15 Hysterical Leo DiCaprio Memes That Prove He's Meme King

Leonardo DiCaprio stole the hearts of many from day one as the charming and oh so very handsome Jack Dawson from James Cameron’s most epic film, The Titanic. Not only did he have everyone calling out “Jack! Jack! I’ll never let you go, Jack!” whenever they went swimming, but to this day, he has had fans, models, and starlets, swooning over him.

This Leo effect has now extended to the Internet. Millennials have gone absolutely bonkers for him, creating hilarious memes that feature him as the headlining star. Most of them are about Leo’s struggle to win an Oscar — which don’t get me wrong are great, BUT there are many more hidden gems.

For example some of which consist of Leo shooting a Nerf gun (yes, a Nerf gun), walking while looking extremely jolly, and even some commentary on his dreaded man bun days.

The 15 images below prove that this Oscar winning actor (woo! I can say Oscar winning now) is the greatest human meme of all time. 

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15 Climate Change Leo

Aside from dating models, it's no secret that one of Leonardo DiCaprio's greatest passions is saving the environment. Leo has used his fame to publicly address issues associated with climate change and global warming. In 1998 he even started his own foundation called The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which he graciously (she said sarcastically) named after himself. But hey, it's Leo and he can do anything he damn well wants.

Throughout the years, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has done some great work to save the planet and its many endangered species. They even have an elephant crisis fund developed as a response to the slaughter of the animals for their tusks. With all of this said, not only has Leo become a fantastic human meme but has also become a leading environmental activist who is doing his part to save the world. Could he possibly be any more perfect? 

14 The Science Behind 'Titanic's' Floating Door

This is what we've all been saying after years of repeatedly yelling at the TV during one of the most iconic and devastating scenes of Titanic. Each and every time Jack's frozen body gets pried off the floating door that saves Rose's life, we scream internally. Why? Because if Jack and Rose found the right balance between both of their bodies they both could have fit on that door together...which means they both would have survived and lived happily ever after!

It's too bad that Jack was the one who had to go. No offence to the beautiful Kate Winslet but young Leo was on another level of good-looking and us fans could definitely have dealt with more Leo as Jack Dawson on camera.

13 The Memes That Keep Jack Dawson Alive

If there is anything we Leonardo fans are grateful for, it's the memes that keep the memory of Jack Dawson from Titanic alive. Especially since the movie didn't do us any favors in that department.

Since Jack Dawson is one of Leo’s best characters, it is only natural that fans would turn this fantastic photo of him swimming in the ocean into a Jack Dawson meme. In other words, any opportunity they have to do so, should always be taken. Now, imagine Rose’s excitement if an unthawed Jack Dawson swam out of the ocean to find his one true love. Yea, we love to live in that fantasy. So the question here is, why has anyone not pitched this to James Cameron? Can we get a Titanic two in theatres soon please. 

12 Mildly Frustrated Leo

 *Heavily sighs*

Okay, this is the worst. Especially when it happens on a Friday. Not to mention Fridays are when employees are most eager to finally go home and get the weekend festivities started. It's also the day when people are most efficient and somehow manage to get all work done a little bit earlier than usual. Even though you put your time management skills to the test sometimes bosses just don't get it.

In these moments, us superstar employees just have to suck it up and get the job done. Yes, we get frustrated and make this Leo face, but this is a face ready to endure a little bit of over time and a full bottle (or two) of Friday night wine afterwards.

11 French Girl Leo

Here we have a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio posing sensually and no, not on a bed of roses or fancy chaise lounge, but instead on a bed of dirt and pebbles. Despite this less than comfortable choice of flooring he somehow still manages to look tres fantastique!

We can only assume that Leo picked up his posing skills from the one and only Kate Winslet on the set of Titanic. As many of us already know, the scene where Jack paints a naked Rose is one of the most sultry parts in the movie, meant to leave you gasping for air while fanning yourself. With this photo, Leo proves that no matter the background, flooring, or crazy scenario going on around him, he will always be our little French croissant in addition to the greatest human meme ever.

10 When He Was The Ultimate Bro

I'm guessing Jonah Hill feels more comfortable wearing a T-shirt while swimming in the ocean than just his swimming trunks. Being the great guy he is, his good bro Leo joined in on the T-shirt action by also wearing his shirt during their swim together. Now, I'm no bro, but I can definitely see that solidarity is key in the world of bro-hood or whatever you boys are calling it these days.

May I also point out that these two are definitely high fiving because the girl they seem to be swimming with decided to go shirtless, unlike the two of them. I mean, great for her, that takes some serious courage, especially in front of two A-listers like Leo and Jonah.

The point is these boys stuck together, even when a topless girl was in the mix.

9 Stink Eye Leo

Note to self, NEVER say anything stupid in front of Leo DiCaprio. I mean, come on, would you look at that stink eye? No amount of director's notes could teach someone to make this face. This is a talent one inherits at birth.

When Leonardo gives you the stink eye, that's when you turn around and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. This is the face Leo makes when he's absolutely done with you. Not to mention, it's the expression he made during the filming of yet another, legendary movie we Leo fans have come to know as InceptionNot only has his stink eye expression turned out to be a pretty great meme, but it has become quite relatable seeing that it has been used for plenty of made up scenarios which are equally as entertaining as the movie. 

8 Leg Day Leo

Ah, the dreaded leg day. It's not during the workout that's painful, it's afterwards. Wonderfully enough, in this scene from The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio captures that pain perfectly. Even though his character, Jordan Belfort was really messed up on a cocktail of sh*t and not actually in pain from a leg day workout, this is exactly how most of us would look and feel when attempting to get into a car after leg day.

Unless the leg day pain is insanely intense, we probably wouldn't be slurring our words like Leo was in this scene. Then again, who knows, we might if we take leg day badly. On the other hand, something we would definitely be doing would be using our last ounces of energy rolling down flights of stairs, crawling desperately on the floor, and even resorting to opening car doors with our legs while on the ground toppled over in pain.

7 Frolicking Leo and Friends

This must be what heaven looks like. A happy Leo frolicking through the city with an even happier Daniel Radcliffe, with a slightly overweight cat and head swinging dog. This could also be a scene taken straight out of a musical. Now there's an idea!

Imagine the memes people would create if Leonardo DiCaprio were to star in a musical. Though I can't really imagine him singing, Leonardo seems to be full of surprises. I doubt anyone thought he'd wrestle a bear during his career as an actor either. There's really nothing Leo can't do and his Oscar proves it.

So if he starred in a musical, bets are that he'd somehow get nominated for another academy award. The true question, is whether he would win or not. Either way, an influx of great memes would be the result. It's just so easy with Leo!

6 S'cute Leo Versus Hobo Leo Versus Not S'cute Bear

This has got to be the wisest meme in the history of all memes. Though it's absolutely hilarious, it is also true. The ones we love DO hurt us the most. This is because they know us well enough to know what hurts us, and therefore, know how to hurt us mentally, emotionally, and probably spiritually. To put it simply, the people we love know our weaknesses and if angry enough, will use them against us.

As you can see, Leo and his stuffed animal teddy bear look so precious and adorable in the softly filtered black and white headshots on the left. A stark opposite to the photo on the right. A very rugged, homeless and bloody looking Leo seems to be wrestling with a very angry, rabid bear. OKAY duh, this isn't the same teddy we see in the photo but you get the meme's point.

5 Rootin' Tootin' Nerf Shootin' Leo

The Nerf shooting Leo memes are almost as legendary as all the Oscar-less Leo memes that came out before his big win in 2015. In fact, this picture of Leo running around a grass field with a Nerf gun was so memeable, just about everything and anything you can think of has been Photoshopped into the background. And when I say anything, I mean it. People have Photoshopped Leo into action scenes from all time classics like Star Wars and The Matrix. They've inserted celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and even angry World Cup soccer players into the picture. And as you can clearly see, fans have also added in Marvel superheroes to the mix. Exhibit-A being Star-Lord from Guardians of The Galaxy, who also appears to be toting a Nerf gun (which is of course, Photoshopped).

4 Look For The Leo With The Longing Stare


*Turns on radio* *Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved" begins to play*

Who wouldn't stare longingly out of a car window if the sweet sound of Adam Levine's voice singing "look for the girl with the broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay a while" echoed through your ears. Leo was clearly having one of those days. You know, the one's where you get way too into the music playing during a long car ride and completely zone out while imagining yourself in different scenarios. Yea, trust me it happens.

Since many of us probably do this when sitting in the passenger seat, this picture of Leo becomes insanely relatable. Just look at his face! At some point during drives with our friends and family, we are all him.

3 The Shady Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio's reaction to Lady Gaga at the 2016 Golden Globe's was everything one could ever dream of and more. Not because we don't support Lady Gaga, she's great. More-so because his reaction was absolutely hilarious and unexpected. Leonardo DiCaprio's reaction drove the Internet wild (as most of his reactions usually do).

So, if you've been living under a rock for the past year or if you just forgot about this whole thing, here's what happened. As Lady Gaga walked up to the stage to receive her award, she brushed up against Leo's chair and I guess it caught him by surprise. According to the actor, Gaga scared the crap out of him. So no, Leo wasn't throwing shade, or maybe he was, we'll never know. Perhaps we can invent a new term for the face he made. I say we go with resting-Leo-face for now.

2 The Shake Your Money Maker Leo

The Leonardo DiCaprio character we see in The Wolf of Wall Street could not be any more different from the Leonardo DiCaprio character we see in The Revenant. Even though both of these characters are opposites, they both share one thing in common: When turned into memes, they become extremely relatable to us.

Everyone wants to party as soon as it's payday. As soon as we get that fat cheque deposited into our bank accounts, we're throwing dollar bills (or loonies if you're Canadian) off of our...okay, well not our yachts but you get my point. On the other hand, all of this partying and money throwing has its consequences because at the end of the month, when all we can afford to eat is $1 cup-of-noodle (if we're lucky), we start feeling and looking like Leo in the Revenant.

1 When He Became Everything We Have Ever Hated

And in one instance, Leonardo DiCaprio became everything we hated. A man wearing a man bun, vaping while holding a fidget spinner. Welcome to the tail end of 2017 everyone, let's hope the rest of the year isn't as bumpy of a ride. Let's also hope man buns never make a comeback, vapes become illegal, and fidget spinners get swallowed by a black hole.

In all honesty, it's almost impossible to hate Leonardo DiCaprio...even if he is wearing a man bun while vaping. The good news is the man bun has been cut off since this photo was taken and the fidget spinner is clearly Photoshopped into his hand. The bad news is that Leo's mouth touched a vape. Does this mean he started the awful trend? GOD I hope not.

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