15 Incredible Celebrities We Wish Were Our Moms

Okay, so we've all done it; we have all obsessed over a celebrity to the point where we wish we had some sort of parental lineage to them. We have all wished that instead of our equally amazing, but much less famous mother we could have, just for the day, a celebrity that oozes that "best mom" ever attar. The kind of celebs we are talking about are the ones that have a genuine personality, a welcoming smile, and an all around warm demeanor. Not every celebrity has this natural ability. Normally the ones that play the best mothers on TV shows or in movies are the ones that give off a vibe that they would be the greatest mom even when the cameras aren't rolling. Not to mention that having someone famous as a mom would be so cool and exciting you may even be the envy of your classmates. Who was the last celebrity you looked at and wondered what your life would be like if they were your mom? Which celeb have you always wished you would hit the mommy jackpot with? Here is a list of celebrities that we would kill to experience a mother/daughter relationship between.

15  Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie is one woman to truly appreciate as a mother. She has a humanitarian heart, a love for children and a personality that screams cool mom alert. From what we can tell she is non-judgemental and allows people the space they need to feel comfortable being themselves, including her own children. Jolie is the type of mom who has experienced so much in her personal life that she will feel like a hypocrite if she doesn't allow her kids to experience what they need to in life. We could see her maybe encourage tattoos, expressing one's self in risky, artistic ways and not batting an eye if one of her kids steered off the beaten path. This is the least desirable parenting tactics for many people but we think it would be bold and exciting to have a mom like Jolie. One who is down for anything.

14 Julie Andrews

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Julie Andrews seems like the type of mom who would sing you to sleep. She wouldn't just sing any old lullaby either; we would get self-written tunes, Sound of Music hits, Mary Poppins hits, and beautiful high notes. We are certain that having Andrews as a mother would be a very gentle experience. She comes off as soft-spoken and tender, someone who will be the ultimate shoulder to cry on when you need to vent or get over a broken heart. However, she also seems like she knows how to balance it out and teach the difference between right and wrong. Andrews is a mix of old and new Hollywood so we would be getting a class act of a mother if she was our mom. Not to mention she has princess training down, hey momma Julie.

13 Connie Britton

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I always say that I wish Connie Britton was my mom. She just looks like she is so cool. Someone who is fun to hang around, easy to communicate with, and of course caring. She plays the mother role well, both on TV and in her everyday life. She has those kind eyes and a smile that says, "you can tell me anything I promise I won't be mad". Britton is the mom you would enjoy seeing hanging around your school with the other moms. Not only is she beautiful she also has such a happy demeanor that you want to claim her as your mom right away. However, Britton has too much of a lucrative career to hang around her kid's school all day, but hey a girl can dream, right?

12 Beyoncé

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Considering that Beyoncé is currently the queen of basically all women it only makes sense that she is on this list. Let's be honest, who doesn't want to have Beyoncé as a mom? I mean really when you think about it, who doesn't want to have Blue Ivy as a sister? Beyoncé seems like she will strive to empower you to always be your best self. Plus, she has a bunch of celebrity friends whose kids could be your best friends! Besides the obvious fact that Beyoncé is fabulous in almost everything that she does, do we need to give you any other reason why we wish she was our mom? Bey is confident and encourages other to also be confident that is a trait that every mother should have, especially if you have a daughter.

11 Viola Davis

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Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis is one woman anyone would want in their life. She is insanely talented, she has made a name for herself and is completely devoted to her family. As she accepts her awards she first thanks her family and seems truly genuine and pleased with the way her life has turned out. When someone is that happy in their life it is a good sign that she is a great parent. Clearly, one could learn so much from Davis and all the struggles she has faced in Hollywood. I would die to have Davis as my mom; think about it, we could get all the How to Get Away With Murder details before anyone else. That alone is something to get excited for.

10 Amy Poehler

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Funny mom Amy Poehler thinks the world of her kids and we want in on that kind of love. Poehler is as hands-on as any other mom and being the creative type that she is, she can make jokes out of all the crazy things her kids do. Poehler makes a great mom because she knows how to laugh at herself. She never fails to see the brighter side of things and of course, she enjoys talking about her kids when she makes late night talk show appearances. Poehler comes off as the type of mom who would nourish your weird side. She will go out of her way to make sure that you know no matter how much you felt left out that something better is coming.

9 Taraji P. Henson

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Yes, Miss Cookie, we see you. Out here running the game on top of being a single parent. Taraji P. Henson surely has made a name for herself she is funny, energetic, and exciting. Those are mom traits for sure, she is gorgeous and always looks on point. There are so many good things about Henson; she is versatile and willing to push her boundaries. How can you not want to be around her all the time and have her as your role model/parent? Henson seems lighthearted, certainly humorous, an all around cool chick, we would even settle for being her acquaintance. Just get her in our life someway, somehow. However, mother status would be ideal there are way more perks and we would feel more secure that she won't run away like a thief in the night. Moms are still obligated to their kids, right?

8 Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez is a triple threat. She has excelled in music, dancing and acting. One area people sometimes forget to mention is her achievement as a mother. Lopez has twins Max and Em with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, and even though their marriage ended on a somewhat rocky note Lopez has managed to thrive. She is a strong-willed woman who we would love to have as a mother. Not only will she always stick up for us (even when we are wrong), she will also be able to teach us some super sexy dance moves when the time is right of course. One thing that may be a downside is that she is so good-looking that significant others may only want to date us to get to her.

7 Kris Jenner

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Kris Jenner is an ideal mom to have on this list. Especially if you desire a life in the entertainment industry. Jenner is business savvy and truly knows how to make stars; she sees potential in people before they do. Isn't that one of the traits that make you an amazing mother? I would want her to see even a small amount of star quality in me. Not only is Jenner amazing at what she does, she also looks great for her age, and could still pass as a young mother. Jenner is young at heart and energetic, I could imagine she would devote all her time to nurturing her children and trying to perfect the art of being a mother. After all, she has perfected the art of making stars.

6 Tina Fey

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Tina Fey strikes us as the mother who would give you that embarrassing sex talk with the banana and the condom, only she would be more embarrassed than you. Chances are she would end up making a bunch of jokes and turn it into a wildly popular TV show or movie. After having two kids she should be a pro, right? What makes her so desirable on our mom list is because she isn't afraid to make mistakes and laugh at herself. Her penchant for not taking herself seriously makes her ideal to go to when you're feeling down or have to confess to something awful. Fey is clearly the cool mom that you don't know is cool until you grow up and appreciate her true self. Not us, we would know right off the bat how cool our mom is.

5 Kristen Bell

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Funny girl Kristen Bell is clearly a great mom. First, she is young and hip and second, she is insanely cute; cute as in she would be on the PTA. We can imagine her running bake sales, organizing school events and getting in any teachers face who has not so kind words to say about her babies. We could even assume that she is her character from Bad Moms except a little more polished. Bell has slowed down her acting a bit and this can only be because she has two kids and she is clearly willing and able to put family over a career (she is a successful actress after all). Bell is excitable and has a great partner in Dax Shepherd, there is no denying that this would be a fun household to grow up in.

4 Diane Keaton

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First, anyone who has the heart to adopt a child and give them a safe nurturing place to live is a queen in our book. Keaton has done just that; she adopted her son Duke and daughter Dexter. There is only one question left: why didn't you adopt me? Keaton is a powerhouse; she has excelled in her career and excelled at motherhood. She seems fun and imaginative; one would have to assume that as a mother she is involved and playful. How can you not want her as a mom? She has cool celebrity friends and is super low-key off camera. To top it off she's Annie Hall and has played some other bad ass roles that we as her kid could brag about #bonus.

3 Oprah Winfrey

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YOU GET A MOM, and you get a mom and you get a mom. You can't tell me that having Oprah as a mom would suck, she is such a classy woman. Okay, so maybe she seems like she will be a bit strict but that is made up for when she buys us big homes and showers us with unnecessary gifts. Clearly, Oprah would make a great mom because she's got a butt load of money. Besides that, her giving nature comes off as nurturing and warm. She sees parenting as being a spiritual teacher that delicate comparison makes us want her as a mom even more. If you ever decide to adopt we're here for you Oprah, no matter how old we are.

2 Ginnifer Goodwin

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Actress Ginnifer Goodwin plays Snow White and a mom of a princess on Once Upon A Time. Who else would be a better mom than Snow White herself? Goodwin has one of the kindest faces to ever be seen on TV. She is genuine and honestly, we like to assume that she is just like her TV character: kind-hearted, protective of those she loves, fierce (when called for) and of course gentle. All awesome traits of a mother. Now, we are just waiting for her to find us in this big bad world and give us a haven. Goodwin's fostering nature is one that you won't miss. She is soft-spoken and seems as though she will always know how to make you feel better when you are down. We see a lot of mother/daughter spa dates in our future with her.

1 Meryl Streep

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Mamie, Louisa, Grace, and Henry are so lucky to have Meryl Streep as a mommy and we are completely jealous. Streep is a total bad ass. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and she always stands up for what she believes in. To top it all off she has had one of the longest, most exciting careers in Hollywood. Now obviously, we don't know her personally, but she seems like she is a top of the line mother to her kids and would treat us with the same love that she treats them with. We imagine Streep is the type of mom that you could really talk to and crack a few naughty jokes with. It doesn't hurt that we would be able to brag that she is a multiple Oscar winning actress.

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