15 Hilariously Vengeful People Who Definitely Didn't Take The High Road

It’s a common saying, definitely made more popular by Michelle Obama’s awesome election speech, but still age-old: “When they go low, you go high.” D-bag neighbors? Just kill em’ with kindness. Horrible exes? Let them be their own downfall and just keep playing nice. Strangers stepping way out of their lane? Eh, it happens, just move on. Okay, that’s good and all, and definitely if you’re living your best life, you might turn the other cheek when people are acting a fool, but maybe—just maybe—there’s also some merit in seeing someone go low, going, “wait a minute,” and giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Let’s face it: not everybody can or should go high all the time, and, if we’re being real, it’s usually really fun watching them make the choice to, uh, pivot downward. So here are 15 times people were met with down-low behavior and decided to match crappy for crappy, petty for petty, and how sweet revenge wound up tasting.

16 No Woman, No Netflix

The exchanging or lending of Netflix passwords has become a pivotal part of the modern courtship/relationship ritual. It’s surprising that we don’t have parties or celebrations when you take that next step and give someone your Netflix password. It’s almost like low key moving in with each other. In any case, it’s some serious business....as is figuring out what to do when the relationship breaks up, and your ex still has your Netflix password. The “please don’t use my Netflix” conversation isn’t easy, but I’m pretty sure we’ve all had it at this point (or had someone have the “please don’t use my Netflix password” talk at us). It’s really just common courtesy to listen to your ex when they ask you to stop mooching off their Netflix account and messing up their suggestions with your taste in TV. And this guy’s ex girlfriend just would not do the right thing. 

So what does he do? He gets strategic with pulling the plug. There is nothing more frustrating that sitting there mid-binge having just lost the source of your trashy TV fix. That’s some weaponized password revocation right there.

15 Mr. Ed's Revenge

14 Lol No Thanks

If you’ve been unlucky enough to be a recipient of one of these post-ghosting texts (and, let’s be real, if you’re like the majority of people, you have been), you know exactly how infuriating they are. You start getting close with someone, only for them to totally ghost you for long enough that you assume that they’re just not interested. Then, when it’s convenient for them, and they’re lonely, or looking for a booty call, or looking to fill a void, they decide to draw you back from the underworld of ghosting ghostiness and start up as if there hadn’t been a total abandonment thing going on. Uh, no. But usually people either respond to this by (unfortunately) giving in, ghosting back, or just being like, nah bye. This person decided to go low, but went low quite creatively. And it's because of their creativity that I'm a fan of this.

So dear, mystery texter, Ghosting isn’t cool.

13 Not In My Pond...

There are many different approaches they tell you to take when it comes to bullying, and pretty much all of them include taking the high road and rising above the crappy behavior of your bully. Ask any parent or school teacher these days, and that’s what they’ll tell you. However, as Reddit user, Paranatural discovered (or decided), that was just not going to cut it with his backwoods tormentor. This kid seemed to be coming into his nice swamp/pond retreat and being a complete jerk for basically no reason except for that he could abuse a younger kid and that kid, he guessed, would not be able to do anything about it. Well, jokes on you, bully from Paranatural’s past, because you are dealing with a proper poison ivy-immune Louisiana superhero, who is cold as ice and is willing to use his powers for revenge. Seriously, it’s hard not to cheer for the kid who beat his bully with nature.

12 Hell Hath No Fury Like A Sleepy Person Interrupted

[caption id="attachment_193226" align="alignnone" width="640"]whisper.sh[/caption]

To some, the person posting whisper.sh definite display of low-road-taking behavior on Whisper might seem, well...a little harsh. People can’t *really* control how they sleep. So when their roommate was not waking up while their alarm was blaring, it wasn’t because they were doing anything actively crappy to them, their body just wasn’t waking up. To those who judge this person thusly, I totally understand, and it is good that you are so kind to others.

However, the people reading this who NEED their sleep, and guard it AGGRESSIVELY, will totally get this impulse. I definitely do. Look, rule number one, as absolutely accurately stated by Brandi from Bad Girls Club: respect our sleep. There are tons of things you can mess with, but for some people, sleep is absolutely not one of them. Hence why their roommate was faced with the wrath of the woken up co-habitator. Next time, get one of those alarm clocks that shakes you awake, and maybe a job where you can come in a little later.

11 It Takes A Village

Honestly, this is an example of absolutely inspiring pettiness, in which not one, but a whole train car full of people decided to take the “low” road and meet fire with fire. If you’ve ever been in a quiet train car, or really anywhere that is supposed to be “gabbing-loudly-on-your-cell-phone-free,” you know how infuriating this woman’s behavior is. Seriously, there’s an entire train full of cars, and you’ve decided to have your loud, probably super obnoxious phone conversation in the one car where you’ve been asked not to? Though some passengers opted to take to the “high road” and just moved cars, all who remained decided to join forces and give this woman some of her own medicine by making her as uncomfortable as they were.

Our favorite part is how this was a totally unified effort that didn’t even require planning or even a word between the folks in the car. Hell, even the conductor was on board. 10/10, low road for the win.

10 Get Him Where It Hurts

There’s a special type of crappy that goes into cheating on a spouse/partner, and those who opt to respond with a special type of zeal that feels especially justified to onlookers. In this case, this woman decided to go extra and not only tell her cheating ex-boyfriend that she’s taking the tickets and going to the game without his cheating self, but to then directly call him out, on national TV. Presumably, all their friends and family who also watch football would also see her getting screen time with that sign, and would therefore now know their boy was a cheater. And he got to think about all that from back at home watching the game on his couch. You go, girl!

9 Somebody Call The Burn Unit...

Those of us who were around back in the way yonder days of MySpace remember dear old Tom. Tom was the founder of the company and the site, but he was never too good to be your friend. In fact, he was everybody’s first friend — giving a leg up to the little guy.

MySpace, it seems, has been off everybody’s radar for awhile (remember, this was pre-Facebook), and there have been lots of people wondering what Tom’s been up to since then. The answer, apparently, is being a totally justified savage on social media. When some dude called @polotapia decided to come at MySpace Tom totally unprovoked, bringing up his apparent inability to keep MySpace going, Tom was like, “oh, hell no,” and totally schooled polotapia in the ways of a little thing called a buy-out. Our advice to one Mr. polotapia is: bro, do not bite off more than you can chew. Just take that burn to the burn unit and move right on along...

8 That's One Option...

7 Happy Christmas, Jerks

When it comes to employees finally just saying 'screw it' and coming out with their problems about being mistreated by their employers, it’s hard not to empathize. Bosses sometimes totally project a worker-friendly, happy-go-lucky, good-treatment-focused attitude to the customer, only to totally mistreat and screw over their staff behind closed doors. This happens sometimes in the food industry, where long hours and labor demands make bad bosses particularly insensitive to the needs of their workers.

This former Head Chef from The Plough Pub in the UK had apparently had enough of that sort of mistreatment, and was like, “Nope. Putting you on blast on Twitter. #sorrynotsorry.” Not only did he reveal the absurd reason he was fired, but he also called them out on buying their meat from a crappy supermarket chain, despite how they might advertise it. Moral of the story for all those bad bosses out there: don’t mess with the wrong employee, folks!

6 Wave That Flag

As I said before, I could not resist putting not one but two cheating spouse entries in this article — and this one is just as good as the first. I liked it so much because it was pretty much unavoidable to look at. If neighbors were like, “Huh, I wonder what’s going on with that family?”, there is absolutely no ambiguity. Whoever Linnie is, it seems like (beyond being a jerk who cheated on his wife while she was caring for his sick mother), he did NOT realize who he was dealing with when he crossed his wife. She is not afraid to let it all hang out there. There’s no keeping quiet for this woman: you did her wrong, and people are going to know about it. Consider your dirty laundry aired AF. Maybe all that time he was devoting to carrying on not one but two affairs can now be used playing clean up all over town once everyone finds out he’s a total pig. #TeamLinniesWife

5 Surprise!

As we’ve explored elsewhere in this article, office kitchens can be a knock down drag out battle field of people’s inconsiderate behavior and other people attempting to deal with it. On such a fluorescent-lit, linoleum-floored battlefield, even those who may have taken the high road again and again may become takers of the infamous low road. That is what happened with this woman, who apparently absolutely had enough of people taking her coffee creamer without asking, apparently for an entire week.

This woman is apparently a new mom, so she decided to use what nature gave her to work with, and decided to switch out that creamer with something a little more...homemade. Surprise! Something tells us that after learning that they’d been drinking something that came directly from their coworker’s body, they eased off the whole “stealing Nancy's cream” routine. Do not underestimate moms, yo. Not even once.

4 Don't Bite The Hand That Drove You...

When it comes to situations like this, where someone gets properly called out for being a total idiot/thief/dumbass on Facebook on their own account by someone they’ve wronged, all we can do is clap. Yes, the “high road” reaction by the driver, who was nice enough to lend the hitchhiker a ride and was robbed of his cigarettes in return, would have been to ignore the thieving behavior of the dude he picked up and try to get his stuff back to him, since it seemed like the hitchhiker’s whole life was in that bag. However, I think we can all agree that when you decide to go ahead and be crappy to someone who did you a favor, you’re taking a gamble about how nice they’re going to continue to be to you in the future; a gamble where the odds, shall we say, are not on your side. Nor is karma.

3 Game Of Spoilers

Okay, I'm just going to come right out and say this. For people who love petty revenge (uh...that may or may not be me), this is some next level Khaleesi-type behavior. This man decides that he’s going to go and cheat on his girlfriend, but she’s not content with just breaking up with him. Oh, no. She’s decided to use her knowledge of the Game of Thrones series to totally spoil the whole thing for him, plot twist by plot twist, character death by character death. This is really, seriously, amazing evil genius stuff at work here. After the break up, she blocked him on all social media, and then only unblocked him for her weekly spoilers, after which she blocked him again until the next week. Every time he blocked her on a social media platform, she’d find another way to message him. When he blocked her phone, she used a friend’s phone to text the spoilers. If you’ve ever lived that Game of Thrones life, you know how devastating spoilers can be. 

2 We Have A Monster On Our Hands

According to many, the best examples of low road taking behavior are subtle, but totally insidious...and that's absolutely the case here. This dude’s brother was a mean jerk, and then probably moved on and forgot about his mean jerk behavior. Meanwhile, this evil genius over here has figured out a payback scheme that is going to do so much more damage than any little jerky outburst could have done.

Have you ever had your laptop wobble or a similar small but regular annoyance, and never been able to figure out what it was or how to fix it? It seems like this brother is not the sharpest tool in the shed, so I can assume it’s going to take him a good long while to find the source of the wobble. Meanwhile, he goes slowly mad, like through Chinese Water Torture...only slightly more low key. This dude is right. We SHOULD fear him.

1 Fast Food Shots Fired

Quite a few brands out there have honed the power of social media, and have figured out how to have a pretty stellar social media presence, specifically on Twitter. Wendy’s in particular, has learned to out-savage most of the other fast food joints in the Twitterverse with totally fire, rip-you-apart tweets. Most regard their opponents and competitors.

They seem especially touchy/savage about their main competitor, McDonald’s, and have basically waged a turf war via tweets with Micky D’s (as well as Burger King). This tweet, is one of many where Wendy’s takes other burger joints to town. Like, bro, you’re going to go after McDonald’s like it can steal people’s dignity? That is straight up cold, Wendy’s. That little girl with the red braids is apparently not messing around, even remotely. She will cut you (you know, with...on Twitter...with tweets). And we love it.

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