15 Iconic Snapchats That Will Have You Saying "Me AF"

Thanks to social media sites like Facebook and apps like Snapchat, it has never been easier for people to share their thoughts and experiences. And as it turns out, us humans have a lot in common. We have similar mannerisms and habits, pretty much all of us have a hard time adulting, we give into temptations and sometimes we simply "can't even" with this whole life thing. Yep, while the human experience may technically be unique for each of us, there are parts of it that are pretty universal. How comforting! So, next time you're feeling like a total alien in your own skin, remember that there are a lot of people who feel the same things you do. Just like these 15 snapchats that will definitely have you saying, "me AF."

15 The unflattering angle we all share

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Do you remember the days before selfies? An era when you had to wait until someone else decided to take a photo of you and even though you felt like you looked awesome, it almost never turned out good and you had to untag yourself when they uploaded it onto Facebook? Dark times, we know. Nowadays, however, we’re way more in control of our social media presence, and a lot of that circles around the perfect selfie. You know how it goes: you finish getting ready, you’ve nailed your winged eyeliner, your outfit is on point and you’ve got 20 minutes to kill. Time for a selfie session! So, you whip out your phone, click open the camera, whip your hair back and—WOAH, those are a lot of chins! Nothing kills a feeling-yourself-session like accidentally being on the front camera. Yikes.

14 What you look like at the nail salon

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Girls will do some crazy things in the name of beauty. We pluck hairs out of our faces (and other places) one by one, we spend 30 minutes or more a day painting our faces and we put insanely hot tools close to our heads so that we can achieve the perfect hairdo. If you’re a girl, you’ve likely become desensitized to the whole process by now, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t look funny to other people. We look like aliens when we put facemarks on, like a Golden Girl when we have curlers in our hair and, we guess, like a chihuahua when we do our nails? Maybe that last one isn’t exactly applicable to every single chihuahua but we are definitely relating to this pup's "I just got my nails done" stance that says it all.

13 The problem with living on your own

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Being an adult is an art that takes many, many years to master. One does not simply go from a funneling beer, skipping class, doing-laundry-once-a-month college student to full blown adult overnight. It’s just not possible. Instead, you spend years learning how to properly stock a fridge, how to get stains out of various items and how to walk through Target without spending $300 (that last one we’re still working on). You’ll have high points like paying a bill more than one day in advance just ‘cause you wanted to and low points, like this picture which any young adult living on their own has gone through. It’s a little mind game called "Did you remember to turn off the oven?" It’s a game that’s sole purpose is to remind you how bad your memory is. Fun! Why does it seem like mom never forgot to turn off the oven when you were growing up?

12 That diet we all followed in college

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If you lived in a dorm through your undergrad, you know that college isn’t exactly the healthiest experience for students. Between the constant alcohol consumption, the lackluster meal plan food and kids’ general aversion for grocery shopping, it’s amazing that every college student doesn’t end up seriously malnourished. On top of not really learning how to fend for themselves yet, college students tend to value alcohol over food. After all, why have a swanky dinner when you can have two slices of dollar pizza and pitch in on a keg of beer? It’s basic math, people. Once college kids get into this warped thinking, it’s hard to get out of it. Suddenly, their eating schedule simply becomes a balancing game of alcohol to food ratio. Four beers? You should have a tangerine to even it out. Two six packs? Better grab a kiwi too. It makes absolutely no sense but it helps with the guilt a little.

11 Our "mom-friendly" snapchats

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Remember when Facebook was brand new? It was mostly comprised of people your age or a few years older and your parents still hadn’t even wrapped their heads around MySpace. Oh, those were magical times. Nowadays, however, literally everyone and their grandmother is on Facebook and, needless to say, they’re giving it to the world unfiltered style. They don’t approve of you cursing on your status? They comment. They don’t think you’re calling enough? They comment. You have a semi-revealing dress on? You bettah believe they’re commenting all over that post. So why would Snapchat be any different? The only solution is to post only the most wholesome snaps for your mom to see. (You can send all of the risqué stuff directly to your friends.)

10 That familiar #brokelife desperation

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Most young adults, at one point or another, go through some sort of money issue. Sometimes the issue is small, like acquiring some credit card debt after buying a new laptop. Other times, you accidentally get addicted to fantasy baseball gambling and now you owe some guy named Pete you met on the internet a looot of money. And since you’re a millennial and probably make a dismal salary, you have to tuck your tail between your legs and start exploring your options. These include calling up your mom and asking for an early birthday-Christmas-Easter gift, starting a Kickstarter to beg strangers for money and, of course, selling your soul on eBay. Yeah, we've all been there. It's not pretty, but it's necessary.

9 The land of temptations

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In today’s world, there is temptation everywhere. You can’t walk down the street without wanting to buy clothes you don’t need, shoes you’re not even sure you like and more food, even though you have a fridge full of groceries at home. Yep, advertisements have become so ubiquitous in society, you can’t help but be swayed by some clever marketing. Sometimes it doesn’t even take an ad to get you to start salivating like Pavlov's dog. Sometimes you just have to stumble upon something that somewhat resembles something you enjoy. The person who took this Snap, for instance, immediately started craving a Hershey bar because, well, their door looks like a freaking chocolate bar. We’re not made of steel, folks. You give us a door that kind of resembles candy and you better believe we’re gonna react. Don’t be surprised.

8 The reality of religion

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Whichever religion you may follow, we think we can all agree that nobody likes getting a knock on the door from a Jehovah’s Witness. It’s pretty much the equivalent of getting stuck on the phone with a telemarketer, except worse because you can’t just hang up on them. Yep, one moment you’re watching TV with your roomie and eating the equivalent of your weight in snacks, the next you’re accepting pamphlets and talking Jesus with a modestly dressed 40-year-old woman. Yikes. All that’s left to do is discreetly concoct an escape plan from this dreadfully awkward conversation without being completely rude. It's a tough endeavor, but not an impossible one. Just gotta have a little faith, ironically enough. That, or pretend you're getting called from the other room. Either one.

7 A unique night cap

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There are so many ways we like to unwind after a long and arduous day. Some people plop down in front of a TV for a couple of ours. Others curl up in bed and read their way to sleep. And if you’re like us, you pour yourself a glass of wine and relax. While an aged merlot or pinot noir is nice, as you get older, you will inevitably figure out that NyQuil is one of the most underrated wines—we mean medicines—ever. Yep, anyone who’s been sick and enjoyed the wonders of NyQuil knows that nothing provides a deep sleep like that stuff. So, next time you reach for your favorite red wine for a night cap, consider just going straight for the NyQuil instead.

6 A truly relatable shark

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We think we can all agree that there are some days where you truly understand what the phrase "I can't even" means. Maybe the weather is crap and you simply can't muster up the energy to move any further than the perimeter of your bed. Or maybe you have a drudgery of a task ahead of you, like going to the DMV or something masochistic like that, and you'd pretty much rather do anything than get up and go. These are days when you literally can't bring yourself to do anything than flop around on different items of furniture and just give a big "whatever" to the day ahead. Yeah, we all have this melodramatic shark inside of us, we just don't show him all the time.

5 The art of self love

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Having a healthy amount of love for yourself is essential for living a happy life. Self-love is about looking at yourself in the mirror and liking what you see, stretch marks, pimples and all. It's about making a mistake and forgiving yourself instead of verbally abusing your psyche. It's about standing in a self-checkout line, snapping a pic and declaring in the caption that you are clearly the best damn cashier in the place! Okay, maybe that last one is oddly specific, but we'd say it's some pretty good self-love practice. Who else is going to call you a cute cashier? A random stranger? That would just feel kinda creepy. Yeah, it's better if you just compliment yourself.

4 TFW you don't know when to stop

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Self-control is a difficult concept. One day you're sticking to your diet and chomping on carrot sticks and hummus and a bunch of other healthy stuff like a champ. Other days, you're convinced that stumbling upon a Girl Scout is clearly destiny and it would be rude to the Universe to not buy at least five boxes of Tagalongs. Totally understandable. Speaking of totally rational behavior, we've all been this pizza employee before. Well, not literally, but we can confidently guess that everybody reading this right now has eaten way too much bread before. That's just human nature. Just like stumbling upon a pile of "reject breadsticks" and eating all of them. Yup, that's human nature. That’s totally a normal thing for a person to do.

3 Rough day

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Everyone has their off days. Those mornings when you run to catch the subway and the doors close right in your face. Those afternoons when you realize you forgot your lock after you’ve already gotten to the gym. Those nights when all the babies in your apartment building decide to cry within the same hour. It’s days like these that make you just want to hang up a metaphorical towel, make yourself into a comforter burrito and binge-watch Netflix until the early hours of the morning. Days like these that make you just want to hang your head in defeat, make a stank face whenever someone asks you how your day was and eat your weight in Girl Scout cookies. We think this girl in a unicorn onesie who simply can't deal anymore is a good encapsulation of this feeling.

2 (Kind of) sweet messages

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Having a partner to go on adventures with is one of life’s greatest joys. They’re there to witness Earth’s beauty with you, joke around with you, tell you when you have stuff stuck in your teeth and tuck you into bed at night when you had one too many drinks. If you have a friend in your life that fits this description, you know how much it can suck when they can’t come along with you somewhere. Seeing an amazing view isn’t quite as incredible without someone to revel in it with you. “Making jokes” turns into you just scrolling through memes on your phone. And you have to get your intoxicated self into bed all on your own. Lame. On trips like these, you can’t help but reach out to your bestie and remind them that you wish they were with you. While you’re at it, might as well mention all of the manual labor you also wish they could be doing for you.

1 If only it was that easy

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Wouldn’t it be nice if life had a Control + Z option, a preview button and a rewind function? That would save us all a lot of trouble. Bad relationships would be avoided. Career disasters would be completely averted. And painful memories? What painful memories? Unfortunately, we live in a world with none of those things and have to fend for ourselves and create pretty messy lives. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about living in a world where we could just rid ourselves of all of our damage. Say… with this shampoo? Yeah, some people might look at this label and just see some typical shampoo copy, others see a wish. Two years of damage gone??? Sounds like a pretty good deal to us, man.

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