15 Hysterical Tweets About People's Worst Dates That Will Make You LOL

Bad dates are the worst, right? Whether it's someone you met on a dating app or someone your friends kindly hooked you up with, going on a bad date is easily one of the most awkward experiences ever. If you've ever been on a bad date, it can be pretty mortifying but luckily, you're not alone! Movies and TV shows may make it seem like every date is a home run. Even if something awkward happens, they laugh it off and fall in love anyway, but all of us in the real world know that's not how it goes. If you're like me and reading other people's misfortune makes you feel better, keep reading to see 15 of the worst dates people have tweeted about!

15 Be Cool, Mom!

Oh no. Is it bad that after I was done being embarrassed by this, I kind of related to this mom? Like, that would totally be me. This is actually kind of badass than embarrassing. Whether I am crashing my future children on a date or just going to a buffet to stuff free food into my purse, this is me. While this Twitter user's intention was clearly to share their embarrassing story and let people cringe right along with them, I can't help but nod in agreement with that mom. She got some free food and a little bit of quality time with her son. Maybe it wasn't the best timing and I imagine it definitely ruined their date, but oh well. At least she got to know what she was getting into if she kept dating him!

14 Should've Thought Of That

People who do this, on a date or otherwise, are the worst. Seriously, don't say you don't want anything and then either eat the other person's food or sit there and hint the entire time that you actually wanted something! Whenever I'm with someone who does this, I'm torn between feeling bad they don't have anything and not caring because it was their choice. And that's just when I'm with friends or a family member! I can't even imagine how much worse it must be to be on a date with someone who does this. This kind of behavior on a first date is definitely worthy of never being called or texted again after the date ends. Hopefully next time they'll order a drink for themselves! Like, WTF was their date supposed to do?

13 The Dedication

I'm kind of torn on how to feel about this one. On one hand, this is pretty suave, but on the other, this is seriously cringeworthy. So which one wins? I can't even decide because I feel like that took some serious nerve and he really thought that out, but that's also a kind of embarrassing answer. If that was this person's worst date, they must be pretty lucky, because this isn't even that bad. Compared to some of the others that people have tweeted about, this was pretty tame. A little bit embarrassing, sure, but it was embarrassing for the other person. Especially if she rejected such a bold pickup line. I hope he didn't waste too much ink printing her dating profile out!

12 A Totally Savage Response

Some people are just straight up clueless when it comes to dating. This is pretty embarrassing for them, but some people can't help it. There are people out there who are still hung up on their ex and somehow don't realize that no one else wants to hear about them. Especially someone you're on a date with. We know, we get it, they were great, but you guys are broken up now... It's time to move on. Although your friends might not have a problem hearing about them endlessly while you talk about all the good times you had and how much you miss them, they're the only ones. Going on a date with another person and talking about your ex the entire time is a huge dating no-no! Let them go, at least for a damn hour.

11 It Sounds Like You Don't Have Time To Call Her After This One!

Dude, how rude of this girl! Honestly, I would be so embarrassed if this happened to me. I'm even a little embarrassed just reading his story about this, because that's how embarrassing this is. I'm sure everyone has had a time when they were struggling with the chip reader taking too long, right? I can't believe she got so impatient that she left because it was taking a minute to go through! I feel awkward enough when I'm waiting in line while it processes, I couldn't imagine being on a date with someone who was so inconvenienced by this. Even though it's not my fault, I find myself wanting to apologize to the people behind me for being so slow. I miss the days when it was quick and easy to just swipe your card without all the awkward waiting. Damn you, hackers!

10 Get Comfortable

I hate wearing shoes so much that I feel like this is something I would talk about doing, but then not actually do. I feel like the last part of that sentence is the most important one there. Saying you want to take your shoes off when you're in public because your feet hurt or something is something you joke about doing with your friends, not something you really do on a date! I must have a pretty high tolerance for what I would consider a bad date because so many of these just make me think, "That's not that bad, is it?" This one takes the cake, though. I'm not interested in seeing someone's feet or their dirty socks on the table during our FIRST date. Save that for when you're at home!

9 He Wasn't Wrong!

People who do this are seriously the worst. Whether you're on a date with them, work with them, are friends with them, or is just a stranger, there's pretty much no one worse than someone who does stuff like this. There's nothing wrong with liking something passionately or fancying a different superhero that others may not appreciate. I just don't understand what makes people want to lecture others about how this other superhero is better or how they don't know every little thing about them when the conversation was completely unprompted. Seriously, if you do this, stop. No one else cares and it's just annoying to be so rude to people about what they like! It doesn't make you seem any cooler or better than anyone else.

Let people like what they like. This isn't a competition.

8 At Least This Had A Happy Ending

While a lot of these worst date stories are embarrassingly awful and I have to assume the people never spoke again, this one has a different kind of twist at the end! It's really nice to see a "worst date" story with a cute ending like this where they still ended up together. It sounds like a movie. Every couple has some story about how they met, right? Whether it's something super crazy and adorable like this tweet or something more low-key like they just worked together or had a class together. All couples have a story. Not to downplay the cuteness of those other stories, but this one is probably one of the most adorable stories about how they started dating that I've ever heard. Good for these two for turning what was probably a super embarrassing moment into something positive!

7 Wait, What?!

Most of these worst date stories are pretty self-explanatory, right? They don't really need much more background information or a longer explanation for us to read them and understand why they were a terrible date. This one, on the other hand, is not like those other stories. This one leaves me with so many questions. Yes, I get why this was a bad date. Personally, I wouldn't be into hanging out in a field while my date pretended to be a horse. But I still can't help but wonder how exactly it got to this point. At what point during the date did he say he wanted to be a horse and just run free through a field and eat grass? Was it after dinner? Or was this just his idea of an entire date? I need answers and that guy needs a barn.

6 So... How Was It?

Okay, don't leave me hanging here! I need to know what the people of Twitter thought of the date. People live-tweeting things has got to be the strangest technological development I can think of these days. Like, I know it's probably not all that weird, but I remember when I got my first Twitter account. I tweeted really stupid things, like the lyrics of songs that I was listening to or how bad I thought the movie I had just seen was. This was even before I had the app, so I had to text these in to Twitter and just hope they got posted — even though I had basically no followers to see them. But live tweeting a date you're on? That's taking tweeting your thoughts to a whole new level, and if I were on a date, I would not be down with that.

5 This Family Reunion

Honestly, this one isn't all that bad. Well, maybe it's not. I'm saying it's not that bad because I'm assuming the girl didn't know that it was his cousin. If she totally knew and brought her anyway, that's just plain awkward (and gross)! This is supposed to be a blind date, not a family reunion! But that totally gives me an idea... If I ever know someone who has a strained relationship with a family member for some reason, I'm just gonna set them up on a "blind date" with said person in order to FORCE them to talk. I feel like there's probably a movie or something that has done this with two relatives or former friends, but I'm still going to pretend that it was an idea I came up with based on this tweet.

4 Yikes!

I've heard of people going out on a date with someone just to get some free dinner out of it, but this is a whole new level of that theory. At least this dude gets his girlfriend's leftovers even though she goes on blind dates with other men! Maybe this is some kind of agreement they have and he's fine with it, though. I'm not here to judge, but I think that's pretty strange and not very nice. It's one thing if your date knows you have a significant other, but it's completely cruel to keep them in the dark about it. Do whatever you want with your significant other in private when it's just the two of you, but don't drag other people into it. Going on a date with someone just to mislead them for the purposes of taking food home to your actual boyfriend is pretty rude.

3 Delicious!

Well that's a surprise! There are some things that people just don't mention on their dating profiles but maybe they should. You know, things like, "I'm going to take my fake tooth out at dinner and set it on the table for you to see!" I have nothing against someone with a fake tooth and I totally get taking it out to eat. Getting food caught in my real teeth is pretty awful, I couldn't imagine getting it stuck in a fake tooth. But imagine the shock of being on a first date with someone and they just pull their tooth out and casually set it by your plate. I'm too awkward for a situation like that, I would have no idea what to do. Then, I'd probably try to make a joke out of it to lighten the mood and it would just make everything even more awkward. Yikes!

2 Should've Stuck With The First Girl

Is this really such a bad thing? To me, it just sounds like you found yourself a new date! I'm sure the girl was super confused, but if you enjoyed talking to her for an hour before you realized that wasn't who you were supposed to be meeting, then I don't really think that's such a bad thing. It was probably pretty awkward for his actual date, but that's not his fault! Is it bad that I'm just hoping that he went on another date with the "wrong" girl? How cute would that story be when people asked how they met? This would be such a cute plot for a movie, holy sh*t. I need someone to make it ASAP. I'm swooning a little just thinking about it! I'm picturing Jennifer Aniston in the lead and maybe Bradley Cooper as the male role.

1 Story Of My Life

Wait a second, this is a bad date? Personally, this sounds like the perfect date to me! Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a good movie, and no one to try to talk to me or bother me? Sign me up! Seriously, I'm totally in. Right up until the part where this Twitter user got kicked out of their movie during their hot date with their box of cereal. That part, I can go without. I personally have never been kicked out of a movie and I don't really think I'm interested in starting now, especially not when it'll have such a boring story to go with it. While some of these bad date stories were embarrassing and cringe-inducing, this person's was just funny and silly. I would totally take this bad date over the others on this list!

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