15 Horrifying Disney Face Swaps That Will Ruin Anyone's Childhood

It's safe to say that Disney movies are the best kind of movies in the world. We've grown up with the classics on VHS and are currently seeing our favorite Disney movies being remade with our favorite actors and actresses. We've come a long way with Disney and we're positive that our love for a good old Disney classic will never die. Considering how popular these movies are, it's no wonder that some fans play around with the storyline a bit. There are spin-off shows, comic books and even cosplay that surrounds the Disney universe! Heck, we even have Disney World! What more could we possibly want? Disney-inspired face swaps? Whether we wanted them or not, we got them. And boy, oh boy, are they terrifying!

15 "Gaston, stop reading!"

Via: buzzfeed.com

No one reads like Gaston, looks at words like Gaston or ignores Belle for books like Gaston! Ha, like our version of Gaston's famous song? We do, too. It fits this image perfectly (almost too perfectly!). Look at how angry Belle is at Gaston right now. She's so mad that he's reading that blue book that she's got her stank face on, while Gaston looks way too into his book to even care (or notice). God, if this is what Beauty and the Beast was like, we'd probably watch it solely for Belle's facial expressions. The one she's making right now is too good to be true.

And that is exactly what it is: too good to be true. Unfortunately, this is just a face swap done by a huge fan. We kind of wish that Disney would remake this movie (or release a skit) with Belle's face like this!

14 Someone help us

Via: buzzfeed.com

Tarzan and Jane were the most iconic couple in 1999 and have been idolized ever since. The fact that a proper young woman can fall in love with a man who was raised in the jungle, gives us hope that there's someone out there for everyone. Jane taught Tarzan how to read, write and speak properly, while Tarzan taught Jane to stick up for herself, have fun and to make the most out of random adventures. They're two peas in a pod!

Have you ever heard the saying: "People who spend the most time together end up looking like each other?" That's sometimes a good thing! Most couples look good when they look like one another. Tarzan and Jane, however? Nope! We demand that whoever did this be banned from using face swap ever again. They've ruined the way we'll view this movie forever. Jane is looking at Tarzan's chest puzzled as to why he doesn't have nipples, while Tarzan is checking out some bird in the tree. This face swap is horrendous.

13 Paint with all the colors of the wind

Via: tumblr.com

We're honestly not too sure if John Smith would have "painted with the colors of the wind" with Pocahontas, if this is what she looked like. She looks quite rabid! She looks like she could be a relative of Goofy from Mickey Mouse with that nose. Her cute, little raccoon, Meeko, looks like a drag queen and quite honestly, is not pulling off this look. If there's one thing that Pocahontas has going for her, it's her pearly white teeth. How the heck are her teeth so white? We get that this is a movie, so things are super unrealistic, but come on. That's pushing it!

We always wanted a pet raccoon because of how cute Meeko is, but that wouldn't have been the case if this is what Meeko really looked like. Luckily, John was able to see past Pocahontas' flaws, right?

12 Elsa, you're looking rather...cold

Via: picsart.com

Ah, the wonderful (and very annoying) movie, Frozen. With how popular this movie is, it's no wonder there are many face swaps that have been made. This one is, by far, the creepiest face swap of Elsa that we've ever seen. On the top, you have Olaf's face on Elsa's body. This scares the crap out of us. It looks like Olaf could snap our neck with a creepy smile on his face, not regretting anything. That doesn't sound like someone that loves hugs more than life itself, now does it? On the bottom, you have Elsa's head on Olaf's body. If this is what Elsa looked like in the movies, we would have had no problem with her being locked away. She would have scared everyone 10 times more than she already did!

It's so strange what a silly little face swap app can do, isn't it? One minute you have insanely cute characters while the next...you have characters that look like they've been messing with the wrong spells. Elsa's cold, but not that cold.

11 The genie's true form

Via: sporkle.com

Alright, let's get real for a minute. In the movie Aladdin, Genie looks like a somewhat normal guy. He looks like he had the face of a human with the body of a ghost. However, if we never saw the movie, Aladdin, and thought of a genie, this is what we'd think—a ghost-like figure that has a somewhat scary face. He'd look like someone that you'd be afraid to double cross and tick off. That's what a genie is supposed to look like, right? Well, in this face swap, Genie looks perfect. Honestly, we're not even joking! This is what we picture when we think of a genie.

Jafar, however, looks crazy. Obviously, Disney movies are made to be funny and unrealistic, but when they have a character's mouth drop that far, it just looks too fake for us to enjoy. Jafar looks as though his evil plan was found out and destroyed in a fifth of a second. This face swap would be perfect if Jafar's face wasn't halfway down to the floor.

10 ...We have no words

Via: pinterest.com

Good lord. If this is what Wendy looked like in the movies, we're almost positive that Peter would have left her alone. Remember Beans from Even Stevens? That's what Wendy looks like right now. Peter actually looks pretty dang good. We like his girly face in this. He looks so much nicer and more trustworthy. We'd probably follow him anywhere if this was his true face! Wendy, on the other hand? We would have left her behind! She's...kind of scary to look at. We're going to have nightmares for about a week after looking at this image.

Thankfully, Peter and Wendy didn't look like this in the movies. We would have been horrified while watching them as a child if they had. Some people should leave face swap alone, especially if it's of these two.

9 Belle's a lil' pudgy

Via: smosh.com

NO! Not our precious Belle! What have they done to you?! Belle looks like Ingo from The Legend of Zelda with this face swap and it's too much to deal with. Belle looks horrid and her father looks like an overweight woman. Actually...he kind of looks like Ursula from The Little Mermaid! What on earth is going on in this image? This face swap makes the characters from Beauty and the Beast look like characters from two totally different movies! It's honestly unreal what a simple face swap can do to a person.

Belle's father looks like a hardworking female factory worker. He has the "I need to talk to your manager" haircut and doesn't look like he's afraid to stand up for what he believes in. On the other hand, Belle looks like she needs help.

8 Mulan the red-nosed dragon?

Via: dorkly.com

Mulan is one of the best Disney movies ever made. It's about a young girl who takes her father's old military uniform, disguises herself as a boy and enlists in the army to protect her family (and country). When her family hears of what she's done, her grandmother prays to the Great Stone Dragon to protect Mulan. This is when our beloved little dragon, Mushu, comes into play! Things go south, but Mulan and Mushu step up to the plate and put things back in order. Mushu becomes the Fu family guardian after all of this is said and done, too! Happy days!

This face swap deeply disturbs us. The fact that Mulan looks like a fire breathing dragon kind of terrifies us, whereas Mushu looks like he wouldn't hurt a fly. Mushu looks very skeptical and Mulan looks like she's ready to fling Mushu off of her arm. Thankfully, this isn't what this dynamic duo looked like in the movies!

7 Winnie the...WTF?

Via: deviantart.com

Well...if there was any image that was able to ruin our childhood, this would be the one. From the time we opened our eyes, we were watching Winnie the Pooh. We were insanely jealous of Christopher Robin and wanted to play with Pooh, Tigger and Piglet. We wanted to help Eeyore overcome his depression and we wanted to take Rabbit to anger management classes. We wanted to help Pooh with his honey addiction and show Piglet that things weren't as scary as they seemed. We wanted to be friends with all of these guys! We weren't able to jump into our TV screen or book, however.

Now that we've seen this face swap, we feel like our childhood is completely ruined. The fact that Pooh's face fits perfectly on Christopher Robin's and vice versa makes us wonder if they're the same person. After all, Winnie the Pooh was all in Christopher Robin's head! Yikes...this is a scary image.

6 Beyond messed up

Via: smosh.com

Everyone knows that the Mad Hatter threw some wicked tea parties. What went on at those parties, well, we're not 100% sure. However, it always looked like fun! When we were children, we wished we had the chance to drop down a rabbit hole and join the Mad Hatter and his friends for tea. We were willing to forget that he was psychotic for a fun afternoon tea party! Some of us even went looking for various rabbit holes to hop down! We don't think that we would have wanted to join his tea party if this is what he looked like, however.

When the Mad Hatter has Alice's face on, he looks that much scarier. Not to mention what Alice looks like! If that's what she looked like in the movie, we wouldn't blame the flowers and all the cute little critters for not wanting to help her out. She looks absolutely terrifying! No tea for us, that's for sure!

5 Under the sea...

Via: tumblr.com

LOL, come on now. This one is way too ridiculous for us to look at without laughing hysterically. King Triton doesn't look so good right now. He's missing his teeth, his nose and his eyebrows are in a very odd position. He doesn't look like he's fit to run a kingdom! Sebastian, on the other hand, looks very sophisticated. He looks like he means business. He doesn't have teeth either, but he's got a nice-looking nose and that's what matters, right? If this is what these characters looked like in the movie, we don't think it would have made over $211 million.

We're almost positive that if this is what Ariel's father looked like in the movies, Ariel would have made her big break out of the ocean at a much younger age. Who could blame her, too? This face swap proves that not everything is better down where it's wetter!

4 OMG, Snow!

Via: pinterest.com

Alright, you've got to admit that Snow looks...scary. She is terrifying! This face swap is one of the worst that we've seen! We don't agree with poison, but we're not saying that we wouldn't give her another apple to knock her out. She is not the fairest of them all anymore. And Grumpy is looking rather odd, to say the least. Why would someone do this to these two? Wasn't Snow's life hard enough? Her mother died, her father was murdered, her evil step-mother wants to kill her and her only real friends are dwarves! Snow has it pretty bad on a good day.

We're half tempted to re-make the movie with Snow's face like this, though. We wonder if her evil stepmother would have pitied her and spared her father's life. We wonder if her father would have looked the same? Maybe her evil stepmother wouldn't have come anywhere near them if this is what they looked like!

3 This is not okay

Via: smosh.com

Ah, the heartwarming movie Up! If you've never seen this Disney classic, you need to stop what you're doing and rent this movie (well, after you finish reading this). Up follows an old man named Carl and a young Boy Scout named Russell as they take a journey in Carl's home. Fun fact: the home floats, thanks to helium balloons! It's a magical journey that will not only make you laugh, but will make you cry a river. Along their journey, they meet a wonderful dog named Doug and a giant tropical bird named Kevin (who turns out to be a female!). We can deal with this heartwarming adventure but we cannot deal with this face swap.

Carl looks like he just drank from the fountain of youth, whereas Russell looks like he's seen too much harm than good in his young life. Boy Scouts must be taking years off of his life... literally. Thankfully, this wasn't how they looked in the movie!

2 "There's a snake in my spacesuit!"

Via: deviantart.com

If Woody actually looked like this in the movies, it would explain why every single one of his toy friends started hanging out with Buzz. Woody looks...like someone who could (and would) stab you in an alleyway without feeling the least bit of remorse. We're not sure if the snake in his boot would have stayed with him, either! His new catchphrase would have to be "there's a knife in my pocket" or something insane like that. Buzz, on the other hand, looks like a cuddly teddy bear! He looks like he'd go out of his way to rescue a kitten from a tree. He looks like someone we'd want to befriend! No wonder everyone likes Buzz!

This face swap proves that we should never mess with genetics. Love what you look like, because you could look one heck of a lot worse. We found it very hard to laugh at this image because we're pretty creeped out!

1 The corpse...groom?

Via: tumblr.com

The Corpse Bride is a pretty creepy movie on its own. The town is dark, there are barely any colors in the first half of the movie and you either have extremely fat people or people who look like skeletons. The storyline is pretty dark, too! Victor and Victoria are to be married (it's an arranged marriage, of course) and when it's time to practice their vows in front of the priest, Victor messes up horribly, resulting on setting Victoria's mother on fire. Victor is embarrassed and runs into the woods where he wonders why he can't properly say his vows and starts saying them out loud to himself. He finally gets them all right (yay!), but he puts the ring on what he thought was a tree branch. Turns out, it was the Corpse Bride and Victor gets dragged into the underworld!

We won't say anymore about the movie, we don't want to spoil it for you! If you haven't watched it, we definitely recommend renting it or just buying it! You'll fall in love with this creepy tale. You won't, however, fall in love with the face swap pictured above. The Corpse Bride looks somewhat okay with Victor's face, but Victor...good lord. Someone get him a surgeon!

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