15 Honest Whisper Confessions From People Who Had Plastics

I'll be honest, I feel conflicted about plastic surgery. At face value, I don't see anything wrong with it. If it improves your self-esteem? Great! I just don't think that teenagers should even be thinking about plastic surgery at their age. Sure, I have body image issues, but I'm far more comfortable in my own skin than I used to be. When you're a teenager, there's so much pressure to look a certain way, dress a certain way, and wear your hair just like the hottest celebs. It's hardly a mature age to make such a life-changing decision. Besides, you might find that you start liking your unique features later in life. A nose job? That literally changes your whole face, not just the nose that you hate. When I went on Whisper, I discovered that others were just as conflicted as I am. Here are 15 Whisper confessions that might make you think a bit differently about getting a nip and tuck.

15 My Kids Don't Look Like Me

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Geez, can you imagine having this fear? Being afraid that you'll have children and they'll look so different from you that they won't even look like you at all? It makes me wonder how much plastic surgery this woman has had. It must be a lot to be afraid of this kind of thing. It's also so sad that she feels she has to hide it from her partner. Choosing to be with someone for life should mean that you're comfortable telling them these kinds of things about yourself. I really hope her husband didn't marry her because of how she looks, though. This confession just makes me so sad for people who through this sort of thing. I hope she ends up finding the courage to open up to her husband and I hope her confidence in herself grows.

14 The Meds Made Me Do It

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Here's another tragic confession. Getting surgery of any kind is serious business. Imagine being so medicated that you make this kind of life changing decision on a whim? It must be so awful to have to have gone through something where you need medication that alters your behavior. That makes you do things you regret. I'm assuming it's some kind of psychiatric medication because usually, those are the kinds of meds that can alter your behavior. This poor person probably went through some kind of depression, then went through a surgery, and then realized they regretted it afterwards. Now they'll have a reminder of their terrible decision for the rest of their life. That's just so sad to think about. It's too bad no one was able to intervene.

13 Genetics

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Can you imagine having a mom who behaves like this? A mom who is so insecure with herself that she gets plastic surgery? Look, it's her choice. That's fine. But it's troubling to me when you're essentially telling your daughter that it's okay to hate yourself. At least, that how this feels to me. She's calling herself ugly and blaming it on genetics and isn't realizing the impact that this must have on her offspring. You share the same genetics, lady! Putting myself in your daughter's shoes, I imagine that's just so awful; to hear your mom be so happy that she's free of her ugly genes thanks to plastic surgery. That's not a message I think any mother should be spreading to her daughter.

12 They Made Me Unique

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Here's another confession that has to do with regret. And again, this makes me sad. It's true, moles can sometimes be unique features that set someone apart. It's such a shame that kids are so mean sometimes. Everyone has something different about them that stands out, and it's so tragic that this person had her moles removed just because she felt self-conscious. I can totally understand someone getting them lobbed off because they are precancerous or even cancerous. Or maybe someone who has a history of Skin Cancer in their family. But it's so insane to me that kids were so mean that she had to go under the knife just to get rid of her identifying marks. That bullying caused her to do something she regrets and that's just such a shame. I know it's hard when you're young, but try to focus on how you feel about your body. Not what others feel.

11 Boob Job Jealousy

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People, big boobs are not all they're cracked up to be. Shirts never fit, cute bras are impossible to find, and everything always looks too revealing. Also, yeah, plastic surgery is mad expensive. Listen, it's your money. You can do whatever you want to do, but to go into debt just to get bigger boobs? Get a padded bra for goodness sake. A bit of extra boobage isn't worth all that money if you ask me. I'm biased, of course. But it pains me to hear someone so sad about their small boobs. Embrace them! I bet you look great in all clothes. If you want more cleavage just get yourself a push-up bra! Afraid of your partner not finding you sexy? Dump them and find someone who's more into butts than boobs.

10 Nose Job From Parents

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In my high school years, I actually knew a few teens who went under the knife to get nose jobs. Believe it or not, when I heard about their surgery, I was pretty jealous. I hated my nose. I've always felt it's too big and weird looking. But I've come to embrace how my nose looks and after years of looking in the mirror, I've realized that the different features on my face make up the whole. To change your nose changes your entire face. When some of my peers came back to school with new noses, it seemed like they also sported whole new faces. They looked completely different. I realized the features they changed were features that made them so unique. Sure, your daughter is confident now, but wouldn't the better lesson have been to teach her how to be confident and how to feel beautiful without a different nose? But, to each their own, I guess.

9 Mom Loves Plastic Surgery

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Oh boy, this is epically sad. Having a mom who's more interested in upgrading her face and body than helping you get an education? Sure, some parents believe in letting their kids figure their own sh*t out when it comes to college. They think it's a lesson in character to force their kids to get a job and work for their education. I respect that. But the parent who does this and then turns around and gets plastic surgery and botox? Yikes. That person's priorities are a little bit fudged up if you ask me. Imagine struggling to pay for school and rent and then seeing your mom with brand new boobs? That cannot be easy. I hope this person gets through their tough time, and I hope that mom realizes she's hurting her relationship with her child.

8 I Just Don't Give AF

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Ooof, there's so much wrong with this. Like, where do I start!? Now that this person has 'fixed' themselves, they don't care if they get pregnant... I'm assuming they don't care because they've gotten surgeries and won't have to worry about a pregnancy 'ruining' their body? Honestly, it's hard to say for certain. FYI, plastic surgery isn't always a permanent fix. Your body can still change, especially when it comes to a pregnancy. This person has their priorities all fucfged up. You should definitely care if you get pregnant, especially since it seems like you don't even want a child. The solution to having a baby is not just to simply "give it away" to your relatives. I'm going to make a wild assumption and say that no one else will want to take on your responsibilities. If you're grown enough to have a child, you're grown enough to raise a child.

7 Halloween Costume

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Oh my God. No. Okay, so this person hasn't gone under the knife but I really freaking hope they don't. Wanting to look good in a costume is NOT a reason to get plastic surgery. Is it because you could stand to lose a few pounds? First off, do that for your health, not for a Halloween getup. It's just a dumb holiday that happens once a year! Second, that's seriously a terrible reason to get plastic surgery. Is it because you're trying to look a specific way so you can really pull off a costume? Again, stop it. You should not alter your appearance permanently just to dress up as a cat. Sure, some people are into that, but it's PERMANENT. Do not change your face or body for Halloween, please.

6 Already Spent 20K

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I think this confession offers up a good lesson. The first being, don't spend $20,000 before you're 20 years old. You could have used that to pay for tuition, a down payment, or a myriad of other things that are more important than your looks. This person says they don't regret their decision, but it kind of sounds like they do. They regret focusing so much on their looks for so long. Somehow, I don't think that realization came about being of plastic surgery. I don't think changing the way you look changes anything deep rooted. We all get older. We all get wrinkles, lines, and things start to sag. Even if a person gets Botox or a facelift, at some point Mother Nature reigns supreme. There's more to life than how we look. If plastic surgery makes you feel better — then good for you! But remind yourself that you're more than just your looks.

5 Melting Ice Cream

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I always wondered about this. Do people realize how they really look after extensive plastic surgery? At some point, the face can't handle it. It ends up looking much worse than to begin with. I wonder if this person's mom knows that her son or daughter thinks this of her. It's so sad. It would pain me so much to see my mom go through surgeries just to look 'better.' I would already think she's perfect and doesn't need to change. I hope this person feels for their mother on an emotional level. To have so many plastic surgeries that your face looks like melting ice cream can't bode well for the person undergoing the procedures. I remember watching a show a while ago about plastic surgery addiction. Imagine being addicted to altering your appearance? It's heartbreaking.

4 Butt Implants

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Why did you get butt implants in the first place? Was it for yourself? I have a hard time understanding that, although it's totally possible. I just don't look at my butt enough to even think about getting implants. Like breast implants, I can't imagine having your butt get much bigger is very comfortable. How long are you unable to sit for? Does your butt hurt for very long? Actually... can you even feel your butt at times? Squatting must be a nightmare. I find it sad when anyone regrets altering their body, but this strikes me as particularly tragic. They wasted their money and the surgery they got didn't make them feel better like they thought it would. Also, I bet it's tough to find pants that fit properly. So in all, this just sounds like a real pain in the butt... (Yes, pun intended.)

3 High School Plastic

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How is that even possible? How does a plastic surgeon find it ethically okay to perform that much plastic surgery on an adolescent? I can't possibly understand how anyone thinks this is okay. Unless this person was seriously injured and disfigured in a car accident, what could the reason be for getting lip injections at 12 years old!? Have your lips even stopped growing yet at that age? Honey, I bet your eyebrows were fine. Did she even get her period at that age? Why did you need to lift them? Isn't that for old people with sagging skin? I'm not even judging this person. But I am strongly judging their parents and even the surgeon who performed these surgeries. I guess I'm not even shocked, though. I've seen stories about kids who underwent plastic surgeries very young all because of their parents. #SMH

2 Pressure By Mom

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I need these parents to stop being so awful — like, stop being bad at parenting! I'm not a parent, so I can't tell someone else how to do their job, but I'm pretty sure this is not how you raise a child. You don't pressure them into getting liposuction. You just don't. You're basically telling your son or daughter that they're not good enough and that they need body alterations to be worthy in some way. If you ask me, that's just sick. Of course, sometimes parents tell you to do things we don't want to do, but usually, it comes from a place of love. This is not coming from a place of love. It's twisted and it's a hurtful thing to tell your child to do.

1 Regret

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Here's the thing, you, unfortunately, can't convince someone to do something else when they've made up their minds. It's clear that she made up her mind and there's nothing you could have done. It makes me sad to know that this girl regrets her decision, though. There's nothing I could tell this person that they should do. But they should never say "I told you so." That's just not okay and would make the situation worse. Instead, you should continue to be supportive. Keep loving her, keep being there for her no matter what. She regrets her decision but it's not the end of the world. She does have the option to take out the implants. I'm sure that costs extra money but at least there's that option. Nothing is permanent. Just keep telling her she's beautiful because she probably still doesn't think so.

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