15 Hysterically Dramatic Cats That Give Actors A Run For Their Money

Cats are animals loved by many people — including most of us at TheThings. And there are multiple reasons for loving them. I mean, what's not to love? First of all, cats are super cute. Second, they're fluffy AF (at least most of them are). Third, we love the way they purr when they're happy. Finally, they are incredibly funny and dramatic without being aware of it. In fact, few animals can be as dramatic as cats. They express their emotions in a hilarious way when they notice or experience something for the first time; whether it's discovering snow or finding water unexpectedly. Some of these cats' expressions are priceless.

If you love cats as much as we do, check out the pictures below to see what we're talking about. These cats are so dramatic, they can give most actors today a run for their money!

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15 Why, God, Why?!

Have you ever caught a cat in the act of discovering something for the first time? Instead of being pleased, the look of despair shows up on their furry faces. If you haven't personally witnessed this experience, please take a look at the photo above. The cat's discontent with Mother Nature is written all over its face. My gosh, I can practically hear the screeching from here! It's probably like "What the heck is this white stuff!?"

Cats don't like it when they're wet and they also don't like it when it's cold. Since snow is both wet and cold, who would expect a cat to like it? This picture could be a scene from a movie where something horrible happens and the character screams, "God, why me!?"

14 How TF Did Water Get In Here?

Via: BoredPanda

This cat and the one in the previous entry have found themselves in similar situations that are probably on "the worst" list for them: they both experienced something cold and wet. The situation was only made worse by how unexpectedly the two had to go through such an ordeal. This cat just wanted to lick some ice to quench its thirst. Unfortunately, it was unaware that ice can melt. And when it does melt, it turns into water. Surprise - watch your step! Just watch the little guy look at its paw when it suddenly realizes there's water in the bowl. Are there many Oscar nominees who can make the same face? I don't think so! Even if there are actors who can copy this, they are few and far between. This cat would totally defeat them all.

13 We Had Two Bags Of Cat Food...

Via: Notey

We call your attention to the monologue from the newest blockbuster, Purr and Kneading in Las Vegas: "We had two bags of cat food, 75 pellets of catnip, five sheets of high-powered chlorine, a salt shaker half-full of valerian root powder, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored stinky shoes (plus socks and sweaty t-shirts). We also had a quart of bleach, a case of toys laced with silver vine, a pint of honeysuckle, and two dozen plastic bags. Not that we needed all that for one road trip, but once you get locked into a serious cat drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The only thing that really worried me was the honeysuckle. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible  than a cat in the depths of an honeysuckle binge, and I knew we'd get into that rotten stuff pretty soon."

12 So You Were Carrying THAT In Your Stomach??

Via: Pinterest

The surprise on this cat's face is as genuine as it gets. If this scene were in movie, it would totally deserve some credit at the Oscars. At least a shoutout on stage or something.

It is obvious that this cat has seen its owner with a huge belly for a few months. But I bet it thought that she was just gaining some weight. The cat would never have guessed that this belly could produce another human being! A human being that was so small nonetheless. Is this a toy? Or a little human? What shall we do with it? Is it alive? Why is it constantly screaming? What does it want?! There are so many questions that we can read just from this cat's one expression. The emotions are so raw and so real that the skill can't be taught by any acting coach or producer. This, my friends, is what I like to call talent.

11 Oscar For ‘The Best Villain’ Goes To…

Via: Pinterest

We've all seen villains in movies. Not every villain needs to rob a bank to be considered "bad." It's amazing how some actors can make you hate and love their characters at the same time (it's also incredibly frustrating). Characters like Dart Vader, The Joker, Hannibal Lecter, Saruman, Loki, and Bellatrix Lestrange are the epitome of the love/hate battle we struggle with for the duration of the movie. Of course, they're all horrible, but they have so much charm that at some point, you kind of feel like you like them. The same thing can be said with this cat. It looks like it's pure evil. It stares at you from above — as if it's going to attack and kill you. It has a mysterious and frightening look. But at the same time, it's fluffy and adorable. What kind of villain could this cat play? Count Dracula? Professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes? Hans Landa from Inglorious Bastards? I guess any of those would do!

10 Meet The Feline Cal Lightman

Via: Twitter

Do you remember the series Lie To Me featuring the character, Cal Lightman? He was the world-leading deception specialist who could read micro-expressions on people's faces and  their body language to see if they're telling the truth. It was almost impossible to deceive this man as he knew everything about how people looked when they were lying — even if they did everything to hide it. This cat seems to also know a thing or two about facial expressions. Or at least it can imitate a quite a few of them. The nine pictures show annoyance, disgust, disdain, anger, boredom, playfulness, fear, surprise, and exhaustion. Can you see all of them, too? The skill of expressing all these emotions is certainly worth an award, don't you think so?

9 Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

You surely remember this scene from Titanic, where Rose asks Jack to "draw her like one of his French girls," don't you? It has become iconic! And, of course, you remember how she was posing for this drawing. Doesn't this cat remind you of that scene? Rose better watch out, because this cat is coming in hot! The posture, that gaze... That cat could totally play Rose in the cat version of Titanic, TBH. But a cat version of Titanic would be a really cruel thing. After all, you remember how it all ends, don't you? With all the cold water and ice. I guess if we showed this cat the whole script from the movie, it would probably refuse the role. Unless the filmmakers provided her with stunt doubles in the final scenes or used the green screen to add all the water afterwards.

8 Never Let Go, Rose

Via: Pinterest

This is another cat who could play in Titanic if all the necessary tools were provided. We can already this cat playing Jack, and the kitty above playing Rose. Wow, what a pair. This particular cat has even begun practicing one of the final scenes in Titanic. You know, the part where he freezes to death... Just look at its little face. The emotion, the strength, the drama.

Moreover, there is a hidden meaning in this picture. In Titanic, Jack was in danger because he had to be in the cold water for God only knows how long. And in the picture above, this cat is also in danger of falling and getting into a terrible situation. If you haven't noticed already, there's a sign that says: "Caution. Children at play" behind it. Talk about a perfectly timed picture.

7 I Dare You, I Double-Dare You...

Most cats don't like water, and other cats hate water. Obviously, this one can be referred to the second category. But still, its human decided to bathe it. And, judging from the cat's expression, the day of reckoning is close. Their human will remember this punishment for a long time; whether it was for peeing in their shoes, scratching the furniture, or being sassy when guests are around. The cat clearly needed a bath and the poor kitty disagreed.

Will the owner dare to bathe this cat in the future? It's likely that they will. Even though we have to learn from our mistakes, not all of us do. But, to be honest, after seeing THAT expression on my cat's face, I would plead for forgiveness and swear not to bathe it ever again.

6 To Be Or Not To Be!

Via: Pinterest

This dramatic cat is obviously rehearsing for the main role in Hamlet. "To be or not to be, that is the question." Judging from the looks of it, it has some great acting skills! This cat was born to be a star. Personally, I would really like to watch Hamlet with this cat's participation. I think it would totally change the entire play for better.

However, does this cat's human know that it is rehearsing while standing on a plate? Is the owner going to eat from this plate afterwards? If so, they might be surprised to find cat hair on it or you know, a bunch of germs its feet picked up from the litter box... (graphic image, I know). At that point, that's what any cat owner needs to remember: you never know where your cat has been hanging around all day, so be cautious at dinner time.

5 '...And By A Sleep To Say We End'

Via: BoredPanda

Now that's a rival of the previous cat. It seems this cute kitty also wants to play Hamlet! And I can't even decide which cat is more dramatic. What I can say for sure is that this cat has gone further with the monologue and probably rehearses the next line spoken by the Prince of Denmark (Shakespeare lovers, come on, you know what I mean): "To die: to sleep; No more; and by a sleep to say we end." Wow, those words are breathtaking and this adorable feline's performance is truly remarkable! And, to admire this cat's professionalism even more, look at the moment when it is reading the lines. It's the moment when their owner is playing a video game! Only a true actor could make a solid performance in such unsuitable conditions. Bravo!

4 Karate-Cat Attacks!

Via: Pinterest

This cat perfectly sums up all the movies and cartoons surrounded by martial arts. To name a few, it's Kung Fu Panda, Karate Kid, The Way of Dragon, and almost any movie with Jackie Chan. I think that would be a great idea to make a movie about Kung Fu or karate where humans are replaced by cats. After all, there are some cat-inspired moves in martial arts. Our favorite felines are the embodiment of grace, elegance, strength, and accuracy of movements. A perfect combination! Provided that cats are also remarkably adorable and beautiful, such a movie could become an extremely successful blockbuster. And I bet that if the cat from the photo above played the main role, it would certainly receive an award for its athleticism.

3 Let. Me. In.

Via: BoredPanda

Wow. This wicked look reminds me of so many horror movies. From The Shining to The Exorcist. If you're weak on your nerves, it's better you don't watch such movies. It's actually enough to see the eyes of this cat to know if you're ready for them. If this picture freaks you out and you don't want to see this image in your nightmares, then you're probably not ready.

Speaking of the cat, I feel really sorry for this little guy being accidentally locked out. I doubt it was done on purpose, and knowing how sassy cats can get, I'm sure this owner regrets their decision in locking the doors. If anything, at least we know this cat would be a standout actor in a horror movie.

2 What The Heck Is THIS?

Now this looks like a trailer for a new blockbuster. A turtle is heading somewhere but suddenly it encounters an obstacle: a cute and adorable—but furious—kitten. This kitten doesn't understand who this slow-crawling creature is, why it has rock-like armor on its back, and what it's doing on their territory. The scared feline demonstrates its bewilderment with every micro-expression on its face, every movement, every jump, and every hair that stands on end. The kitten has nothing left to say but to engage in some sort of fight. But this creature is as weird as it is creepy. And, for some reason, it doesn't seem to want to fight back! How will this confrontation end? We're looking forward to the premiere of the movie! Anyone know when it's out?

1 'Luke, I Am Your Father!' - 'Nooooo!'

Via: Pinterest

This is the new Luke Skywalker — the feline version. And, just like the original Luke, it is certainly unhappy with learning that Darth Vader is his father. Well, then again, who would be happy to know that their parent is the most horrible villain in the universe and created the Death Star (the super weapon that can destroy anyone and anything). It's strong enough to harm the entire planet in a single moment. But, one can never choose one's parents. And Luke had to deal with it. Fortunately, we know that everything ended positively for him. But what about this cat? I can only hope that things will end just as well. Maybe even better considering its acting capabilities are out of this world!

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