15 Inappropriate Disney Memes That Will Totally Ruin Your Childhood

We all have such fond memories of Disney movies, TV shows and even the Disney channel, don't we? Even those Disney characters as old as Snow White remain as much a part of popular culture as more recent characters, such as Anna and Elsa. But the internet being what it is, full of adults with dirty and inappropriate minds that tend to fall into the gutter every chance they get, sometimes takes things from those movies and perverts them, turning them into something inappropriate. And the truth is, we're going to laugh, because, well, those memes are hilarious. Warning: the following is potentially not safe for work, and not for those without a sense of humor. Here are some of the most inappropriate Disney memes we could find. Enjoy!

15 Disney porn

Cinderella, released in 1950, is one of the oldest Disney princess movies. It's doubtful that those who animated the movie saw anything in it that was nothing more than just some good and silly fun. But this is 2016, and we have the internet, which means that adults are looking at those scenes in entirely new and inappropriate ways. These mice probably seemed funny back in the day, but this particular screenshot makes us go "What?" And, of course, the internet behaved in the same fashion and put some text on it that makes us feel really disturbed that this was ever in a kids' movie. This, folks, is Disney porn. Some things cannot be unseen. We're sorry for showing you this, but not really.

14 Something is growing

Via Tumblr

Oh, internet, you never really disappoint us, do you? Pinocchio is such an innocuous movie, one of those that you watch to teach kids what happens when they lie: their noses grow bigger. Okay, so noses don't really grow bigger when you lie, but it's still a morality tale at its heart. But, of course, brains that often visit the gutter are going to take the whole concept of "growing" way too far and the next thing you know, you have a meme like this. This also sounds like a really bad pickup line, something some guys have probably said at least one time or another while trying to hit on a woman. Anyway, now we see Pinocchio in a whole new, and dirtier light. Thanks, internet.

13 Cinderella goes commando

Via Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros, Tumblr

When you want the really good and inappropriate stuff, look no further than Tumblr. Yes, there are entire Tumblr accounts devoted to inappropriate Disney memes. Some of these memes are actually inspired pieces of art, set to offer a look at pop culture in an often hilarious way. Please, Tumblr, never stop doing this. Here's one we found that mirrors something that often happens in entertainment, especially to those actresses who often get out of cars in dresses and choose to go commando. What would happen if Cinderella did that? Fortunately, this is Disney, so Gus the mouse steps in to censor it. But the imagination goes to dark places, and we've already seen too much, right? Thanks, Tumblr, for all your weird and wonderful memes.

12 Alice likes the white stuff

Via My Tainted Childhood, Tumblr

The tale of Alice in Wonderland is already compared to an LSD trip, particularly as it's a story about a girl who follows a white rabbit down a hole and ends up in a magical place called Wonderland with trippy Queens, crazy talking cats and the Mad Hatter. But this meme suggests that maybe Alice's drug of choice is something else. And if anyone looks at this meme and doesn't add, "is a hell of a drug," we'll be disappointed (for those who don't get it, that's a Dave Chappelle reference). Whatever the case, it certainly explains why Alice spends her time in Wonderland feeling like she's getting bigger and smaller and sitting on houses. It also probably explains the high energy she has while roaming through this magical world.

11 Is that a duck in your pants?

Via Tumblr

Rumors suggest that Disney animators always put little jokes and things in their work, some of it often dirty. Some believe that this was the case with the castle that resembles a penis in The Little Mermaid, but even some of the more classic cartoons makes you wonder if the animators did this intentionally. For example, take this screenshot from a Donald Duck cartoon. This one is so inappropriate on its own that it doesn't even need text to enhance it. Just what exactly is Donald doing here? Do we really want to know? Was this intentional by the animators or did they just miss that this was just so very, very wrong. Whatever the case, we'll never look at that duck the same way again.

10 Down here, it's wetter

Oh, how the internet loves The Little Mermaid. It's the animated movie we can see the dirty in throughout its running time. It's a virtual gold mine of possibilities for internet memes, and everyone has taken advantage of that, including the creator of this meme. This song seems so innocent when Sebastian sings it in the movie, but then someone had to go and add a photo of Steve Carrell from The Office with one of his signature lines, "That's what she said." And then it's game over and Sebastian suddenly becomes a lot more inappropriate. And every time you hear that song, you'll think of this, maybe even say that line aloud, get disgusted at yourself and then laugh. Because, in the end, it's not just inappropriate, it's wildly funny.

9 Random corpse in the woods

Snow White is possibly one of the sweetest and most romantic Disney movies of all time. When the Evil Queen decides to take out Snow White because she is jealous of the maiden's beauty, she casts a sleeping spell on the lovely maiden, which pretty much kills the young woman. The dwarves who love Snow White so much put her in a glass coffin and leave her just laying around in the forest, because she's basically become a corpse. Then the prince comes along, and for no apparent reason, he kisses that dead body, which comes back to life. Wait, roll back for just a minute: kisses a dead body? Ew! We never knew that Snow White was a film about necrophilia, but thanks to the internet, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is forever changed.

8 Life is not a fairy tale

Although this one has made the internet rounds over the past decade, it's still pretty darn funny. In Cinderella, the heroine has to run out of the palace at midnight because the spell that gives her a pretty dress, great hair and perfect makeup ends then. That's already pretty much an accurate picture of what happens on a drunken night out: by midnight, we're all looking a little worse for the wear. But then as she's running down the steps to get into her carriage (which will also disappear, much like our rides, but let's remember they didn't have Uber then), she loses her shoe. If that's not a definition of a drunken night out, we don't know what is. This one is more true than funny, right?

7 Whew, you're not ugly

Via Tumblr

Beauty and the Beast is such a beautiful story about true love conquering everything, right? It's all about Belle, a bookwormish girl, who gets sent to live in a castle with a grumpy old beast, literally. He's a beast! But Belle is on that whole "I can change him" thing, and actually does cheer him up. Not only that, but she develops the worse case of Stockholm Syndrome ever and falls in love with this Beast. Probably because she knows what's going to happen: the spell that makes him a monster will break due to the force of her love and he'll become human again. But what if he was ugly? Would Belle have been as happy?

6 Cute naked girl on the beach?

Via Gurl.com

Even the most progressive of men probably have a fantasy about finding a speechless (or mute) naked girl washed up on the beach. That's like god's gift to men, right? Well, in The Little Mermaid, that's exactly what happens: Ariel, who just got her new legs, shows up on a beach with absolutely no clothes on. And when she meets Eric, she can't speak because she traded her voice for her legs. No wonder he showed her immediate interest: she's the perfect woman! Of course, the whole mute thing gets a little old and once the hag shows up as a beautiful woman and uses Ariel's voice on him, he falls under her spell. So, basically, The Little Mermaid is a tale of male wish fulfillment.

5 Don't go kissing frogs

In Disney's The Princess and the Frog, the frog is really a prince, or so he tells the princess, and all she has to do to bring him back as a human is to give him a kiss. Um... ew! Who goes around kissing frogs? Weirdos, of course. And this meme taps into the disturbing nature of that. Why would we even make this a thing? Of course, it all goes back to the original fairy tale, and maybe kissing frogs wasn't as weird back in the day (but we're thinking it probably was, and there's a morality to the tale). Whatever the case, if Disney taught you that kissing animals in a romantic way is okay, just don't do it. Seriously, don't. Because that is bestiality.

4 I can show you the world... and a whole lot more

Sometimes, the meme is already there, in the movie, for all to see (or in this case, to hear). When Aladdin starts singing "A Whole New World" to Jasmine, if you really examine the lyrics, you realize that he's talking about a whole new world plus something else. No wonder she fell for him so quickly! Well, that and the magic carpet ride (and there's a meme ready to happen, too). Anyway, look at these lyrics, "I can open your eyes, take you wonder by wonder." The use of the word "take" here is especially inappropriate, but it gets better, "over, sideways and under." Yes, Aladdin actually said that in a kids' movie. Jasmine's reply? "Unbelievable sights. Indescribable feeling." Yep, there it is. Right there in our faces.

3 Wanna' play with my Woody?

Need a new pickup line? Look no further than an inappropriate Disney meme. Leave it to the internet to take the beautiful relationship between a child and his favorite toy and make it dirty. But in our defense, Disney did choose to name that toy/character Woody in its Toy Story movies. Surely, they knew that inappropriate jokes and memes would follow, right? Whatever the case, here's one of the best (or maybe worst, we're not sure) Disney pickup lines we've ever seen, "Hi, I'm Andy. Wanna' Play with my Woody?" It's so bad, that it's good, at least in a funny and inappropriate way. Of course, it's doubtful that this line would ever actually work, although on the right woman with the right sense of humor, who knows?

2 Boo's Mommy and Uncle Roger

Oh, little Boo. Wasn't she so adorable in Monsters, Inc.? We were all left screaming, "Kitty!" every time we thought of her. But there was a darker story behind Boo's existence. Although we see Boo's parents, who grow very worried about their missing child, it seems the story there is much darker. Boo left her home willingly, maybe because something bad was going on. Well, in the case of her mommy, this meme gives us some insight into Boo's dark little life. It seems that her mommy and Uncle Roger have been engaging in activities that were noticed by little Boo. There's a picture right there that she drew of these... activities. This meme is obviously the sign of a seriously disturbed mind, but at the same time, we can't help but die laughing.

1 Magic carpet ride

Remember that magic carpet ride we mentioned? Well, yes, of course, there's a meme for that. That one line could get taken in a variety of ways, but this is probably the most inappropriate. And that's what makes it funny. Thanks to the internet for taking what we were all thinking (at least while watching these movies as adults) and putting it on a meme. Someone had to do it, so they did. So the next time you watch Aladdin, it's pretty much going to seem like porn without the naked bodies. But we would like to know what Jasmine would say about this, along with other things. And where exactly does the Genie fit into the equation? It's best we don't think too much about it, right?

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