15 Incredible Cakes Inspired by Your Favourite TV Shows

Fluffy sponge cake and vanilla icing are pretty much always going to be delicious, so often it's the decorations that make the cake. And in my personal opinion, while flowers and sprinkles are a nice addition, cakes somehow become 10 times better when they bring your favourite TV show to life. From Friends to Game of Thrones, the 15 bakers below have gotten ultra creative, bringing these cakes to a whole new level. So whether you are making a birthday cake for someone who you know is a huge fan of a show, or you're holding a season finale party with your friends, the cakes below are sure to inspire you.

Check out 15 cakes inspired by your favourite TV shows.

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15 Friends

via: pinterest.com

This one-of-a-kind Friends-themed cake looks to be an engagement cake! Level one is Central Perk, the gang's favourite coffee spot. Level two is the yellow frame that hangs on Monica's apartment's door for the duration of the series. Finally, level three is the brown couch used by the gang at Central Perk. And, of course, sitting on the couch is an engagement ring. This cake is so beautiful, I bet Gunther wouldn't hesitate to put this on his cake tray at the real Central Perk. In fact, I bet Monica and Chandler would have gladly made this the cake at their wedding! Ultimately, if the person you're proposing to is a Friends fan, I don't know how they could say no to this. And if you are feeling the Friends-theme, why stop here? Throw a Friends engagement party or even a Friends-themed wedding. However far you want to take this, just know you have made one beautiful cake.

14 Game of Thrones

via: heart.co.uk

This bloody Game of Thrones cake screams "Red Wedding." With Joffrey sitting atop the cake on the iron throne, blood running down every side of the cake, and the crests of three of the houses, this cake is utter perfection. Plus, all of the party goers can have a fun time knocking the fondant Joffrey off the cake (come on, we all know he's the worst). Fit for a Game of Thrones premiere or finale viewing party, this cake is sure to impress all of your guests. In fact this cake is so gorgeous, I wouldn't hesitate to use this as a wedding or birthday cake. Better yet, if you wanted an excuse to throw a party, you could throw an end of fall/start of winter party with the theme "winter is coming."

13 Breaking Bad

via: pinterest.com

Walt lying in a pile of crystal meth? Sounds about right for Breaking Bad. Other notable elements are Happy Birthday spelled in the same style as the Periodic Table of Elements, Walt's yellow hazard suit, and of course cash loosely falling everywhere. This cake perfectly epitomizes AMC's most popular TV show in history. Alas, the show has been over for several years now but it will live on in our hearts...and cakes. If this Breaking Bad inspired cake looks a bit daunting to you, you can always opt for Breaking Bad inspired cupcakes. Covered in crystal meth (also known as blue rock candy), your friends will thank you for reincarnating Breaking Bad through your baked goods.

12 The Big Bang Theory

via: littlepartylove.com.au

With Sheldon's trademark phrase, "Bazinga" lying on top, this cake is perfect for Big Bang Theory fans of all ages. The bright blue fondant and fun science symbols taken from the show's intro bring the whole thing together. If this cake is for someone of a young age, you could also make it a science-themed birthday party. Have someone come and speak about the planets and the stars, and take this as an opportunity to have your child explore an educational topic in a fun setting. If this is for someone older who just happens to be a huge Big Bang Theory fan, then you are about to be their favourite person in the world.

11 The Simpsons

via: lulubellesbakes.com

Pretty much the epitome of Homer Simpson. Lying on a couch that is on a giant donut passed out and with a million beer cans beside him. Sounds about right. Added bonus: apparently the centre of the donut part of the cake is filled with ooey gooey caramel. Cutting into this cake would be extremely sad, but if there is caramel inside, there really is no other option. Whether Homer reminds you of your husband or the person you're making this for just happens to be a huge Simpson fan, this cake is sure to be a great laugh. Not only is the fondant work impeccable, but Homer's half naked, snoring body on the couch is sure to give your guests a laugh.

10 Mad Men

via: cakeinabox.co.uk

This cake is as classy as can be in true Mad Men fashion. That twirled white trim and red bow are beautiful, and I love that they added the silhouette of Don Draper falling taken from the Mad Men intro. Everything about this screams Don Draper. Though I suppose Don survives off of a diet entirely composed of whiskey and cigarettes. Plus, he almost never smiles, so realistically he probably wouldn't eat this cake. It truly is a shame, but hey, more for me then! If you wanted to go for something a little more subtle, I would take away the "Mad Men" logo altogether and consider making the falling silhouette of Don Draper the focal point. That silhouette is pretty much iconic at this point.

9 The Walking Dead

via: pinterest.com

This zombie-themed cake is amazing. This cake features the show's logo on the top tier (with a little blood spatter of course) and an image of zombies chained in trying to get out on the bottom tier. Very eerie...But I'm sure Walking Dead fans will love it! I'm going to assume that "Kris" is a Walking Dead fan in which case, they are certainly in for a treat. Just be sure to eat the cake before the zombies escape! Also, the hand painted zombies are damn impressive. Being able to draw is an incredible skill in itself. But being able to draw on a cake and have it come out looking even semi-realistic is a major feat. Congratulations, Walking Dead cake baker, you are truly one of a kind!

8 Pretty Little Liars

via: popsugar.com

This adorable cake is perfect for any sort of Pretty Little Liars premiere or finale party. The pretty bunting and subtle nod to the most mysterious character on the show, "A," ensure this cake won't disappoint. In line with the fashion trends among millennials today, light, pastel colours and floral bunting are absolutely key. Just check out wedding trends from recent years and you'll see rustic bunting and light, floral patterns pretty much everywhere. While this cake isn't exactly fit for a wedding, it is definitely fit for a Pretty Little Liars viewing party (which is probably what it was meant for anyways). I'm going to save all you Pretty Little Liars fans the trouble and say right now, you're never really going to know who "A" is. This show is just way too complicated...

7 Seinfeld

via: imgur.com

This cake features some amazing inside jokes only a truly Seinfeld fan would get, from the soup nazi bowl of soup to Jerry's white shirt. In addition, the colour scheme is seriously on point as is the fondant details. I'm always astonished at what people can do with fondant! Furthermore, I love that this cake includes so many subtle nods to the show. I'm guessing whoever this cake is for has probably seen every single episode of the comedy series. As a fun party game, you can have your guests guess what each fondant cake decoration means and what episode it's from. Perhaps you should have a full game of Seinfeld trivia on hand in case the Seinfeld fans get a little carried away...

6 Parks and Recreation

via: givememyremote.com

Made for the cast and crew in honour of their 100th episode, this Parks and Rec cake is covered in the finest breakfast food from JJ's Diner. And of course, a mug from the Parks and Recreation Department is there too. The details on this cake are incredible. In true parks fashion, the cake is covered in a layer of picnic table cloth-inspired fondant (we all know how much Leslie Knope loves her picnics). The fact that the syrup bottle actually says "JJ's Diner" on it is another impressive detail. Not to mention, how life like the bacon and pancakes are. Although come on, guys. What is that little wimpy amount of whipped cream? We all know Leslie Knope would never approve of such a minuscule amount of whipped cream.

5 American Horror Story

via: pinterest.com

This American Horror Story cake is honestly pretty terrifying. But I suppose that means it's done its job then, right? This would be the perfect cake for a viewing party of pretty much any season (they're all terrifying). Whether the setting is a haunted house, witch's coven, insane asylum, or freak show, American Horror Story continues to be the scariest show on television. Seriously, do not watch it alone or at night. With how scary the show is, it's only fitting that it has an equally scary cake to go with it. And this woman's bloody face is certainly frightening (but again, the hand painted edible drawing of the face is super impressive).

4 Once Upon A Time

via: kitchenoverlord.com

This magical fairytale cake is perfect for Once Upon A Time fans. This cake looks exactly like the Enchanted Forest and is designed like a giant tree with branches and leaves weaving throughout. The little ladders going up each tier are simply adorable and the red roses give this cake a pop of colour. In addition, the hand painted green grass one the bottom half of each layer makes this cake truly magical. I'm not sure if this was made for a wedding or a party, but it is seriously making me want to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarves right about now...

3 Grey's Anatomy

via: pinterest.com

"Paging Dr. Shepherd! Paging Dr. Shepherd!" This Grey's Anatomy cake is insanely cute. That little bandage on the top left corner, the sleek telescope, and the tiny brain are the perfect details for this doctor-inspired masterpiece. I bet the cast of the show (now going into its 12th season) would be insanely proud to eat a cake like this. After all, modern medicine is pretty amazing, but there is not anything that heals like cake. Izzy knows that full-well. She may no longer be on the show, but remember back in Season 2 when *spoiler alert* Denny died? What did she do? Izzy did what any sensible person would and baking muffins, cakes, and cupcakes for days.

2 Doctor Who

via: bijoussweettreat.com

This Doctor Who-inspired cake is downright gorgeous. The famous police box at the top is sure to be adored by Doctor Who fans, but it is the Van Gogh-esque "Starry Night" design that really takes my breath away. I'm not exactly sure what the intended theme of this cake was, but regardless Doctor Who and Starry Night clearly go amazingly well together. The sunflower accents on the bottom right and the top are perfection. I wonder if this baker has a whole range of art-inspired cakes. I would very intrigued to see what they could do with let's say, Claude Monet's Water Lilies and Downtown Abbey? I bet it would be pretty mesmerizing.

1 Archer

via: lulubellesbakes.com

This cake would be a lovely surprise for all of the Archer fans out there. Composed entirely of his signature suit, I bet this cake is as delicious as it is classy. With his signature gun and bullets by his sad, Archer is sort of like a more crude and animated James Bond. I bet Archer fans would be proud to delve into a cake this scrumptious looking. Although, I'm not sure Archer himself would dig in. He definitely doesn't earn that sleek cartoon shape from eating cake all day! Once again, his loss is my gain. Archer isn't even my favourite show but I would not hesitate to grab a knife and cut myself a big old piece of this gorgeous cake.

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