15 Hysterically Ironic Photos That Are Too Damn Appropriate

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15 Hysterically Ironic Photos That Are Too Damn Appropriate

Sometimes the universe can be so ironic. It seems like people on the Internet are always seeing funny, strange, and ironic things happening out in the world. And of course, ironic things don’t actually happen unless we take a picture for proof, right? Meanwhile, when I compare the Internet’s sensations to my own personal life, it makes me wonder why nothing that cool ever happens to me. Do I just live in a boring city, or am I just totally blanking on opportune moments to create a meme? I’m sure a lot of people can relate to me, but I’m overjoyed that there are these amazing moments that people catch on film and upload to the Internet for all of us “boring” people to laugh at. And while there are a ton of different genres of comedy out there, irony is one of our favorites. The moments where people are caught in the middle of something where they should be doing the opposite are the best. But like the old saying goes, “seeing is believing.” So take a look at 15 of the funniest ironic photos on the Internet.

15. He Hasn’t Finished The Book Yet…


If you can’t read the title of the book this guy is reading while he has lunch, it’s called Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. Basically, it’s a book about making professional connections and furthering yourself in the business world. The book is known for having short, catchy principles that the author says he lives by. One of which is the line the book is named after; “never eat alone.” Ferrazzi says not being seen by people can be worse than failing. Obviously this is a little metaphorical, but seeing this guy eating his lunch by himself while he reading a book that is called Never Eat Alone is as humorous and as ironic as it gets. Even though this book isn’t actually regarding on tips to not eat alone, it sure appears that way to people unfamiliar with the book.

Having lunch alone is a good way to have some time to yourself during a busy day, honestly. Good for this guy getting some much needed reading while he eats.

14. Whoever Priced This

He knew it would come to this one day from funny

As someone who grew up with “Candy Shop” and “In Da Club” playing on TRL every day when I came home from school, I’ve been waiting years for this. CDs may be a little outdated now with everyone keeping all their music on their phone or just using an app like Spotify or Pandora, but this is still absolutely hilarious and I’m so glad someone noticed the irony. I can’t even count how many jokes I heard during the height of 50 Cent’s popularity about how his CDs or concert tickets should cost fifty cents (as a play on his name). Finally, someone found a 50 Cent CD on sale for the magic price of 50 cents. Yeah, we know it’s because CDs aren’t really as popular as they used to be, but this is still so funny.

13. Spelling Is “Two” Hard For The News

The irony. from funny

We have to assume that whoever wrote this news headline was not one of the kids that school was too easy for. Or should we say “two” easy for? A spelling error on the news is always hilarious, but when it’s a headline for a story like this one? That just adds another layer of irony that makes this impossible not to laugh at. It also makes us cringe a little that no one caught this mistake. Or maybe they were trying to be ironic and slip a little pun into the nightly news? We sure hope so.

However, whether it’s a pun or an accident, this is such a funny mistake. I hope the people working at the news station had a good laugh about it when they noticed what they did. Because in a situation as bad as this, the only thing you can do is laugh.

12. These T-Shirts

Be different from funny

This is so funny. Not only are they all wearing the same shirt, but they’re basically all wearing the same outfit with a few variations. Way to “be different,” you guys. They’ve all either have jeans or shorts on, with the exception of that one guy wearing khakis. So much for their shirts telling them to be different. I’m sure they’re part of some sort of club or organization and those shirts are their “official” club shirt so they all look nice and uniform. It’s shirts like these that random people will recognize and realize they’re there as a group, so it’s not really that weird to see them all dressed the same. But the message on the shirt paired with the fact that they’re all the exact same? The irony is too real, my friends. The designers of the shirt should have had the same slogan, but each shirt be a different color or something. C’mon, guys.

11. This Guy Who Didn’t Read the Sign

Hey man, I only work here. from WTF

Do we really even need to explain what’s ironic about this one? Or what’s horribly wrong with what this guy is doing? Seriously, don’t copy this guy’s technique when it comes to climbing up on things to hang signs up. Especially if that sign is all about ‘remembering to be safe’ and ‘think about safety.’ We’re pretty sure this guy completely disregarded the sign. Because if he read it, we definitely don’t think he would be standing halfway on the railing of those stairs and halfway on a wall across from them. Yikes! This is an accident waiting to happen. People like this guy must be why this building is putting up signs about remembering to be safe.

The most annoying part about this entire scene, though, isn’t the fact that he’s behaving dangerously while hanging a safety sign. No. It’s the fact that there are STAIRS and a balcony, making it way easier to fix or hang this sign. #SMH.

10. Better Buy Two

Struggle one last time to stop the struggling forever. from funny

Okay, we have to admit, this invention is pretty cool. Opening plastic containers like this are so frustrating. Not to mention, everything seems to be packaged in it! Like, why do Barbie’s need to be SO constricted? Are they going to just walk out of their box? Even if we happen to have a pair of scissors handy, it’s so hard to cut through the plastic. Having something like this invention that cuts the sealed edge off and makes it easier to just pull the product out would be awesome. And take a look at all those other things it can open! It’s too bad this little helper is packaged in the EXACT kind of plastic it’s supposed to cut apart…

The solution here must be to buy two of these, so you can use one to open the other one. But how do you open the first one?

9. This Ironic Quote

Irony for sale, twenty two bucks from pics

How ironic, a thing telling you to collect moments instead of things. I guess it doesn’t count as “collecting things” if the things you’re collecting have a cute little motivational message on them, right? It’s hard not to chuckle at the irony of this product spreading a message that is very against buying stuff like this. I don’t really help, though, because I would totally buy something like this. I can’t help it! I’m a sucker for cute quotes, even if they definitely don’t fit the object they’ve been put on.

Still, even to me, $22 for a stack of rustic looking boxes with a quote about not being materialistic sounds a little expensive to me. I wonder what the person who designed this was thinking. They probably created this piece out of recycled materials, so we doubt it’s actually worth $22 big ones.

8. Gravity At Work

Oh the irony from funny

Before I saw the movie Gravity, I didn’t really want to take a far away trip to outer space. Not for any real reason, I just felt pretty content here on Earth and didn’t feel like I wanted to become an astronaut and go explore the rest of the solar system. That’s probably weird, right? I know a ton of people who wanted to grow up and become astronauts when we were kids. But not me, I was totally okay with keeping my feet planted firmly on the ground. However, after I saw Gravity, I decided I really had no interest in going to space whatsoever. Nope, nope, no thank you! That movie seriously made me so nervous the entire time, and the whole idea of being trapped out there in space was terrifying.

But since this is a post about irony, we should really mention the fact that gravity is “the force that attracts a body toward the center of the Earth.” So the fact that this poster that says “Gravity” has fallen is ironic AF.

7. Maybe This Was A Six Hour Drive?

The irony from funny

A driver for an energy drink has fallen asleep… I feel like they have should hired other people to be driving around a 5-Hour Energy van. If you’re going to drive around in a vehicle that’s covered in the branding of a tiny energy shot that’s supposed to keep you awake and alert all day, it’s probably not a good idea to stop and take a nap. Seriously, that just seems like common sense. Not to mention it could be kind of harmful towards the brand. But maybe that’s just me. I love naps and don’t really think that 5-Hour Energy drinks taste very good, so I’m obviously not the person to ask here. But even I can’t deny that seeing people napping right next to that energizing logo is hilariously ironic. Perhaps this was this person’s sixth hour?

6. Not Like This

Irony in action from funny

Step one to save paper: don’t create a board filled with paper. Seriously, look at all the paper they used to make this informational board. We can’t tell if they were trying to be ironic on purpose by using all kinds of paper, but either way, this is needlessly comical and also a little sad. It’s hard to tell what all their “paper saving” tips say, but there are definitely a couple in there about not using too much paper—which just makes this even more ironic.

The one on the top left says, “Follow the golden rule: think before you print,” and the one below it says, “Use both sides of the sheet of paper,” while the one on the top right says, “Recycle the paper you have and ask for recycled paper products.” So, basically, don’t make a board like this? Maybe they should have done a PowerPoint presentation on paper, instead?

5. The What?

SPF: Irony from pics

The what will last forever? Just kidding, I can see that it says, “memories.” Or at least it used to because now it just kind of says, “The tans will fade, but the will last forever,” with a big space where memories used to go. It’s too bad that whatever kind of paint they used on this sign wasn’t made out of actual memories, because it would have lasted a lot longer… (Get it?) I know signs like this that are kept outside typically fade because, you know, they’re in the sun, the wind, the rain, and paint can only withstand so much. But, the way that this sign faded is so ironic. We can’t not laugh at it. Of all the words painted on here that could have faded, it’s the one that the quote says will last forever.

4. This Earth Day Run

Earth Day run irony from pics

Yikes! It looks like these marathon runners totally forgot about the whole Earth Day part of the Earth Day marathon when it came time to throw their water cups away! To most people, it’s just another marathon to add to their resume. But I think they forgot that Earth Day is a day to support and protect our environment…

I know it’s someone’s job to come back and pick up all the cups, so the littering isn’t really all that bad. But wasn’t there another cleaner way to pass out water? And since it’s Earth Day, shouldn’t we be thinking of other options besides wasting all that paper? Hopefully those cups were made out of recyclable goods. But, since this is a post on irony, we’re going to take a guess that they’re not.

3. These Escalators

Bored Panda

Although these two sets of escalators at this gym look silly, they’re probably there for a reason. Maybe this gym has a high population of people who come here to do their physical therapy and can’t exert themselves too much by climbing the stairs. Or maybe it’s for when yesterday was leg day and now walking up and down the stairs is pretty much impossible because you feel like you can barely walk. Either way, they obviously had enough demand for escalators for them to put two in.

Still, regardless of the (hopefully) good reason, at first glance they just look silly. How ironic does it sound to have escalators outside of a gym? People typically go to gyms to burn some calories. And walking up and down stairs is a great way for people to do that…

2. Maybe Not That Unbreakable

Irony from Netflix from funny

Does Netflix still mail out DVDs? If so, does anyone even still use that service? I remember when I first heard about Netflix and seriously thought it was the dumbest idea. I couldn’t understand why someone would want to pay every single month to get movies mailed to them. Instead, I preferred to go down to the video rental store and browse the old fashioned way and pick out my own movies off the shelves. I just didn’t understand why someone would want to use a service like Netflix. Fast forward five years later, and now I am the one that’s paying monthly for Netflix and seriously cannot remember life without it! Like, why put on a bra and go to the store to rent a movie when I can just watch one without leaving my couch?

1. This Email

Bored Panda

This is why you should always preview the pages before you print them. So often, there will be one little word or line (like this disclaimer on this email) that will print on a second page. Since it’s not really something you need, you’re literally wasting a full piece of paper for one word. It’s such a waste! All of this heartache could be resolved if more people just previewed how their work is going to look before they printed it out. This will eliminate pages you don’t really need.

Although it’s probably super annoying to the eco-conscious people out there that this person didn’t check their print preview. Seeing the disclaimer on a piece of paper that they accidentally printed makes this picture so ironic. Whoever put this disclaimer should find a way to push it up so it’s on the same page. That way anyone who doesn’t check, like this person, won’t have this problem.

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