15 Horribly Inappropriate Ronald Mc Donald Photos

Ronald McDonald is the face of a little well-known fast-food establishment called McDonalds. Whenever we think of this place our brains automatically take us to the white faced clown with the red and yellow outfit on. With his warm and happy face, he invites us in to experience all of the tasty, artery clogging food that we have come to know and love. This mascot is supposed to make us want to eat at the restaurant with the giant gold “M” hovering above it, but not all versions of this character would invoke that desire. Sometimes people decide to take this beloved icon and put him in scenarios that make him come off as less than inviting. The following images definitely don’t give off a family friendly vibe, but if you’ve got a twisted (and possibly dirty) sense of humor, then you’re likely to really enjoy them.

15 Make Out Session

We’ve all dreamt about being with a fictional character before. The perfect man or woman seems to only exist in fantasy worlds, which is why we so desperately long for them. Maybe one of those Disney princes or princesses made you weak in the knees. Perhaps you longed for Edward Cullen to take a bite out of you. Or maybe you wished that you could be Daryl Dixon’s winged vest just so that you could spend all day pressed up against his rock hard body. These are all absolutely normal fantasies to have. If any one of my friends told me that they were crushing on one of these individuals I would understand. However, if someone told me that they wanted to be with Ronald McDonald, I would seriously question their life choices in the same way that I’m questioning this woman’s.

14 Slapped

Anyone is capable of violence; however, there are people that you automatically start thinking about whenever this topic comes up. Boxers and gang members are just a couple of groups that have been known to engage in some bloodshed. You don’t typically think about clowns (unless it’s Stephen King’s It). They should be happy and fun loving. They ought to bring up feelings of cheer instead of ones of fear. Ronald McDonald, is especially supposed to make you joyful because whenever you see him, you know that you’ll be eating your favorite fast-food really soon. Nevertheless, if you take a look at this picture then you definitely won’t be wondering about your next meal. Your thoughts will probably consist of ways to avoid Ronald’s heavy hand.

13 Animal Loving

This picture didn’t have to be inappropriate. Whoever made this decoration just wasn’t careful enough with their spacing. Perhaps it looked better on the computer, but unfortunately it didn’t look that great in real life. If they would have spaced out Mr. McDonald away from the moose even just an inch more, then this inappropriate photo could have been avoided. They could have even made three separate cutouts instead of one giant one.

This image also brings up another question. Why was Ronald even paired with these animals? What does McDonalds have to do with them? If he was next to a cow or chicken then this would have made a little bit more sense, but now all you have is an image that looks like he’s having sex with the wrong animal.

12 The Strangler

Most of the pictures on this list are with adults, but it’s nice to see that this kid has a sense of humor as well. These grown ups were all probably like this child at some point in their lives. They would take innocent, age appropriate, pictures with statues, but as they got older, those photos and the poses started to get slightly more inappropriate. This youngster saw the perfect moment and seized it. He was just the right size to make this idea work for him, so he asked whoever he was there with to whip out their phone so that he could document it. I wouldn’t be surprised if when he grows up he ends up taking a dirtier picture with Ronald McDonald.

11 Cannibalism

Sometimes you hear about extreme cases of hunger where people turn to eating other human beings just to stay alive. There’s nothing else around, and they’re presented with two options. They can either eat someone else or die, and since one of the strongest human desires is self-preservation, these individuals choose the former. If that person is dead already, it only makes sense. There doesn’t need to be two dead bodies when having only one could have been a possibility. Maybe Ronald McDonald didn’t have any other option either. Perhaps his Big Macs were all gone, and he had been stranded here in this deserted lot for days, and his only chance at survival was to take a bite out of the hand and foot of another man.

10 Jailbird

No one gets excited when they’re arrested. You’re not happy to have to go to jail. It’s a horrible place and most people try to avoid it if they can. However, if you get caught then they’ll haul you off in one of their police cars. This is pretty embarrassing, especially if you’re around people that you know or if you’re a well known celebrity. When celebs get taken away they always try to hide from the cameras. They don’t want to be seen in this predicament because they know that they’ll end up all over the news. It’s bad enough if you have to go to prison, but it’s even worse if everybody knows about it. Poor Ronald was too freaked out to even think to hide his face. He was sad about going to the slammer, and now everyone will know.

9 Artillery Ronald

There are some people out there that think that they need guns in order to protect themselves. They may purchase a hand gun or two and keep it in their house just so that they can feel a little bit safer. Whether you agree with it or not, you have to admit that they are pretty powerful weapons. It’s hard to stare down the barrel of one of these bad boys and not want to run for cover. Ronald here knew this fact, which is why he was armed and ready for action. Maybe one of his partners screwed him over and he wanted revenge, or perhaps he was keeping an eye out for his competitors. Whatever the case may be, he was definitely prepared.

8 To Catch A Predator

To Catch a Predator was an American TV show that exposed child predators. It ran for a few seasons, and on it Chris Hansen would always expose these individuals before they had a chance to hurt the children that they were interested in. This image of Ronald McDonald looks like he could have easily been one of the guys who were on this program. The little girl is running away in pure terror from the clown, but for some reason he’s still coming after her. He could have just left her alone when he saw that she was scared of him, but he still pursued her with that goofy grin on his face, which probably only made matters worse. I guess he just wasn’t willing to lose a potential customer!

7 Sacrifice?

People have different religions. Some are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Buddhist. There are those that believe in one god and others believe in multiple ones. These individuals who choose to follow a specific religion do so because they want to believe in something that’s bigger than them. They need a source of power and inspiration to help them make it through their lives.

Now, I’ve heard of all different kinds of worship before, but these gentlemen seemed to have turned to a new deity. Ronald McDonald is their Lord and Savior because he brings them McGriddles in their time of trouble. He provides them with McFlurries when they’re in pain. He delivers them from the evils of KFC and helps them when they are tempted to go to the troublesome Burger King! Can I get an Amen and a Hallelujah!

6 Public Indecency

Having sex in public is an illegal act. That’s why if you’re going to engage in this activity in the community you have to be sneaky. If you’re not discrete, you’ll get caught, but if you do it some place where not too many people are going to see it then you still get to experience the rush of possibly getting discovered, but your chances of having that happen are slimmer. You could also be like this woman and get it on with a statue if you don’t want to get ticketed for having intercourse out in the open. Engaging in sexual acts with another person might be against the law, but I’d be willing to bet that there’s nothing there against doing it with an inanimate object.

5 Murder

We see killer clowns in TV shows, movies, and in haunted attractions during Halloween. They are truly creepy, which is why we’re thankful that they aren’t really real. If they were then all of us would start having a very rational fear of these circus performers. These fictional characters that end up terrorizing towns always have the same look, but the one that’s in this picture is definitely not someone we would expect to participate in murder. And then to make matters worse, he’s not just killing random people. He’s taking out his friends, which leaves us wondering what they did to betray him. Maybe Ronald was just tired of having to share the spotlight, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

4 Masseuse Ronald

life. We all have to go through it, so ultimately we find ways to cope. If you’re feeling a bit stressed you may decide to go for a walk on the beach, exercise, or maybe even get a massage in order to de-stress a little. If you decide to go with the last option, then there is probably a list of trusted people that you would turn to. If you’re not looking for a professional then you might ask a friend or a significant other to give your tense shoulders a rub down, but if you have some extra cash then you would most likely find a masseuse to do it for you. You may not know this person, but because it’s their job, you trust them to make you feel better. This is the only time that most of us are okay with a complete stranger kneading us, but this guy is clearly okay with one outsider helping him to get his knots out.

3 Hungover Ronald

Whenever you go out for drinks you tell yourself that you’re not going to have a lot. It’s not going to be like last time. You’ll just have one or two at the most and then you’ll cut yourself off. This never ends up being the case. You have your first one, and then you go for your second, and then by the time the night’s over you’ve had ten shots of vodka, and you start questioning all of your decisions. The worst moment, however, comes when you wake up the next morning. The splitting headache, sensitivity to light and sound, and the vomiting, are all things that we’ve experienced after a night out on the town. Even Ronald McDonald can say that he’s been there too.

2 Nude Magazines

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Playboy and other nudie magazines have been getting men in trouble with their wives, girlfriends, and mothers for as long as they’ve been around. When they use them, however, it’s not typically done out in public. It’s viewed in the privacy of their own home. They wait until no one’s around and then they pull it out so that they can look at it without ever getting in trouble for it. And then when they’re finished with it, it goes back to wherever they decided to hide it. This is the ritual for guys around the world, but this man decided to take his love of them out in the open. Not only did he use it in broad daylight, but he also chose to share it with McDonald’s mascot.

1 Copping A Feel

So it turns out that Ronald McDonald isn’t just a child predator, but he also goes after innocent adults as well. This woman was minding her own business and she ended up a victim of public groping. She was just walking around enjoying the nice sunny weather and soaking up the sun in her bikini on a hot afternoon when out of nowhere this handsy statue comes along and decides that he wants to touch her boob! Look at her face. She’s completely taken aback by this. She’s just lucky that someone caught it on camera. Now when she goes to the police to tell them that a McDonald’s statue violated her everyone will believe her. It’s hard to discredit someone when there’s actual proof.

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