15 Hilariously Relatable Struggles That Will Make Every Girl Say, "Ugh"

Being a female is very interesting, to say the least. While every woman is different, there are some universal things that almost every girl has either done, thought, or experienced—most of which we can laugh about, due to either how relatable or ridiculous these experiences were. From the soul-crushing agony of an online shopping blunder to the complete bliss of taking off your bra at the end of the day, we've all been there, and we are here to laugh about it. Here are 15 of the bad, the ugly and the definitely hilarious things only us girls will understand.

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15 Looking back on those post-beauty days

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You don't follow any makeup artists on Insta, you were never really a big fan of the Kardashians and you typically skim through the beauty section in your favorite magazine. Yet, you have noticed some growth in your own beauty game. You really didn't even intend it, but over time and with the right products, you've noticed a drastic improvement in your beauty skills. We're talking straight cat eyes and a perfect blend of shades. Oh, and your highlight game? Immaculate. But because of the drastic improvement, your older photos and selfies look more like a clown than a Chrissy Teigen. Yikes. We guess you don't have to participate in #ThrowbackThursday...like, ever.

14 Getting compliments from girls verses getting compliments from guys

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Lets face it—women would rather be complimented by women they don't know rather than by men they don't know. It goes like this: a stylish woman is walking in your direction. As you pass each other, she gives you a compliment. You smile and say thank you. You might even start a full conversation with her about whatever she has complimented you on. It's an awesome feeling that sends us into the stratosphere. Conversely, a pretty stylish guy is walking in your direction and gives the same compliment. It usually depends upon how it's said, but most times, we think it is some sort of pick-up line. We might say thank you (just to be polite) but it's said flatly. We continue on our way, rolling our eyes at the guy.

13 When someone snags the last of your size

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During a casual shopping run, you decide to stop into one of your favorite stores. As you get close, you noticed that there is a giant sign in red with your favorite word on it: SALE. Heading in, you peruse, looking from thing to thing, nothing really peaking your interest. However, that suede button-down skirt, those burgundy knee-high boots, or whatever that piece is (that you've been wanting to splurge upon) grabs your attention. You make a bee line and discover that, yes, this must-have piece is currently on sale. You comb the racks, hoping to find your ideal item in your size. But, just as you arrive to your size, the girl next to you, who also happens to be the same size, grabs it. And it's the last one (insert horror music here)!

12 Having to wear a torture device all day

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Let's start by saying that we love our bras. Most girls have hand-chosen what they believe is the most beautiful, comfortable and ladylike bras money can buy. Lacey and lovely, the idea of a gorgeous bra makes most women joyful. That is just the idea itself, though. In actuality, not so much. Sure, when you first put it on, it is not so bad. But, after a full day of overly- hooked, boob sweat-inducing and underwire madness, we can all agree that bras being annoying is an understatement. We do not know about you, but we absolutely cannot wait to get home at the end of the day and fling that chest-constricting torture device across the room like we're David using his slingshot against Goliath.

11 That one time the tutorial goes right, which ruins it for you for every time after

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So, you aren’t so good at creating that “basic smokey eye,” doing the whole contouring thing or that hairdo you see everyone rocking. You have an advantage over women of the past, though, and that is that there are free (and probably multiple) online tutorials to help you out (insert Drake singing What a Time to be Alive, here). You sit and watch one or several tutorials (who is really counting?) and decide to try your luck. After a few minutes of following the instructions to the letter, you lift your eyes from your computer or phone screen to encounter Instagram worthiness, no filter needed. That was the first time. The next time you try to do that look, you think you have got it mastered. You sit with the same tools, the same mirror, the same everything, only to discover once you're finished that it's not an Insta-worthy moment, but a complete Pinterest fail. Ugh. Back to the tutorial.

10 Having jeans fit one place but not the other

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Who doesn't love a good pair of properly-fitted denim? Some people wear denim more than they wear anything else. You gotta love its simultaneous versatility and utility. With all of that being said, we absolutely hate trying on jeans. And we know we're not the only ones who do.

Most of the time, you think you’ve found the perfect pair of denim. We mean, the color is spot-on, you easily found your size, the price is inviting and it's the style of the moment. So, you haul them into the dressing room, prepare to slide them on and your hopes raise as high as you pull them up. But, when you turn to the mirror, you see that this pair has lied to you. They may fit onto your body, but that's about it. Whether it's because the waist is too loose and the thighs are too tight, or your booty looks like something served for brunch with syrup, jean shopping is one of those annoying things we can all relate to.

9 Trying to take a selfie while out

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While out and about, you catch a glimpse of yourself. Your hair is styled, your lip gloss is poppin' and, to be honest, you are totally feeling yourself. Again, no judgement from us, babe, do you. Today is one of those days to capture and chronicle all of this slayage in selfie form. You needed some new profile pics anyway. There's only one problem: you are out. There are people walking around and no girl wants to be that shameless chick with the camera phone, constantly snapping pictures of herself. Yet, no matter how hard you try, no matter how you position your phone to try to hide it, you always end up being that girl.

8 The hair tie struggle

Via: quickmeme.com

We have a love/hate relationship with our hair ties. We love them (or at least acknowledge the fact that if we have hair long enough to put in a ponytail, that we need them). They are, and have always been, a beauty essential. However, it seems that the hair tie love is not reciprocated. Either our ties are way too tight for the amount of hair that we have, or they are not tight enough to contain the amount of hair that we have. Our ponies are either a face lift in hair-pulling form or our hair comes pouring out of them. Can we say frustration? Well, it doesn't even stop there. Some hair ties even have the nerve to take some of our hair with it when it comes out. Your head ain't no souvenir shop! Or even worse, they disappear into the abyss completely, usually never to be seen again, and usually when you need one the most. Ugh.

7 Bobby pins tho

Via: pinterest.com

We cannot talk about hair accessories going missing without talking about the ever elusive bobby pin. Every woman with hair on her head knows the struggle of the missing bobby pins. In fact, we believe that the person who can discover where all bobby pins go right before we need them, deserves a million bucks and sincere thanks from the female gender. Seriously, it seems that every time we purchase a new pack of these hair-saving essentials, they go missing as soon as we take them off of their package. Where do they go? Are they happy where they are? Are they at peace? Has someone decided to build an entire modular out of nothing but bobby pins? They could do it by the sheer amount that get lost on a weekly basis.

6 Yoga pant funk

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We love our yoga pants and leggings. They are perfect for running errands, running around town and even actually running in general. You probably have about 10 different pairs at your disposal, don't you? Comfy, shapely, and very on trend, you just toss them on and then figure out what you're going to wear with them. However, sometimes yoga pants don’t love us back. Enter the yoga pant funkthat gross and funky smell that is so pungent, even Tide had to create a commercial about it. Yoga pant funk is a real thing that affects every tight-pant-wearing woman. And the last thing any of us want to be doing is walking around in funky pants. But many of us do, usually unknowingly, only to be slapped in the face by the odor at the worst time, usually once we sit down (or in the middle of actual yoga). Make sure you clean them every chance you get, loves.

5 When the brows just won't do right

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Ah, the eyebrow struggle—it is as old as our fascination with brows. It was only a few short years ago that everyone was plucking their brows into nonexistence. Now, the trend for brows are big, full and a major part of the beauty scene. Most of us who plucked our brows bare in the late 1990s/early 2000s are now paying the price for it, having to use brow fillers and pencils to achieve our ideal look. Even those of us who didn't do that are joining in the struggle. But, how incredibly difficult is it to get these bad boys to match up? One looks like a Kardashian masterpiece while the other looks like it could emerge from a cocoon as a butterfly. Better look up some more tutorials...

4 Reminding yourself that you're supposed to shed 100 hairs a day

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Speaking of hair and hair issues, are we the only ones who, post hair washing, still freak out if there are more than seven hairs at the bottom of the shower? We do it every single time. And we acknowledge that it is completely ridiculous. However, you have to admit that every single time you wash your hair, if you see your locks strewn about the shower floor, you immediately start thinking of a contingency plan to protect your mane: change your shampoo, drink more water, stop wearing ponytails and so on. While science tells us that a healthy head of hair sheds between 50 and 100 follicles a day, actually seeing those shed hairs definitely still freaks us out.

3 Cessation of leg shaving in cold weather months

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Ladies, let's be real with each other. Almost all of us stop shaving our legs as soon as it stops being reasonably warm enough to wear shorts everyday. It is okay; there is no judgement here. Many of us don't like shaving to begin with. Some of us view it as a chore (to be honest, most of us see it as some form of torturous yoga). So, the fact that fall and winter not only come with the blessings of leggings, sweaters and pumpkin spice everything, but it also comes with not shaving every day (or every other day) makes a lot of our hearts skip a hairy beat. Unless we know there is the future potential to wear some type of short dress, skirt, or otherwise show off our legs, we definitely enjoy hanging up the razor for the season.

2 Random guys telling us to smile

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This burns us up to no end, and we know we're not alone. You are headed on your way somewhereto work, to lunch, to meet up with a friend, wherever—and this completely random guy (who you didn't even know existed and slightly wished he didn't), decided to shout at you, startling you from your own thoughts, "Smile!" Like, seriously, what’s up with these random guys and the smiling thing? Are they the pleasant police? Are they trying to check our teeth for particles of lunch? “I am so sorry, strange man, that I might have been in deep thought about something other than looking pleasant for our brief and random encounter. Thanks for reminding me to smile,” said no woman ever.

1 Online shopping fails

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Online shopping can be an incredible way to score amazing pieces, often for affordable prices. However, there are those moments when online shopping has been the bane of our shopping habits. Every woman has found something gorgeous online that they loved. The model looks incredible and the reviews are positive, so you decide to snag it. After filling in your size, address, you pay and wait for the happy mail. As soon as it arrives, you bust into the box and free the purchase. However, slipping it onto your body and turning back to the mirror, you suddenly regret not going to a store and trying it on. Yikes. At least there is free returns.

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