15 Hilariously Relatable Memes You And Your Boyfriend Will Laugh At

When couples are together for a decent amount of time, they slowly start to become comfortable around each other and begin to show their true selves. When we say "true selves," we mean all of the crazy, but sometimes endearing habits they had before the relationship started. In a normal relationship, things aren't always as sweet as rainbows and ice cream. Sometimes, we all can get a little crazy and overreact when we really don't need to. So, it's a good thing that there are things (such as memes) that we can create, post online and relate with everyone else who's just as crazy as us. In particular, the following 15 memes are annoyingly relatable and hilarious to couples. For those of you that are single, it probably makes you all thankful you don't need to deal with this right now.

15 When he bribes you with food

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They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. While that may be true, it doesn't just apply to men. Yes, women actually like food, too, and they can often be bribed with it, along with jewelry and compliments. If anyone has ever gotten into a fight with their significant other, they know that while they want to be incredibly upset, sometimes it doesn't work that way. Usually, the love we have for our significant other shines through and the anger doesn't last very long. It's even more difficult if your significant other knows your weaknesses because they will use them to their full-extent. Case in point? Food. Unless you aren't partial to food (and let's be honest, who wouldn't be?), it would be hard to keep up the cold shoulder. While a lot of us would give in and take what delicious food is offered to us, that doesn't mean we can't continue to give bae the stink-eye.

14 When fighting seems like a good idea

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Most (if not all) of us have had our hearts broken at least once. While time usually can heal all, the memories are still crystal clear in our heads. We often keep those memories in the back of our brain until the next time we decide to take our chances and dive into another relationship. But this time, our significant other is actually a decent human being and some of us (sadly) aren't used to being treated how we should be. So, when bae is actually amazing to us, we can't help but think that something is up. We don't want to, but it's almost like we are subconsciously deciding to give 'em hell. While we eventually realize that we are being overdramatic, it isn't until after we cause a scene. Sigh.

13 When cuddling is a necessity

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Summer is great. It's nice out, we can be one with nature and we don't have to stay cooped up in the house anymore. In most areas, summer also comes with unbearable days of heat. If we aren't used to it everyday, it can even be more difficult to cope with. While the heat waves come and go, our love for cuddling never subsides. So, when summer rolls around, our cuddling game isn't as strong as we would like it to be. What is a person to do when they need to have some physical interaction with their significant other? Well, it's not what you sickos think. We opt out by placing our foot on our SO's leg or casually touch fingers, so there is some sort of connection. It needs to happen and couples will always find a way, no matter the temperature outside.

12 Going to get milk? Naw, a puppy sounds better

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It has been said that if someone doesn't like animals, then they shouldn't be trusted. After all, who wouldn't like to pet a cute puppy or hold an adorable kitten? People without souls that's who. Nonetheless, it's always a huge step to own something with a significant other. While renting an apartment together is one thing, buying a living, breathing creature is another. While we constantly joke about who the animal likes best, the mutual love we have for a shared pet brings couples together even more. Something that might happen is a girlfriend goes to the store and casually ends up bringing a dog home instead. While this is usually just wishful thinking, sometimes, it probably does happen. After all, we need milk for cereal, but we need a puppy even more.

11 When he looks beyond your meltdowns

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There are points in a relationship where the feelings two people have for each other are tested. It could be due to long distance, a demanding job or just crazy behavior. When two people get in their first fight as a couple, it's usually a make or break deal. Each person decides if the other is worth the trouble and they either break up or move on from there. We, women, know that sometimes "that time of the month" or just plain old hormones can get the best of us and we go a bit crazy on our significant other. While we often feel embarrassed after we start screaming about mundane issues, it is a low-key test of some sort to see what bae will do. When they are still around after a mild meltdown, we know there is some potential there and we love them even more.

10 When the smartphone is off-limits

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While there should be no secrets between a couple, some conversations between us and our girlfriends should stay within the group chat. While we aren't trying to hide anything from our significant other, there are also times when we still want a piece of privacy just for ourselves. Just like a woman's purse, we don't like other people going through our phone. While it may sound a bit sketchy, we may be planning a surprise birthday or looking up gifts for our significant other and don't want them finding out. So, when these situations happen, you can bet on it that we will do anything and everything to get our precious phones back. Trip them and give them a bloody nose? They had in coming. While we may not want it to come to that, there's something about people going through our phones that just irks us.

9 When you want everyone to know

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When we are in love, we want everyone and their uncle to know who our boyfriend or girlfriend is. Going out in public and doing things together not only strengthens the bond between a couple, but also creates memories to look back on later. So, when we're out and about together, we don't mind others admiring how cute we are together. But, it's different when another man or woman is looking our SO up and down like they want a piece. While we probably wouldn't want to admit it, it's happened and there isn't anything that can be done. So instead, the classic stare-down should put that person back in their place and send them on their merry way. Girl, bye!

8 When they should know better

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Technology is extremely useful. It allows us to connect with people when we aren't face to face with them. It also allows us to do an abundance of other cool things, too, but that's besides the point. The point is, cellphones allow us to text our boyfriend at every hour of the night, while expecting them to respond back at a decent time. Couples should understand that before they had each other, they had separate lives and interests, besides one another. These interests allow us to put our cellphones down and do other things. So, when one half of the couple decides to write a heartfelt text message right before bed, they certainly expect one back when they wake up in the morning. If not? It won't be pretty.

7 When he says the right things

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While we, women, love to hear from our significant other that we look good without makeup, we also know that we look extremely good with makeup on, as well. After all, we should, since makeup is expensive and time-consuming. It seems that men are always trying to get their girlfriends to wear less makeup. While we appreciate them liking us just the way we are, we also kind of want them to appreciate all the time and effort we put into doing our makeup. After all, we can appreciate a guy's outfit, hairstyle and flow, so why can't a guy appreciate us with AND without makeup? Maybe they secretly do, but they just want us to spend less time staring into the mirror and more time with them. Aww!

6 When the comfort level reaches its peak

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When we have feelings for someone, we want them to know all about us. But, there are things we like to keep to ourselves for a longer amount of time to avoid judgement. What type of things? Things such as our gross habits or rituals we do when we are alone. We might clip our toenails on our bed, we might eat chips in the bathtub or we might pass gas when no one is around. While the latter is a natural thing to do, it's also deemed embarrassing and not something we do in front of someone we are starting to gain strong feelings for. But, when the first one happens, there is a type of barrier that is broken and we both feel a little bit more secure in the relationship.

5 When men become boyfriends

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When we start seeing someone, we want them to think that we think they are all that and a bag of chips. We want to impress them so they like us. So, we do stupid things, such as laugh at their corny jokes, until they do like us. It's a classic move, but it must be successful, right? So, once we start seeing more of the man or woman of our dreams, the balances slightly shift and things slightly change. Once we know that the other person wants to stick around and put up with our crap, we stop the act and start calling them out on their lame joke, instead of simply laughing at them. After all, we now have them trapped in our web, so they can take the teasing now.

4 When he gushes over that one time

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Men surprise us at the most convenient and sometimes, at the most inconvenient times. Usually, woman are the ones who outwardly express their feelings, but men can also be just as emotional. So, when we are being social and people start gushing about how cute of a couple we are, we can't help from gleam from ear to ear and low-key agree. We can't get enough of the story of how we first knew we had strong feelings for each other and we are even more excited when our man remembers it, leaving no detail uncovered. We feel so #blessed that we have such a good man and can almost feel the jealousy radiate off those around us. The look above is so real and just about every couple can probably relate.

3 What's yours is mine, but what's mine is mine

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This is one of the most real situations when it comes to couples and their habits and we can't help but laugh. In relationships, usually one person is more conscious of what they are eating and opt for a healthier meal instead. No harm in that, right? Then again, it is date night and indulging a bit won't hurt that much. So, when bae gets their meal, we can't help but notice how delicious their meal looks compared to our own. Even though we had the decision to order something just as tasty, we didn't think we would want all of that food. Since bae is generous and loves us, they can't say no when we reach across and steal a fry (or 10), right? Usually they tolerate it, but sometimes, they get a bit touchy about their food and tell us to get our own. Yeah right, like that's going to happen.

2 When he knows you don't mean it

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Once we've gone past the point of not sparing our boyfriend's feelings anymore, we tell him exactly what we mean and expect him to understand. We also like to be a bit annoying and tease him until he can't handle it anymore. These are the laws of dating and they usually only benefit one person at a time. Then, like a bat out of hell, he claps back and decides that he will start teasing us right back when really, it's not OK at all. We think we are the only ones that can push the buttons in this relationship and we get instantly irritated when he does something even remotely annoying. We try to act mad and we put up a front, but in reality, when he says sorry for eating the last pizza slice, we can't help but put him in his place, even though he knows we don't mean it.

1 The art of being passive-agressive

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We don't mean to call our fellow females out, but we can be a bit overdramatic at times. Other times, we try to be more low-key and act like the cool girlfriend that we know we are. We try really hard to not be annoyed that our significant other forgot it was date night and try to brush it off as if it is nothing. But in our heads, we are about to flip the dining room table right over. But, instead of jumping to dramatic conclusions, we use our Plan B, to hit him where it hurts. We tell our significant other that everything is "fine" and that he can "do whatever he wants," hoping he gets the point. Even though they usually get the hint, other times, the tactic blows up and he takes it as a cue that you really don't care. He hasn't learned yet, but he will.

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