15 Inappropriate Memes That Will Never Let You Look At Disney The Same

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15 Inappropriate Memes That Will Never Let You Look At Disney The Same

Disney movies and TV shows are generally known as family-friendly fare, but thanks to the internet, there is a lot of inappropriate stuff floating out there that Disney fans have put together. Sometimes it’s just a funny screenshot that only involves someone’s mind going into the gutter. Other times, it’s a funny meme that takes a scene from something Disney and twists it into something entirely inappropriate. Whatever the case, one of the best places on the internet to find inappropriate everything is Tumblr, and when it comes to Disney, the social media blogging site never disappoints us. So we scoured Tumblr for the raunchiest, tasteless and most improper and inappropriate Disney-related posts on the site. Many of these are not safe for work, so browse at your own peril.

15. Thumper

Via Forged Opulence, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

Bambi is such a beautifully innocent movie. It’s about a poor little deer who loses his mother in a hunting accident, but then goes on to make some good friends who always have his back. It’s about the pains of growing up with loss and being there for your friends, right? But some of the characters from Bambi have questionable names, particularly the rabbit known as Thumper. A dirty mind will hear that name and immediately think inappropriate things. Fortunately for us, that mind exists on the internet and made the perfect inappropriate Valentine’s Day card featuring Thumper with his lady love. For all we know, this is one of those dirty little things animators threw into the movie on purpose, but it’s still wildly inappropriate.

14. That’s not a tentacle

Via YODO, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

This little cute creature from Finding Nemo stole a lot of hearts with his adorable little self. And even more adorable was the story he told to Nemo after learning that Nemo had one fin smaller than another. This little octopus explained to Nemo that he had one tentacle that was smaller than his other tentacles, and wasn’t it so sweet that the two sea creatures could bond over that? But in the real world, octopuses actually do generally have one smaller tentacle, except that it isn’t a tentacle at all, but a sexual organ. This Tumblr post points out something we might have missed in watching the movie: the octopus basically showed off his penis to Nemo. Now was this something the filmmakers knew and slipped in right under our noses?

13. The truth about Peter Pan

Via Last of the Known Cockneys, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

Peter Pan is a lovable little fairy boy who refused to ever grow up. So instead of living in the real world of London, he lives on his own island where all the lost children go who also don’t want to grow up. Except that one Tumblr user explained the scenario a little differently, effectively ruining our childhood memories of this beloved tale. But as adults, doesn’t this make sense? Peter Pan wasn’t a fairy, but an angel, sent to the world to usher dying children over to heaven. That’s right, Neverland is actually heaven. Think about it: a place where people can be immortal children for all of eternity. That’s heaven, right? And once you think about it, it means that all those kids in Neverland, all the lost boys, aren’t really lost, but just lost for this world.

12. Who the evil queens really are

Via Last of the Known Cockneys, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

As children, Disney taught us to hate the evil queens, because they were always out to get the princesses and ruin their lives. But why were the evil queens so mean? What happened to them that made them such horrible people? This meme might just sum it up, and if you think about it deeply, it’s quite a disturbing thought. What if the evil queens were once princesses, but instead of getting their happy ending, they got handed the rough end of life and never got saved by a prince? Now we might argue that princesses need the capability of saving themselves, but it’s still a disconcerting thought to think that this is the only real difference between Snow White and her evil stepmother. Whoa.

11. What’s in a name?

Via xoxojmk, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

Toy Story captured our hearts and imaginations with its tale about how toys come to life when their owners aren’t around. But think about some of the names of the toys. Sure, you’ve got standard toys like the army soldiers, the piggy bank and Mr. Potato Head, but who decided to name the main characters Woody and Buzz? Think about those two names. There are so many inappropriate connotations there! One Tumblr user was hanging out with a friend who basically said as much and now we can’t get it out of our head that someone is going to market some more adult toys with the names of Woody and Buzz (if they haven’t already). And once you start thinking about that, the mind just goes to darker and darker places. Childhood ruined.

10. So what did Snow White do with all those dwarves?

Via My Tainted Childhood, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

Fan art can often take us down those inappropriate paths we probably shouldn’t take. This, here, is a prime example, although Disney gave us plenty of material to work with. Snow White is this homeless girl who decides to start shacking it up with seven men, all dwarves. What gives? She even cooks and cleans for them, singing the whole time, so you have to wonder exactly what’s going on in that house. This fake ad for a raspberry ale answers that question. It’s very likely that Snow White and the dwarves spent some time getting crunk and afterwards, found themselves in this inappropriate situation. And is this why maybe the evil queen hated her so much? And is this why the dwarves seemed to love her so much? We may never know, but goodbye, childhood.

9. Make room for the French revolution

Via Whatever It's Disney, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

The thing about most Disney movies, at least those involving princesses and princes, is that the happy couple might suffer through many indignities early on, but they eventually get their happy ending. That’s what children know always happens in the movies. But as adults, we know a lot more about the historical periods that Disney placed certain movies in. Knowing that Beauty and the Beast happens in pre-revolutionary France, we cringe a little to think about what will probably happen to both Belle and her prince. Guess what? Once the French revolution occurs, Belle and her prince will probably have their heads cut off by guillotine because they’re nobility. That’s the reality of what would likely happen. There goes our childhood “happily ever after,” huh?

8. What’s the word?

Via Oceans are Combined, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

The young mermaid Ariel spent her entire life under the sea, but all she wants is to become human, walk on land and be with the prince that she fell in love with based on the five minutes she spent with him when she rescued him from drowning. But she trades her precious voice to fulfill her dream, though she has a lot to learn about life on land. When she sings “Part of Your World,” she doesn’t know what anything is, including things that burn. Someone changed the lyrics to that song, though, and created a meme about one of those things that Ariel does not yet know anything about. Here’s hoping she never finds out. It’s entirely inappropriate, so we, obviously, had to share.

7. What are you doing, Anna?

Via I'll See You Now, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

Sometimes kids leave their toys in the strangest of conditions: they strip off their clothes and let them just hang around doing whatever. Often, when adults see this, we see right into the gutter, as is the case with whatever it is that this Anna doll is doing here. Did she have one too many boozey eggnogs? Why is she stripped down to her skivvies? Why are her legs wrapped around that red figure thing? Why is she in this compromising situation? We mean, yeah, we saw that Anna was pretty much an idiot when it came to men in Frozen (she made plans to marry a guy right after meeting him, after all), but what exactly is going on here? Even more inappropriate is that there is another princess doll watching in the background.

6. Who is the villain here?

Via Jokes for Disney Fans, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

As kids, we usually watch Disney films and miss some of the more disturbing aspects. As adults, though, we see through a lot of those movies and question the real nature of good and evil in those films. Who exactly is the bad guy in Beauty and the Beast? Yes, we already know that it is basically a tale about a girl who gets Stockholm Syndrome after being held hostage by a Beast, but what about the other characters in the movie? This cartoon questions just that: the beast is a prince who gets cursed, but his punishment for being rude to a witch extends to his entire staff and they must suffer with him, too. But as this cartoon points out, they’re just servants anyway. But Gaston remains the bad guy in the movie, which, when you think about it, is royally screwed up.

5. True love, really?

Via Whatever, It's Disney, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

One thing that Disney taught us as children is that true love conquers all. We learned all about how even the poorest of girls could nab the prince (well, with a little help from a fashion-savvy godmother). But this Tumblr post reminds us that the whole concept of Disney love is seriously screwed up. In Cinderella, the prince meets the love of his life and is so adamant about finding her again that he takes her lost shoe from house to house to discover her true identity. But the fact that he has to have every woman in the kingdom try on the shoe (which is stupid in its own right because how many women have the same shoe size?) is disturbing because he doesn’t even remember what the love of his life looks like.

4. Watch out for that bear!

Via May's Scrapbook, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

One of Tumblr’s brilliant minds decided to reimagine scenes from Winnie The Pooh as Oscar-nominated movies. But this is probably the one that is the most inappropriate. In The Revenant, Leonardo DiCaprio plays a fur trapper in the late 1800s. But in one of the movie’s most memorable scenes, he gets into an altercation with a bear and nearly gets mauled to death. Now, look at this poster for The Revenant as re-enacted by Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin. This certainly seems a lot more terrifying now: watch out, little boy! That bear will kill you! It’s both inappropriate and childhood-ruining at the same time, but also really funny. So to whoever decided to mix up Disney with a movie about a bear-mauling, well done.

3. Why are they playing in a bra?

Via Disney is So F------ Perverted, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

Okay, so we’re not entirely sure what’s going on here, but this is in black and white, so it’s probably an older reel from Disney’s early days. Are these the original or baby versions of Mickey and Minnie? But the most important question here is actually, why are these kids playing in a bra? And who does that bra belong to? But most importantly, why are they jumping into a bra? It’s no secret that there are a lot of perverted moments in old Disney cartoons that are either intentional or not, but this is pretty blatantly something that one might consider inappropriate, especially considering the time period it was animated in. But there it is, in it’s all glory: we give you: two of Mickey’s children swinging inside a bra.

2. Learn to use your assets

Via Enthusiastically Negative, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

Ariel was such an innocent, wasn’t she? She went to the sea witch to make a deal that would allow her to go up to the surface of the world so that she could make a prince fall in love with her after only meeting him one time. And she was perfectly willing to give up her beautiful voice to do so. But then she had to worry about how to make the prince fall in love with her. Although, the sea witch pretty much tells her that “body language” does wonders with guys, Ariel doesn’t get it. In this meme, though, Ursula spells it out a little more clearly for Ariel: use your assets, girl, boobs! Guys like boobs. The wise Ursula would know, right?

1. Too soon?

Via Gay Space Mom, Tumblr

Via: tumblr.com

Apparently, there is this trend on Tumblr where people come up with an audition song for a particular Disney character. And the idea is to make that song as inappropriate as possible. In Disney’s Bambi, the title character loses his mother after she gets shot by a hunter. It’s a really sad moment that ends up defining the character as Bambi grows into an adult. But this Tumblr post just goes for the jugular. “Hello, I’m auditioning for the role of Bambi’s mother and I will be performing the song “Shots” by LMFAO.” We would say “too soon,” but the movie did come out in 1942, but it’s still a beloved film and ouch, that really hurts. But it’s also funny, even if it does ruin our childhood.

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