15 Hysterical Video Tweet Captions That Will Make You Giggle

While Twitter is primarily intended to be for 140 character-long tweets - often, users will use the platform for other ideas. Like for their favorite gifs, memes, or pictures. Thankfully, most pictures and videos need captions to add a few more doses of humor to it. To craft the perfect video tweet, one must first find a video that will make people laugh on its own. After finding the video, there must be a perfect caption that backs up the tweet. (There's a science to this, I swear.) This way tweeters can laugh at two different things, and each complements the other. It's perfect!

Twitter is wonderful in that it allows people to share whatever they're feeling. Twitter has been bashed lately for buying out and planning on shutting down Vine, which is the best way to post six-second or shorter videos. Still, the Vines that have already been posted remain up on the site, so there is plenty of good content to choose from when looking for the best short videos with great captions.

With that, we scoured the Internet to find the best of the best in the category of short videos, GIF's, or vines with great captions and backstories. We're confident we found the best for you, so here are the 15 best GIF's/short clips/Vines you can find on Twitter!

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15 Guy Fieri In Reverse

Any time you get the chance to see Guy Fieri eating a noodle in reverse, well, you just have to take it, right? This video is wonderful on its own - or it's the most disturbing thing you will ever see, depending on who you ask. To us, it's wonderful, as seeing Fieri reverse slurping his noodle is a site to behold. Fieri is the perfect character for such a moment, as he reverse slurps with such gusto and jubilation we can't help but smile. Scott Johnson, the tweeter, describes it best: "Let this reverse GIF do for your day what it did for my day: Make it better." Isn't your day better having seen this video? We can't help but smile after seeing it ourselves!

14 Trump Acting

Donald Trump is certainly a polarizing figure in the political world, but before he was elected President of the United State of America, he was star of a tremendous GIF with a caption crafted to perfection. The GIF alone is funny enough; watching Trump go through plenty of different facial expressions for seemingly no reason. It appears as if he's practicing being a human for goodness sake! The tweeter describes it perfectly: "Let's do a quick acting warm-up. Give me disbelief, smugness, flirtatiousness, then pretend to be a dog." It's a perfect backup to the amazing GIF. Whether you support Trump or not, you must support this wonderful GIF and its awesome description. We can't stop laughing at how amazingly accurate those poses are. I wonder if Trump ever sees these...

13 'Scarface' The Play

In what may be the greatest thing we have ever seen, this video is of an elementary school acting out the criminal film, Scarface, as their school play. Not Mary Poppins or Bye, Bye, Birdie or even The Lion King, but Scarface. The caption says it all: "What school decided that it would be a good idea to do a 'Scarface' play?" Unfortunately, rumor has it that the play is not actually real and it's actually acted out by real kid actors to pretend to be in a school play to make Twitter laugh. But regardless of what the truth is, we absolutely love this unbelievable concept. Watch the entire video and you won't stop laughing. The ending with the child being pushed out to end the movie is amazing.

12 Good Riddance, 2016

2016 is widely considered one of the worst years in recent history, and Twitter was filled with plenty of tweets yelling about the year as it ended. Considering everything that happened in 2016, people would not be surprised if something like this GIF from the TV show The Simpsons, had actually happened. Luckily, 2016 is gone and there is no big fire - so we are lucky to say it isn't true. But the caption, "Me at the end of 2016," coupled with the fire and the shooting at the disco ball much like the ball that drops to end the year is so perfectly fitting and captures what the ending of 2016 was all about. We love the creativity here so much! I wonder how they thought of this scene when thinking about how terrible 2016 was.

11 I Believe I Can Fly

This amazing Vine is one of the best of the dying breed. It's too bad that Vine had to go, as it was a wonderful medium for short clips that made us laugh endless amounts. But Vine is gone, and we should honor the ones that made us laugh that much. This one of a child being swept away in a play place, coupled with the "I Believe I Can Fly" caption, is too good for us to not include. It's amazing as we watch the kid swept away and looking like he is flying as "I Believe I Can Fly" plays in the background. The mix is perfect, and it shows what Vine is all about. It's witty, quick thinking, and makes us feel bad for laughing at this poor kid's pain.

10 Has Feminism Gone Too Far?

This is so amazing and we can't stop watching it. The caption: "Has feminism gone too far" signals to us that something in the accompanying tweet must be incredibly funny, and the signal is certainly on point. We watch as a young girl drives a toy car right over a young boy, driving over him slowly and carefully as time passes. Ha! What were the parents doing as this happened? The execution of the tweet is amazing as it takes a hot button topic in feminism and couples it with an amazing short video and an even better caption. Watch as we wonder if feminism has gone too far as the young girl ruthlessly plows over the young boy. Is that feminism, or is it just one sassy girl? Who knows, but we can't stop watching.

9 Not Cool!

This is one of the funniest clips we have ever seen. In a clip from the video game series Grand Theft Auto, we watch a car flipping and flying through the air, going through various obstacles and finding its way through the sky. As it begins to land, we're led to believe that it's just going to be a cool clip of a car flying around the sky, but the caption hints otherwise. Telling us that it's not a cool move means something hilarious is about to go down. And it definitely did. The car lands directly in an empty parking spot, landing just before another car was going to park in it. Have you ever tried to find a spot in a crowded lot? Imagine that happening to you? It would be the worst! (And terrifying at the same time.)

8 Dog Problems

We love dogs more than anything, so it concerned us to see the caption "I tell people my dog is the worst, they don't believe me. Now hard video evidence emerges." No dog is the worst! Dog and the word "worst" are antonyms, so this can't be possible! Honestly, the caption made us want to watch the video even more. And it's important to do so before casting judgement. Watching the dog flop around and fail to retrieve the ball convinced us that maybe, just MAYBE, this dog may not be the BEST dog. But the worst? We're struggling here. Dogs....can't be the worst, right? Right? You can be the judge, as this hilarious caption and clip makes a case we laugh at, but don't want to.

7 Canadian Birth

This video is nothing short of amazing because it takes a shot at an entire nationality without being mean! It takes a comical approach, combining a hilarious clip of a man climbing out of ice with a hockey stick in hand with the caption, "Watching Canadians being born is such a glorious thing to witness." It's amazing to think how accurate this is. If anyone knows any Canadian, it's forever evident that the things they love are ice and hockey. It wouldn't be surprising if this is how they were born. Out in the cold with a hockey stick in hand. The clip is glorious. And the man looks so happy to jump out of the ice with his hockey stick and we absolutely find ourselves rooting for him and laughing at the caption with the clip! On a completely different note, I hope he has a jacket...

6 A Whirlwind

I am in tears. This is a cinematic masterpiece coupled with a caption that makes it even funnier. As this Twitter user works his way through the forest, he sees a bear. He's super excited to see the bear (as any of us would be), but he is soon distraught after he sees the bear "falling" and drowning in the lake. The man lets out a primal scream, as any of us would, clearly being extremely upset at what he had just seen! But this is an every day occurrence for a wild bear. The bear later shown jumping up onto a rock, completely safe and sound. It's a whirlwind (no pun intended) of a video, and we find ourselves experiencing every emotion in the short, yet hilarious video. This guy's scream makes the entire clip.

5 Points For Creativity

In the NBA, one of the most common things you will see is two players exchanging handshakes created specifically for the two of them. Cameron Payne and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder, for example, have new handshakes seemingly every game. However, not all players have creative handshakes they can conjure up. Yet, the camera still somehow lands on them. Thus, a hilarious clip emerges with an even better caption. Rather than getting creativity, we get two guys exchanging the most normal handshake you will ever see. No flair, no excitement, just business as usual. The caption says it all: "The white guys on the Hornets have a secret handshake: a handshake." And since we're so used to seeing elaborate handshakes and fist bumps, a business-casual handshake makes it funnier.

4 Dog Safety

Remember how much we love dogs? Well, we cannot possibly claim to love dogs as much as this man. In a clip that went viral and even sparked anger from PETA in hopes of protecting the kangaroo, this man protected his dog from an angry kangaroo by literally squaring up with it and preparing to exchange fisticuffs. Yes, this man was ready to fight a kangaroo to protect his dog. See what we mean about dogs being the greatest? Would anyone do that for a cat? Probably not. The caption even goes that far. "THIS DUDE REALLY SQUARED UP WITH A KANGAROO TO HELP HIS DOG LMAOOOOO." This is a case where the all caps are warranted, as it's amazing and funny and we're thrilled the dog is safe! Sure, we feel terrible for the kangaroo, but at the same time, he had to protect his pet.

3 Dinosaur Attack

There have been some strange videos posted to Twitter, but this one may be the strangest one yet. When we see the caption, "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" we expect maybe a funny clip of an old man, or maybe a joke about working in an industry people don't want to work in. But in this video, it's an occurrence that would have literally never crossed our minds. It's a group of people dressed up in dinosaur costumes attacking Christmas decorations while being shooed away by an angry old man with a stick! The group of dinosaurs eventually drive off in a truck and get rid of the man. Think you're not seeing things clearly? Well, you are. Watch the video, then watch it again, then when you stop laughing for a moment, watch it a third time for good measure. How they came up with this crazy idea, we don't know, but we're thankful.

2 Smells Like Shovel Spirit

Have you ever seen any clips of people slipping and sliding on ice, but never really fall completely? There's one clip in which a man slides on ice for eight full seconds, but we found one that's even better. This one, a Vine, combines the two best things it could possibly combine. A man slipping on ice, thus having his shovel hit the ground, and BOOM! Nirvana jumps on. Yep, the creator of the video managed to hear that the sound of the shovel hitting the ground sounded awfully like a part of Nirvana's hit song "Smells Like Teen Spirit," so they mashed the two together and it worked perfectly. It's an impressive show of listening skills and videography, and we can't stop laughing at the creativity.

1 Out At The Bar

This one wins the top spot because of how incredibly easy it is to relate to for anyone who goes to bars or is still working to build up their finances. The caption of "When you're deciding between beers and then you look at your bank account," leads us to believe the clip will have to do with purchasing an expensive beer before ending up with a cheaper priced one, and we aren't too far off. What happens is three men are running in beer costumes towards the finish line (on ice), but at the last second, Busch Light makes a comeback and takes the win! In case you need a refresher, Busch Light is known for being super cheap and probably the least tasty of all beers. Of course Busch Light wins, because we don't have money for the more expensive beer taste! It's hilarious and creative, and it captures our constant bar struggle.

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