15 Infuriating Snaps From Rich Parents That Made Us See Red

I have written pretty extensively about the Internet, because, let’s face it, the Internet kind of runs our lives these days. And there is a whole lot out there to love about it. It gives people from all over the world the ability to connect and to communicate with each other, and to learn and grow from those experiences. However, one other major thing it does is expose us to the worst things that other people in this world have to offer.As anyone who has ever been near the Internet knows, the rabbit hole of how bad that can get is pretty deep, to say the least. However, I am going to put my foot down and say that I have recently encountered one of the most infuriating things I have seen in recent memory: rich parents, their rich kids, and their extravagant lives. We've all seen the 'rich kid' snaps, but those kids come from somewhere, and that's their parents. They didn’t come from a vacuum, and their actual parents, grown adults, are now getting online and being equally—if not more—gross about the stupid amounts of money they have while other people go starving. If rich people being awful makes anyone mad, they better hold onto their hats and get ready to rage, because I found 15 examples of rich parents being the absolute worst online.

15 Uh...

Okay, rule number one: if you are actually saying “peasants” in any capacity to refer to people who have less money than you, you are an awful human being and should feel bad. But if you’re talking about people who have less money than you and calling them “peasants” while you’re super rich, you are pretty much the worst human being, and I hope that when the revolution finally comes, you’re the first to go to the guillotine. That’s just on its face horrible. Not only that, but this dude decides to saunter into a McDonald’s—where tons of people have to eat because they don’t have money—and then flashes his stupid Rolex as he tries out one meal in the life of a “peasant.” Honestly, whoever watched him take this picture should have just been like, “nah, nope. Not happening.” Enjoy your McNuggets, jerk. 

14 Class City

13 Can We Eat The Rich Yet?

Once again, how in the hell are you going to use the term “peasants” when referring to people with less money than you and think that you are okay as a human being? Allegedly (and I’m saying "allegedly" here because I really don’t believe this dude deserves the benefit of the doubt on this one), this post was actually taken with money that the poster intended to actually donate to charity in some way. But even if that were true (and, again, this guy doesn’t seem like the charitable type, so, grain of salt), it would be so remarkably tone deaf and purpose-defeating to frame it like that. You’re really going to refer to anyone who hasn’t obsessively amassed wealth all their lives as “peasants” while allegedly helping charity? Gee, that's a good look. It’s honestly staggering, and almost mind-blowingly detached from reality.

12 Definitely A Mature Adult

As is the case with our two peasant callers thus far, it seems like the rich parents of Instagram tend to have themes to their awfulness. This poster is going after “let’s take a bath in ten dollar bills” lady, and has decided to make the concerted effort to go to the bank, request a whole bunch of bills (in this case, they kind of look like twenties, but I can’t quite see, and honestly I do not care) and take a pointless photo. She filled up her bathtub like Scrooge Mc-freaking-duck, and then got straight up Marie Antoinette level wealth worship and bathed in it like it was water.

What message is this mom giving to her kids? It’s alright and even optimal to do over the top, ridiculous rich people stuff like this, because, hey, they’ve got the money. They may as well flaunt it. But I just can't take this woman seriously — especially as a parent. 

11 Start Them Young (If You're Awful)


HOW. MANY. TIMES. DO. I. HAVE. TO. TELL. YOU. It is NOT OKAY to refer to non-super-rich-douche-people as “peasants.” Can I give you a little lesson in feudalism? It does NOT turn out very well for the lords, because eventually, those peasants revolt, and there are a whole lot more of us than there are of y’all. Honestly, the dude in the picture isn’t doing himself any favors by fawning over the rich Instagram dad’s gaudy car (or by pretty prominently displaying his butt crack), but the rich bro is literally sitting across the street—presumably in another gaudy sports car—just waiting for people to come and gawk at it. Like, did he do this so that he can take pictures of it and put them on Instagram to feel super important and great about himself? That’s kinda next level.

9 Horrible Dad-Bro Forces: UNITE!


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By now, you probably understand that the 'Rich Parents of Instagram' are, like their progeny, pretty gross and awful. But I have a riddle for you: What’s worse than one Rich Parent of Instagram doing ridiculous things and then posting them online? That’s right, it’s FOUR Rich Parents of Instagram, and here they are, gathered in this single shot. This is like that thing in Captain Planet, where all the kids combine forces and are able to use their special powers in order to save the earth from pollution. Only instead of “with the power of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water,” it’s, “with the power of Rolexes, Greed, Obnoxiousness, and Tackiness.” And instead of saving anybody from anything, these guys just unite to be awful together and help to continually disenfranchise the poor. Way to be the super heroes your kids need to look up to, fellas. You're definitely doing good things here. Somewhere, Captain Planet can see you, and he is not pleased.

8 Even The Dogs, Now?

That's my boy ! #rich#dog#money#champagne#dream#london#ferrari#bentley

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Okay, here is something you should know about me right now. I absolutely love dogs. Like, I totally, inexcusably love dogs. I will literally cross streets through traffic just to get to a dog on the other side. Dogs are basically like if people were exclusively capable of good, and we do not deserve them on this earth. That is why I was so next level livid when I saw this picture. How are you going to rope your dog into your horrible, horrible, rich person shenanigans, dude? Like, it’s bad enough to be doing this stuff yourself, but really? You’re going to make your dog a part of it? He doesn’t know how ridiculously arrogant it is that you’re parading around a $500 Euro note like a total tool, or that you don’t care that he, being a dog, could possibly eat it. He doesn’t know how tacky you are, and honestly how dare you make him participate in this nonsense. For shame, Rich Dad of Instagram. For shame.

7 Yawn

My son using my bank card 💳💸💵💶💷💰

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This post is so obnoxious because it’s the most ham fisted attempt at a humble brag, ever. I should not expect anything less from the 'Rich Parents of Instagram,' because they seem to be humanly incapable of subtlety or anything beneath Donald Trump Apartment-esque gaudiness, but come on, bro. Do you really expect us to believe that you’re just actually interested and amazed at the bar receipt? Or is what you’re doing bragging that you can afford ALL THE ALCOHOL, because you’re a BIG MAN with BIG DOLLARS and therefore people should think you’re important? Because, my instinct/knowledge about the world/basic cognizance tells me that it is almost undoubtedly the latter. Why not just pay your mortgage-sized bar tab and leave the rest of us alone, eh? Like, really, do you think you have enriched anybody’s life with this post? Because all I’m getting here is a headache from how much you suck.

6 Fishing For Compliments Or A Punch In The Face?

5 What Is Wrong With These People?

As I'm looking through posts from "Rich Parents of Instagram, there is a whole lot to dislike, and a whole lot to get riled up about. But maybe the most infuriating thing to me (though, to be fair, it is TRULY hard to choose just one), is when these people think that being rich means they can make animals that are definitely not pets into their pets. Take, for instance, this actual cheetah. Repeat after me, you horrible deluded Rich Parents of Instagram: CHEETAHS. ARE. NOT. PETS. They are wild freaking animals who deserve to be in their own natural habitats, not used as status symbols (in this case, as a veritable hood ornament) to feed your ever-expanding egos. That cheetah is not going to be happy living with you, no matter how unnecessarily big your house is. Cheetahs, surprise surprise, are NOT SUPPOSED TO LIVE IN HOUSES. What makes these people look at a cheetah and think, “I should purchase this wild AF feral animal and put it in my home! Huzzah!”

4 Very Good, You Have A Plane

Hello, Tacky City? Yes, we have one of your residents, perhaps your mayor, and we’d like you to come pick him up please. Oh, and please take his Instagram away.

Honestly, like, we get it, you’re rich. You are so very rich that you have bought yourself a plane. Isn’t that nice. Is it really necessary to then lay down in front of it, pretending to be napping and “getting rest where you can”? Obviously, someone took the picture, and I am going to venture to guess that maybe that amateur photographer was his kid, who, in the process, learned the valuable life skill of how to pose for a picture like a d-bag in a way that will make the entire Internet think you’re a total tool. Life lessons, man. I guess you have to “get them where you can,” which is unfortunate if you’re this dude’s kid, because where you can get them is not exactly a great source.

3 Father Of The Year

Oh, did I say the guy in that last post was the mayor of Tacky City? It seems as if I have misspoken, because if there’s one thing the Rich Parents of Instagram feed is bound to do, it is to continually get tackier and tackier, even when you think you’ve definitely seen the tackiest thing yet.

This absolute stunner of a dad is not only modeling to his kid that it’s definitely necessary to have multiple fancy cars AND personal airplanes, but it is also necessary to grab your crotch in public like a total ape and just generally throw social standards and basic human decency to the wind.

I would be genuinely surprised if this was the first time this dude posed for a picture like this in front of a plane. News flash, Mr. too-tight-black-shirt: just because you have money doesn’t mean you’re immune to looking like total trash. Money can buy a whole lot of things, but if there’s something to be learned here, it’s that class isn’t one of them.

2 Role Models

So, I am personally against slut shaming or body shaming, and I think it’s stupid and not helpful to be like, “Oh, this mom is hanging out with very few clothes on.” To be quite honest, she can rock out without clothes on for all she wants because it’s her body, and her choice. My real issue here is how absolutely beyond the pale tacky it is to hang out covered in money like some sort of a weird status symbol. Like, really, you went to the bank and got all those bills (and, dear readers, if you will notice, those are tens we’re dealing with), then went ahead and laid them all out, and then actually had someone place stacks of tens on your back like you’re a human table or bank counter. If that wasn't enough, THEN they go and take a picture, AND THEN POST THAT PICTURE TO INSTAGRAM. Like, if that’s the look you’re going with, then fine. Do I think it looks ridiculous? OH you bet.

1 The King Of All Horrible Rich Parents

While I may have just crowned the mayor of Tacky Town, I reserve the title of King of the Horrible Rich Parents for this particularly awful dude right here, who goes by the name Scott Disick. If you have the distinct pleasure to have been able to avoid knowing about him all this time, sorry, but I am about to make your day a little bit worse. Disick was dating Kourtney Kardashian for quite a long time, but was too much of a total a** to even make it in reality TV. Of course, he is super into Instagram, and of course, he jumped on the Rich Parents of Instagram band wagon. He seems to have snuck his (now ex) sister-in-law, Khloe Kardashian, into his stupid antics, covering her in dollar bills as she slept and posted the resulting picture on his Instagram. Honestly, please go away, Scott Disick. The less we hear from you, the better. But, of course, you’re going to stay on Instagram, and you’re going to keep doing stuff like this, and we’re going to have to see it. The world is cruel and unusual.

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