15 Horrible First Date Confessions That Made Us Want To Stay Single Forever

First dates are supposed to be amazing and unforgettable, but it seems like more often than not, they're memorable for all the wrong reasons. You spend days or weeks trying to capture the attention of that cute classmate or your seemingly-charming new Tinder match, and when he finally asks you out for dinner or a drink, it takes approximately two minutes of conversation for you to realize he's an absolute creep just looking to get laid (or worse, married) ASAP. Don't worry, you're definitely not alone in having some absolutely horrifying first dates—these people had experiences that sound so awful, we've deleted all of our dating apps and decided to just stay single forever so we never have to worry about this stuff happening to us!

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15 Not quite your high school sweetheart

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While most kids go on their first date at the end of middle school or early on in high school, some wait a few more years so they can be sure they're going out with the right, special person. This girl held out until she found a classmate she really liked, but after he took her to two different drug dealers' houses instead of out to a nice meal or a movie, she came to the conclusion that she doesn't like dating and will likely wait a few more years before she bothers trying again. We really don't blame her here; it has to suck to go on a first date and feel like that special someone is more interested in buying weed than he is in you.

14 Asking the important questions

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Some first dates, everything goes just as you hoped... at first. That special guy looks extremely handsome in his nice dress clothes, he pulls your chair out for you when you get to your table, and seems to really be interested in everything you have to say during the dinner conversation. Then, something awful happens out of nowhere to ruin the whole evening. This girl confessed that she was in the middle of a great date with an amazing guy, but things completely fell apart when he asked if she swallows right in the middle of the meal. Is that really something he needed to know right then and there?! He probably could have figured out the answer to that awkward and crude question on his own that night, if he kept playing his cards right!

13 Here comes the bride

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Most guys these days don't seem to really want commitment. They just want to find a girl to mess around with casually, who won't care if they mess around with other girls casually as well. That's why it can be pretty refreshing to find someone who wants to actually settle down and make serious plans for the future. Apparently, however, some dudes take that a bit too far. This girl confessed that during one particularly memorable (and absolutely terrifying) first date, the guy she was with kept telling her how beautiful she'd look walking down the aisle on their wedding day. That sort of statement would be sweet after a few months of dating, but on the first date?! No thank you! Run for the hills, girl.

12 Diaper changing experience necessary

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When a first date isn't going so well, you have to scramble to figure out a way to cut it short, without offending your date. Your dog died, you left the oven on, there's a family emergency... pretty much anything sounds better than flat-out saying "I don't like you and want to leave." This guy came up with a flawless way to ditch his date and make sure she'd never call him to schedule another try—he invited her to change his grandfather's diaper with him! As if that wouldn't have been enough, he added that she needs the diaper-changing experience, because he wants kids as soon as possible. That has to be way too much for any sane human to handle on the first date.

11 Secret lovers, that's what we are

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Every 20 or 30-something knows what it's like to constantly be nagged by your family about your relationship status. "When are you going to finally find a boyfriend? Are you ever going to get married and give me some grandchildren? Do you need me to set you up with someone?" Each question is more intrusive and annoying than the last, so eventually, you just give up and lie about a boyfriend you totally don't have to get your parents off your back. In this Whisper confession, a guy actually proposed to a girl on their very first date because he'd told his family that they'd secretly been dating for two years. This had to be super awkward for the girl, and it only got worse—after the big proposal, she never saw him again.

10 Talk about an Oedipus complex

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According to Freud, we all have a slight, subconscious sexual desire for our parent of the opposite sex. We thought that no one on Earth would ever admit to having this Oedipus/Electra complex, but it seems like at least one creepy dude out there embraces his. He went out for coffee with his crush, and told her that she looks a lot like his mother. Then he tried to kiss her. Um, if a girl looks like your mom, and you want to make out with her... that definitely takes being a momma's boy to a whole new level. You need to see someone about your mother attachment, because this is not okay! We're positive that girl never texted him back about arranging a second date.

9 That's one busy girl!

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We've all heard stories of guys being huge players, but this confession proves that girls can have some serious game, too! This submitter had a date scheduled with a girl, but was a bit put off when she asked a whopping 20 times what time he was going to come over. He kept telling her, but she kept asking to ensure he wouldn't arrive a minute earlier or later than expected. He might have thought at first that her texts were just a sign of excitement, but when he finally went to her house, he saw that it was because she was on a date with a different guy. She kicked the other dude out, but it was all downhill from there. Remember, dude... don't hate the player, hate the game!

8 We're not sure which part is worse

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If you meet a guy on Tinder or some other dating app, you kind of have to expect that he's looking for sex. Sure, he might also be down for a relationship, but most of the guys you meet online these days want a hookup buddy more than they want a girlfriend. Even if you expect that, however, you can get caught off-guard when your date reveals that he's a sex addict. That's just too much. This girl had her match reveal that uncomfortable truth on their first date, right before he took her to check out some thrift store art. Come on, dude... most museums these days are either free or super cheap. If you're going to tell a girl about your creepy addiction that early on, you can at least take her somewhere nice afterwards. We're honestly not sure which part of this date sounds worse.

7 Making out with a murder victim

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Nothing says "first date horror story" like a bloody make-out session. It seems like this poor guy did everything right on his first outing with his crush. Dinner went great, the conversation was interesting and the chemistry was clearly there. Since things were going so smoothly, she agreed to go back to his place for a bit of fun before saying goodnight... but during their dark make-out session, he suffered a nosebleed and eventually realized his date's face was absolutely covered in his blood. She surely had to be grossed out, cleaning that off afterwards... and now he'll always have an image of his date looking like a murder victim burned into his brain. Sadly, we're pretty sure there's no coming back from this traumatizing experience.

6 Skip the Netflix and go straight to the "chill"

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When a guy invites you over to his house for the first date, you should probably expect him to try to lead you into his bedroom. Sure, he might lure you to the house with the promise of a homemade meal and a romantic movie on his couch, but when he turns on Netflix... you have to know he's wanting some "and chill" afterwards. This winner of a date didn't realize that you're supposed to actually watch the movie before you try getting hot and heavy, and asked if he was going to get laid a mere five minutes into the film. That's really not the best way to seduce someone, dude.... We're not surprised she said no and refused to go on a second date with you. Work on your game.

5 What a show-off

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Nothing says laziness more than preparing for your date during the date. In this confession, a guy took his girl to Walmart to pick up some "supplies" for their big evening. That surely was a turn-off in itself because it proved he didn't care enough to plan for the night in advance... but it only got worse. The whole trip was basically just a way to tell his date that he was incredibly well-endowed, as all he purchased was a handful of Magnum condoms. Dude, she gets it. You want sex. Instead of trying to get her into your bed by bragging about your junk, maybe try to actually plan a romantic, thought-out date? We're sure that'd be a more effective way to make her want you back, and it'd be far less sketchy.

4 A healthy appetite

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Dude, you were doing so well! This guy made it through the whole dinner without doing anything wrong enough to warrant an "awful first date" confession. Then, when it came time to pay the bill, he noticed how much his date ate and how much the food she ordered cost, and found it appropriate to say, "Wow, you ate more than I had estimated." What?! Come on, when is it ever okay to shame a girl for having a healthy appetite? You should be happy that she felt comfortable enough with you to be herself and eat what she wanted... some girls only order a side salad because they're too self-conscious on the first date. Now, you made this girl feel uncomfortable with your comment, and blew your shot with her.

3 Danger isn't this guy's middle name

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There are a lot of bad ideas for where to have your first date, and we've heard of people trying pretty much all of them. Some guys think it's okay to treat their date to a fast food meal before asking for sex in the back of their van, others think it's romantic to try to hook-up in a cemetery... but this guy actually seemed to have a fun and entirely original idea for where to hold his first date with his crush. At a local mountain, where they could go rock climbing! Sounds like a good time, and it was, right up until he fell and broke both his wrist and his cheekbone. This dude should probably stick to something a bit safer in the future, because a good date shouldn't end in the emergency room.

2 Curiosity didn't kill the cat... this guy did

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When this guy was invited to his crush's house for their first date, he thought he'd hit the jackpot. He was only a few feet away from her bedroom, and if things went well, he might be welcomed there as well. Things definitely didn't go well, though. He hoped that he'd win his date's heart if she walked in on him playing with her cat, but the way he was whipping around one of the cat's toys caused it to have a seizure and die. He clearly had good intentions here, but killing a girl's cat is a surefire way to make sure she hates you forever. It's time to face the facts, dude... there's now a zero percent chance that you'll ever see the inside of that bedroom.

1 Classiest dinner date ever

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You've probably had at least one super cheap date in your life who thought it was acceptable to treat you to a meal at McDonald's. You're not high-maintenance or anything, but you have to be worth more than that! Hopefully, though, that awful experience happened years after you entered the dating world and not on your first date ever. This girl waited years to have her first date, but when the night finally came, her crush treated her to the cheapest meal possible. It's bad enough to take someone to a fast food joint instead of a nice restaurant, but when you also inform her she's only allowed to order off of the dollar menu?! Wow. We'd rather stay single than be bossed around by some broke loser like she was!

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