15 Hysterical 'Arthur' Memes We're Still Laughing At

Has anyone else wondered how the "Arthur's fist" meme came to be? It was this particular meme that opened the flood gates for the rest of the random Arthur memes we see on the Internet today.

Since the first episode aired in 1996, it's no secret most of us grew up watching the animated show. And even to this day, with over 200 episodes to its name, it's the second longest running show on PBS Kids. It's just one of those shows that was easy to like. We all followed Arthur and his little friends in the city of Elwood to see the highs and lows of an 8-year-old aardvark. But somehow...someway...Arthur came back into our lives 20 years later. This time, in the form of a meme.

What started out as a reactionary meme of Arthur's fist, transpired into memes around D.W. getting frisky, Buster Baxter singing Beyoncé, and Muffy Crosswire stalking her man on Instagram. It was tough to pick just 15, but here are 15 of the best Arthur memes that we can't stop laughing at.

15 Harambe Was More Than Just A Gorilla

If there's one thing people online love more than Arthur memes, it's Harambe the Gorilla. In May of 2016, a young boy climbed inside Harambe's enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. His parents and others watched in horror as the 17-year-old gorilla grabbed the boy and was holding him like one of his own. In order to save the boy's life, a zoo worked ended up shooting Harambe dead to get the boy out safely. Instead of this being a tragic story for both the gorilla and the child, it turned into a world wide trending topic. People everywhere began defending Harambe's actions and pointed blame at the child's parents for losing sight of him. Harambe memes soon took over the Internet and he, more or less, became an overnight sensation. I mean, to be honest, it seemed more people were upset for the gorilla than for the welfare of the child, which is concerning, but at the same time...understandable.

14 I Know What You Did

Little miss rich girl Muffy Crosswire was known for being the wealthiest girl at Lakewood Elementary. Because of her wealth, she came off as quite the snob on the show, but she's giving us life in this meme. We all know dating is tough in this day and age. Thanks to the shadiness of Instagram, Snapchat, and Tinder, we never know what bae is up to these days. And just when we think we're dating a living and breathing angel, we stalk the f**k out of their "likes" on Instagram and find out they're liking way more than just #FoodPorn pictures. But we can't just flip out on them. No, we need to have our facts straight. We need screenshots for evidence and lists of how perfect of a partner we are in comparison. Once that's in order, we can sit down like Muffy here and spit straight fire.

13 We All Have That One Friend

I love how in most Arthur memes, they picture Arthur and D.W. as some kind of lovers or friends with benefits. But in reality, they're siblings... so color us disgusted. Let's just go with the flow—for the sake of the meme.

Here we have Arthur calling a friend to get him out of a tough situation. As bad as we feel for D.W. who is just lurking around the corner—we've all been here before. Whether we were on a blind date or some sort of awkward family party, we all have that one friend who is on standby to make sure we can leave at any given time without coming off as a totally a**hole. We're pretty sure our date or family members know the "emergency" is a set up, but hey, it's worth a try.

12 I Love Drama As Long As It's Not Mine

It's the same song and dance: we all have drama in our lives. We've all had disagreements with our loved ones and we've all talked smack about our coworkers when they're not in the office. And as much as we say we hate drama, we all know that's a bald-faced lie. Because when our friends start texting us about drama regarding an enemy, we're all on board. We're trying to figure out as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time. And why else do the majority of us watch Keeping up with the Kardashians even though we all say we can't stand the celebrity family? Well, I'll tell you why: because we LOVE drama that isn't ours. Seeing other people go through pointless and petty stuff just reaffirms that we're actually doing a good job in staying drama-free and sane.

11 "These Are My Confessions"

"These are my confessions. Just when I thought I said all I could say, My chick on the side said she got one on the way. These are my confessions..." Ugh, let's bring Usher back to the scene, you guys! His older songs were so amazing and just looking at this D.W. meme makes me want to re-watch all of his old music videos. Whoever saw this still of D.W. walking in the rain and thought of Usher deserves major recognition. Her eyes are closed tightly, her arms are outstretched, and she looks like she's about to cry out to the heavens for cursing her with another school day. If Arthur decided to make meme videos, a compilation of D.W. walking around aimlessly while "Confessions" played in the background is much needed.

10 Dressed To Not Impress

This meme is screaming the truth! We all look hot AF on the first day of school. We're tan from summer vacation, we're rocking new clothes for like, the first week, and we actually brush our hair. We also spend more time on our eyebrows than is appropriate to say. But about a month into school, say 'goodbye' to those curling irons, say 'adios' to those lip lining pencils, and say 'peace out' to those jeans. Because from here on out, it's nothing but greasy pony tails and black leggings. The entire school knows what we look like by this point, there's no fooling anyone. There's no point in trying to look dope when we're chilling in a classroom for hours every single day. Plus, by this point, we're sick of 6AM wakeup calls and just don't care about trying to impress others anymore.


D.W. is me. There's nothing worse than being an adult and moving away from all of your friends because you took a job in another state. One part of you is excited for yourself. You get a chance for a fresh start, make new friends, and to make actual money. But the other part of us has us pouting like a fifth grader because our friends are all hanging out without us. We want our friends to go out and have a good time, but at the same time, we also want them to stay at home and never see each other again. Because if you can't have fun with them, they shouldn't have fun at all. Do we sound a little bratty? You bet! But there's nothing worse than being away from your friends, and at the same time being constantly reminded that this is what growing up is all about. ?

8 Buster-yoncé

Buster Baxter might be Arthur's best friend, but he should also be a backup dancer for Beyoncé. I'm not really sure what he's doing in this scene, but it's clear it was made to be apart of a Beyoncé meme. Just look at him—he's the spitting image of Beyoncé if she were a bunny rabbit. Just like her music video for "Sorry," Buster has his furry, bunny fingers up and waving 'em high. And thanks to the cocky smile on his face, he's probably telling Arthur "Boy, BYE" on the playground at Lakewood Elementary. Who knows why; maybe Arthur refused to push him on the swing set. Or maybe he's done tolerating Francine's sassy behavior and decided to tell her off in words she'd understand: through Beyoncé lyrics.

7 I'm Just Here For The Food, Bro

Has anyone said "Yes" to a date just to get a free meal out of it? Let's be real, this has to be a popular enough occurrence if someone made a meme out of it. Although this whole scheme is mildly entertaining, my biggest question is: is a free meal really worthy sitting through and hour (or more) of a boring conversation with someone you're not even remotely interested in? If I'm desperate for a free meal and have to sit through the entire evening with someone I have zero attraction towards—we better be at the Chop House or something. Because to sit through a lame date just to get some McDonald's is totally pointless. Not to mention a waste of time. I can buy myself my own Kids Meal, thank you, very much!

6 John Legend Is Arthur

Does this meme even need a description? The wonderfully talented, John Legend, is the spitting image of PBS' Arthur! The soft skin tone, the small ears, the dark eyes, and curved lips—it's a shame he hasn't dressed up as Arthur for Halloween! But don't tell John that. If you think tweeting at him saying that he looks like Arthur the aardvark is a new concept, you'd be wrong. There are so many memes like the one above now, that even his wife, Chrissy Teigen, jumped on the bandwagon and tweeted the "Arthur's fist meme" with the caption "John when you tell him he looks like Arthur." Well this is awkward... Being compared to Arthur seems like a compliment considering how much attention he's getting lately. He's finally the cool kid! John should be nothing but tickled with the connection.

5 "So Many Emotions In One Fist"

Oh my God. @AlmostJT has an awesome point... How does one picture of a closed fist describe so many emotions? Maybe it's because we do the same exact thing when we see someone eyeing bae. Maybe it's because we do the same thing when Starbucks writes the wrong name on our grande latte. Or maybe it's because we do the same thing when people are constantly making remarks about how tall or short we are (we get it!). Arthur's fist is all of us! Instead of completely freaking out and getting our sassy emotions involved, we simply close our fists and that takes all the rage out of us in one squeeze. Okay, maybe not all the rage, but it sure seems to help.

4 Tell Me I'm Beautiful

Yass D.W.!  When we first start a new relationship, we are typically at our peak. We wear nice clothes, we do our hair, we apply makeup, we shower... But once that relationship hits the six-month mark, we're over trying to impress someone who is already impressed. We snatched 'em up and they're ours now. So it's time to whip out those yoga pants and take five minutes doing our makeup instead of an hour. Tuck away those jeans, because their time is over. It's too late for our significant other to get out now, and if they don't like us naturally without all that war paint on, then who needs them! This is why there are so many people who gain weight when they're in a new relationship: they're comfortable. They're done "trying" to get someone because they already have them.

3 'Arthur' x 'Maury'

C'mon, we've all seen the Maury Show. It's known for its dramatic storylines and insane reactions. Most of the time, the episodes revolve around a couple—or a former couple—who had a rough breakup and are trying to determine the paternity of the woman's child. Sometimes the men are skeptical if the child is theirs due to the baby's appearance, or just down to the time period the child was born. But when in doubt, let Maury help you out! Maury takes swabs of DNA from both the child and father and then does the paternity test live on TV. Some results end happily, while others end in tears, tantrums, and cuss words. Pretty much just like D.W. in the meme above. It's an addicting show if you're into trashy television.

2 Can You Not?

Thanksgiving is the perfect moment for a meme like this. The entire family gets together once a year for this holiday. And since we're not fully updated on each others' lives, we spill our guts to make sure our family is completely informed about every member in the household. However, what our dear old mom doesn't seem to realize is that, sometimes, we don't want our aunt Betty knowing we didn't get accepted into college. Or that our boyfriend broke up with us through a text message because he was on a date with another girl. Our moms seem to forget that some things are private and aren't met for other ears—and this includes uncle George! When we overhear her telling someone else our business, it only makes us shut down more or embarrass them the way they embarrassed us.

1 What's Our Status?

This is seriously the most awkward conversation of any potential relationship. You've been talking to the same person for about three months and you both subtly mention how you're not seeing other people. You don't text all day, but you do wish each other a "good morning," and typically meet up for drinks every weekend. They haven't really met our family members yet, but they have been introduced to our roommates on numerous occasions. It's times like these that make us all ask the other person, "So, what are we?" We're always hoping for a positive answer, but know deep down that it could go poorly. I mean, just look at how Arthur handled it. D.W. (let's pretend she's his girlfriend in this scenario, okay?) asked Arthur what their relationship status was and he retorted with the Farmers Insurance commercial tune! #SMH Arthur.

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