15 Infernal Photos That'll Make You Say "I Quit"

Anyone who has a job is likely thankful for that job, but that doesn’t mean the work days are any easier to get through. Not every day at work is miserable, but sometimes it seems like time just drags along, and those eight hours feel more like 16. Then there are days when something weird, scary, or hilarious happens, and it changes the entire mood and pace of the day. These day are few and far between but some people are lucky enough to capture these moments with photos and share them so the entire world can enjoy them. Not having one of those days at work today? That’s okay, it can be just as fun to see what kind of shenanigans others have done. Check out these 15 photos that will help pass the time in the office and maybe even make you say, “I quit!”

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15 Creepy Shopper Alert

Via TheChive

People who work in retail have to deal with a lot. Rude customers, crappy hours, and angry managers are just a few of those things. They also have to deal with a lot of weird stuff. Just when you think you have seen it all, someone like this comes in. You would think a job at Footlocker would be pretty calm and simple, but not when you have to find shoes to fit a doll. This isn’t even a cute doll. It’s about as creepy as they come. It looks like it belongs in a horror film. Why would someone want a doll like this and why would this doll need shoes? I’m glad I didn’t have to handle this customers. I would have either laughed at him or screamed and ran away.

14 Careful What You Wish For

Via TheChive

A lot of restaurants claim that they will make your burger any way you want it, but when it comes down to it, they don’t. You sure can count on this restaurant to give you your order exactly as you want it. If you tell them to burger that biyotch up, they won’t only do it, they will put it on your receipt. I bet they don’t get a lot of complaints about messing up orders. They may get some complaints from the manager who probably doesn’t like seeing profanity on the order slips. I say, do what it takes to make the customer happy. But then again, there are people who complain no matter what so maybe this is taking things a little too far.

13 Tough Day At The Office

Most people would agree that an office chair is not the most comfortable place to sit. Even if you happen to get a good one, you have to deal with your typing posture and moving that chair around on carpet. It’s kind of a nightmare. If you thought your office space was small and uncomfortable, just look what this poor guy has to deal with on a daily basis. How is he supposed to get any work done when he is being smashed up against his desk by an inconsiderate coworker? Maybe he could be a little more productive if he had more than a few inches to work in. If I was this guy I would be requesting a new office or be putting in my two-weeks notice.

12 The Worst Kind Of Person

We have all been walking through the store and noticed a food item sitting on a shelf where it doesn't belong. Maybe it’s a pack of bologna in the dog food aisle, or a frozen pizza stacked on top of some sweat pants in the clothing department, or even a pint of ice cream dripping away in the electronics section. We have all thought about putting it where it belongs, but most of us don’t. Even more of us have stopped and stared at the item and wondered how it ended up there. Did someone have a change of heart at the last minute and was just too tired to put it back where it belongs? It turns out that there is an ice cream hater that goes into stores and purposefully takes ice cream from the freezer to leave it in other places where it would melt. What a jerk! At least this store is on to him. Hopefully justice is served one day.

11 Just Walk Away And Blame It On Someone Else

Via Pixumus

If ever there was a time to quit a job on the spot, this would be it. Talk about a bad day. Is there anything worse that could happen in an egg warehouse? So many wonderful eggs are now ruined. All the hard work those chickens put into laying these eggs was done in vain. If I was this guy I would have either blamed it on someone else or just ran right out the door and into the unemployment office. There just isn’t any coming back from this. Even if he did get to keep his job, he still had to clean up this mess. It’s hard to clean up broken eggs. Is it even worth keeping your job if you have to clean up a mess like this? I have my doubts.

10 Great Customer Service

Have you ever been at work and you are just so overwhelmed by all the customers and things that need to be done that you just want to run away and not do anything. That’s how this lady feels. She hasn’t run away, but her mind definitely isn’t on her job. She is working hard, but it’s just at playing Solitaire on her computer. She doesn’t care if there is a line of people standing at the window waiting on her to help. She is just a few cards away from winning and that is all that matters to her. The looks on her customers' faces seem to say it all. Sometimes you just have to take a break from your job to avoid quitting it. Maybe she will go back to work after she finishes her game.

9 Not As Bad As It Seems

Via FunnyFoto

This may seem dangerous at first, and you may even wonder why they would stay open if there is really a dangerous chemical in the store. If you read carefully and think back to chemistry class though, you will realize that dihydrogen monoxide is simply water. They just have a wet floor. Sure it could still be dangerous if someone walked on it and fell, but it’s not nearly as bad as the sign makes it seem. Then again, a lot of people ignore the wet floor signs in stores so many they thought this would be more effective. I wonder how many people read this and then just left the store out of fear? At least nobody tracked up their newly cleaned tiles. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

8 Has Anyone Seen Jim?

Via Pinterest

It’s hard to get a vacation day when your workplace is busy. So what do you do if you really don’t want to go to work one day but also can’t get your personal day approved? This guy seems to have figured it out. If he works in an office that is so big, it’s hard to keep track of everyone, this may be enough to get him through the day. From a distance, it probably looks like he is really sitting there working. Unless his boss actually happens to come around to his desk or someone tattles on him, he may get away with it. Sometimes you have to choose between quitting your job or getting creative. I would just like to know if he got away with it.

7 Time To Go Home

Via Giphy

Can a day at work get any worse than when the snack machine is broken? How is anyone supposed to power through their day when they can’t get anything sweet or salty from the vending machine. Even worse, it seems like when one thing breaks down in the office they all do. This GIF may be a little dramatic, but when you are having a stressful day at the office, it feels exactly like this. Shouldn’t a place just have to close if they have this many things going wrong? I feel sorry for anyone working here and I wouldn’t blame them if they did want to quit. At least we know the printer is working. How else would they have made so many signs to stick around the office?

6 Sooo What Time Should I Come In?

Via webfail

This would either be a great place to work or an awful place. If only they were this lenient, things might not be too bad. I mean if you could just roll into work at anytime, the employees would probably be a lot happier. Then again, things would probably be a little unorganized. This could also backfire and make this a horrible place to work. If you never know where to clock in, you won’t know if you are late or not. Can you imagine how confused the customers are? Even if the owner is trying to be funny, a sign like this might actually be bad for business. Hopefully it's the kind of place that get a lot of locals and has a lot of employees with good senses of humor.

5 Why Is Work So Busy Today?

Via Acidcow

I bet a car wash has never seen so many customers. Why are they all male? How many awkward looks and mad customers did they have to deal with before they realized someone put the wrong thing on the sign. Was this a hilarious accident or did someone do it on purpose as a joke? I have a feeling whoever put this on the sign also called off work that day. A lot of other people probably called off too or at least left early after they realized what was going on. I also have a feeling the manager wasn’t too happy about this either. It may have gotten them a lot of new business, but it probably lost them a lot too. It’s still pretty funny!

4 This Seems Safe

Sometimes you don’t have everything you need to do a job at work, but you still need to find a way to get it done these guy have mastered this task. So what if something fell down the sewer drain and it can’t be reached by one person. That’s what teamwork is for right? I wonder if this is okay by OSHA standards? Here have to be some kind of rules or regulations being broken right now. I guess as long as they get the job done and nobody gets hurt, it can't be that bad. Maybe they are rescuing a kitten or something? That kind of makes it okay right? One thing is for sure, the guy trusting his friend to hold his legs sure is brave.

3 Someone Didn't Think This One Through

Via TheChive

Starting your own company is pretty exciting. Sometimes it’s so exciting that people forget that they need to be creative and thoughtful about it. Whoever owns this trucking company was in such a hurry to get on the road that they didn’t bother to come up with a name for the company. So when someone mentioned they needed a sign, the owner just said IDGAF and that was that. No he may think it’s funny when he is sitting back in his office chair, but the guys on the road have to deal with all the jokes from other truckers who read their signs. Then again, they are all probably laughing too. It would take someone with serious sense of humor issues to not be able to laugh at this.

2 This Is A Little Dramatic

Via AcidCow

It’s always nice when someone in the office has a sense of humor. It makes the days go by faster and helps everyone deal with problems. Whoever made this picture is definitely passionate about the office printer. They don't care if there is another printer that works just as well, they don’t want to make the switch. He probably even used the printer that they are removing, to make this picture. Maybe it was one last chance to use it or maybe he was trying to prove that it works and they don’t need to get rid of it. It’s had being attached to office equipment. Anyone who has ever had a favorite printer in the office can probably relate to this photo. You just don’t mess with a good thing.

1 This Is Real Dedication

Have you ever had to ask your boss for some tools or equipment for a job and he told you it wasn’t necessary? This is what happens when you have to do a job without the things you need. Are these guys for real? Nothing about this is safe. No job is this important. This guy is about to be sawed in half. I wonder if anyone sent this to their boss. I bet he approved the purchase of a new work table or some saw horses after seeing it. I wonder what would happen if an inspector walked in on this? Even if they were just being funny, this looks pretty bad. If I was the new guy on the job and saw this, I’d probably quit on the spot just to make sure I never had to do it.

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