15 Horrible People Who Belong In Tinder Jail

Let's be honest, Tinder has definitely changed the dating game. There's no question about it. When the app was released back in 2012, nobody could have predicted its popularity and the stories that would emerge from it. Despite being described as a "Hook-Up App," many people have had success with it, with claims of meeting their soulmate with a swipe of their finger.

As you know, Tinder is very hit and miss. More often than not, the people you meet on the app aren't the kind of people you'd want to walk down the aisle with. And even though you get to "meet" all different kinds of people and have various conversations, it can get repetitive and boring. I'm not saying that Tinder is dying, but Tinder is dying. Well, at least it was fun while it lasted. Here are some of the weirdest, most shocking conversations that prove Tinder is the worst.

17 Sperm donor

Via Brobible.com

Well if you don’t ask, you don’t get. This woman lives by that motto. That’s probably why she decided to take a chance and ask a complete stranger to be a sperm donor, because why not? The usual flirting was replaced with a very serious, direct question that would make anyone do a double-take. Naturally, the guy appears to be completely thrown off by the question. He was just there to have a good time and suddenly he finds himself in this very awkward situation. When she puts it so nicely, how can he say no? The question that still lingers in my mind is did this guy actually decide to go along with it and donate his sperm? As she put it, it’s easy money.



14 Name puns

Via Buzzfeed.com

Name puns are hilarious the first time, but after you've heard the same ones over and over again... it's not that funny anymore. My guess is that Dina has had enough and is done with life at this point. In fact, the moment she received this message she was probably tempted to delete the app, change her name, and live the remaining years of her life on an island where no one would ever bother her again. Although he was trying to be creative and clever with his opening message, it really didn't get him far. With a name like Dina, she's probably heard it all before and she doesn't need a reminder of that. It's safe to assume that the conversation probably ended there. Still, his effort is commendable.

13 The goblin

Via Getveryfunny.com

What the... I don't know what to say. He's just a normal guy from a small town, or so I thought. It must be hard finding love when you look like a goblin, so that explains why he's on Tinder. He just wants to find someone who accepts his long legs and arms and big feet and tiny hands, is that too much to ask for? Everyone is deserving of love. But even though Megan was initially impressed by his tall height, the goblin comment clearly scared her away. One question, though, do goblins have tiny hands? I could be mistaken but I thought goblins had big hands with long fingernails... Or maybe that's just the goblin from Harry Potter. Either way, it looks like this conversation ended before it even began.

12 Copy and paste

Via dailymail.co.uk

"Awkward" would be a huge understatement, as this is by far one of the worst Tinder exchanges I've ever seen... but it's also one of the best. One piece of advice I would like to give Luke, if you're trying to impress a Tinder match, AT LEAST get their name right. Nothing is more of a turn off than copy and pasted messages. It shows a lack of effort, stupidity and ignorance. In other words, it won't get you very far. And this is proven by her matter-of-fact, cool response where she called the guy out on his laziness. It's embarrassing for both parties. I'll take a wild guess and say that this chat died along with Luke's pride. But on the plus side, he'll never make that same mistake again.

11 Fake vegan

Via Pinterest.com

We're all guilty of pretending to like something to impress the person we have a crush on, but the truth always comes out in the end. For this guy, the truth came out sooner rather than later. It's worth pointing out that there are fake vegans everywhere. In fact, even some of the most adored celebrities have been called out on it. Apparently, pretending to be vegan will instantly make people like you, at least that's what this guy was told. But it turns out it's not that easy. The moment Bec thought she was talking to someone who shared her vegan lifestyle, she was probably already sending out wedding invitations, but it quickly came crashing down when he admitted that he was just trying to win her over. Did it work? I guess we'll never know.

10 Starbucks

Via Sheknows.com

This conversation is a train wreck, but admittedly it is hilarious. It starts off like a normal chat between strangers but everything changes the moment he makes the wheelchair comment which is enough to make me roll my eyes into the back of my head. And if that wasn't bad enough, he asks, "you like pumpkin spice lattes?" wait... hold on a minute. Where does pumpkin spiced lattes fit into this conversation and why is it relevant? If this is his way of asking her out on a Starbucks date, then he should have made that more obvious. Clearly, she was just as confused because she directly asked him if he's making a threat. However, his response probably sent her running for the hills.

9 Hot dogs

Via theodysseyonline.com

Oh god, what just happened? I've never cringed so much in my life. Sure, it was quite creative and he must have put a lot of thought into that pick-up line, but did he really think it would make her fall for him? At most, it provided her with a funny screenshot to show all of her friends. It's not everyday that you receive a message like this one. However, all is not lost because she admitted it DID make her smile a little. But what I really need to know is what happened next. Did she un-match him straight away or did they carry on the conversation? And if they did carry on talking, what did they talk about? Maybe if they had a similar sense of humor they would really hit it off, or maybe Crystal doesn't even like hot dogs.

8 The eggplant snap

Via 919seafm.com.au

There's certain things you should never ask someone, and one of those things is if they want to see your private parts. It's awkward AF and let's be honest, it's something that NOBODY wants to see. He thought that he could win her over with a sweet compliment, but Hillary saw through it and was quick to reply "no I don't care to see it," which the guy didn't respond to. I imagine the exact moment he read that message his ego shrunk in size and he knew he had to move on to the next unlucky match before things got too embarrassing. But hold on - she actually gave him another chance and he still managed to screw that up. Anyone else would have blown him off, but oh Hillary, she's way too good for him.

7 This isn't google

Via jokideo.com

The great thing about Google is that you can type in the craziest, most embarrassing questions and no one will ever find out. In an instant, you will probably find the answer you're looking for. But why waste time with a simple Google search when you can show the other person (and the world) just how desperate you are by asking them how to get laid on Tinder? Surprisingly, it might have worked. The girl seemed quite amused by his attempt at starting a conversation, and she compliments him by saying, "I'm pretty sure it'll be easy for you." Well, he might have been lucky this time but how many girls would that work on? My guess is not many.

6 Diseased mind

Via Bestpickuplines.org

This Tinder user poses an interesting question and it definitely got me thinking about life. Is anything real? It would have been a great topic to discuss, but sadly it was ruined before it even began. Clearly, they just wanted someone to talk to, so instead of booking a counselling session they turned on Tinder for support. Big mistake. Most Tinder users get scared off easily, especially when it comes to talking about personal problems. Those are the kinds of things you don't mention until at least the second date. Even then, it's probably best not to mention your "diseased mind" if you don't want them to run for the hills. But who knows, maybe the person decided to take them up on their offer to get coffee, or maybe they just never spoke again.

5 Chair

Via thewondrous.com

Please make it stop. I cringed just from reading this conversation, so I can't imagine how she felt. As previously mentioned, pick-up lines rarely work on Tinder users unless they're funny and creative. This one, on the other hand, is catastrophic. I'm not sure what was going through his head when he sent that message or what he was hoping to achieve, but it clearly didn't get him a date. Who would be impressed by that? If a woman encounters a message like "I spent all day hiding every chair so you could sit on my face," she immediately thinks that guy is disgusting. On the bright side, at least she knows right away that he's not the one. Imagine how awful it would be if he used that line on her on a first date... she had a lucky escape!

4 Dog threesome

Via Danglingmouse.com

Most people on Tinder start off the conversation with an overused pick-up line or just a simply "hey, how's it going," but this guy certainly thought outside the box with his opening message. It was clever and witty, and clearly, the girl found it quite amusing. Taking an interest in someone's dog is actually a great conversation starter, so he knew what he was doing here. And maybe, just maybe, it would have worked if he hadn't decided to take it a step too far and ask her for a threesome with her dog. There's been a ton of weird requests on the app, but this one is right up there for being the most inappropriate. Either he's into some really creepy activities in the bedroom, or it's a joke that didn't go according to plan. I'm hoping it's the latter, but then again... it's Tinder.

3 Desperate

Via Imgur.com

There are desperate guys - and then there are REALLY desperate guys who will use any line to try and win a girl over. It's fair to assume that he's not really looking for a girlfriend on the app, he's looking for a friends with benefit situation, or perhaps just someone who will boost his ego. Either way, Liliana made it very clear that she's not even a little bit interested. The worst part about this Tinder exchange is that even after she rejects him, he still tries to get her to change her mind. Can you hear his desperation? It's quite obvious that he won't stop until he gets what he wants. No means no, buddy. Move on to the next unlucky female. But I guess he's not all bad, he did offer to cook her breakfast in the morning.

2 The rejection

Via Tindersmooth.com

Let's be honest, sometimes you download Tinder just for an ego boost. Even if you don't go on any dates, it's flattering to know that there are people out there who find you attractive. We won't all admit to it, but it's the truth. This guy logged on to Tinder full of hope that day, but he was soon crushed when the girl he matched with very bluntly admitted that she swiped right on accident. Now how's that for a rejection! At least she was honest with him, because it would have been a whole lot worse if she led him on. But still, did her reply have to be so cold and brutal? There are ways you can let someone down gently without destroying their self-esteem. I feel for him, I really do.

1 Alphabet

Via Craveonline.com

Pick-up lines never usually work on Tinder users because they've heard them all before. Every awful, cheesy, humiliating pick-up line you can think of, they've been on the receiving end of them and at this point they don't want to hear it. Although some pick-up lines can help you get a first date, it's really hard to get it right. This guy just delivered one of the worst openers I've ever seen. Sure, it's straight to the point and it gets the job done, but it's not even worthy of a reply. Seriously, would any girl fall for that pick-up line? I really need to know. Even the PG version, "if I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together," is better than this and that one is pretty bad. And they say romance is dead...

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