15 Hopeless People Whose Flirting Attempts Are Painful To Watch

When it comes to flirting, it seems like people are either really good at it or hopelessly bad. There is no in between. Expressing feelings about a person isn’t easy. Sometimes we can tell if they are interested and other times we really have to go out on a limb and try to say something to impress them and get them to pay attention to us. For most of us, that isn't easy and we always end up saying something stupid or embarrassing when we are trying to be witty and attractive. Flirting takes practice and most of us face a lot of failures before we finally have any luck. These people are still trying. Ready for a good laugh? Check out these 15 people who have not yet mastered the art of flirting.

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15 Ouch, That Had To Hurt

There is nothing worse than putting yourself out there and getting turned down; especially when you send a photo. This poor guy probably either took this photo just so he could send it to the girl or had it saved on his phone because he thought it was a good one. He seemed pretty confident when he send it so it’s safe to say he thought he looked attractive in it. Guess he was wrong because it sure didn’t do anything for the girl he was flirting with. In his defense, she could have just said okay or even ignored it. She didn’t have to be so mean about it and potentially ruin his self esteem. Hopefully this taught this guy a lesson about flirting and he won’t make a mistake like this again.

14 Sounds Attractive

This girl is either really bad at flirting or has an odd sense of humor. I mean we think it’s pretty funny but I'm sure the person sending her texts doesn’t. He or she is probably hoping to get a sexy text back describing her lingerie or even better, saying she is wearing nothing. Nope, that’s not what they got. Some people find sweatpants and Taz shirts attractive though right? You can still be sexy and also be comfortable can’t ya? I’m all for being true to yourself and staying real, but maybe she could have left out a few details about her ensemble and just told them what they wanted to hear. I think the compression socks was probably the breaking point here. Too bad we can’t see the rest of their texts.

13 So Many Arms

Via TheBerry

Surely this guy was just trying to be funny and didn’t think this was a real hot text. Was this his way of being funny or just his way of hinting around that he wasn’t into dirty talk. The again, maybe the thought of touching his partner with eight arms is the kind of thing that turns him on. At least his partner wasn’t upset with him and was willing to let him try again. I have a feeling the next text was just as funny as this one. While he may not be good at flirting, i bet he is good at making his partner laugh. That more important than sending hot texts anyway right? That is up to his partner to decide I guess.

12 No Beating Around The Bush With This One

Via whisper.sh

Isn’t it amazing how we lose our minds and forget how to use words in the worst situations. What should have been a simple and quick conversation between these two ended in complete embarrassment for one of them. Who knows, this could have been the ice breaker that brought them together. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as she thinks it was. The guy could have thought she was cute and may have even been flattered that she stumbled on her words when she was trying to talk to him. He could just have easily have been freaked out and ran back to his friends to laugh about it. For her sake I hope he was cool about it and tried to talk to her again. Maybe by then she will have learned how to flirt properly.

11 I Bet He Still Liked It

Via whisper.sh

A lot of people use pet names when they are trying to be flirty. Of course, most people are a little more creative with the names they come up with. I’m sure that had this girl had a little more time, she probably wouldn't have called this poor guy a potato. Maybe he was able to look on the bright side and realize that being a big potato isn’t so bad. We can only imagine what other people thought when they heard it. How do you even begin to backpedal over a comment like that? Hopefully this girl went home and Googled some tips for flirting. Maybe next time she can come up with something better to call the guy she is flirting with. We can only hope.

10 Just Stay Single

Via whisper.sh

Flirting successfully means being yourself and keeping your cool. If you get flustered and try to be something you aren’t it shows and the person you are flirting with will probably not be interested. This girl seems like she may have been trying to hard and instead of coming off as interesting and confident, she became flustered and just screwed things up. There’s no coming back from something like this so I hope she wasn’t too interested in the guy she was trying to flirt with. The best thing to do is walk away and find a new victim or love interest. Can you imagine this guy trying to tell his friends about what happened. Nobody would believe that anyone is this bad at flirting. Somebody help this poor girl.

9 Just Stop Talking

Via Pinterest

This poor guy must have just had diarrhea of the mouth or text. He started off okay. He was keeping it simple and straight to the point but at some point he lost his mind and felt the need to say something funny. It’s always good to make the person you are flirting with laugh, but you should really make sure what you are saying is funny before you say or send it to someone. It looks like this girl was probably weirded out and had no desire to talk to this guy again. She was a little interested when he told her he was tall, but once he mentioned that he resembles a goblin when he runs, she was done. Can anyone blame her?

8 So Romantic

Via Smosh

Such beautiful, poetic words, they must have been written by someone very passionate or someone who is a huge Eminem fan. This guy was clearly trying to be funny. Everyone knows that song and they aren’t exactly the kind of words a girl wants to hear when a guy tells her he is going to sext her. He may have thought this was hilarious, but she wasn’t too happy about it. It’s not every day that a girl is onboard with sexting, this guy should have taken it more seriously and maybe he would have gotten somewhere. No, he just has a pissed off girlfriend who may have found someone who is a bit better with words. She should have just responded back with some equally funny lyrics to let him know what he’s up against.

7 Nice Try

We all remember the days of crushing on someone and not knowing how to tell them. We hoped they would take the hints we were throwing out or maybe heard it through the rumor mill and seemed interested, but most of us aren’t that lucky. There comes a point when you have to find a way to tell the person you are interested in them. Putting yourself out there is hard. Rejection hurts and is embarrassing so this girl found a way to tell him she liked him without actually saying it. She was probably excited after his first text back, but that last one had to hurt a little. Do you think she kept texting him or just died of embarrassment right on the spot? That’s what she gets for trying to take the easy way out.

6 Straight To The Point

Via Asiantown

Is this one of the worst pickup lines of all time? Maybe, but it still made us laugh and even if you were the person on the receiving end of this text and was completely offended by it, you would still probably giggle about it a little bit. I mean you can’t blame a guy for trying and you have to hand it to him for getting straight to the point. We can’t help but wonder what this girl replied back with. Was she offended? Was the interested? How did things go for this guy? He may not be very good at flirting, but at least he wouldn't leave you wondering how he felt or what his intentions were. Maybe this girl never replied and simply ran straight over to his house to take him up on his offer. He may be better at flirting than we think.

5 Blocked By Poptarts

If you are going to send sexy photos to try to get your partner excited, you have to be careful about what’s in the background. We have all seen those selfies and photos of people with mess bedrooms, disgusting bathroom or other random, weird things going on in the background. These are distractions and nobody is looking at the person's body with things like that to focus on. This guy probably thought he was doing it right, sending he a sexy invitation with nothing for her to see but his body. Turns out, this girl has an eye for food and she can see that box of Poptarts in the corner of the photo. She’s hungry for something, but it’s not him. Wonder how he responded back? Was he just upset and gave up or did he find a way to make those Poptarts look sexy on his body?

4 Way To Return A Compliment

In this girl’s defense, you can see more of the dog in the photo than its owner. Is there a reason for that? Does this guy have something to hide? We can only assume that’s what it is. Should he be offended that she commented on how his dog looks but now how he looks? Maybe; or maybe he should stop being a weirdo and get a better profile photo. She might be more willing to talk to someone who isn’t hiding behind his dog. It’s probably not the response he was expecting or hoping for, but at least she responded. If she wasn’t interested she would have just ignored him right? Is she trying to flirt or just trying to be nice? Sometimes it’s just too hard to tell.

3 Take A Hint Dude

You’ve gotta hand it to this guy; he saw an opportunity to flirt and wasted no time taking advantage of it. The only problems is, this girl clearly wasn’t interested and he just couldn’t take the hint. She tried to be nice about it and let him down easily but he just kept going and trying to get a foot in the door. Finally someone else had to put this guy out of his misery and be blunt with him. Even after he realized it wasn’t happening with this girl, he still had to make one last comment. I think I would have just went back and deleted all the other ones and hoped nobody else saw them. How embarrassing! At least he wasn’t afraid to put himself out there though.

2 Trying Too Hard

Via AcidCow

We can’t help but feel sorry for this guy. Bless his heart, he just didn’t know when to give up. He found something that got the attention of girls and made them laugh and he decided to get as much as he could out of it. At what point did he decide to stop? Did he think that just because the girls giggled at him, they were interested and wanted to see more or was he just caught up in the moment of doing some awesome backflips? Why didn’t his friends stop him before he went too far and embarrassed himself? Wonder what he thought when he went to all that trouble to impress these girls and then realized none of them were even watching anymore. I’m so embarrassed for him.

1 Maybe He Has A Dirty Mind?

Via whisper.sh

It seems like that first line is always the hardest to come up with when you are trying to flirt. Who knows that the right thing to say to a stranger you are interested in is? It’s pretty much just comes down to going with the first thing that comes to mind and hoping for the best. There are definately a lot of worse things she could have said to this guy and he may have thought her fruity little pickup line was funny. He could have also thought she was being cheeky and was hinting around at something else. She doesn’t say if he talked to her or not, so for all we know he could have ran up behind her and gave her his number. Hopefully she can practice some flirting before she gets up the nerve to call him.

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