15 Images That Are A Real Roundhouse Kick To Our OCD

There are objects or images that we see everyday that we don't think twice about. We live in a world where nothing is perfect, but sometimes we still try to make it that way. People that suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder know it when we say that some images or situation are just too much. Living with OCD can trigger this feeling of having to straighten or clean objects to make them right again. We've all had that feeling before and it's like a little tick that won't go away. There are things in this world that weren't screwed on right the first time and that's what makes us OCD about them.

Anyone can live with this feeling, no matter the age, gender or occupation. A-list stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio live with this and we don't think the below photos would please him at all. Sometimes we can't explain it or wrap our heads around it, but some things make us want to go home and clean or rid the world of items that aren't quite right.

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15 Too close for comfort

Via: ebaumsworld.com

Everything about this makes us want to scream internally and externally. We feel like this picture was specifically set up to torture people with OCD tendencies and that is not cool. Basically everything on that table could either fall and smash into a thousand pieces or it could fall and severely hurt someone. Either way, the outcome isn't good. If we could picture ourselves in the next room of this situation, we don't think we could sit there until everything is brought back to normal.

Call us weird or call us nervous wrecks, but no one should be OK with this sight in front of them. At any moment, something could happen and it could've all been prevented if these objects were at a safe distance from the edges of this table.

14 It's not up and down, it's from side to side

Via: wizzed.com

First off, whoever did this is a complete monster. There isn't a good reason why a person would do this and it would only seem like a harder task to shove a toilet paper holder right through the middle of a roll. Just the look of this makes us want to immediately rip it off the holder and put it on the right way. There's no way anyone can use this toilet paper without ripping half of the roll off at the same time. In fact, there might as well not even be toilet paper on here because it's basically the same concept.

We're thinking this might be a practical joke, but basically anyone would have an issue with this picture. Toilet paper is expensive and hopefully whoever did this got caught and sent to their room.

13 Chewing right to the point

Via: pinterest.com

This pictures gives us major nostalgia. Not for the way this person's obvious mistake, but because of the whole Bubble Tape shape. We don't know anyone that didn't love this sugary gum and we also don't know anyone who bit it off like this. It's not like it's easier to bite through the wade of gum, it's really because they thought they were funny. The whole concept of Bubble Tape is its shape and how it unwinds to look like an image of tape.

Our younger selves are even cringing at this and all we want to do is run to the nearest store and make this wrong a right. Bubble Tape is supposed to be enjoyed, not gnawed on like a piece of bread.

12 The ball of dread

Via: ebaumsworld.com

Here's a guy sitting in a public place, with his Apple headphones in, probably playing some silly game on his phone. This is all normal and fine, except for the huge elephant in the room: his headphone cords. We thought practically everyone (other than psychos) unravels their headphones before they put them in, but we are sorely mistaken. This guy has no issues with this wound up mess and we are really concerned for him.

He looks so relaxed and nonchalant and we are sitting over here wishing and hoping he did something about that mess. Those headphones are begging to be straightened out and we wish we were there to give him a fellow reminder of just that. Also, we're pretty sure his ear buds are upside down and that also triggers us, the end.

11 Well, this is a sticky situation

Via: ruinmyweek.com

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day...when this doesn't happen. Having a good breakfast heightens any day and eating it without spilling it all over ourselves is even better. Breakfast can be sweet or savory and, in this case, there is a sweetness overload. Maple syrup is amazing, but only when being consumed. Just the thought of it getting all over our hands makes us queasy because the feeling of being sticky is just uncomfortable. What makes this situation even worse is if we don't move fast enough and our utensil drops into the sickeningly sweet mess

This photo is hard to look at because there's no way this will end well. This person will either have to fish it out of the sickeningly sweet breakfast condiment or they'll have to settle with look at this. It's a lose-lose in our opinion and we'd like to stop thinking about it immediately.

10 Something is missing here

Via: ruinmyweek.com

Like Beyoncé, avocados basically run the world. Pick a stranger out on the street and, chances are, they're in love with avocados and everything they provide for us. Avocados can also pair with lots of other food items, so what's not to love about them? The obsession with avocados are real and we get it because a good guacamole is so important. We don't think anyone would really have a fit over getting more bang for their buck, but this photo is alarming. Although there seems to be more to offer, the fact that the pit is missing is just weird.

It looks so wrong and blank and we are pretty uncomfortable about it. Maybe we were programmed to just see certain items and live our lives thinking that's the way they have to be and that's OK.

9 The secret window

Via: ruinmyweek.com

Windows are an essential object to have when someone builds a new house, building or an apartment. The more natural light the better and they can really open up a room to give it an overall better ambiance. We all understand the perks of having windows, but we don't understand the perk of having just one on the side of the building above. Besides making the whole look of the building more ominous, there's no rhyme or reason why a contractor would only make one window on the side of a building; unless they are out to torment us.

Also, how fair is it to give one apartment or business the one window on that side? They must be paying more for that "treat" because at this rate, it would seem like a hot commodity.

8 On the brink of insanity

Via: imgur.com

If we were to take a vote on the street about how bothersome this photo is, it'd probably be a open and close case. We've all done it, whether we want to admit it or not and we can't really explain why. Pumping the gas handle until we find a number we are satisfied with is a satisfaction everyone can revel in. Some people are good at it and some people go over and end up losing their inner battle. There's just something about making a number whole and we may all just have an issue that we need to identify.

The top number is practically screaming to be changes and maybe it's about making it "clean" and not leaving it as is. It's all in the numbers and we'll never know why this scene makes us so squeamish.

7 This one takes the cake

Via: twentytwowords.com

Some things in life are just laid out for us to adapt to and obey. Some things in life aren't meant to change, no matter how much someone wants it to. Things like cutting a dessert are made to be precise and clean, not all over the place and cared for haphazardly. Whichever company this came from tried to make sure the person cutting this pie knew how to do it and they didn't expect anyone to mess this up. This is fool-proof, but yet the hand above is doing it all wrong. They had one job and they decided to mess it all up.

Cutting this the opposite way is giving us hives and we don't understand why anyone would want to commit this crime. At least the company that distributed this was on our side. Their OCD must have stemmed from an earlier situation where this happened to them too.

6 Next time, use a ruler

Via: twentytwowords.com

We get it, building any sort of structure takes a lot of hard work and sweat so make things right. Every step along the way is crucial and one wrong step could mean a horrible outcome. But just like all the other pieces to the puzzle, the small things are important too. Take this outlet, for example. It's not the biggest issue in the world, but the way it was installed looks like really sloppy work. Also, how would anyone be happy with this? It throws everything else off in the room and makes the whole room look way cheaper than it probably is.

This could've been prevented very easily and that makes our OCD kick into overdrive. Hopefully this person got called out for having one job and messing it up.

5 This is an eye sore

Via: rebelcircus.com

Yes folks, like we said, this is a major eye sore. We understand that some people aren't as short or as tall as other people, but why were these paper towel dispensers just thrown up on the wall like that? We can't think of any reason why someone would want to sabotage a wall like this other than being completely rude and careless. These dispensers may have been put up on the wall at different times, but that still doesn't give anyone the right to half-as* something like this.

This isn't just about how displeasing this is; this is about someone doing their job too. We're glad someone took a picture of this and we're hoping they complained about this monstrosity as well. Fortunately, these dispensers are still usable and really, that's all the matters.

4 Too close for comfort

Via: imgur.com

Traveling on a plane can bring up a lot of mixed emotions. There's excitement, there's a feeling of being overwhelmed and there are feelings of being scared sh*tless. So while the act of flying in the air is enough to send a nervous person over the edge, there's this picture. We can't entirely explain why this photo is so nerve-wracking, but the feelings are all there. We get the feeling that this portable plane table could snap open at the slightest about of  turbulence and that isn't cool.

Whoever decided to leave this little knob-type thing like this might be on our sh*t list and we don't even know them. The only up-side to this is that every time we fly, we'll make sure to check the table in front of us.

3 Well, this doesn't look safe

Via: ebaumsworld.com

Public toilets are revolting enough and not very nice to look at. The thought of tons of other people using the same toilet as us is really gross and this sight doesn't make us feel any better. Something isn't quite right here and we're thinking that someone didn't care if that seat fit or didn't fit, they just wanted to get out of that bathroom. While it does look quite clean, the thought of sitting on that and possibly falling off or falling in doesn't appeal to us.

Also, no one really wants to know what goes on, on the other side of the toilet seat and now anytime someone uses this toilet they are looking right at it. If we saw this in person, we think we'd rather wait until we're home.

2 Minty situation

Via: laughingjust.com

This is a common household situation, but it doesn't mean we feel OK about it. It might make us feel a *little* bit better if we were the only ones who used this toothpaste, but not by much. This seems to happen when there are multiple toothpaste users and we're not really sure why. It's happened to the best of us and we wish we would never have to experience this again.

This grosses us out because there's no way anyone could close the top without getting all of that used minty mess on their hands. No one likes their hands to be sticky, but someone has to get the job done. This sets us off because it's just sitting out there for all the bacteria to make a home and that makes us gag a little bit.

1 No, please don't serve it

Via: ruinmyweek.com

This would be quite the cruel joke if someone deliberately did this. We get it, this person was hungry and their utensil went a little wonky when they cut the sandwich, no big deal. We really want to make ourselves believe this, but this hack job was totally done on purpose. The whole point of cutting a sandwich is to make it equal while being able to either eat it more easily or having the possibility of eating the rest for later. Everyone likes their sandwiches halved and no one likes having a heavy sandwich in their hands with their sandwich ingredients are spilling over.

So yes, if this sandwich was cruelly given to someone with even slight pang of OCD, they'd probably eat it but seethe with annoyance. It's all wrong and needs a do-over.

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