15 Inappropriate 'Simpsons' Memes That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

The Simpsons is one of the most popular and longest running television shows of all time; and for good reason. Who doesn’t love watching Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and all of the other colorful characters of Springfield act like fools? Humor plays a big role in the success of The Simpsons and if the show isn’t inappropriate and funny enough on its own, you can always count on finding a bunch of  memes that can take it to the next level. If you love the Simpsons, you will enjoy these 15 inappropriate (but also hilarious) memes that brings all of their antics to life. You might even be inspired to make your own memes from your favorite episodes of the show. Or they'll make you want to rematch each episode - either one. Doh!

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15 Only In Bart's Dreams

Via comedycentral.com

Miss Hoover doesn’t have very much enthusiasm in the classroom, but that could be due to that fact that she has been teaching public school for so long and dealing with the same bratty kids throughout her entire career. What she lacks in the classroom she apparently makes up for in the bedroom.

Who knew Bart would grow up to be such a charmer or that he would set his sights on Miss Hoover? Turns out, he doesn’t. This meme comes from a dream Bart had where he slept with Miss Hoover in an attempt to get over his ex-wife Jenda. We can only imagine what kind of dirty things Bart would say in the bedroom, so this meme is actually a pretty tame one.

14 This Is How Most Of Us Feel

Via weknowmemes.com

One of the reasons The Simpsons has been so successful is due to its ability to tap into our everyday lives and make a fun mockery of them. Like all tax paying Americans, The Simpsons know what it’s like to feel the pain and anguish come tax season. Marge just happens to be in a yoga position that demonstrates such a scenario.

Poor Marge is always looking for ways to better herself and her family and she can’t even enjoy a Yoga class without an inappropriate joke. Let’s all hope Marge went on to learn some more Yoga positions that don’t make her seem so vulnerable. Let’s also hope Homer doesn’t walk in on Marge practicing this Yoga pose.

13 It's Not The Kind You Think

Via pleated-jeans.com

Do you remember seeing this sign in The Simpsons and wondering why in the world a man would want to give English muffins as a gift? Well, as it turns out, this meme is stranger than you think. If you assumed it was just another silly sign in the show, think again; it's actually the name of a sexual act.

According to Urban Dictionary, an English Muffin is a sexual act performed on a woman and that is asa far as I'm going to take it! If you want to know what else goes down, you're gonna have to click the link. Spoiler alert: it's repulsive. And it's definitely not as innocent of a sign as we thought it once was. Of course, that may not be what it meant, but seeing as The Simpsons like to throw out some secretive dirty jokes every now and then, it probably does.

12 Sorry To Disappoint You Smithers

Via funnyasduck.net

Ned Flanders is the straight shooting neighbor of The Simpsons and he would never say anything dirty or inappropriate; at least not on purpose. As nice as Ned Flanders is, it seems like he sometimes slips up and says things that could be taken the wrong way; and when he does, it’s all the more hilarious.

In this meme, he is trying to get Homer to punch him because he feels like he deserves it, but Smithers seems to think he is talking about something completely different. What would we do without the subtle jokes about homosexuality and sexual acts in each episode? No wonder Bart is such a messed up kid and always in trouble.

11 You Won't Be Sleeping Easy On These Dirty Sheets

Via simpsonstappedout.wikia.com

Sometimes The Simpsons were good at hiding their inappropriate jokes and sometimes they weren't. This meme might make it past the younger kids but most adults caught on to what was going on here pretty quickly. If you didn’t notice that the motel sign says “Sleazy” instead of “Sleep Eazy,” you might notice the "hourly rates" and "adult movies" portions of it. If you look closely, you will also notice that the motel is completely full . What did you expect from the wild residents of Springfield? This is probably one of the worst places to be in Springfield honestly. Unfortunately, Homer once found himself hiding from Marge there so he could cheat on his diet. Marge and the kids also had a stay in this motel and actually saw a body floating in the pool. Sleazy seems to be the right word.

10 You're Confused Again Grandpa

Via quickmeme.com

Who doesn't love Grandpa Simpson? Most of us know an elderly man who acts just like Grandpa and the fact that he is so relatable is what makes him so fun to watch. His crackly voice, the way he walks, how he can't hear. Grandpa has many little quirks but one that he is most known for is his ability to get confused about anything and everything.

Grandpa comes from a different time and he just doesn’t understand all of the nonsense that’s going on today. (As most grandpas don't.) Back in his day, things were simple, including birth control. This meme is just a little example of how out of touch and hilarious Grandpa Simpson still is. Maybe one day he will learn the difference between a condom and a condo.

9 Flanders Knows What Women Want

Via Pinterest

Ned Flanders is happy go lucky, cheerful, and often the voice of reason for the Simpson family. He helps Bart when he struggles with obeying his parents and is always happy to offer parenting advice to Homer and Marge. (Maybe too happy to offer advice.) He also has plenty of catch phrases and euphemisms that keep us entertained. He even has a bit of a perverted side. Okay, so it's mostly unintentional, but still - it's there.

This meme takes Flanders innocent catch phrase and turns it into something naughtier than you would expect from our favorite religious Simpsons character to say. But hey, as we know, a lot of women in Springfield are attracted to Flanders and he knows the ones that want the diddly.

8 Ebola Shouldn't Be Funny, But It Is

Via secretsofthefed.com

The Simpsons show has a way of taking timely events and news stories and making them funny, even if they shouldn’t be. So does it surprise anyone that there is a Simpsons meme about the Ebola virus? This virus had the world on edge for several months, but you can count on The Simpsons for making light of something so serious.

The best thing about this meme is that it actually appeared before the big Ebola outbreak of 2016. Some people might even suggest that The Simpsons predicted the outbreak. It wouldn’t be the first time a Simpsons meme popped up before its time and made a joke about something that would happen in the near future. Either way, it’s a little inappropriate to joke about something that killed so many people, but I bet you laughed anyways.

7 We All Know How Smithers Feels About Women

Via Reddit.com

If you are a true fan of The Simpsons, you know Waylon Smithers was gay. He was often caught checking out other men and making comments that suggested he may be sexually attracted to them. In 2004 The Simpsons creators announced that one of the characters would be coming out of the closet and everyone assumed it would be Smithers.

To everyone’s surprise, it wasn’t him and although he continues to have dreams about Mr. Burn, he has never officially come out of the closet. Still, everyone knows about Smither's sexual preferences and this meme proves that even Mr. Burns has caught onto the fact that he doesn’t like to mix “sea-men” with women. Maybe some day Smithers will officially announce that he is gay, but until then we will just enjoy the clever hints.

6 Watch Your Mouth Bart!

Via childhoodruiner.com

Bart was known for having a bit of a potty mouth but he would never say something like this, would he? Well, maybe. Bart isn’t the most respectful kid in Springfield and there was even a time when he didn’t like girls (believe it or not). As Bart got older he started to take an interest in girls and even had a few crushes over the years.

One of the lucky ladies Bart had a crush on was one of these Mackleberry twins; although it was never revealed which one. It is even rumored that he may have liked them both. Although Bart is censored on television, it’s not too far fetched to think that Bart would pop over the back of the bus seat and rattle off this line to the twins.

5 If Marge Got High

Via Instagram

Poor Marge did her best to look nice and take care of her family. When you're married to someone like Homer, who is lazy both at home and at work, and spends more time drinking at the bar with his friends than helping out - you end up with a kid like Bart who is always in trouble in school and has a bad attitude in general. And who has to pick up the pieces? Marge.

Would anyone blame Marge if she did decide to get high and stop stressing out about things for a little while? Of course anyone who has ever had a serious case of the munchies can relate to Marge in this meme. There she is just stuffing her face. Poor Marge, she can't even enjoy her dinner in peace.

4 Ohhh So That's What Happened

Via joyreactor.com

This is a familiar scene from The Simpsons; Ralph screaming out in pain. You may have thought he stubbed his toe or banged his knee, but according to this meme, he really got his junk caught in the desk. Ouch! Can you imagine how that would feel?

Poor Ralph has a lot of issues. He likes to talk about his cat a lot, at one point he bent his "wookie," and he picks his nose more than he doesn't. Before Ralph became the little weirdo he is today, he was a normal functioning baby. After his father dropped him on his head, we can see that's where thing went south. Now he just wanders around talking in a high pitched voice and slamming his private parts in desks.

3 They Don't Look That Bad

Via childhoodruiner.com

If there is one thing all the residents of Springfield have in common, it’s that they are all a little strange looking. Each one of them has their quirks and it’s hard to picture your favorite characters looking any different than what we are used to seeing each episode. The scene used in this meme comes from the episode called "Bart On The Road".

Bart and his friends decide to make a road trip to the Sunsphere in Knoxville, Tennessee. When they arrive at their destination they find the Sunsphere has been turned into a wig shop. When the store owner asks if the gang wants to buy some wigs, they do what every group of preteen boys would do and bought some. They definitely don’t look good in drag, but ratchet hoes is a little too strong of a description.

2 Bart Likes To Please The Ladies

Via 2damnfunny.com

It took Bart a while to finally start liking girls and when he found one he did like, he was surprisingly a very attentive boyfriend. He would go out of his way to make his dates feel special. Who would have thought a bad boy like Bart would make such a great partner?

Bart probably isn’t actually getting down and dirty with any of the ladies in Springfield, but that doesn’t stop him from saying all the right things in the wrong way. Every guy reading this should take a lessons from Bart. He knows how to please a woman, even if he doesn’t understand what any of the things he says really mean. Sadly, Bart's efforts were too little, too late and this relationship didn’t work out for him.

1 Did Ned Flanders Just Say That?

Via thechive.com

Everything Ned Flanders says is basically hilarious. I don't know about you, but he is one of my favorite characters on The Simpsons. When he isn’t offering advice to Homer and Marge or attempting to guide Bart in the right direction, he is working on leading the other residents of Springfield to the Lord and raising his two sons.

Some of the funniest lines in The Simpsons are delivered by Flanders and he has a way of taking something that is only slightly funny and making it hilarious. There is something so funny and inappropriate about Ned Flanders talking about boners that makes you just want to laugh out loud; even when the word boner is taken out of context. The thought of Flanders pulling a boner is almost too much to handle.

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