15The end of the Asgardians

Despite having the word Ragnarok in the title (which literally means the end of everything in the original Norse mythology), not all of the Asgardians were actually wiped out from the Marvel universe at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. But they don’t exactly last much longer beyond the climax of

the movie, with the opening moments of Infinity War showing Thanos and his lieutenants just laying waste to the remaining Asgardians. While we’ve gotten confirmation that some of the Asgardians (new fan-favorite Valkyrie among them) managed to survive the assault, the attack reduced the already devastated population to an even smaller group. This isn’t the first time the Asgardians have been taken out like this either. There have been multiple Ragnarok events in the comics, the most effective one even managing to end Thor and Loki on-page in 2004. Mind you, they were all reborn just a couple of years later, but it’s a well that the comics (and now the movies) have really drawn from. Let’s hope these space Vikings finally catch a break, maybe even find a new place to live. In the comics, they even end up moving to Oklahoma and try to construct a new Asgard.

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