15 Horrifying Disney Face Swaps We Can't Unsee

Being a true ’90s kid, I honestly feel very sorry for those who were not able to enjoy living in that era. The ’90s were amazing for numerous reasons, but the main reason why I loved it so much was the entertainment for kids. It had the best TV shows, cartoons, and of course, Disney animated movies. Luckily, the Internet knows how great Disney movies were and still are (but definitely not as good as before), and that is why there are so many Disney related posts and memes all over the web. 

One of the interesting Disney-related things I stumbled upon is this Tumblr account that posts Disney face swaps. And it's not what many would think; it's not humans face swapping with a cartoon character. On the contrary, it's Disney characters swapping faces with other Disney characters. Trust me, it's borderline genius. These photos will make everyone laugh and cry, and will leave you wanting to rewatch those old Disney classics.

So without further ado, here are 15 hilarious Disney Face Swaps that will make every Disney fan LOL.

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15 Me Tarzan, You Jane?

Have you ever wondered what Tarzan and Jane would have looked like if their faces were swapped? Me neither, but here's a photo of that either way. They're not that bad, right? It actually took me a moment to realize what's going on in the photo, when I first saw it, because it looks so natural, unlike the other face swaps (as if face swaps could ever look natural).

To be honest, when I would watch Tarzan, I would always think how he could be the hottest Disney character out there, only if his face was a bit different. And in this photo, they combined his best physical qualities; his amazing body with Jane's face. Ta-da, a perfect man (let's hope he get's Jane's brain as well) and not so perfect woman.

14 'You Don't Meet A Girl Like That Every Dynasty!'

Mulan, released in 1998, tells a story of a young girl who, in order to save her crippled and elderly father, does something unimaginable: she disguises herself as a man and takes his place in the army, while defying traditional gender roles. The film is based on the legendary warrior Hua Mulan and gives a beautiful message about the empowerment of women,  even pointing out problems such as gender inequality and discrimination.

Now, the post above shows you what the movie would look like if Mulan swapped faces with her father. Do you remember that beautiful and inspiring quote from the movie? It goes like this, "The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all?" I think it is safe to say no one would have said that to Mulan if she had looked like her father!

13 There's Something Different About Esmeralda

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a 1996 Disney movie set in 15th century Paris, and it tells us the story of Quasimodo, a hunchback who's in charge of ringing the bells of the famous Notre Dame cathedral. The girl from the post above is Esmeralda, a gypsy woman Quasimodo falls in love with (and later saves her from being executed by the authorities). Anyways, this is what Esmeralda would have looked liked if she and a character named Phoebus had swapped faces.

Oh, speaking of this movie, here's an interesting fact you probably didn't know: in the original version of this story,  not only does Quasimodo fail to save Esmeralda’s life, but it happens that he's the one to give her to the authorities. He watches her as she’s hanged, and later goes to her grave where he eventually starves to death. How romantic...

12 Damn Belle, What Happened?

This one is one of my favorite Disney face swaps. Just look at it carefully and try not to laugh! Look at Maurice (Belle's dad), he looks so cute and innocent with her face instead of his. On the other hand, Belle's look is something else. Doesn't "belle" mean "a beautiful girl" in French or was that just a translation error? I mean, look at her! She's scary AF. And is it just me, or does she look like a villain who's about to do something really, really bad? Look at that suspicious smile  — what is that all about?

And you know how people say, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" or "Like father, like daughter?" Well, obviously neither of those idioms are applicable in this case.

11 If Everyone Looked Like Grandma Fa

As I said before, Disney's Mulan is an amazing movie, with a beautiful message about female empowerment. From one point of view, this is a serious movie, tackling issues such as discrimination. But on the other hand, it's still a movie for kids, full of adventure, fun, and hilarious characters. One of those characters is Mulan's grandma. Seriously, grandma Fa is such a queen. Do you remember that scene when Shang came to Mulan's home, after Mulan saved China, to "give her back her helmet" (yeah, right)? Mulan asked him, "Would you like to stay for dinner?" and grandma Fa yelled in the background, "Would you like to stay forever?" That was ICONIC!

Anyways, this is what Mulan and her mom look like with their faces swapped with grandma Fa's face. Loves it!

10 John Smith Looks Like A Drag Queen

I've always found John Smith to be one of the least handsome guys from Disney movies. Seriously, there's nothing special about him, apart from his hair, that is. On the other hand, I always thought Pocahontas was one of the most beautiful Disney characters. So that confuses me... What did she see in him? Look at this post and be honest — doesn't he look much better with her face on? Yes, A LOT better! And doesn't she look not as beautiful as she usually does with his face on? That's what I'm talking about!

But can we go back to John with her face on for a second. I'm telling you now, if he was real and looked like this, he could have applied for RuPaul's Drag Race. There's no doubt he would have ended up in the Top Three! Slay!

9 How Cinderella Really Felt

Cinderella is, hands down, one of the most popular characters ever! And she is probably every girl’s favorite Disney Princess. I mean, that doesn’t really come as a surprise, does it? What girl wouldn't want to be like Cinderella? Marrying a prince, living into a castle, having a Fairy Godmother who is there to help and support you (and use her fairy dust to create dresses and shoes for you)—it really is every girl's dream come true!

And OMG, I know it's random, but it just crossed my mind, but do you realize that Cinderella is nearly 70 years old! How crazy is that? So, to celebrate this great movie, here's a photo of Cinderella and her Prince, with a few changes (the face is Cruella De Vil's).

8 The Face Of A Girl In Love

Before I start, I just want to say that I'm a huge fan of this cartoon. I love Ariel and think mermaids are cool AF! Where do I sign up to be a merman? Ursula, the sea witch, I summon thee!

Oh well, I tried...

Ariel and all of her sisters are simply gorgeous. Beautiful faces, cute hair, and colorful tails — mermaids have it all! But what if they looked a bit different? What if they had more fish body parts, than just the tails? For example, what if Ariel had a face of a fish. And not just any fish; what if she looked like an eel (they're straight up ugly). Here's an edited photo of Ariel. She looks a bit different, doesn't she? That's because this Tumblr user made her look just like Flotsam and Jetsam (you know those two eel minions of Ursula's). It's hilarious and creepy all at the same time!

7 Still The Hottest Disney Couple, TBH

If Tangled is one of your favorite movies, and Rapunzel is one of your favorite Disney Princesses, than I’m sad to announce that I’ll probably ruin it for you now. We all know Rapunzel is a gorgeous, sassy girl with this beautiful and magical hair (it can glow and heal people, how amazing is that?). She's definitely not one of those girls who would run after a guy. All of these things is what makes her so cool!

But what if she looked differently? What if she looked like Flynn? I know what you're thinking, Flynn is hot so that would be fine. Well, think again, because you're wrong! She wouldn't look fine with Flynn's face — just look at the photo above. Flynn with Rapunzel's face looks okay though, don't you think so?

6 Sebastian's Face Is Kind Of Disturbing

Is it just me or do Ariel and Prince Eric look like a couple of Neanderthals who just discovered fire? It's definitely not just me. The reason behind this is Sebastian's face, which was Photoshopped onto Ariel and Eric's heads. It's such a weird combination, right? It makes you wonder, why somebody felt the need to Photoshop a crab's face onto Ariel and Prince Eric's? It's a good thing I have the answer to that. The person who made this post said, "I’m a first timer. I was watching The Little Mermaid, saw Sebastian’s face, and just had to try it out for myself."

Well, I can totally see why Sebastian's face gave him this idea. Not only is Sebastian's face funny, but it's also very disturbing at the same time, especially in this particular scene.

5 Grumpy And The Seven Snow Whites

Let's imagine for a second that there's an alternative universe out there. A universe very similar to ours, but at the same time, completely different. A universe where everything is completely opposite to our own universe. Sounds pretty cool, right? In that universe I'd be a hot billionaire playboy who would read these articles instead of writing them, and all of you would be the authors.

In that other universe, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a bit different than ours, though. We would have one dwarf (probably Grumpy) and seven annoying Snow Whites. And trust me, they wouldn't be cute at all! Just have a quick glance at the photo above and you'll know what I'm talking about. Now, imagine living in a house with seven Snow Whites who look like the one from the photo, LOL.

4 Kida Looked Much Better The Last Time I Saw This Movie

Atlantis: The Lost Empire, a 2001 Disney animated movie, is definitely one of the most underrated Disney movies ever, and a lot of people have actually never heard of it, which is sad because it's SO good! The movie follows Milo, a linguist and cartography expert who is chosen to lead the expedition to find Atlantis, the lost continent. Of course, the expedition was more than successful — not only did he and the team find the lost continent, but they also discovered that there are people still living there. Little did he know that one of them would become his wife one day.

The photo above shows the protagonists of Atlantis: The Lost Empire (and its sequel, Atlantis: Milo's Return). That beautiful woman you see, that's Kida, Milo's future wife. Oh wait, that's not her face! Trust me, she's much more prettier than this!

3 Hercules And Philoctetes Face Swap? No, Thank You!

Hercules is another interesting Disney movie that should really be aired more often on television. Even a theatrical re-release would do well because it's a Disney classic.

Most of us know what Hercules is about. And even if you haven't seen the movie, you must know something about him, right?

So, the movie basically follows Hercules, the son of Zeus, on his many adventures.  But let’s be real here, the best thing about this movie is not Hercules — it’s the other characters! I mean, Hades is sassy AF; Megara doesn't give a damn; and Philoctetes is so weirdly interesting. Oh, oh, and I can't forget about the singing Muses! How amazing are they, right?

Anyways, in case you've ever wondered, here's what Hercules and Philoctetes would have looked like if their faces were swapped. And they both look terrible.

2 'The Little Mermaid' Face Swaps Are Hilarious

A-ha! Here we have yet ANOTHER The Little Mermaid face swap. How many have we had so far? Two or three? Well, it doesn't really matter, to be honest. What matters is that these face swaps are so damn funny! Just take a look at this post. What the hell is even going on there (honestly I forgot, it's been 84 years since I last saw this movie)? Is this some kind of a love triangle? A love triangle between two very handsome men, and a girl with a nice personality and good sense of humor? If yes, then I really have to rewatch this movie.

Jokes aside, but Ariel with Grimsby's face is simply hilarious. I can't un-see it. But Grimsby with Ariel's face is something else, though. In a weird way, it's not bad. Not bad at all.

1 Lilo And Her Stitch-ed Lips

Remember that weird homemade doll that Lilo had in Lilo and Stitch? That green/blue-ish thing that kind of looked like Bulbasaur from Pokémon? If my memory serves me well, I think it was called Scrump. Well, here's how Lilo's doll would look like with Lilo's face on. Kinda cute, right? But Lilo, on the other hand, looks like she came straight out of a horror movie. She is literally Stitch-ed (you see what I did there?)!

This terrible pun reminded me so much of some Little Mermaid puns I've heard, like that one where Eric asks Ariel, “Ariel, why do you wear seashells?” and she replies, “Because B-shells are too small and D-shells are too big.” Or that one Lion King pun, “Simba was walking too slow so I told him to Mufasa.” I know, all these puns are just so terrible and cringy, but they're funny! They're pretty much not funny, which makes them funny. Okay? It makes sense, I swear.

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