15 Horribly Funny Photos That Will Awaken Your Inner Savage

There’s a lot of horrible things in this world. Every day, we see terribly awful things happen on the news and, regrettably, right in front of us sometimes. Luckily, there is also an incredible amount of things to laugh at that are around us. The planet we live on has hundreds of thousands of comedians, an abundance hysterical TV shows to binge watch on command, and too many silly cat videos thanks to the Internet. These two realms of reality typically exist separately, meaning that terrible things aren’t funny and funny things aren’t terrible. But, like most other things in this world, there is always an exception, or several, to the rule. Check out these 15 photos that will make you laugh but then think, “I’m a terrible person” for laughing.

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15 The Most Unfortunate Birthmark

Via Tumblr.com

We are all born with flaws, that’s just a fact of life. But one thing is for sure and that’s that some flaws are far more amusing than others. This perfectly innocent puppy came into this world with a few objectives: be healthy, be happy, and make his/her human just as happy. That’s really all an animal can really ask for. But what did this cutie get instead?  A big, fat birthmark shaped like the male genitalia. This little pupper didn’t deserve that life! It's not like it did anything wrong. It's barely a few weeks old and they're already being beaten down by this cruel world. Unfortunately for this precious pet, we still find it absolutely hysterical. Sorry little guy, but we just can’t resist. At least this pup is still cute as a button to make up for the male member on its back...

14 Some People Just Don’t Get It


There are many ways to identify. You can identify by religion, by nationality, by political association, by marital status, by profession, by personality traits, by sexuality, and the list goes on and on. One common way that we identify ourselves (and others) is through gender, which is no longer considered a binary association. You can identify as male, female, transgender, genderqueer, or whatever you see fit. These are very real facts and should be treated with the utmost seriousness and respect. However, with all of that being said, the photo above is hilarious because the person not wearing the Dr. Pepper box on their head still asks for a gender even after Dr. Pepper has already said that they are a box. I think it's clear by this conversation that Dr. Pepper head needs a hobby.

13 Family Photos Never Work Out


Little kids fall down... a lot. This shouldn’t come as a shock to any of you. And as much as all of us want to believe it isn’t funny sometimes, we all know that kids get themselves into some of the strangest situations that ends up with them falling flat on their face. This case, however, is a bit special. This family was just doing a normal, completely ordinary family thing by getting one of those pictures where everyone jumps and the photo is taken of them flying through mid-air. I can’t really explain how this little girl got where she is or why she’s the only one falling, but I can assure you that I laughed so hard at this that I shed a tear.

12 Chocolate Is Just Not Meant For Animals


I can’t quite put my finger on what makes this picture so darn funny. It could be the fact that this Cockatoo is wandering unattended at whatever kind of party this is. It could also be the fact that this bird is completely entranced by the chocolate fountain — but who can really blame him for that? It’s a chocolate fountain. It also probably has something to do with the fact that even after he gets his beak into the chocolate fountain, and starts to be covered in it, the bird—nor the person taking the pictures of this situation—stop to do something about it. In fact, he continues to put his feathered body into the melted chocolate. In reality, it’s probably a combination of all three that make this unforgettably hilarious. Oh, and the birds face. That brought tears to my eyes.

(On a serious note, though, I hope this bird is okay after something like this!)

11 Not All Field Trips Are Good Field Trips

One does not necessarily have to be a genius to understand why this picture is just plain terrible. I will, however, spell it out for those who might not know what a Chick-Fil-A is. This beloved American fast food restaurant is known for its tender, juicy chicken sandwiches. In fact, chicken is pretty much all they serve and it's beyond delicious. However, their chicken is already delivered to them…um…ready to be cooked and served. It is not delivered alive in cages as it is pictured above. So, it may be that one loyal Chick-Fil-A customer out there has a sick sense of humor. It’s even funnier if they’re just a regular person, though, because that means they stopped here for lunch without truly understanding the irony in this situation.

10 WTF, Who Is This?

As scary as it sounds, it’s pretty easy to get anyone’s phone number nowadays. You can just ask a friend of a friend through a Twitter direct message and you’re golden. This makes for unsolicited messages of all kinds making it into our message inbox even though we had nothing to do with it. You all know the kind of messages I’m talking about. We hear stories every day about dudes sending random pictures of their privates, and people hitting other people up, only to be total jerks when they’re later rejected. Well, what seemed like one of these situations turned out be just a grandmother trying to make dinner for her grandchildren. Maddie is rightfully on the defensive because the original text from grandma could be taken the wrong way. The whole situation is just so painfully and hilariously awkward.

9 We Found Dory And She Is Not Well

Damn, that's fishy.

A post shared by Jessica Anteby (@beigecardigan) on

For the few of you that live under a rock, the sequel to Finding Nemo has been released. It’s called Finding Dory and it follows the same general premise as the first movie, except Marlin’s new pal, Dory, is the one that gets lost. Marlin and his son Nemo search and search and when they finally find her, she’s not where they expected her to be. Someone on the Internet put a slight spin on the ending to this movie where instead of finding Dory safe and unharmed surrounded by her family and old friends, she is the exact opposite. She is not only deceased, but packaged, labeled, and ready to be fried up for Friday supper. I don’t know about you, but I’d be interested to see how that tasted. I know, I know, I'm a monster.

8 There’s No Explanation For What’s Happening Here

Via Snopes.com

The headline to this one says it all. I truly cannot understand what’s happening in this photo. So, I guess the only logical thing to do here is break it down. We have a sweet, innocent little moose family spending some time at the pool while an unattended red van burns relentlessly in the background. There are so many questions to be had and so many answers to be waited on. Why is the van burning? Are those domestic moose? Where are all of the people? Seriously, why doesn’t a single human being care (other than the photographer) about either of these two equally important things that are happening!? Lastly, why is this so insanely funny? The simplest answer is that it makes no sense and we laugh in the face of ignorance.

7 Dude, That’s Not Hay

Via Reddit.com

This nice little action shot gives us a glimpse into a fraction of a moment before something that will most likely be terrible is about to happen. This horse, for one reason or another, is mere inches from biting this seemingly oblivious little boy right on his head. Why is this happening? We can’t really be sure. I speculate that because this little boy has blonde hair, this horse is just mistaking his hair for hay and you can’t really blame him because this horse's own hair is completely over its eyes. My second best guess is that this little boy antagonized this horse in such a way that would provoke it to bite him. I'm not going to be cruel enough to say this little boy deserves it, but he obviously has to be safe and okay if his family member shared the photo with the Internet.

6 This Is My Own Personal Hell

We were all a child at one point in our life (ah, the good ol' days). Growing up, you probably remember a singing, purple dinosaur named Barney. He’s a pretty memorable part of nearly any millennial’s childhood, mostly because there always came a time that you realized it was just a man in a sweaty costume and it was likely very traumatic. Regardless, Barney has been making headlines recently, not only because a news source profiled the man inside the costume, but also because of this young lady with the Barney head stuck on her head. Those men next to her are fire fighters and—that’s right—she needed professional help to get out of that thing off her head and that’s what makes this so awfully hilarious. The whole story thread can be found online and I encourage everyone to view the thread of photos ASAP.

5 Don’t Forget To Close The Gate

While the quality of this photo is not really the best, it surely does not disappoint when it comes to making me roll on the floor laughing. The whole point of a gate is to allow an accessible opening in a fence so that people can enter a secluded area. Fences and gates can be used to keep various things in, like pets and children, while keeping other things, like wild animals and strange people, out. How there even got to be a gate here without a fence is far beyond my comprehension. But I can’t help but applaud this person for their dedication to the gate, while I also laugh mercilessly at their complete and utter senselessness.

I wonder if they're planning on fixing this gate, or if they'd rather just walk around it...

4 This Look Is Sweeping Me Off My Feet And Into A Fit Of Laughter

Via Tumblr.com

A recent trend in selfies and other solo pictures is to angle the camera downward from above while the subject of the photo looks down to expose and accentuate their eyelashes. Normally, it bewilders me how long and beautiful some people’s eyelashes look. Seriously, how do people do that — let a girl know! But there are times, specifically times like this, where I can’t help but wonder how a real person looked at this photo and said, “yeah! That’s perfect! I smell a new profile pic!” It’s not even really necessarily the left picture by itself that gets me. It’s the fact that someone went so far as to actually compare the lashes to brooms, which no sane person can deny that they look exactly the same.

3 Irony Is Just Plain Cruel

It’s pretty common knowledge that when you or someone else is hurt, then you’re supposed to call an ambulance. Ambulances are supposed to help in situations of pain, suffering, and a lot of the time, it works out. But there is an exception to everything, unfortunately, including ambulances coming to save the day. One such example is this man who called an ambulance to come to his aid and the ambulance ended up running over him and breaking his leg! We can not be sure why he called the ambulance in the first place, but we are certain that this couldn’t get much worse, or more ironic, for this guy. From what we can tell, though, he seems to have survived and is well enough to tell his tale.

2 Oh, That’s How Babies Are Made

Via Tumblr.com

There are many working parts to this hilarious photo. Let’s start with the situation that got this mother-daughter duo here. The daughter (on the left) received a flu shot and was then impregnated—which was obviously completely unrelated to the flu shot—because that is just simply not how getting pregnant works. Then, she told the most ­outrageous lie, and somehow convinced people that the flu shot and the pregnancy were correlated. THEN. This crazy story made it onto the news — because why wouldn’t something crazy like this be on the news? The cherry on top of it all is the sheer, blatant guilt on the daughter’s face. She knows and I know and everyone knows that this story is a bunch of bullsh*t. Well, except for her mother apparently.

1 The Whole Point Is For NONE Of Them To Survive

Via Tumblr.com

When a boy and a girl like each other very much, they make a big, important decision. And that big important decision is to practice safe sex. There’s a number of ways to practice safe sex, but using condoms is the most widely known. There’s all different kinds of methods; some are weird but hey, not everyone can be perfect. What should be perfect, however, when you're in this line of work, is the quality of your product. People’s lives ride on the line when using condoms. To be frank, the whole point of using a condom is to make sure none of the sperm make it to their original "destination." They're supposed to caught, sealed, and tossed. Rooting for one of them to survive has got to be the worst possible marketing strategy.

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