Jensen manage to keep their faces straight during filming is beyond impressive. Bookmark this clip for days when you need cheering up.

3 Groundhog Sam

Sam and Dean have died so often, it's difficult to keep count. But as of October 2016, Sam has died six times and Dean a whopping 118 times. Most of these happen in the episode 'Mystery Spot' which is shown in the GIF above. In this episode, Sam gets stuck in a time loop of  Tuesdays where Dean keeps dying. If you ask fans to choose their favorite episodes, this would be at the top of many of their lists. We don't see all of the ways in which he dies, but some of them include death by taco, by dog attack and by pig 'n poke. It often funny but also very dark. (Supernatural is one of the few shows that can balance these tones so well.)

It turns out that the Trickster has put Sam in this loop to show him that Dean is his biggest weakness and that their obsession with saving each other will bring them only pain - especially because their enemies will use this weakness against them. As later seasons prove, he's not entirely wrong either.

2 Benedict Cumberbatch - real name or excellent insult?

Benedict Cumberbatch sounds like something our random insult generator would've spat out. (Sidenote: Blended cucumber? Ew.) This GIF comes from a recent episode in Season 12 called 'Fresh Blood.' In it, Sam and Dean are hunting a vampire but get sidetracked when they re-encounter the hunter Gordon Walker. It happens in Season 3 after Dean has made the deal with the crossroads demon to bring Sam back to life in exchange for his soul.

When the user replies, 'You’ll need a few more episodes to reach Supernatural fandom level of relevant GIFs,' he's right... Sherlock has only aired 13 episodes since 2010. Supernatural has aired over 250. It's also been running five years longer than Sherlock has since the first episode was broadcast in 2005. It's impossible for them to come anywhere close to the kind of GIF game the Supernatural fandom have. It's cute that they try, though.

1 All of the cheese... all of the time

You know how the joke goes: Why is six afraid of seven? Because seven ate nine.

Where there's a cheesy joke, there's a GIF to go with it. It's entirely likely that cheesy comebacks will have something to do with Castiel because his naivete makes him seem so corny. And that is why this GIF is so hilarious: Cas would say something like that and actually believe it. Here's how the scene plays out:

Castiel: It's Enochian. I believe it's some sort of riddle. "Why is six afraid of seven?" Now, I assume it's because seven is a prime number, and prime numbers can be intimidating.

Sam: [bemused] It's because seven eight nine.

[The door opens with a loud creak]

Castiel: It's wordplay. And the answer is the key, like the doors of Durin in "Lord of the Rings."

Sam: Wait a second. You know about "The Lord of the Rings?"

Castiel:I'm very pop-culture savvy now.

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