15 Iconic Teen Stars You'll Probably Never See On Screen Again

Every time a new teen actor hits the screen, there is a lot of buzz around them. They are all of a sudden the best, newest, fresh face of Hollywood. They are here to make Hollywood shine again. Their skills are just so top notch that they are on every top whatever under whatever list. Unfortunately, what usually happens with many of these “fresh faces” is that more often than not, the beginning of their careers is basically the end of their careers. After all the hype around the ONE movie they did, they just end up being people you forgot you were following on social media. The people on this list actually had very promising careers. They appeared in top films and TV shows and even had slight to full-blown careers so WTH happened? There are many things to blame for the downfall of these careers, and in some cases, it’s the celebrity themselves and not the poor career choices they made. Let’s take a deep dive into the downfall of these once quickly rising stars.

15 Liam Hemsworth

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Let’s just be honest right from the get-go, Liam Hemsworth is only famous now because he and Miley Cyrus got back together. Let’s not pretend that anything he did after Hunger Games was of any kind of importance. The Hunger Games franchise should have been enough to catapult him into A-list but for some reason, his film choices afterward were just not comparable. He doesn’t seem too worried though. He *did* make a lot of money off of the Hunger Games franchise and he still has Miley so, he seems pretty set. We can safely chalk his downfall up to him probably just being happy with the money he made and wanting to enjoy life, finally. Can you blame him? He spent a huge portion of his teenage years filming, now it’s time to reap the benefits.

14 Alex Pettyfer

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Alex Pettyfer essentially had it all. At one point he appeared in Alex Rider which was a slight hit but more importantly it opened the door for him to have more opportunity. He was signed up for what was supposed to be a franchise in I Am Number Four but the film flopped so bad that the other films were not made. He then made a string of other flops like Beastly and In Time until he lucked out and got a role in Magic Mike – one of the starring roles to be exact. This film was supposed to be the one that saved him but nothing could pull him out of his bad film choices and bad publicity slump. His toxic relationship with sweetheart Dianna Argon was exposed and he ended up burning his bridges with Channing Tatum and wasn't offered a role in Magic Mike 2.

13 Shenae Grimes

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Shenae Grimes had a promising career starring in two television series, first, Degrassi: The Next Generation and landing the starring role afterward in the Beverly Hills 90210 remake, 90210. The show lasted 5 seasons it did better than the Melrose Place remake. When 90210 ended, everyone thought that she would land starring roles and have the most lucrative career of the bunch. But, she didn’t. In fact, she resorted to doing holiday films and a bunch of other TV movies that probably no one watched. She ended up getting married, and posting a few videos on social media of her singing and doing makeup tutorials. But besides that, she has basically fallen off the map. She has essentially become a social media star, posting #ads for FitFabFun and a few other companies.

12 Hayley Joel Osment

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Where do we start with Hayley Joel Osment? He has had a weird time in Hollywood. He started his career off with a solid role as a kid who sees dead people, then he paid it forward with Kevin Spacey but after that, he just kind of slipped away. Before his hit film The Sixth Sense, Osment has a steady career as a child actor on shows like Murphy Brown and The Jeff Foxworthy Show. No one can really pinpoint why his career went downhill, but it did and quickly. Osment has been trying to get back on track lately with stints on Silicone Valley and Comedy Bang! Bang!. But, the media is more obsessed with his caveman-like beard and the fact that he was a cute kid but not a “sexy” adult.

11 Jamie-Lynn Spears

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Everyone knows exactly why Britney Spears' little sister's career went downhill so quickly: she got pregnant at 16. It totally came out of the blue and no one suspected it because, let’s be real, when was the last time a teen star of her caliber got pregnant at the height of their career? And, don’t say Keisha Castle-Hughes because her career path is completely different. Spears was a Disney star with a hit show and then BOOM! Pregnant, fired, slandered, and disappeared in that order. It didn’t help that her sister Britney was also dealing with her own problems. In addition to ruining her career, she brought unwanted media attention to her family who was already on the media hit list. She has stayed out of the spotlight with her last acting credit being in 2008.

10 Bella Thorne

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Bella Thorne is still very much in the media and still has the smallest potential of reviving her career. However, she seems to have other plans, and they include posting sexy and sometimes unflattering Instagram posts and dating... A LOT. Thorne had the potential for an amazing career. She was making regular TV show appearances and finally was given a chance to co-star in Shake It Up! with her good friend Zendaya. But, when the show ended, Thorne made some very bad career choices and always ended up in shows and movies that flopped, or just made the wrong decisions altogether. A prime example of this would be when she chose to be the girl who dies first in the Scream: The TV Series instead of having more screen time in Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens. Now, she is on Famously In Love but, we all know that’s about to be canceled.

9 Frankie Muniz

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When people think of Frankie Muniz they think of Malcolm in the Middle, right? And why not? It was basically the thing that put him on the map. While it wasn’t his only credit by far, no one can really recall anything besides that. This isn’t to say he is a nobody – he went on to have a career as a race car driver and had small acting credits but so what? After Malcolm in the Middle ended he fell off the map for YEARS and even if he tried now, he probably wouldn’t really be able to get a role that is worthwhile. He was just on Dancing With The Stars so, it’s safe to say he has solidified his celebrity status to FORMER celeb.

8 Hilary Duff

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Right from the jump, we are going to admit that Hilary Duff had a good career and continues to be in the media today. BUT, her career is non-existent and like her sister, Hailey Duff, she’s grasping at straws (chef? Yeah right). It’s safe to assume that she will never have another hit like Lizzie McGuire. Her transition into adult acting just wasn’t strong enough. The actress is now more known for divorcing her former hockey player husband, and that wasn’t even a huge Hollywood divorce. She is currently on the television show Younger but before that, she was trying to hang onto that Disney channel fame by acting in Lizzie McGuire shorts. Her music career didn’t take off like they hoped either. That goes to show that not every Disney child actor can be a triple threat.

7 Lindsay Lohan

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Poor, poor Lindsay Lohan. Everyone should have a soft spot in their heart for this girl; she was surely a victim of her circumstances. She had the opportunity to be an Oscar-winning actress if only her parents weren’t such hot messes. A kid needs a stable parent as they try to navigate Hollywood, not one that is also trying to be famous. Lohan’s films were always hits. There was nowhere to go but up – or so we assumed. She is now considered one of the slummiest celebrities out there, and the only reason why she stays in the media is that she always finds herself in a situation that is unfavorable. As for her career, she doesn’t have one and probably never will again she has burned too many bridges to list.

6 Ashlee Simpson

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Ashlee Simpson was first known for being Jessica Simpson's little sister but then she carved out a music career for herself and it was… short-lived. Her star was rising quickly and she was even in a few basic AF movies but when she was caught lip-syncing on Saturday Night Live she was done for. In addition to making up all these excuses for her, SNL flub, none of them ever made sense. Needless to say, she disappeared quickly after that situation. She took a little break and came back hoping people forgot. Spoiler alert: they didn’t forget, and her career has never been the same since. She got married and had a baby with Pete Wentz then got a divorce, and recently married Diana Ross’ son Evan Ross. She popped out another kid and is just waiting for that Ross money to flow in.

5 Alexa Vega

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Well, it’s actually Alexa PenaVega now she is all boo’d up with a husband – oh, and a baby which is probably great because her career is… struggling. After her hit trilogy Spy Kids, PenaVega just fell off. No, we shouldn’t say that. She was in films and TV shows just ones that not many people were watching it’s not like she didn’t fight for a career. It’s probably just the curse of teen stars, right? Not many of them make it past that teen phase. However, we should mention that every time she did appear in something like Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and Machete Kills, it was either given to her by Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids trilogy) or she was overly sexy. Like barely-any-clothes-on sexy.

4 AnnaLynne McCord

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Why does she look so familiar? Oh, yeah, she was the chick on 90210. What was her name again? Ummm… Naomi. Where is she now? AnnaLynne McCord was basically the star of the 90210 remake her character was the best. So much drama, and so much b****y-ness until it got canceled. She kind of disappeared and acted in a few obscure things until she landed another television role on Secrets and Lies but then that got canceled as well. It seems like everything she touches gets canceled and of course, she has disappeared again. If you follow McCord on social media, you know she spends a lot of time talking about charity work. At least she is using whatever celebrity status she has left to help the less fortunate.

3 Kristen Stewart

via The New Yorker

Okay, so maybe she didn’t fall right off the map but, she is struggling to get movie roles that make a splash in theatres. Maybe she is doing that on purpose? After the young actress’s scandal with the director of her film Snow White and the Huntsman, she kind of just disappeared. Was that Hollywood snubbing her? Or was that her being so embarrassed that she just took herself out of the limelight? Either way, she has stuck to these independent films that aren't as widely viewed. She continues to do that lip biting thing that annoys everyone. She has recently been attached to the upcoming Charlie’s Angels remake so, we will see where that goes. It is bound to be a hit because everything Elizabeth Banks touches turns to gold, unlike everyone else on this list.

2 Vanessa Hudgens

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When people think of Vanessa Hudgens, they think of High School Musical and why not? It was one of the most popular, highest grossing original Disney Channel movies. Unfortunately, when she tried to have a career outside of Disney it just didn’t work out. She made flop after flop after flop even her music career failed. So, where is she now? Still floating around but not really getting a lot of notable work. She was in Grease Live! Which the critics bashed and now she has a show called Powerless that we are hoping will be her saving grace. But, truth be told the chances of a successful comeback are few and far between. Hudgens needs to be on her grind if anyone deserves a comeback it’s her.

1 Taylor Lautner

via Hollywood Reporter

Taylor Lautner had the world at his fingertips he landed the role of Jacob Black in the Twilight franchise and immediately after the franchise wrapped he went on to star in other movies like Abduction and Valentines Day. However, soon enough he just kind of slipped away and when he did return... well, it wasn’t anything special. He ended up in a Netflix movie by Adam Sandler called The Ridiculous 6 (it was bad). Then he moved on to the TV series Cuckoo which we are still on the fence about seeing as Andy Samberg was in season one, it must have something good about it. He was in the now canceled Scream Queens it’s like he can’t catch a break. Oh well, at least he is still nice to look at, right?

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