15 Hilariously Terrible Posts That Give Us Conflicting Emotions

15 Hilariously Terrible Posts That Give Us Conflicting Emotions


Between all of the popular social media websites, I’ve seen some pretty hilarious posts. My personal favorites are the long Tumblr posts about the “Skeleton War” that crop up EVERY SINGLE TIME there’s even a HINT of fall in the air during early September, but I also enjoy reading embarrassing stories or threads chock full of funny Game of Thrones memes.

Of course, as with any social media website, there’s always a handful of posts that are SO terrible, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read them. Some are so cringeworthy that I can’t help but roll my eyes, while others highlight humanity’s stupidity to the point where I’m ready to bash my head against the wall by the end of the story.

For everyone that is having an awful day, the following collection of 15 terrible posts that will either make readers laugh hysterically or just cry. They are so bad, and just what the doctor ordered.

15. Send Help, I Can’t Breathe From Laughing


I CRACKED UP when I saw this post on Tumblr. Some of my friends have shared some of the more wacky job posts they’ve found while job hunting on sites like Indeed or MediaBistro. I think my favorite had to be the “internship” that had all the responsibilities of a full-time position BUT said employer only wanted to pay $300 a month. Oh, and the applicant had to be totally cool with working on both weekends AND holidays because apparently they didn’t believe in a balance between work and play (and I guess you couldn’t have personal hobbies either). Whenever I hear Baby Boomers whine about how Millennials are “entitled,” I just keep thinking of the terrible-yet-hilarious job posts my friends have found over the years. Who knew that wanting a living wage meant being entitled?

14. His Wife Must’ve Been Furious


Maybe it’s because I have a dark sense of humor, but I kept giggling in a horrified sort of way as I read this post. The minute he agreed to go back to his female co-worker’s apartment, I KNEW he was going to cheat (or attempt to) and his wife would find out somehow. I’m AMAZED that he stripped naked and EVERYONE caught him trying to cheat on his wife. What made him think the secretary was even interested in him anyway? Besides, didn’t he think it was odd that NO ONE (except for his secretary) remembered his birthday and didn’t suspect that they were going to throw a surprise party? I can’t blame his wife for divorcing him. If MY boyfriend had done something like that, he’d be kicked to the curb so fast he wouldn’t even have time to blink.

13. Every Older Sibling Knows That Feeling


I got a big kick out of this post because I also know the feeling of not wanting to be a big sister. I distinctly remember being disappointed when I was a kid and my mother was like “Guess what? You’re going to be a big sister.” I didn’t WANT to have a younger sibling, all I wanted was a dog and I told her so. Needless to say, my family STILL laughs about my blunt yet sassy reply after a few drinks at almost every holiday, much to my younger sister’s chagrin. I have a feeling that the younger sister in the story is going to grow up to feel the same sort of chagrin that my sister feels EVERY SINGLE TIME they hear the same tale about their sibling’s reaction to having an interloper in their midst.

12. Someone’s Going To Need Aloe Vera For That Burn


I’m childfree, so I’ve heard every sort of snarky response to the fact that I absolutely NEVER, EVER want kids imaginable. I usually just roll my eyes or ignore them, but this sassy reply is SAVAGE. I will NEVER understand how some people can be SO JUDGMENTAL about another person having tattoos. Who cares? It’s not THEIR body, so why go around complaining about the artwork on SOMEONE ELSE’S BODY? The fact that a MOTHER was so judgmental totally baffles me, especially since she has three kids. At least if someone gets sick of their tattoos, they can get them removed or covered up. Kids are a life-long responsibility and require tons of attention and care. Not to mention that it is INCREDIBLY expensive to have kids.

11. When The Truth Hurts


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this post because this is SO TRUE. In elementary school, all we learned was the basic facts. I remember being in fifth grade and being annoyed that we didn’t learn more about ancient Egyptian history. Instead, we learned about sand, mummies and pyramids before moving on. High school was a bit more in-depth since I went to a private school and had some GREAT teachers who really made sure that we got to sink our teeth into the subject. Of course, college is when we learned the dark side of history. Sadly, the History Channel used to be pretty good in terms of documentaries but now it’s ancient aliens all the time. I sometimes wonder if that trend is a direct correlation to the downward spiral of education in America today.

10. I’ll Take Interesting Life Advice For Five Dollars, Alex


I don’t know if I should raise my eyebrows at the VERY odd advice that @warlocksmith gave to @hairychikubi or laugh hysterically. I suppose kindling a burning hatred for life so that one’s sole purpose for getting up in the morning was to toss the universe a giant metaphorical middle finger is a good reason for getting up every single morning. I’m still not quite sure how hating life and sticking to a daily routine is getting revenge on existence itself, though. I mean, it’s not like life is suddenly going to start cowering in a corner because someone hates it THAT MUCH. I don’t think life is going to get revenge on someone by having them stick to mundane routines. Sadly, both life and the universe doesn’t work like that, although it would make for a very funny Saturday Night Live skit.

9. A+ Trolling, Kid


I won’t lie, I lost it when I saw this Twitter post. The combination of the witty comeback to a theoretical question, combined with the hilarity of some kid being all proud that he’s wearing a model of the freaking SOLAR SYSTEM on his head as a hat is just too much for me. That reaction photo is just too perfect for words. I think every single family has a crotchety old relative who REALLY shouldn’t be on social media websites like Facebook, who constantly accuse youngins’ for being selfish and self-absorbed. People should screencap this hysterical Twitter post and use it every time their crotchety Baby Boomer relatives start ragging on Millennials. After all, if you can’t beat them, the next best thing to do is troll them with funny photos, right?

8. Just WTF


I’ve been a die-hard Hanson fan since 1997 and I thought I’ve seen some batsh*t crazy things, like concert goers sleeping outside on dirty mattresses JUST to get front row seats at a concert, but this takes the cake. I can’t believe that someone is PROUD of the fact that they chopped off another person’s hair all because they didn’t like Justin Bieber. Okay sure, she shouldn’t have used the word “gay” to refer to Justin because it reinforces the negative stereotype that a man who is interested in other men is “bad” or “dirty,” but jeez. This Bieber fan could’ve simply told this chick to be quiet OR just ignored her. Cutting her ponytail off… Yeah, not the right route to take.

I got made fun of back in the day for liking Hanson and I just rolled my eyes at the haters. These kinds of fans terrify me, not even going to lie.

7. Josh Is Going To Slap His Friend


It is in bad taste to make jokes about one’s friends dying, because I don’t believe in tempting fate, but I snickered at this hilarious exchange between the Twenty One Pilots duo. Poor Josh Dun must have been SO SICK of Tyler Joseph trolling him on Twitter by pretending he was dead. I won’t deny that the entire exchange was funny, although I have a sneaking suspicion that the next time the two see each other, Josh might just toss a drumstick or two at Tyler in order to get back at him for making jokes that he was dead. If he DOES try to get revenge on Tyler for his tacky joke, then I hope he films it and uploads it to Twitter for all of the band’s fans to see.

6. I Can’t Figure Out How Being Single Is A Disability


How the hell did the World Health Organization come to the conclusion that being single is technically a disability? What kind of sh*tty research is that? Who came up with this kind of study in the first place? What a waste of time; we need scientific research to help figure out WTF causes Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder, studies to help find a cure for cancer, etc. There’s nothing wrong with being single, and to label it a “disability” is a slap in the face to people with ACTUAL disabilities. It also reinforces the idea that being single isn’t natural and that people can never be happy until they find a significant other. I’m glad @KingPaul__ made such a snarky reply to Gizmodo. The World Health Organization needs to take this stupid statement and GTFO.

5. I Can Hear My Fellow Disney Nerds Sobbing


Is it bad that I laughed hysterically when I read this post? I know my fellow Disney nerds are probably going to gasp in shock and shriek about how Simba was devastated when Scar killed Mufasa, but I found the tweet funny. I personally don’t think Simba was thinking about his father’s death when he belted out “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King,” but it IS a funny coincidence that he sang that song in front of Zazu right before Scar hurled Mufasa into a herd of stampeding wildebeests. Maybe Scar secretly overheard his nephew singing about how he can’t wait to grow up and rule over everyone; which is why he concocted a plan to kill Mufasa and pin the blame on his young nephew. I wouldn’t be shocked to find out if Scar had spies everywhere and they reported back to him about the pride’s every move.

4. This Is So Mean


My jaw dropped when @epDannyEdge admitted on Twitter that he once catfished a girl on the Internet. As far as catfishing goes, it was pretty minor and it’s amusing to think about a 12-year-old being proud of the fact that they successfully lied about their age. That being said, catfishing is still not cool. My little sister LOVED the MTV show Catfish and I’ve seen some of the episodes. It still makes my skin crawl when I think about how there were some folks who had ZERO qualms lying about their life or identities. I don’t get the point of catfishing — even if it’s just a dumb teenager lying about his age so he had an “Internet girlfriend.” It’s stupid and could wind up hurting someone. Has no one heard the phrase “honesty is the best policy?”

3. The Struggles Of The Modern Millennial


I sighed and then snickered at this tweet because this pretty much sums up the entire Millennial generation. NO ONE has the means to live comfortably for the rest of their days unless they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth or magically won the lotto. It’s pretty sad to see that an ENTIRE generation got screwed over by their elders and are shamed for wanting things like a living wage or universal healthcare. That’s why I’m always baffled whenever Baby Boomers start saying nasty things about Millennials. My dudes, the Millennial generation wasn’t the one who f**ked everything up. That wasn’t us, it was the Boomers — or, well, the politicians who were mostly voted in by the Boomers. A little self-reflection instead of bashing Millennials mindlessly would be appreciated.

2. This Is A Great Way To Troll Folks Who Believe Going Out Cures Depression


As someone who also struggles with mental illness, I laughed hysterically when @kujikawaii went outside and made the “tropical depression” joke. I need to remember that one for the next time people keep trying to coax me into going outside when I’m having a really bad mental health day. I don’t have depression, but there are days when the PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder) hits so bad that I can barely get out of bed and I’m lucky if I manage to take the dogs out for a walk around the block. I always roll my eyes whenever I see well meaning, but ignorant, folks claim that “going outside and getting some fresh air” will cure mental illness. Sadly, that is not how that works; that’s not how ANY of this works.

1. That Dog’s Expression Is Priceless


I’ve seen some pretty nasty fights break out at my local dog park, including one where my friend’s daughter received 15 puncture wounds from a batsh*t crazy Rottweiler that was going after her dog. But the look on that poor Pit Bull mix’s face is a riot. If he could talk, I’m pretty sure he’d be yelling something to the effect of “Nope, nope nope, I’m out of here! The guy behind me is WAY too big for me to tangle with!”

The next time people start whining about vicious Pit Bulls, I’m going to show them this picture. Sure, there might be some Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes who struggle with aggression issues, but there’s plenty out there who are big babies. Just look at this guy; he messed with the wrong dog and instead of attempting to fight back, he high-tailed it out of there. Now there’s a dog with a sense of self-preservation!

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